Basic Concepts: Work Flow, Animation, Timeline and Masks -After Effects CC From Scratch | Alan Ayoubi | Skillshare

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Basic Concepts: Work Flow, Animation, Timeline and Masks -After Effects CC From Scratch

teacher avatar Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Workflow & Interface

    • 3. Composition, Viewport and Timeline

    • 4. Animation & Transform Properties

    • 5. Shape Layers, Masks and Effects

    • 6. Practice Project 1

    • 7. Practice Project 2

    • 8. Render skillshare

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About This Class


After Effects is one of the main programs in the adobe suite, it allows you to work more creatively with videos, it is also a leader in motion graphics, we can make from small animation GIFs for social media or an extensive motion graphic project for a client. Film enthusiasts can use after effects to create special effects. 

Video and animation are increasingly required in many profession especially for those who work in the social media field, designers. 

This course is the first course of Master after effects collection, hope you check my account in next weeks there will be more courses that cover every aspect of adobe after effects.

In this course we are going to talk about the basics of adobe after effects, first, we will see how the interface works, then we will go through each panel and cover the most important tools in each panel. After that, we will start creating a composition, and see how timeline and viewport work here we will cover the most important controls in the timeline. Then we will cover the type of layers and their controls. After that, we will see how to animate anything in adobe after effects explaining keyframes and we will go through the speed graphs to smoothen our animation. 

After that, we will go through the shape layers, mask and some essential effects. In the end, we will work on two real projects and apply what we have learnt.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm Island and wishing graphic designer and a photograph for For almost a decade, I've been using after effects in my work for creating three brand ings Bush and graphics on visual effects. For many companies on many agencies, Adobe Aftereffects is one of the main programs in literacy. It helps you to work creatively with videos, is also a leader in motion graphics and visual compositing industry you can create, from simple animation for social media to a very intensive motion graphics for clients and companies. Now a day video animation skills are increasingly required by many companies, especially those who are working with social media on design. This is the first coast of a collection, of course, is that I'm going to be publishing in future under the name Master the Adobe. After effects in this course, we're going to cover the basics off Adobe Aftereffects. You're starting with the interface and see how it works. Then you'll go panel by panel and cover all the important tools in age panel, and then you will critical position and see how the view port on time. My dwarves and we will cover the most important or interest then you will cover the types of layers and the aftereffects on. After that, you'll go to the animation. I'll show you how to friends, works on how to make your animations move there with this people breath. And then we will cover some extra stuff like shape. Mayors mask on most important essential affects in after effects and at the end, practice what we have learned. We're going to create two projects and will apply most of the things that we've learned during this. I just want to mention again that this is the first person off the collection off master after effects. So there will be more courses coming and future. Make sure to check my account for that. All the project files on things that you are in the class project. Make sure to check. No, let's start with workers 2. Workflow & Interface : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to talk about the interface of after effect. When you first opened the after effect, you will give this pop up window here you can create a new project or open a project that you saved somewhere else. And your recent projects appear here for now. You're going to create a new project. You should get something like this. If you're layout is not like this, go to window workspace and said it just under. As you can see, you have different layout here, but for now, we're going to use thundered If your standard is not like this, for example, if there like if someone played with it or you played with it there before, just go to work space and three set two standards safely out, you should get this look. You can also play with you, lay out. You can create your own layout, for example. We can move windows around. We can and look them and move them around, and we can pin them to different places. For now, I will keep my loud like this. Okay, let's start with the basic panels and you'll start with the file menu in the final Me near . You have this one. You can create a new project, you can open a project and you can save it and also glues it all the basic thing that you can do in almost every programs on the computer. One important think in the file menu is dependencies. This dependencies is not visible for now. We need to bring your file in our projects so we can see and I'll tell you what to use it for and just double click in the project panel to bring a new file. I'll bring this logo. Now we have this logo here. If you go to the file menu, you have dependency in a dependency. Collect fire. What this does it collects all the files that used in your project and movinto one folder. This is in case you want to move your project another computer, so we'll have a normal working space, and it will work normally as if it is in your main computer. When I first start with the adobe after effects, it happened to me a lot. When you have files in different locations on, you had to manually put them in a folder on, then replace them in the main project. This option makes it very easy. You just need to click on it, and it will collect all the files and put it in one folder for you. You can easily move it to another computer and open your project without any problems. Okay, in the edit menu, we have all the basic things like cut copy and paste on cleared public aid on cutting things. Another important thing in this mini Oh, he's perch. This is very important when you're, it'll be after a fixed start to be, so you need to click hair and let all the caches as you can see now I have 36 gigabytes. This is clay sick a lot. You have to do this every day. You work on aftereffect, especially on the Mac. It will take a lot off you of your storage. Just click on it and it will remove everything from your computer. I mean, the cache file that after a fake Safed in the composition, you can create a new composition. The decomposition in adobe after effects is just like the art port in Adobe Illustrator. It's the workspace that you can work on it. It can created hair. And also one other important thing in the composition is at to render queue here, where you finish your animation and stuff. You added to enter cute to export it to your computer. And we have a couple of other stuff. I'm going to go through them later here, he said. Uh termed the camp area and also come to the region of interest a layer. All of these options are available in the timeline. This hour comes them later in the effect you have the collection off very powerful effects that comes with the after effects, and some of them I just installed them. There are third party people against. You can get them online in the animation. The key frame