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Bartending 101: Create your own fun cocktail shots

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. About this course

    • 2. Perfect gift idea

    • 3. Fireball & Baileys

    • 4. Twist on White Russian

    • 5. Buttery Nipple Shot

    • 6. Baileys & Peppermint schnapps

    • 7. Peach schnapps & Baileys

    • 8. Raspberry & Baileys

    • 9. Baileys Peaches and Cream

    • 10. About next section

    • 11. Yammy mix up combinations

    • 12. Long Island Ice Tea

    • 13. Sex on the beach

    • 14. Old fashioned

    • 15. Soar Apple Martini

    • 16. Irish Coffee

    • 17. Quick tips on talking to bartender

    • 18. Bar Etiquette

    • 19. Impress your date

    • 20. How to tip and how much

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About This Class

Bartending 101: Create your own fun cocktail shots

In this course I will team up with my sister who worked in a busy LA bar she will share with you great way to give shot ideas to your friends as stocking stuffers plus as bonus bar etiquette tips.

In this mini class we give you seven fun shot ideas to give to your friends and family this Christmas! They are perfect stocking stuffers and coworker gifts! We go over some fun easy examples and tell you how to make your own! Also in this video we describe a few drink recipes and some bar etiquette! Enjoy!

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Sergey Kasimov

Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher


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1. About this course: how everyone My name is so gate and this is Sylvia. She's my sister and she lives in Los Angeles now. She used to be about Tendo, and she's going to explain how to make I know what you're making. Stocking stuffer shots, super easy, little nips that you can tie together with festive little bow and put in all your friends stocking stuffers and be the most liked person at your Christmas party. Now this sounds really delicious, so I'm gonna turn this video the rest of it over the hole, because she is an export in how to do this. So let's get started, all right, so the first shot we're going to start off with is a mix of fireball, and Bailey's fireball is a delicious cinnamon whiskey and Bailey's It's yummy Irish cream. So each of these stocking stuffers are going to make two shots. Do half of the cinnamon whiskey half of the Baileys, and it's delicious 2. Perfect gift idea: So these are all awesome little stocking stuffers that you can put in all of your friends, um, holiday stockings and presents. They're super easy. They will probably run you between six and $8 each. So it's a nice little gift to give people and everyone loves yummy drink. So have an awesome holiday time. And I hope you are the most like person at your holiday party cause you're giving everyone boos. 3. Fireball & Baileys: So this one is the fireball and Bailey's. It's super delicious. It's creamy, it's cinnamon E. And it leaves that perfect little warm burn and your throat. That's the good kind. Um, yeah. So you're just gonna take thes two bottles, gonna wrap him up so that they're together for your stocking stuffer? First, you just going to do and not to get them together. That will Not it like that. Then you wanna put another one through to make your bow. There you go. Then you're gonna rinse and repeat for each of the shots that I'm making for you. 4. Twist on White Russian: the next shot we're gonna do is a twist on a white Russian, which is normally a drink that includes kalua vodka and cream. But since we're not using anything perishable, obviously in stocking stuffers, we're going to replace the cream with Baileys Irish cream. Um, so this shot is a white Russian, just like me and my brother, who are from Belarus, which is Russian for white Russia. All right, so for this one, we're gonna take 1/3 of each bottle. Do 1/3 kalua, 1/3 vodka, 1/3 of the Irish cream, which doesn't like to open. It's delicious. It's not too strong and, um, creamy, chocolatey, and you get the little hint of vodka. That's these three guys you can use, obviously any brand of vodka. You want Kahlua and Baileys. Cheers. 5. Buttery Nipple Shot: So this next one is going to be Bailey's and butterscotch Schnapps. This is technically called a buttery nipple shot. Super yummy. So for this one, we're gonna take Bailey's. Do you have Bailey's? We're gonna dio half butterscotch. You can use any butterscotch, um, Schnapps that you want. I happen to have the do crew pers because these were the ones that I could find. His knits. Yeah. Super yummy. Super sweet. The butterscotch just is delicious, but discussion Bailey's go together super well. Cheers. 