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Basic Content Creation


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    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Creative Process

    • 3. Recording & Editing

    • 4. Thumbnails


About This Class

A class meant to help give tips and advice for if you are thinking about or just starting to enter the world of content creation.


1. Intro: Hi, It's me. Bam! And first of all, I like to thank you. Oh, for turning in to the course And this course we will be learning content creation, basic content creation. Not just like Oh, I'm breaking content. Like, you know, Duffy, you need Teoh rumors about cost because you're connected, Lee, stop creating content for on a very cheap now, yet no 100 b really? And what not and you know, higher production costs, then all that. We're getting more into that in the picture. Actually, you may notice behind me that actually editing software that I use We go through that to Weller's some alternatives and stuff. Maybe three alternatives to lower costs are turn that hip stuff like that and Katya wondering, Yes, that the green screen I'm currently using to add it right up in front of that. But bring spins are typically more under you to Not really you too, but streaming kind of things more than straight up content creation. So don't feel like you need to go out by a green speed, but I'll be explaining more stuff like that. Hopefully won't help for tips for you guys doing this course so definitely built three to check it out. Hopefully you got something in Redoubt, Father. Do that's begin their course again. Thank you for joining the course. That my friend Course. So definitely feel free to give me helpful tips and feedback. And what so yeah. 2. Creative Process: Now I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking, Hey, now it's time for me to go out and spend billions of dollars toe. Oh, I can't become a content creator yet because I have to save tons of money. Well, im head to tell you that that is not true owl. Okay, so his the first thing you need to do, like, create, account on wipe a platform you might begin with a lot people in your YouTube because free to make an account under your tube, the last you can actually become not content creator for for a year on year to that tensile eventually get there to make money. But but that to never be your foot gold starting out. Because to be honest, you have to put in the time or money about to actually make money. So when I began one step at a time, they're very well. You're too, you know, Name it. Whatever you want. Probably something I'm related to what you want talk about or your niche A niche is basically like, say, video games Biddy again the net. Then there peeling Father K content for one specific video game. That niche with in a niche the that like the morning to think that you have two more concentrated it comes but at the fellow content created my bet. Advice would probably be you don't Don't single lie to yourself too much. Like be already doing video games that fine and then your detail to do it. Single video again that fine. But don't limit yourself to only like Oh, I'm only doing video game. How to, you know, videos on that video game period which you know, if you might do that by all means about my recommendation that if you already limiting itself to one video game, you make sure people know you're becoming all kinds of stuff on that video again. So you don't get stuck doing something that you potentially know might not like that you potentially have a thing where people like Oh, okay, So I'm done with how to, though. But now I got go somewhere else you get like death character cutem ization thing, or build video. Whatever. I know that my tip for that and then after you Ok, you know, decide what kind of content you want. I know. I know you like fam pal. But now now is the time to, you know, get ready to stop recording my part. Video. Not yet, Not necessarily. Now that two way do you could go about the preparation that I'm talking about? You could eat a right out scripts because a lot of contrary to popular ble, a lot of content created script, their own stuff. No, they're not talking and come up with stuff under fly. It's scripted. I'm actually not scripting this, despite what someone might think that it took me a second, they were going to say, But I get that. It's also another different you might wanna keep in, like something scripted ending, of reading a script, my come up a little more Buoying, but it will be more co he sent. Then just talking live thinking of the stuff at the top of your head and saying it. That might be more quote riel bad and could ought to be a bit math CIA a bit slow for what to come up and mishaps. The good thing about content creating, as in creating a video versus streaming, though, is that if you mess up a take, you can record it. Don't worry too much about messing up. I'd start out live fire idiom, maybe, like maybe an outline if you want. You don't even have to make a whole script. Your project outline what you want. Talk about it So they keep yourself on topic. That might be the best. And until you guys saw this here that the tide off one of my videos I actually did recently , which is something also, that if you just have ideas like fish type thing, I put here even that is not a fully solid every sentence right idea. You know what you're talking about? Chances are so you know, just giant down happened. Ideal for content. Giant down, shot order stuff down. That's what you need to do. Content your ideas content. You think it good, Continue. Think people will like content. You're thinking the peeling, not let the deli always everything go content you want make you kind of have to make a couple video sort of test the water and see what people think. Because some people live like them. Some people want you just test to others. Some step looks some stuff doesn't if it doesn't work you just go to the next thing. If it works, try to build on top of that formula. Now, I'm not saying make 10,000 slime videos that come to example because that always jokes about your Tutino dripped like beings up the thing. Video just states a different