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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. What is doodling and What to doodle

    • 3. Resources: Pens and Paper

    • 4. Lets start doodling!

    • 5. Creative exercise & project

    • 6. Thanks You!

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About This Class

Inside this class, I´ll be teaching you the basic steps so you can start doodling in your own style. This doodling class is for absolute beginners, so if you ever wonder where do I start, the materials you need and want to make those blank pages come to life this is the class for you! So let´s get started! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Caro - Fox Bear Studio

Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer



Hi there thanks for stopping by! My name is Caro, I´m a UK based illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer, with a passion for nature and the outdoors. Ink is my prefer media for illustrating and doodling but I love experimenting with other media such as watercolor, gouache, pastel and color pencils

My hope is to share here all my learnings and experiences; all the tips and tricks, I have learned during my creative journey!


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1. Welcome!: Hi there. My name is Carla Ahmad, you kiss base illustrator with a big passion for the outdoors. Inside this class, I'll be taking to the basis step so you can start really in your own style. This totally glasses for absolute beginners. So if you ever wonder, where do I start materials to use and what doodles you can do use in simple lines? This is a glass for you So see you inside the class. 2. What is doodling and What to doodle: hi there. So if you're new here, you must be wondering what's the doodle anyway? So Wikipedia defines the doodle as an own focus or unconscious drawing may, while a person attention is otherwise occupied. So in other words, doodles are simple drawings that can have a concrete representational meanie or just maybe Astra shapes. So yes, you are drawing. While you're generally my intention with this glasses for you to kind of get away from the fear that you're actually drawing, even though it's simple doodles. So you're actually exercising your creative part of the brain and exercising also expression of an art. So I just wanted to make you comfortable. Enjoy the experience and see where your own style can take you. So the big question. Where do I start? What shoot I doodle totally is very personal. Asked all forms of art. I personally love to doodle. Florals leaves woodland creatures pattern. But if the Scient may not be interested, you the easiest thing that you can do is think of the things that you love to do your hobbies or passion. I'll show you some examples off my doodle so you can see where you can start from here. I'm just going to show you my sketchbook so you can see the types off. Little Dad. I normally do so as I mentioned, it's a lot of like nature. Focus, simple lines. I love to do a lot of organic forms. So trees or maybe things, elements that represent the nature, like some moon. Um, I like to experiment with different textures. Shapes also faces for my characters on patterns and things like that. Also, let me show you my folders. So in my father s, you can see there's again the theme off nature. So I have my once typical characters that I try to live with some of the things like the unique warms, Prince says. I love like a lot of C themes. Water. So you have come, like there mermaid birds. So it's kind of like now it's like playing on the beach and things like that Christmas when Christmas comes around so you have more organic shapes, flowers leave can like for me to have a guidance in terms off lines and patrons, and I like to use and things like that in my whimsical character. So you just have to find kind of like your passion or what you love to do into himself, a things that you can do with simple lines of. For example, if you love coffee, just trying. Go ahead and maybe try different cups of coffee or different hope, beverages, some things like that. So there's a lot of inspiration from yours around these that you can take from, and I just want you to kind of like drawing to the an inspiration so you can start looking at your own style. 3. Resources: Pens and Paper: so to start to, really, you need few materials. You're basically gives Starwood just a piece of paper and a pen. But I'm going to show you what I have in my pencil. Okay, So the first thing is some mechanical pencil. You can use regular pencils as well. I have two erasers, a regular eraser, and one from Tom Bowman. A, which can racism off the ink from the pens, um, in pence in different sizes. So that size refers to the thickness off the tip of the marker. So you have 03 and 05 Um, those two are kind of my favorite ones. So let me show you hear that can see the difference in the thickness off the tip off the marker. And also, I have I while white gail pen. So this is for more details in there himself, the eyes. Or maybe you can use it to caretti for during what paper? Some of the details. So that's what I have in my pencil case. Okay, so now let me show you the type of papers that you can use for tootling. So the 1st 1 would be a regular drawing path. Um, This is just the plain one that you can buy in a dollar or pound store. So play wine paper so they're very chip and inexpensive his paper or marking with it. Also another one that half