here. This menu. We have all of these options in the time line again. I'm going to go through them. When I talked about the timeline on Dhere, we have the track motion on also the stabilizer and stuff on. Come your trucking. These also I'm going to talk about them later. You cannot cover a view. This is everything that you can see in the workflow like like the view port that it's coming here and this control sit, and most of them are available here. I'm going to talk with them and I talk about that, and now we have the window. Everything that's here is check if you need to, like, bring anything else in your layout. You can enable it here. For example, if you remove the project, it's gone now. I wanted to enable it again. It's here again. Okay, that's about this panel. The next very important panel in Adobe after effects is project panel hair. You will have all of your files layers composition that used in your project. You can create a new holder. This way. You can arrange your files when you're working with the bigger projects. You have a lot of layers on that file, sir. Then you can put them the folders. Just arrange your project. Harry can create a new composition. Later will come to the seatings until we have the project sittings. These are very advanced stuff. You need to play with these. The only thing that you may need to use it is changing the color depth and also the working space for not all. Give it like this. And you should also keep it like this. You can remove files from the project by selecting them on pressing here, or are simply president it on the cure to import new files Deal Project that will click on the project folder. I mean, project panel and bring a new file that you want to do it like this. Or you can just drag and drop it here. And also you can calm, and I and you can import files to your project. Just like this bank. During all of this again in the side, we have effect on presets. All of the effects that you see here in the effect menu were available here, and you can easily search them. Then you have laboring all of the colors on templates on your adobe. A clout. It will be visible here across off the adobe applications. And we have another panel here, which is the character control the text control. You will talk about this later. Okay, that's for this. Listen, in the next lesson, we're going to talk about creating a new composition, and we're gonna talk about the two men you and I will tell you what it with them does in adobe after effects. See where the next listen by. 3. Composition, Viewport and Timeline: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, I'm going to show you how to create a composition, and then you're going to talk about the Tober and what each of them is doing. And then we're going to talk about the view pert and the tools we have. And after that, you are going to talk about the timeline. Working with aftereffect always start with the composition. There are several ways that you can create a composition. You can create a composition from here, just click on it and even create one. Or we can create their composition from the composition menu. And also in the latest version of Adobe after effects, you have option here to create a new composition, any composition, a blank one or a new composition from the footage that you have in your project. Okay? No, I'm going to composition, and I will create my first composition hair. Here. You can name your composition. I'll make it first come. And here you can choose the preset the size of the video. The aspect wish you off your project. I'm going to use HD on the frame rate. I'll make it 60 making the frame rate 60 will make your animation very smooth. It's much smoother when it is in the 30 or 24 and then you have the time. The duration. I'll make it 12th for this project and the background color. It doesn't matter. Always thought I'm going to make it, but great, because we're going to create our own backgrounds. Click OK. When you create a composition, it will open in the view port in the timeline and also in the project. So let's talk about the Tober, these three their common in most of the adobe programs. This one is the selection tool is where you select your layer and stuff in the Project dental. We can use it to control your view port with around just like this and the shortcut for this a space and then click just like this. And the shortcut for the selection is the Then we have the ZAMTEL. We can control the zoom with the mouse ring, and then we have rotation. This is used to rotate your layers, and the short cut is W. This one is coming rattle. If you click and hold. You have different type of Congress. I'm going to talk about this when he use the camera. In our project, this one is used to control the anchor point. The anchor point is the point where all the transformation off the layer happens. We're going Teoh. See this in the practice in the coming lessons. And then we have these three tools. These three tools are used to create victor layers inside. It'll be after effects. We have this one. If you click and hold. You have different type of shapes. You can create your own shades with a drawing tool and you have the text. Okay, my turn with this. Now just have to see Mt. And then we have these three. These are very similar off what we have in Adobe Foot the shop. These are usual us with their food use and also videos you can write on your videos. You can remove the sports that you don't want and you can remove like you can erase things from your footage, and this is the route to brush. It's where you select the areas that you don't want on your photos or videos, and then we have the capital. This is used for character animation mostly we're going to cover it. Let's talk about some of the tools that we have in their view. Port. The 1st 1 is controlling their zoom in and zoom out over the composition. The report. You can control it with the mouse Cering standing for some reasons you lost it like just like this. Go here and make it fit. Now it's rethink their panel and then we have this one This as grits also save margins and rollers. These are all great tools for designing precisely going to disable the writ again. And this one is used to shoot the handles off the object that you create. For example, if I create this one like rectangle now you fight. Select it. I have these handles. But if I click here now, you can see coming on going like this, Harry can take us not shut off our animation on like this. You can short and terror we have the resolution. This is a very important one. When you're working with very heavy projects, you will need to drop there is lotion down and tell you finish your animation on your project This Onley for preview not for the render. When you are rendering, you will have a for quality. I'll set it for again and then we have the region off interest. This is if you want to crop your composition. For example, I want to crop it like this. After doing this, you can go to composition and crop to regional interest. Click here and your composition will be something like this. Then we have the comer of you. This is mostly useful when you're working with their three di layers. Uh, you can use these views for now. It's not changing anything because you don't have three layers and we don't have a camera. I will put it on the active comer. For now, the next one is viewed is very important, especially when you're working with their three layers. You can have a different use open. For example. We can have this one to be in the X camera on this one. To be top on this one to be right. No, there are not showing because they're not three D. But when you're working with three D, this will be various for for you. Okay, on moved to one of you again. Then we have