way. I'm not saying did that? What? Something. Just in the right out ideas play around weapon niche. They're better cake content that people will want to watch. Okay, keep in mind. Had something you should really think about creating. Would you want to watch? Okay. That what you should ask you? Would you want to watch your content? Maybe. I don't know if you have a friend in nearby Oh, a roommate or someone. Maybe have them watch what they think about then, you know, maybe taking off it some fine advice and what not? And yet that the first step just writing down what you want to do. Not going out and spending hundreds of dollars and then deciding I don't know what to do and stuff just, you know, played by a Johnson's. Up, down, you know, just have fun. Weapon 3. Recording & Editing: Okay, so you've made your ideas known by writing them down. What? And then you're ready to record your foot video Now, there is an easy way to do that. Easy in a three way to do that, which I use quite regularly. Now, Um, I'm sorry in the event for the video reception or whatever you call, but that is the only way I can actually show you guys what I'm talking about. Because I currently use this recording. Suffer. I'm currently recording on it right now. As you can see, it cut O B s or a 10 for open source broadcasting software. No, you can screen record. You can record specific windows. If you have a capture card like to capture data from, I mean to capture, you know, gameplay from another screen or a console. You can hook that up to it. It's just so versatile and versatile. Our it's very multi puppet used, and you cannot record multiple tracks, which is what I do right now on Lee my mike. Actually, I'm gonna go a little bit into that. Let go ahead and move this for a moment. Remember O B s 100% free they stopped support on the 32 bit. So definitely make sure you download 64 bet Virgin. And by the way, I'm using a PC. So I'm not so too much of the alternatives will offer Mac, I don't know if it will be a did, actually for Mac on it. I think I talked somewhere on there, but I don't want you know 100. You know, tell you guided when that now your guide might see on the screen addicted my video editing software valued. I actually used a software card. Vegas Pro a here because Sonny Bigot Pro. But another company bought yeah, and basically gets up where I used, mostly because that guy really cheap with a humble bundle. Um, I got for about $25 with a lot of other programs thrown in. So I would like, Yeah, that's a good deal. And I guy, normally I want to get around $300 without that, but you can always find a good deal for stuff like this. Premier Pro. It's an alternative, although unfortunately it is not free. Perm Emperor l $20 mom, currently because of the fact that but don't be has that home monthly subscription plan for now and permit Pearl. I know for a fact works on PC and Mac and people like a father. I just want to tell you that video is actually my intro video. I just put on the timeline so I could make it look kind of cool in the background, like I'm doing a lot of fancies stuff. And But yeah, and at for free alternative at the Thing program that the bench he resolved has a free version and the but the paid version it about $300. Now, on the Mac side of thing, you'll have I moving with. A lot of people are still used to the day, but I can't hear because I record using. Opie adds multiple tracks like audio Track. So my voice and microphone would be that run, and then came play audio because I record a lot of game play will be the track and that very NASA terry for me. So I can, you know, actually move up and down each volume individually, like take the game too loud. I continue down a bit so you can hear me in the video. I could pay all in one track, but that not really the best way to go. When I render it out, it will be just fine. The men doing out out there? No, that's about that for the most part. Like I said, the venture meets all of it. Probably bet back for we re on the PC side. I don't know if Mac had the venture means all. I think they do a lot of people. Yet I Mak Hoiby on the Mac and the manga paid final cut Pro is the thing. I believe they cut $300 but you could get bundled for $200. Some places bundled with other creative up where? Basically your video editing software. It seems like it, considering I can't Theo Van $300 for paid virgins. But the trials there's I went and recommend any demos that give you water marks because you don't want watermarks on the your content. Trust me. But yet that retrials like it that the bench e has a free version that caused the benty resolved, Um, a limited functions. But you know, it should be good enough. Get yes, star Ted. Then at the top building a name for yourself. Contact creating. Get the fun to you need to and vast more into your content. Creates. You can buy software and stuff like a 10 bigots will probably be the cheap at of all of them. There are 10 tips you could go go Vegas alternatives. Even I don't know other alternatives that new software coming out all the time and I mean all the time that needs off and that really what I wanted to talk to you about. Finally, we'll creating a video acting a making of video. Now here's a note. Speaking of micro funds. Okay, any I don't want any microphone, but most micro bond will be fine to begin with. OK, even if you have to use your headset mic that better deducting. But I personally have always been told and recommend Uh, that came, like, actually better, even if it that's smart, that the K and Mike, they're better than I had them. But you gotta do what you gotta do. When I began, I, um I was done headset for Mike. It was super like I would you would have run that I was talking through a can or something when that. But my computer, What thing? You've been that powerful added right now in my community, not even the most powerful I have a and a D. Yeah. NVIDIA 10 80 GTX. I mentioning that because the program in particular I'm using it, actually let you take advantage of okay. I'm just the don't mind, actually let you take advantage of the graphic card when the a rendering to make you render times a bit faster, which is always a good thing that