Basic Art Skills: Lines and Elipses | Ai Akello | Skillshare

Basic Art Skills: Lines and Elipses

Ai Akello, Basic Art Skills Visual Arts Teacher

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3 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Basic Art Skills: Lines

    • Basic Art Skills: Elipses


About This Class

Hi and welcome to the Basic Art Skills Class. This class is for beginners in art who have very little to no art foundation. I have carefully created a detailed series to help students who are not confident with their drawing skills to improve slowly on their foundations skills.

Each lesson will feature a class exercise which will be the assignment, and I encourage students to share your work each time you finish it, or even if it is in the work-in-progress stage.

I believe strongly that practise makes things better, perhaps not perfect, and I hope to be able provide that help and support that beginner students need to flourish. 





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Ai Akello

Basic Art Skills Visual Arts Teacher

The Life of Ai

Ai is an artist currently based in Singapore. As a painter of illustrative works, Ai has always been fascinated with the world of folklore and faerytales, especially the illustrations accompanying books such as W. B. Yeat's works on Irish folklore and Alphonse Mucha's dreams-capes and elaborate illustrations really drew her into the realm of art and design.

Ai currently works as a freelance artist lives in Singapore. She paints, create short animations, vlogs on a...

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