this one. The resolution. That playback resolution. This is very important. It's usually in the adaptive resolution. When you're playing to animations, it will not be real time animation. It will not sure if it's in the adaptive resolution. Make sure that is always in the final quality, so you know how your animation looks like. Let's talk about the most important panel in adobe after effects, which is the timeline. Let's add some layers to our timeline. For that, I'm going to use the shape told and I will create a very basic shape, which is a rectangle El Prez v to move it around, put in the middle and then our drug and drove my logo here on imported here. This is just for the demonstration. It will be aftereffect rates many types off layers. We have the shape players. It can read illustrated files and PS. These videos j pick many ever. Most of the layers have similar options or controls here, and they have different options here. For example, this is the shape layer, the victor layer. We have these controls for the PNG. We don't have the same controls. We only have the transform transform Controls are common between all of the type off layers . As you can see, we have it here and they have a tear and and type of layer added to your timeline. They have transformed controls. I'm not going to talk about these controls for now, but you're going to cover this. The first thing is this one, the I. This is the visibility off the layer. You can make it visible. Hide it. This one is soloing we want if you want Onley this layer to be visible. For example, if you're working with the project that has too many layers and you want to work with one off them so you can solo it and only that layer will be visible. We have the look one. This one will look your layer. You cannot click it not in the view port on also not in the timeline. And I use this tool mostly for the backgrounds or the layer that I don't want to accidentally selected. Here we have the drop down off other options that you just talked about, and we're going to cover them in details in the next listens Here you can color your layers , and this is very handy. When you are working with the big projects, you can mark or highlight your layers to know which type flair is it. The next one is shy bottom. This one is very handy when you're working with many layers and you want to hide some of them from the timeline. You can just use this one click here and then you can control it. Over here. No is disappeared. To bring it back, Just click. It will be back. And then you can disable this option, and then you have motion blur this motion blow usually used for animation. It makes it this mother and Larry. We're going to use this when I talk about animation and key frames in the comic listens and then we have three D control. As the name says, it makes the layer three D. You can push them back, bring them close the camera and also move them around, rotate them just like a three d layer. And when the three D's active here, this option will be active as well. You can watch your layers from the top from the back or any other view that you want. I'll make it active cover again and same one of three. The next very important thing is the parent, or I just want to mention something here. If you don't see any of these controls, right, click here and good. The column hair you can Zabel and enable anything in this area. All of the controls. Okay, Now I'm going to parent our logo to the shape layer, going to connect it. Now they're linked. Anything that I do to this shape layer, it will happen to the logo as well. Just like this, with the parent. Or you can connect specific controls. For example, if I bring the controls for the logo, I'm just going to just condemn them for now and the controls for the shape layer. I'm going to talk about these controls in the next Listen, when we talk about the animation and stuff, but for now, I'm just going to talk about the parent or if I go to the position now, I want to connect on Lee the position off the logo to the position off the layer, not anything else for that. Now, just go to the position. And here you have the parent tool hair, Click it and drug put it in the position on released the click. Now they are connected now, Anything that I do to the position off the shape layer, it will happen to their logo as well. For example, if I skill the shape layer, it's not going to affect the local because you only connect the positions together. And here we have the work area, this shoes de duration of our project. And also this is the place where we at our key frames and play with them. You can also term your project just by drugging. Here, drag these handles. When you render your project and exported later, it will only render this one. And the shortcut for the term is be on and okay, that's named off this. Listen, I hope you enjoyed and learn something new in the next lesson. We're going to talk about their transform control and also the animation and key frames. See you in the next one 4. Animation & Transform Properties: Hi, everyone, Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to cover the trance firm properties or transform controls and also animation and key frames and types off layers in adobe after effects. Adobe Aftereffects supports many types off layers it can write must over the types off photos on many types of values and inside after effects. You can create victor layers, which we call shape players in adobe after effects, and we have these text layers. It will be aftereffects country. There is thes and also illustrated files. When you pull them to your timeline, they usually come as a composition, especially if you layer your projects in footer, ship or illustrator. The layers will be the same as you have enough food to ship or illustrator in adobe aftereffects. There's something in common in all types off layers in adobe after effects, which is the transferring control. Here, you can control the opacity, rotation scale, position and anchor point, and also you can keep from them and any made them. For that. I'm going to the late both other layers of the video and the photo before we jump to the animation and T friends that there are some other type of players in adobe aftereffects that you can access in the timeline here. Just right. Click here and go to the new. And here you have all types off. There's here. I'm going to cover some off them and some of them I will leave it for other courses. There are a bit advanced and not for beginners. So we cover the text and also the shape layer. But he didn't cover these. That's good to the soul. It is just a solid. And it's used for background, usually on in combination with mask. It used for other stuff as well that I'm going to cover later. And then we have Sorry, I will keep my soul it there just as a background. Okay. And then we have the light. The light works with three D layers on the camera. Usually as you can see, my layers are always three D. If I turn them to normal layers there light is not working. If you make them three d, they will work just like this. You can access the options or the properties of the light like this light options. And here you can change the intensity, the color radios on for love, this thing and also the type of there, right? Like it sport just like this. Okay. And then we have the camera. The camera also works with three D layers. You can control the camera with these controls or just press See continues that kind of controls like this. As you can see, these layers are three. That's what I can control them with the camera. If I turn off there three d, They're not like the camera isn't looking any more, okay? And then we have the null object. The no object is just a no, and it's usually used to connect