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Basic Components | Android Material Design

Annapurna Agrawal, Developer and Trainer

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6 Videos (39m)
    • #3.1 Android Material Design: Basic Components Introduction

    • #3.2 Android Material Design: Snack Bar | Basic Components- part 1

    • #3.3 Android Material Design: Snack Bar | Basic Components - part 2

    • #3.4 Android Material Design: Floating Action Button - Part 1 | Basic Components

    • #3.5 Android Material Design | Floating Action Button - Part 2 | Basic Component

    • #3.6 Android Material Design | Coordinator Layout | Basic Components


About This Class

in this series, we will go through the basic components introduced with Android Material Design. It includes:
1. Snack Bar
2. Floating Action Button (FAB)
3.Coordinator Layout
Each of these components is explained with the examples of the popular apps that we use, with proper description and points. After the basic theory, comes the interesting part, each of them explained with the demo app. You will be taken through the implementation of these components in your android app, step wise with running demo.





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Annapurna Agrawal

Developer and Trainer

I like teaching and sharing tips and tricks. I started as a Bachelor of technology from India. Right now I am a part of a software organization Mindfire Solutions as a software engineer. I provide tutorials online in collaboration with Smartherd Developers. I start my courses with basics, explain and proceed through each topics step by step. Each topics is explained with example and codes with building demo applications parallely. With the end of my courses, you will be proficient in the resp...

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