Basic Composition in Photography made EASY. | Lyle Radford | Skillshare

Basic Composition in Photography made EASY.

Lyle Radford, freelance photographer

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    • Composition in Photography made EASY


About This Class

How to improve your photography by simply applying a few simple compositional rules. Its easy.

This short course is designed for people just starting out in photography who just need a little help understanding how composition works and how it can improve their photography.





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Lyle Radford

freelance photographer

I have been photographing since 1969. I mainly photograph public relations type of events, I follow politicians around doing promotional images of them. I have shot approx. 450,000 assignment is the last 48 years and am still working. I spend a lot of my time now teaching photography to beginners and serious other photographers and photographing wildlife and nature in this wonderful part of Queensland, Australia.

This is the first video I have ever shot ( In nearly 50 years of photo...

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