or to control more than one layer at once. For example, I'm going to connect or two parent leads to with their no object. And now I can control both of them at once. With no object on this, you can move them freely. This counts very handy when you're working with animations and key friends can easily control them with the no object. And then we have the adjustment layer values mean layer is usually useful for the effects. When you put an effect on this adjustment, layer, it will apply for everything beneath. For example, I'm going to apply in the victor, make it after effects. I'll go to the colors and I will adhere in situation. No, it's genuine Everything, as you can see it, change the background on the because the background on the text doesn't have any color. That's why they're not changing. If I give you the color black, make it another color. Sorry. So the text origin is like this with the shape layer. I mean with the adjustment layer. Because we at you on saturation to it. It will change the color just like this. Now it's applying for everything you want. Teoh. Apply only for the shape layer. I'll make sure that it's under the text on above the shelf. Now the text is not changing. You don't only 50 shape there unknown. Let's talk about the animation, so I'm going to make a very simple animation just for the demonstration. I want this shape layer to come from here and stop here, and then when the shape layer the circle is here, I want the text to scale out, but I want the skill to scale out from the center That's why I'm going to move the anchor point. I'll press why on then? To the circle for the anchor point. By the way, Why I put it in the middle, just like this? No, our scale will start in the middle. For this. We're going to play with the position on the scale. So for the text, I'm going to bring their transform options here. And you have the scale. And also I'm going to bring that transformation in the options for the shape as well. First, we're going to any made the shape. So I'm going to the position. And with all of these options, you have the stopwatch beside them. This means that you can any made them. You can add key frames. Just click on it. I'll click here and now this position is recorded on this key frame. So I want our shape in the 1st 2nd I mean, in the zero second the beginning to be here. Now, this position is according this keeper. And on the 2nd 1 I want the shape layer to be in the middle of our view. Port Like here? No, this position is recorded it in this key frame. And between these two key friends, we will have animation. So basically, this is the concept of animation in after effects and in must animation programs. And now let's move to the text. We want to any my desk. For that, I'm going to the 1st 2nd I mean the zero second. We want the scale to be zero here. But don't forget to enable the key friend, please, on the stopwatch. We make a key from here, and I will change it to zero. No, this skill is recorded in this key friend. I'll go to the 2nd 1 and make it 55. Maybe. Okay, just like this. Now we have this. As you can see, our animation is very boring. No, you're going to make it very smooth on. Put them in the right time. So we don't want the text and the circle to come together. We want the circle to be around here, like in here, and then this text will start coming up. So if you want to show the properties that has key friends just press you. Now we have the position on the scale that both of them have The'keeper's so I'm going to move this in the timeline just to make sure that it's coming out in the right time. Just like this. It's still very brink. We're going to ease ease our key from. So I'm going to select all of the key firms like this right click and then keep from assist . Make it easy ease or f nine. If you have in your keyboard. No, it is a bit smoother. Make sure that this is one final quality because if it's not, the animation will not be in real time like you will not see there like the final look. As you can see, it's still not what we want. So to make this animation better, we're going to the speed graph or the graph editor. Click here and here we have the speed graph. You can also have the value graph which is here, but I'm always working with their speed graph. If you don't have a speed graph like mine, just make sure that you have there speak graft checked, and now I will click on the key from sir on. Move this handle so this means that we want it fast and then slow for the text and for the position you will do the same thing we wanted to come. Trust on after that becomes is against you. This is what we have. I'll make sure that takes comes with earlier. Yes, I know that's not a very great animation. That's only for demonstration. In the next lesson, you're going to make some interesting projects before I finish this. Listen, I want to talk about the motion blur as I promised. You all talk about it in the animation. Listen, so now our animation doesn't have motion blow. Now just turn on the motion, blur, and I'll treat What motion? Load us. No, you can see the different. We have this motion blur if you just go frame by friends. So motion blur as the name says, It gives a blow to the motion. If we named Let you can see it's like this without motion below. And now with the motion motion below gives a very interesting look to animation. I myself I always turn it on unless I don't want motion blur in some specific animations. Okay, guys, this was date of the listen. Hope you're injured in the next Listen you are going to cover the masks, the shape, layers and some very important effects in adobe aftereffects. See you in the next. Listen by why? 5. Shape Layers, Masks and Effects: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to cover shape players, masks and also some very important effects in adobe aftereffects. Okay, I'll started by creating a new composition. My composition is full HD and 60 frame and 10 seconds. Okay, we will start with the shape players. These are the tools that we can create the shapes in adobe after effects. And they are Victor based means that when you resize them, they're not going to lose. There is emotion, so I'm going to create their circle. When creating shape, players will be aftereffects. There are in this type of layers. If you select this layer and create another shape for example, on creating a rectangle, the rectangle will be made in the same layer. But if you don't select anything, just click anywhere, blanking timeline and create another thing. Now it's in the different layer. So for now, I'm just going Teoh, create everything in one layer and I'll show you the properties of each of them. Okay, I'm creating another one, Which is this one. Okay, well, the gun make the smaller. Okay, Now we have three times of shapes. Okay? Now I'm going to shoot the thing that are similar or common between them. And then I will go through the thing that there are not common. Like for example, police start have some options that the rectangle doesn't have it tangles has some options that lives doesn't have. So let me bring all the options here. So, as you can see, that trance firm is common between age of them. This is the transform for each of these individuals. And then you have a trance firm for the whole layer. I'm going to show you later. I'll and he made this and I will show you. How can you use this feature? So aside that transfer him. We have the stroke and feel which is common between all of them as well. No, no. Start with the police star. These are the options that police there has. These are the points. You can have more than one points. Change it like this on by the you can any made all of these options? These prepared This gets life again. You have the position here. You