is the kind like graph paper pat and this one I really like to use with the white gel pin. So the fact between or the contracts between the two colors is really nice. And the one that I used the most isjust markers once, Um, because this will help preserve the tape off the marker, since I do it a lot and I do it for playing work and projects. So this is a really white, um, paper, and it's somewhat translucent. So let me show you a bit of example of the translucent part. And that's why I love the marker paper specific for Marcos papers so you can see my Tiger bear character here, and you can see if I put it at the bottom. You can see it through. Also, you can use sketchbooks as well, and this will be very how many fear are on the goal because you can take them with you everywhere. So at this one is the one that I show you previously. This is Moleskin, and but you can choose whatever suits your needs. So it's just a nuptial. 4. Lets start doodling!: So now we're going to start with a phone part. So we're going to start to really? So the first thing that we're going to do is guy more floors, old flowers, and I'm going to show you a couple of examples and kind like for you to see how the line works. So I'm going to use these three circles to kinda like show the different. We're going to draw flowers, faces and a couple of animals and simple lines. So let's starts with the flowers. So the 1st 1 would be very simple lines. It just got like curved lines are very simple. Stibel off a flower. And I added, Just a couple of that's in in the middle of off the flower just to give them a sense of step or kind, like a little steps and things like that, Um, the other one that I'm going to draw. It's kind of the same flower. What we just kind of like a little stem going out. It's kind of like a different version of it, so it's just for you to have an idea off. How can you start in put your own style in the in the flowers or any doodle like it. So this is just kind of like a guy. So the next one that I'm going to do is kind of like to live, Um, version. So the 1st 1 is guy more softer lines. And the 2nd 1 that I'm doing, Skull I more quickly or more rough h lying. So it depends on your preference. What you like. I'm just again. I'm just showing a couple of examples. So you have, like, the main 90 and then applying your own style and preference. So the next one that I'm going to be drawing scum like this guy roast shape, um, you could say is very asked, Rob, or it can remind you kind of like a lollipop as well. They're just gonna like a little swirl. And from the centre outwards can just throw the little stem and that's it for kind. Like the interpretation or my interpretation off roast, simple one. Then we have gone like a a leaf shape. It's just kind of like to curvy lines and just assure lined in the middle. So this is very bare style, so you can Adam to come like little lines to form branches or at maybe to the flowers are the flowers A elites off the flower And then I'm going to start drawing kindling more the things that you can use for little branches. So you have kind of like a simple line in your drawer. Can I little lips on the side to give that guy leafy effect and then you can have, like, a more simple We're just gonna like the short lines, showing like a branch could be a branch for a little stick. And also the last one that I'm going to be drawing is this one with canned like a curve. Action to it. And this one could be, for example, when you see illustrations off guy jungles or, um, kind of like that believed that are hanging on the tree with a more kind, more movement and more, um, slow. Okay, so now we're going to start during some simple faces Are just have here an example. The ones that were going to be drawing and this one can be useful for if you're during characters or if you like the A while Hawaii drawing style, um, begin at this little faces to your everyday objects as well. So the 1st 1 is kind of like two little dots for nobles in a smiley face. Then you have can, like, just kind like you shapes, and he will give you the face guy. Character is either sleeping or like smiling. And then you have, like a very happy phase. Was going like, um, to use inverted use and one big smile. Then you have another face that you can do with little thoughts in a smiley and the other one this one, for example. It's just gonna like either not feeling too well or kind of like grumpy phase, so you can start giving some other emotions to your character. This one could be kind of like DZ, just drawing little swirls, asked the eyes and again using the same squiggly line with the mouth, Um, other faces that you can do. For example, this one is just got again the upside down you and draw like a little dot, making it a bit more sticker or or black at the end. People give you the sensation off the eyes and the eyebrows. And again, just a smiley face, um, again, just to sing the other one, but this one could be similar to the grumpy one. But if you put it like a smiley face will give you more like an excited face. And this is going like the winky eye, and this mouth is going to gun like that. W is really useful for if you're drawing kind of like animal characters. So, for example, if you're drawing kind like a puppy or, for example, if you want to draw like a little, let me get my marker here like a little fun would be that so you can just grab us. I'm just doing here. Ah, think or any blush, um, type of color you have. And you can star seeing