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Basic Editing on Lightroom // Portraits

teacher avatar Alex Edwards, Video Editing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Editing Portraits that include Shiny Objects

    • 3. Editing Portraits that include Fire

    • 4. Editing Portraits that include Cellophane

    • 5. Editing a Blurry Portrait

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About This Class

This is a quick class on how I edit some of my portraits. I took these images using different photography hacks. I have a class already uploaded on how I took these. Just a reminder that this class is how to edit photos at a very basic level and to create something you can edit further in photoshop or create a layered piece from etc. These aren't necessarily finished photographs, just a place to start.

I’m going to add more lessons to this class when I get a hold of my other portraits. I don’t have access to that USB at the moment as i’m out of the country.  I know I talk pretty fast but I genuinely tried to slow down whilst recording the audio but I still think I may be a little fast? Let me know!

Also, I know there are a few times where I’m not talking its just music playing. I’m going to keep doing this because It gives you time to pause and have a look at your own work and see if you’re on track.

The last picture is pretty blurry not too great but I wanted to show that bad pictures aren't always throw aways so I used Lightroom to create something you can actually edit from.

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Alex Edwards

Video Editing


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1. Intro: Hello everyone. Today I'm going to be showing you guys how I added some of my poetry shapes. So I took these three pictures of my beautiful friend IS0. And I'm going to show you how I edit them in light room to hopefully give you some idea of what you can achieve on a basic level. 2. Editing Portraits that include Shiny Objects: So this first picture was created using an earring with lots of gems in it. When they hit the light, they created this glistening effect. The first thing I did with this image was I played around with my tone curve. I wanted the contrast in the image to be a little less harsh. And I also increase the lights and the shadows. And then headed over to the basics and increase the purple hues in the image by lowering the temperature and increasing the tint. Additionally, I decrease the highlights and increase the contrast to. Next, I just zoomed into my model's face and use the blemish tool to cover up anything non-permanent. If you're unfamiliar with this tool, basically you can click on something you want to remove and it will detect a section of the image that similar. And it will ultimately covered up with the section. For example, the patch by her lip was covered up with a smooth section just to the right of it. Next, I went back to presence and decrease the clarity ever so slightly, but increase the vibrance and saturation. Then I created a Moscow r1A sleeve and decrease the exposure just the best to define the arm and the details. And all the load decreases as it was a little overexposed and played around a little just making a couple of basic adjustments and then headed over to the Hughes. Since I'm going with a powerful undeterred, I played around with the purple or magenta Hughes. And that was about it. 3. Editing Portraits that include Fire: So for this image, I want the file to be more distinguished, becomes the blue backdrop. Again to basic first. And just in general, this is a good place to start off with. And for creating a base factor, you can really add it on top of a decreased the clarity to make the image a little softer and just decrease the exposure little, which helps to get rid of the white light in the fire and bring out the orange and an increase the contrast to further depths. I quickly cropped my image to get rid of a little more of the darkness at the bottom. I decreased the highlights and blacks to again enhance the colors in my image. Then I head down to the hues and played around with the red, orange, and yellow until I was happy with the way the fire Look. I pretty much always the yellow turns. I just prefer the way it looks a little bit more orange. Then with luminance, I increase the orange tones and also the saturation. And then for the background, I played around with the blue hue and saturation, as you can see on the screen. Just until I was happy with the contrast against the fire, I basically just played around until I found a blue shade that I'd liked. And then I just exported it. And this was the final outcome. 4. Editing Portraits that include Cellophane: For this image, I had cellophane coast to the camera to create a faded color. On the left, I have a class on different photography hacks, which includes how I made all these pitches. So feel free to check that out for tips. The class is based on using different objects to create interesting images outside of editing. So as you can see, the picture is a bit overexposed. So in straight over to the Tone Curve and really increased the lights and decrease the dogs. Just to bring out the background details. Since the cellophane was pink and yellow, that's going to be the overall color palette. So I'm just increasing temperature and tint like they did earlier. I'm going to use the blemished tool to cover anything I know she wouldn't like. And I just increase the saturation marginally as usual and then heading straight on down to the Hughes saturation and luminance and adjusting everything to bring out the warmth in the image. This is pretty much the standard way for me to edit my images and also the easiest. If you go to colour, you can single out any college, which I did with the yellow and I brought out some orange terms within it. Does thing I did was increase the contrast. And you can see a major difference just like that. Those are my three simple edits using Lightroom soup, easy to replicate and do yourself if you're still watching. Thank you for joining my class. I really appreciate it. 5. Editing a Blurry Portrait: And after the test. So first, let's just sort this out. So different festivals such as performed first, first, first, first. Infested desert, for example. For spokesperson. So starting from the first step.