Basic Estate Planning - Class 5 - Advanced Trust Planning | George Brown | Skillshare

Basic Estate Planning - Class 5 - Advanced Trust Planning

George Brown, Take the Pain out of Estate Planning

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7 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Class 5 01 Introduction

    • 2. Class 5 02 Project Report

    • 3. Class 5 03 Special Needs and Spendthrift Trusts

    • 4. Class 5 04 APT's and Dynasty Trusts

    • 5. Class 5 05 QTIP and Medicaid Trusts

    • 6. Class 5 06 ILIT's

    • 7. Class 5 07 Charitable Trusts


About This Class


George P. Brown PhD

There are a number of commonly used trusts.  Many of these trusts can be incorporated in a Last Will and Testament or in a Revocable Living Trust.  They can be set to be funded either immediately or upon some event in the future.  They can also be created as completely stant-alone documents, not related to any Will or Living Trust.

These Advanced Trusts serve very specific purposes.  Each one will be described in general terms for educational purposes.  Since this entire class is devoted to basic estate planning, which includes Last Wills and Testaments and Revocable Living Trusts, you will need to read other materials that completely describe these advanced trusts.

Nevertheless, what you will learn here will give you a firm understanding of the application of each of these trusts, and you will know more than 95% of most of the financial advisors and insurance agents out there.