how your little faces come to live with just adding kind of like a little blush as the cheeks. And I think this is kind of like fun because he will give you more bulls. That be it Character, face and again is not only with, like, animals or people if you like to draw people, but again, if you like that aweil style, this will really help a lot to come like bring your your little doodles to life, though in this last circle we're going to draw with simple lines, um, characters. You have a beer like a cat. Ah, bunny had drug and, uh, kind of like dog or puppy. So first start, we're going to do the bear. And again, it's just simple lines, and we're going to kind of draw a lot of curve for very like up and down. So for the Barry's just guy, a lot of curve just to make the little the cheeks or their ears and the face is just very simple. There is too little black thoughts and can like the triangle nose with a little short lying to come, like at to the nose. The next one we're going to do is like the cat, so it's too upside down. B small be so, too. That's for the eyes and again, like my signature triangle nose upside down, and you can draw little whiskers with some short lines. The next one would be, um, the rabbit, so it's kind of like two loops for the year. Ah, again, the two that's for the I can that triangle who knows again very simple lines. So it's just we don't want the perfection off the character, but just the idea of it. So again, the head drug, uh, small V, the three dots for two for the eyes, one for the nose, and you can draw a little short lines that will see related, like the head shocks bikes. And the last one that we're going to be drawing is the puppy. So again, so just like a lot of use and bees into himself the shapes off the years the W after I mentioned before for the mouth, you can draw little dot for the nose, smaller ones for the eyes ahead. That's it for the kind, like the simple line characters, and you can Can I draw any animal with those simple lines? So now I'm going just to add, um, as again, as I did before, with faces just gonna like the the A little blush or pink in the eyes in the ear. Sorry. Off the bunny, the chicks for the puppy, and you can see your characters come to live with just got very simple, simple lines. So now I'm going to show you a couple of examples that I had from my last year participation in in October. Um, and you can see here all the ones that I did and try. This is just scrap of paper. My favorite ones were the planet here. Astor was really cute. The chick you can see here, I have older hashtags and everything. Um, and the bunny. This one was really cute. Um, I really like how it ended. And now you have kind, like the club in the Gwala. And this one I'm going to draw this one so you can see it's just for your reference, um, other type of doodles that you can dio with simple lines. Okay, so let me grab a piece of paper and a pen, and we're going to restart. Drink, drying. Um, the gwala So you can see me. How I Hey, turtle, this one and again. Just be aware off how I'm doing it. It's just like short strokes again. As I said before, we only want the idea off their character. If you're drawing, for example, to Kuala, it's not. You don't want the perfection off the character with all the details. It's just if someone sees it, it said, Oh, I see a koala it doesn't have to be perfect or with all the details. So Qala half like a very character year. They're kind, I rounded and policy. That's why I'm using collection strokes to go like seemingly that gun like for effect again , the two eyes and qualities to have either an mobile knows. So I'm not using the exact triangle letter normally draw with all my characters, but it just kind, like a bit wider. So because they have like a really big black nos. So you have to Kuala there. And now I'm just doing call. That's a bubble. So just to practice a little bit off the leaves and traces that we did for the branches with the simple lines and just draw a little bamboo here, just do the side off the Gwala just to give a little bit more of a context. 5. Creative exercise & project: Congratulations. You completed all the lessons. I hope you enjoy them. Now is your time to create your project. So for the project I have selected look, kind of like a very simple exercise for you to work on all the things that we have seen. So my proposal to you is get a sheet of paper, anything that you have around the house, Um, draw circle in the middle. Kind of like similar to what? 1/2 done when I was showing you the different doodles in terms off the flower leaves the faces and the animals can be it as a B or a small s you wanted, um, preferably, like, in the middle of the page and start filling up with the doodles that you want. It can be anything that I have shown you or anything that, um you want to drive. 6. Thanks You!: thanks for joining my class. I hope you have phone going through the lessons and you have picked up some off new skills to start dealing in your own style. Make sure to upload your project in the project section. And if you have any questions regarding the the resources that we use or the ideas if you want to bounce ideas with me, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can keep up with my thrilling and new illustration works. Um, on Instagram, you can find me by Fox Bear and me. Or, if you want, you can visit my Web sites. I'll be UW Fox Bear and meet dot com. Thank you again and I can't wait to see you in my next class.