truly, always is a good thing, because rendering time faster means faster between When you can make another video, you can add it here, uploaded to YouTube or whatever site you use. Me and the Jets go to town with it. So yeah, let's sum up what we talked about doing this, I suppose. Okay, so we talked about a free alternatives to, um, video editing software. Eventually it off like it that I don't know all of them that exist, though you probably could do a Google search under We also talked about Oh P S O B s. I use it. I can't trust enough. I used it regularly because I am still happy with it. I used that. You doing that? The big negatives. Stigma around, You know, you thing, Brie software And what not, but, oh, PS rarely has let me down. I'm sure. Did other screen recorded after I know that X played. I know that other paid want, if I recall, explain, have a free version, but paid will get you more featured with them then that I didn't even other ones out there . Some of them have shot down. Some of them are two available, but yeah, I personally recommend opiates. It probably one of the more popular on that. Um, so, yeah, that I have to tell you about that I get back to give you are honorable mention which would be something called a stream deck. I know what you're thinking. A vamp. I'm not streaming. Well, yes. Dream that I actually had a bunch of programmable keys that I use myself it that you can like program the record button top button for Obi asked. You can record for it to open your video editing program for the where editing program. Whatever. And that is I like it quite a bit, actually. It is a very, very, very beautiful thing and make my productivity so much better. But yeah, that's what we went over in this chapter of the course. I guess you could call, and Yeah, hopefully this has helped. 4. Thumbnails : okay that we've reached the home stretch. You created the video. You have uploaded it to YouTube or wherever you're uploading it. You're ready to publish it that way, Way a minute. There is one more step and death in the final step. It arguably in a very, very important step, too. Especially if you're content creating on site like YouTube. I'm nail. This is what they will see when day, you know, Look at the video. It will make people your viewers, your potential viewers decide if they want to collect on the video. If it didn't appealing, Thumbnail there. Click after you can see that to the thumbnail firm. Don't know if you remember earlier we talked about the home creative process and then you saw this title Polly's Dolly dressing. Well, it'd actually that thumbnail four. That video I made and yeah, I don't know if it eye popping enough. You kind of have to late by here. I've actually gone through a few thumbnails in my day. I Okay, I have a template. Okay. This is the basic templates are used. I keep that name there. I added the Thai door and death green shot at needed. Now I do recommend him templates. If you are going to, you know, make multiple videos. Like for me. I have a game, a specific game. I do gameplay that were idea. Now I have the template based around that. But like if I I was just making videos all over the plight, I wouldn't have the specific name hair I probably have at their stuff and whatnot. And I know what you're thinking. But, fam, what program cannot use? Um Well, there's actually quite a bit of a broken. You can eat that. They're dead. Affinity there. I'm naming some 31 the court. You could go with photos shop if you want. But that affinity, which is three. That game, which is also free Copy on it. I don't know a whole lot of three ones, but the shop is the mo arguably the most popular by it. Not Ellie, that Onley one didn't exist. And you don't get to Delhi have to have the most popular. You just happen. Get the job done. And why have a pro cameo using along with you can impor images screenshots whatever add taxed and what not make that thumbnail look nice. It doesn't matter. What program are you thinking? Longer. It can do that. Now, Keep in mind that site, like YouTube pregnant will have a to make a bite limit for you know, uploading family or so along idea can keep it under to make a bite. You're free to go crazy with the thumbnail. And I recommend you did something I popping. Maybe, you know, if you have any, Like, are their family members or whatnot or friends Maybe have them Look at the thumbnail. And, you know, they can tell you their opinion of the thumbnail. And, hey, if they like it that the good 10 other people will like it too, Even if they don't like it, Maybe after more Mindnich week. Theo? Mayko. What? No, but yeah, Just get feedback on your thumbnails and hate if you stop it. But thumbnail. And it doesn't work that well. Well, three to feature video make different thumbnails. Oh, if you're mine, change the thumbnail on a path video inside like you two been what not? You can change that any time you want. You can change the tide on in that thumbnail. Also that title It's important as well. I'm just gonna mention there in the nail thing. But yeah, tidal it Very important. Now for this thumbnail, for example. It's actually more to poor images. Like Ben here. I don't know. Many people would know that's that. But if they do, it's a nice little detail. This is what Down here, which I think as that part of my template I have there and yeah, it stuff like that, dude, something you think will be eye catching. Okay. And that, actually, finally, everything I have thank you for during the course. Hopefully, this course has helped you in some way check perform because I made it course because of the fact that I not only want help, fella content created by off the let people know that it doesn't that really caught hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Who in the content, Kate, for the first time. Okay, a few things. See how it works. And then maybe you're good enough that you can in fact, back into it and then upgrade your set up. I own means, but you can't expect to go from I'm nothing to instant fame overnight and let you like a celebrity or something. Then different lords apply. Be a Yeah, but anyway, get that was the course. Hopefully you guys learned something later.