have that out. The radius on the roundness. You can create somebody cool shapes with this. Okay? and then we have the stroke. For now, the stroke is only 1%. You can have this stroke care. And this is the color on this truck. By the way, you can control the stroke and failed here as well. Okay. And then you have the caps on joint. I'm going to cover this for okay, Okay. These are okay. And then we have the line cup and join online. Join. I'm going to cover it in the rectangle. Also in their struck when it drove something. Because because in this one is not going to change anything. Okay? And then for the stroke, we have dashes this. What does it do? Kook. Okay. And then we have a link up on the line. Joint line cup, online joint. I'm going. Okay. And then we have link up on lane. Join only this after I come out of this, okay? And then you have these two. I'm not going to cover these because they will not be visible for now. Now we'll go to the dashes for the dash. It makes dashes for the stroke like this. And now if you go and change the line cup may get round. You can see now we have these drones in. You can add more dishes. One more you can create. Very, very nice variation with this on their all any made it You can be made easily. Okay. I want to make something nice if you want to remove one of them. Just first This one. And now we have this one. Okay. I want to make them circles. Yeah, just like this. And then the upset you can. Any made them like this? Now let's go to the field for the fairly have the blending mode. These blending mode are similar to what we have in the photo shoot. You don't have any background. That's right. Something to change anything. I will leave this for now. And then you have this one. If you wanted to be a buffel below the stroke, so now they're struck is below there, Phil. Okay, I'll keep it like this for now. And this is the color on this one is a pastie. It controls the past. So you have all of these controls a side of that. We have the transfer control. We have all of their past the rotation scale position you can control all of these. And you can also any main thing because they have this much okay, for the rectangle stroke feel transformed. There are the same. But the hair in the Congo Pat, we have one option they didn't have in this one, which is wrongness. You can round our tango just like this. And by the way, you can Any made it as well. And for the circle, everything is the same as the rectangle, but it doesn't have the darkness. Something else we can do here is you can actually like movies around. For example, now I put the field above the stroke, and now the stroke is below the and all of these. They have blending modes. And there we have the modifiers. We have tons off controls. You can create really, really nice things with it. But I'm going to create a special course about this one. One more thing, you actually kind creator groups, as you can see now, we because I could be and pays thes. They're being groped in one lips and we can create more lives. Actually, if you really care now, we have a different lives from this one. And inside this, you can create more ellipse. They'll be groped. This gave you so much control. Now let's talk about what's the benefit of having transformed for the layer and also the transfer for each of the content. Okay, I'm going to create two more circles. Okay, I'm pressing shift uncommon to make a perfect circle. Click and ship common. Okay. Now our Sorry. I created this in the new layer was not paying attention. Make sure that you select you layer so you don't create a new layer. Okay, Just like this will make this of its smaller. Great. Now I want to Any made their layer the whole layer. I want them from here to come here, so I'm going to put them here. Transformation position You with a cue from of the 2nd 1 Then go to the I mean the 2nd 0 Then go to the 2nd 1 on bring it here and I'm going toe disease. No, to the curves on. Okay. Perfect. Our animation is nice like this. No, we need to any mate this individual circles. So I'm going to go to each of them position transfer position. Okay. I'll give a friend too. The position for each of them. Okay. Press you to bring your key frames on the timeline. Okay. In the middle of the way. I want these two any right to come here? I just want to go here. This one here. And then copy and paste this key. Friends Copy. Control C Control, Control C Control V. We'll see. Because we want them to be in the same position. When the teacher going to disease, Mikey, firms go to the Kraft and make my animation smoother here as well. You see, this is really nice. So it's your turn to create your own stuff. Okay, let's move to the masks now all pretty rectangle to feel their screen. Just double click on it And you can create one just like this. No, this tool is making a shape. Players. I want to turn it to be mask. I want to mask my shape. How can I mask it here? You can change it between mask and the shade layer. Now we can mask our shape there, Learn to make a circle just like this from then here, just press him. It will bring you the mask These are all mask options. You can play with a pastie, you can feather your mosque and also you can had expansion. And here you can have none at which is like this. Subtract will be subtracted like this have intersected. If you have more than one mask on your layer, they will intersect with each other. So I'm going to make this again. No, actually I'm going to make it so on. Increase the fever and change the color. Now we created a vineyard effect. If I bring a video behind it, we have this now, since I bring this video here for all the layers except the shape players, these tools are always masks. For example, if I want to master this, I don't need to change anything here. It's just automatically a mask. It can mask this one just like this. And by the way, you can Any made your masks? It is good to the mess path. Great. Thank you, friend. Remove your mask. Oh, you can move individual. Okay, There's complex off things that you can do with these tools. Now let's move to some very important and basic effects that you will need for your project . When you start with that to be aftereffect, I'm going to remove this mask and you're going to give some colors toe RV. You here going to the effect. Make sure you select your layer first, and then the effects Color correction? No. There are several effects here that you're going to use you can use. Tent 10 will remove all the colors from your video, and you can play with the amount of the colors in your video. This video is already like it's a shot in row, so it doesn't have colors. We don't need tent on this video, but maybe you will need it and and your projects. And then we have no matter color. But this effect we can play with the flat video Zorro videos. I'm not going to cover everything with this effect. There are many things in it. But if I go to the color wheels, I can bring the colors back to this. Okay, just like this. And then you can the overall look. Sorry, guys. The color correction needs its own course. Actually, I'm not going to cover everything. I'm just exploring some effects for you that you may get benefit from it on the other. Think these Ah or is it levels? It is good to play with the whites and blacks in your video. Also, we have you on saturation. Rosie Saturation. Yeah, this is what you infiltration do and then we have curves. Cares is a bit similar to the levels, but with the curves you can change individual colors. For example, I'm going to play with that red. You can change all of other colors and rgb play with the blacks and ones. No, with a few effects. We have this look on. It's not what actually And then we have some other effects. I'm going to create a