Basic Estate Planning - Class 3 - Last Will and Testament

George Brown, Take the Pain out of Estate Planning

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3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Class 3 Registration for Date Entry

    • 2. Class 3 Entering Data for Will

    • 3. Class 3 Reviewing the Will Documents


About This Class


George P. Brown PhD

Just about every adult in the United States should have a Last Will and Testament.  The need increases when people accumulate assets, get married, or conceive children. In addition, included in the Last Will and Testament package are Advanced Directives, which are very necessary as soon as someone starts driving a car.  A serious accident could result in physical and mental incapacities, and hospitals will demand an Advanced Directive.  These are often called Living Wills.  Powers of Attorney are also part of the package, for reasons that will be explained in the course videos. 

The purpose of this Class is to have you dive right in to create a sample Last Will and Testament.  The real secret to effective estate planning is to know the correct questions to ask.  That is the primary barrier that keeps most people out of the field of estate planning.  That barrier has been eliminated by the use of state-of-the-art web-based software.  The system contains all of the right questions, and only the questions pertaining to the clients' circumstances are going to be asked.

You will perform the project with the sole goal of proving to yourself that the system will do the hardest part of the job - - the client interview.