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Basic Estate Planning Class 2 - Building Trust

George Brown, Take the Pain out of Estate Planning

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4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Class 2 Client Fears

    • 2. Class 2 Build Trust

    • 3. Class 2 Interview Guide

    • 4. Class 2 Conclusion


About This Class


George P. Brown Phd

The Estate Planning Process involves discussion of sensitive topics.  You need to establish trust and confidence very early in the process.  If you learn nothing else, you must be sympathetic to the clients' feelings and concerns.  Everyone is apprehensive about disclosing personal and family issues that may never have been disclosed outside of the family.  Indeed, some essential topics may never have been discussed even within the family.  Some issues may never have arisen, and clients may fear that a third-party, intervening in the issues, could create some stress. This class talks about how to deal with that.





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George Brown

Take the Pain out of Estate Planning

40 Years in Banking and Trust & Estates; Author and Teacher in Estate Planning; Mentor to successful professionals.

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