solid. Now we have this color of the solid. If I want to change it, are good through the effects generate on, we have failed. You can choose any color that you want. Another effect in the generate. There was a greedy in a month. This we can give ingredient rump tower. So basically combining two effects together just like this, we consume cars. Another effect is blur have all types of Blair. But the one that I use usually is guessing Blair with the guessing blur. If you have this issue, just make sure you're click on the repeated Here is fixed. Okay, I think these effects are enough. I will just cover one more, which is drop shadow and I'm going to get from here. Drop shadow this one. But first, I'll create, uh, shape layer just demonstrated. Make it one on. Remove this truck. Now, if I give it control shadow, you will see this notion on here. You can control the capacity and this time on the softness. Okay, guys, before we finish this, listen, There are two more thing that I forgot to cover it here in the timeline, which is this one. If you toggle switch like this, you will have two more options, which is a blending mood. This one is very common in all adobe programs. And you can control them with the shift on bond minus and plus on their one other thing is track month. You can do many things with the treatment. I'm not tell you. What does it do now? If you want this video to appear on Lee in the text, not everything. The Truck month. We can do that. If you just go here and just test these. The 1st 1 works world Now the video on Lee, a purse in the text. If you make it out for Evert, it will cut out the video like the place of the text will be cut out. With this option, he can do many things. I don't know, show you another example. I just made my text a bit smaller just like this. And now I tell you what I meant by the other stuff we can do with this option. With this control, I'll create shape layer just like this. Now, I want this tickets to come behind this shape layer. But I don't want this shape layer also to be visible in my timeline. So with the track matte, I can do that first, I will give a key for him to the position of the text. Okay. I want the 2nd 1 to be here on the 2nd 0 text to be here on. I always ease. Make it a smooth No. We have our text here. What do you want to get right over this one? So what you are going to do? We're going to the text. Hello, make sure it is beneath the shape layer. Go to the track, matte, if you don't have it. I just told you that you have to talk cough, sweets, and then make it fine. No, we get rid of this shape layer, and if you play it textile apparent just like this. Amazing. Okay, guys, that's for this. Listen. And in the next listen, you're going to create our first project. I would think that we learned we're going to use the most off them and create a very nice and simple project. See you there my way. 6. Practice Project 1 : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to practice what you have learned in the previous listens, and you're going to create this project. So I only used the shape players to design this clock on. You're going to go throw step by step. How I created on also how I animate. We'll start with creating a composition and a full HD and 60 forever second. Then I'll create solid for the background. I'm using this color and I will put this color coat in the class project. Okay, Praise. Okay, Sarah Bagram. I'm going to look my background so I don't accidentally select it. And then you're going to create a base of the clock. I'm going to use the shaped hole on the lips. One I'm pressing shift on common to make a perfect circle. Moving the stroke on. I'll change the color to White sari. Okay, that's great. I'll make it a bit bigger skillet just like this. And then I'll double it. Kate, this one go to it and duplicate or common D you're raising this layer for the border, so I'm going to name it border and then we will remove the film on at the stroke. That's why would be based for a body for the border that you're going to use for the minutes. Think I know what they called in English, actually, but you're going to remove the fell on at this trip, and then I'm going to the options for the usedto, but I'm going to add a bit more struck. And then I think 28 is good. Remember to the content, then a textile on go to the stroke. You're going to use The duchess recovered this already in the previous listen, So I'm going to add 12 and then put these figures. These are just for now on. You're going to tweak them to our needs. So you want this one off this lines to be on 91 in 12 on one in six. Okay. I'm just going to throw these numbers to get the results that you want. Okay? I think this is the close we can get. It's good for now. I'm going to scale this down a bit to be inside the body, get it down just like this. And now we were enabled. The roller I already have it. You can enable that here or control are are common are. And I will bring to rulers the middle. So I can, uh, like, highlight the 396 on 12. We'll make bigger alliance for them. But now I need to adjust it again because they're not in the middle. I'm going to the transform on rotation. Just this lines to be as close as possible to these lines. And then we'll get the shape too, and create bigger lines for them. You will highlight these numbers like this is good now, goodly shaped all. Make sure you select their board their line, and I will create these bigger lines for her. Like the numbers, which is 12 36 and nine. I'm in a disabling the stroke and enabling the film, I will tell you, the court to black. I think I may get a bit Reuter just like this. Okay. All right. Terry is good. I'll duplicate it. The press ault or options on the Mac Ham. Bring it down to six. This is one. Okay, I'll dedicate it again. Working nights in the right position. I'll doubly Kate. It imported on three. Put it in the right position, and then we're going to duplicate it again to put it on the three. For that, I'm going to select option or alter the Mac and move it to three. If you want to move it straight, like without moving it up on down press shift with it. Okay, that's it. I'm going to make these lines like the stroke a bit sicker. I mean, sinner 20 would be good. Okay, Now, I will make a base for the clockwise, and then we'll create our clockwise on your using the shape I'm going to use the Let's talk for that for the base. Okay. On the colors that I'm using, I'm gonna put them on the class project. So for this, the stroke is 2.7. And now I'll go to the around the rectangle and create our clockwise for the hours, and I will bring it down like this. I'm creating all the clockwise. Think on one there. Who's for the minutes? Continue the color. Okay. Like this is good. Bring it down. Okay, that's good. I'm just going to make this a bit thinner. That clockwise for the hours. OK, but more. I'm just double clicking it too Like this. Like the content. Okay, now press. Why? To bring the anchor point. You're going to move the anchor point for each clockwise in the middle because you want the transfer toe happen from here. You want to rotate them around this base? Okay. Perfect knife. He praised Luo and rotate them. They rotate around this space of the clock Weiss. Perfect. Now you're ready to any meat before we start the animation. There are some element designed that way that I want to add this lions around the clock, something to the body. All w gave the eclipse. Okay. And then I will disable the field good to the field on a stable. It and I would enable the stroke. 24 is good. Alters the car to the schoolboys, and I'll make it bigger. Yes, like this. Give annual with the stroke and at some dishes one that she's enough. I'll make it three lions and then go to the line cup on line join. Make them around just like this. Our design needs some alignment, especially this highlighted hours. I'll just make sure that they're in the right position. I want them to be inside the body, some double clicking on. Put them in the right position three as well. And then for the 12 a bit more. If you fail to click it, just go to the layer and subject content. We didn't name them. That's why I'm missing. If you name your content, don't much easier. OK, now I'm going to any made it. I'll create a no object and then connect all of our layers through it because you want the cloak to come outside of the camp. So I'm going to control them with a null object. Press people the position. Then you will have the key from you. Want to record this position at the 2nd 1 and on the 2nd 0 with the beginning of the animation, You want our club to the outside just like this. Then I'll disease the key friends to make that animation nicer. It's more there. No, if you play, it's just like this. Make sure that you have find our quality so you have the final render. Okay, now we will. Any made the clockwise? First you're going Teoh. Any made the minutes? Club boys, Where is it? Expand the options for the clockwise and then transfer mum on rotation. We won this clockwise to rotate around itself three times during the whole ah, duration over the camp, which is 10 seconds. Okay, Now we want Teoh put the like, the minutes under the hour clockwise. Just like this. It's nicer. And then we're going t o take the hours as well. The same thing. But we want our Stroh Tate one time around itself during the whole duration of the camp. Okay, you have something like this. No, no, we want to. And he made the alliance around the clock. This one. We want these lines to rotate with the minutes club boys. So I'm going to the irritation for this line. Lips still transfer rotation. Bring this key from of the beginning. Get at the end. We will make it three. So it goes with the minutes club boys just like this. Perfect. That's pretty much it. But one more thing. I want to scale this lines around the clock. I think it a bit bigger, and then you're going to add, though, show to the body to make it Probably go to the body. Then you're going to play with the cities. No softness is the thing that we're going to play with. And then opacity. I think I'll bring their prestige done. Perfect on. The last thing is motion blur. We're going to turn on motion below. So our animation will look much better if you don't see the motion blur switch. The tug ALS enabled them Ocean blue for all the layers and for the combustible. Okay, guys, I think that's pretty much it. Hope you injuried and learn something new in the next. Listen, we're going to any made a local. See you there, my life. 7. Practice Project 2: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to create this title. So for this, listen, You are going to use this PNG logo, your separate each letter, and then you will any, mate, you can do the same animation with the text and also the shape air. But I want to use this, uh, logo just to show you how to any made a logo that doesn't have a illustrator file or the PSD file. It's just PNG. So I'll show you how to any May something like this. First, I'm going to create a composition which is full HD and 60 friend per second, and I will make the duration 10 seconds. I'll bring my logo here. I think the science is okay on. Then I will turn on the safe margins just like this. Okay. First thing I will duplicate my layer on. I will look this and hide it. This is just another as a backup. Then I will duplicate this again, and now I'll start separated. Editors. You'll start with the I'll go to the shape to which is a masterful for Toby Mestel for the PNG layer. Just like this. This is A I'll enter and rename it as a good of a 2nd 1 And I will go to the are Make sure that you only select the are okay. Enter our Okay, I will do this. And we can ask you just like this. Don't interrupt anything that would give again. Well, the last second, if you're making one line, not the whole night. Okay, that would you again. Well, the mask number Perfect. No, your mask our lines. I will duplicate in. Press him. Remove this mask. No, I won't. So leg the first line. Okay. Just like this? No, no. You created through the first line of name it. Line one or just line domesticated. Move the mask to the 2nd 1 As against you have the busy airline hair. We don't want that. I'm going to convert it just like this. Okay, President again on 12. Your mask have a good one. In the last one hair, we go on the last thing that so text already moved in. Last care ongoing. Come ask this. Perfect. Now we have everything separated. Uh, the next thing I'm going to do is to move the anchor point for each of them in the middle. So I will start with this A or press y and brings anchor pointing The Madam slicked are the banker point in the middle for the the same other e and subtext. No, I will start with Alliance. First line will be here. Yes. Is this okay? Perfect. Now I'm there already for the animation. I know. You'll start with the letters Were going to any made them first. I'm going to the beginning over animation, and I will select these four letters except this one. We're going to animate this later. And, uh, press p for the position. Make a key friend for each of them on move it of the 2nd 2 on half and then I'm going to move each of them individually. The A and R will be here. The left side, The end on the e will be in the right side. So now we have something like this. It's boring, guy. No, no. Select all of the ACU firms on Easy is there. I got the curves on select all of them together on make them. It's more than so. They will come fast and slow down just like this. We're going to add the in effect than any made for all of the layers. So I'm going to select all of them. And you're going to give the gas Ambler for everything just right, Blower. And you will get this, bring the gas, Ambler, and put it in one of the letters were going to any mate for one letter. And then we're copy and paste for everything else. Uh, I'll just go here so I can see what I'm doing. So the guy similar we want at the beginning to be blurred just like this I would like a cute friend press you to bring the key friend on. We want at the beginning to be like this. That's why I will move this key frame at the beginning. And at the end, when the animation finish, we wanted to be zero just like this. I'm going Teoh just yeezys them okay Like this is good. Now I'm going. Teoh could be this effect and make sure I'm at the beginning of the timeline and I'll paste it for everything else. I was like all of them, except in press comment for control. Andi, select the end because you already have it. And now paste it. Now we have it in everything. But we forgot these three actually going to paste it on this as well. So now we have this animation on everything. Okay, Now, the next thing we're going to do is to select all of them, make them three d and then create a null object. Make the no object three D and connect all of your layers to the non object. So there isn't created this east to any made everything together just like this. So what I'm going to do is to create a key friend for the position for the no object and make sure that it has the same duration. So I moved this key friend here on of the first key frame. I will move this forward just like this. Something like this. I'll make it easy is And then now we have something like this. It's already looking very nice, but there are things that we need to any made. Yet there we have these lines. We need any made on also this subtext. Before I Annie made these lions, there is something that I want to do I don't want the e and N to come together, and I and our two come together. I want the e and ought to come and then these two to come. So what I'm going to do is to move the first key from off the A and the first key friend over the. And so now I'm selecting end press you to bring the key friend. And for the position, you're only going to change the position one. So I'm going to move this a bit, just like this on for the A. I will do the same thing. Bring the key friends by pressing you and go to the position spring gets here. Now we have this variation. It gives a really nice touch to our animation. And now we're going to any made the lines, these lines going to select all of them in the timeline. Anyone to give a scale animation. So I'm going to press s on. Come somewhere here. We want them to start from here, president stop words to make a key frame and then I'll move these key frames to somewhere around here. And then I will change the value to zero So now you have something like this, but it is not very interesting. So I'm going to select them to make them easy's. And then in the timeline, I'll make it. It's more than like this. It's still not interesting because they're all coming together. You want to move them, and I think the duration is a bit long. That's why I'm going to move the risky friends here. We want them to come a bit quicker and then I'm going to move these around in the timeline to make a valuation off the timing. They're coming. So this will be the 1st 1 and then the other will follow. For that, I'm going to move age of them then among some of these key friends as well. I want these key friends to come earlier, so I'm going to move them just like this. Perfect. I'll just like these key firms and move them to make it longer. Okay, that's really good. Perfect. We're almost there. We are only left with this one. We're going to any made this as well. So for this I'm going to select it. You want to come out when the any mission is about to stop somewhere around here. I'm just going to bring the transfer and prepared this. Where is it? On your going to any Made the capacity on the orientation. This word on this one This one wanted to come like this. The first key frame. You'll be like this and it will be zero pastie. And then we need to reach here. Zero this and the best you will be 100. I'm just going to make it easy is and I will small than in our animation like this. Terrific. Now we have something like this. Let's play it. Yeah. Now we will create a background for that. I'm going to use a soul it on change the color too yellow. You can choose any color that you but yellow and black are good together. Okay, guys, this was the last one hope you enjoyed and learned something new. I've added the project files and all other thing that you need for this course in the class project. You can find it there. Please don't forget to share your projects with me. I'm happy to review them and give you my feedback 8. Render skillshare: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this quick. Listen, I'm going to show you how to render your videos after you finish your projects for sure you want to render them. So what, you're going to dio you're going to composition and add to the render queue. When you do this, you will have this window open and you have these options what I do. If I want a video with a background, which this video has a background, I don't touch anything any of the settings. I just choose the place that I want to render. For example, I wanted to be on the disk to, and you will give any names that you want safe and surrender, or this does. This is the looseness quality. It means it's an compressed, and it's a very big file. After you're rendering from the after effects, you need to go to the Adobe premiere or any other editing program and re render it again to make it suitable for previewing in other places, like on the mobile and the Web site or anything else, because this files is so big and it's not usable in most of the places. Here's our video if we check the size, it is 185. This size is very big for this short video, and also the quality is too much like it's very big quality that even quick time is finding it hard to open it. So for that we're going to the premiere. I'm going to make uh entitled Project just for this demonstration. I'll bring my video. This is too. Bring it here. I usually create my sequence from the video, right click on it on to create a sequence from the clip. Now we have our video. What I do. I will go to the file and export, then media or control, and you will have these sittings. I'm using these sittings edge to 64 and much of the source high betrayed. These are the things that will give you the best quality and then click on here to choose where you want to render your video on this again, then export or put it in the queue for adobe in Colder, it's exported on. Here are video. It's opening without any problem. On the size, he's only three McGovern's see the size. There is 185 Okay. This is how you render a video with the Bagram. If you want it without Bagger. A transparent video. What are you going to do? For example, I'm going to remove the background from this one. It's transparent. And then I'm going to render it. But a composition at Rather que again. Now we need to change some of the sittings because if you rendered like this, the background will be black or white or whatever the Bagram that you have on your composition. So this is the color of our composition. When you create a composition as you previously no. From the course, you can say the color for your composition just like this. If you remove the transparency, it will appear. So when you're rendering it, let's go to the render queue Here. When you rendered lose list like this without changing any sittings, it will render the background as well. But we want it transpired. So we removed our solid background, which is this one, and you're coming care to the render cube click when they lose this and here we need to change some of the settings. So the only thing that you're going to change here is this RGB make it RGB so like this you will render the transparent places and also with their graphics. Let's throw in there this to distance. Okay, now our videos here and it's bean rendered perfect. We have our video hair. If I bring it in, the premier has bring it here and create a new composition. I mean, the new sequence from it. As you can see, our video is without background. Now we can put any background that we need or that you want. Okay, let's go back to the after effect. You can also render your videos as a PNG Sequence and Jay Peak sequence. These are mostly useful for for TV's. Actually, when they make locals logo, animation and stuff, they need this secret stuff and it's easy. You just go to the at render queue on here in the settings you will change in the state of quick time to for the ships it grants venue sequence. Jay Peak sequins. You have many type of sequences. You may need one of these at some point, but I don't know when you will need them so you can use them whenever you want. Okay. What If you want to render this as a one sequence PNG, for example, I want to render this as a picture. It's easy. You'll just go to the composition hair in the project panel. Right. Click on it. Create a proxy and go to still in the still. Now we've added to the air in there too. Here you will change the sitting. It's custom is footer Ship sequence. You can change it, for example, to PNG o J pic. I'll make it PN Gino. Okay, Investor Brender. Sorry, we are rendering the previous one as well. Let's stop this. Okay, lets on Leer in there. This one. Now if you go to the stop Harry of our PNG picture Okay. This all you need about render in adobe after effects. Hope you enjoyed