6. Baileys & Peppermint schnapps: this next one is Bailey's and peppermint Schnapps. This is yummy. It'll taste, um, you know, kind of like a Girl Scout cookie. Normally, you would use dark crime to Cacau. Um, but I have, um, Bailey's because I could find it easily. You can get 20 pack of Bailey's and just make a 1,000,000 different shots. That's pretty much a testament to Bailey's and should be an advertisement for them, because you can pretty much mix almost anything with Baileys and make a delicious flavored shot. So this next one have Bailey's have peppermint. This is the one that's perfect for putting in your hot cocoa, Um, or your coffee that you add hot cocoa to, and it makes it into a delicious peppermint mocha. Totally yummy. 7. Peach schnapps & Baileys: Okay. Next we have peach Schnapps and Bailey's again. You could mix pretty much anything with failures, and it will be super delicious. This one. I'm gonna call peaches and cream. So De Bailey's gonna do an open one because really hard to open these Half Bailey's. That's Judy. Half Peach Sounds good. Good taste like peaches and cream. Super smooth. Super easy to drink These guys together can't get it to focus. It doesn't matter. You know what it is. It's peach Schnapps and Baileys. Here you go. Cheers. 8. Raspberry & Baileys : All right. Next combination. We're gonna do raspberry and Bailey's again. You can pretty much mix anything with Baileys and have it tastes super yummy. So we're going to dio half shot, uh, Bailey's and 1/2 shot of raspberry vodka in the bar that I used to work at. We would call this a sexual chocolate. Super yummy. Delicious. Goes down nice and easy. Get that hint of raspberry with the creaminess and chocolate Penis of the Baileys Super Yummy Cheers. 9. Baileys Peaches and Cream: all right, so the next one is gonna be peaches and cream and cream, Baileys peach vodka and whipped cream, but good that everyone seems to like so much. So we'll do 1/3 of a shot of Baileys. There have a shot of whipped cream vodka. This is like the latest craze, or at least everyone seems to be drinking it where I was working and then 1/3 of the yummy peach. That's really yummy. The peach is amazing. The whipped cream vodka cuts it a little bit to make it just a little bit sweeter, and Bailey's just tastes good with everything. Cheers. 10. About next section: All right. So for the next section, I'm just gonna tell you about how to make a few different types of drinks. I don't have the ingredients in front of me, so I'm just going to tell you what they are. And then how I judge the people who ordered these drinks. 11. Yammy mix up combinations: so a few other quick combinations with thes, um, things that you can mix together. Raspberry and whipped cream. Awesome combo. Peach and whipped cream. Delicious butterscotch, regular vodka. Always yummy. Um, peppermint. You could do with Kalua. It's like having a yummy peppermint coffee fireball. Just drink it on its own because everyone loves it. Really. Just get everyone a thing of fireball. Super popular right now, every almost fireball. 12. Long Island Ice Tea: How do you make with one shot of vodka, one shot of gin, one shot of rum, one shot of tequila, half shot of triple sec, sour mix and coke? How does days it tastes stupid, like a stupid person ordered it because it's a stupid, stupid drink. Most places use a mix instead of actually doing all the different types of vodka. When people order a Long Island iced tea, I judge them. 13. Sex on the beach: sex on the beach is a shot of vodka, 1/2 shot of peach Schnapps and then orange juice and cranberry again. Kind of a stupid drink. But a lot of people really like it. How do you judge them? I judge them at judge. All of them. Could you touch them? I think if they get that, probably a girl who doesn't want to taste her alcohol. But then we'll tell me that it doesn't taste strong enough in the guy. If you're a guy, you shouldn't get that. Just don't. 14. Old fashioned: next is an old fashioned. What you do is you take, um, slice of orange put in a rocks glass. A look. Sardo Cherry is superior to a maraschino cherry, so if you can get a look Sarto cherry. Put one of those in a cube of brown sugar and a little bit of bidders muddled that up and then put in your favorite bourbon. I like bullet or buffalo Trace bourbon. Put in two shots of that, and, um, add your ice. If your fancy, you can take an orange peel and run it along the rim of the glass to give yourself some orange essence on the rim of the glass. And people who get old fashions. Um, I judge them as classy and sophisticated. It's a good drink. 15. Soar Apple Martini: next one is a sour apple martini. You do a shot of vodka, a shot of sour apple pucker and a little bit of sour mix. Shake it up, put it in a martini glass. Um, if you're a girl, go ahead and order. That's totally fine. If you're a guy, don't be like this one guy who told me to make a sour apple martini but give it some balls . What I did is I handed him his martini and then two Cherries. 16. Irish Coffee: another one is an Irish coffee. Now this Congar 02 ways, because most people order it and they think that that is supposed to be Bailey's and Jamison and coffee. Technically, I believe in Irish. Coffee is just Jamison and coffee. Um, I think that's kind of gross. Um, so Bailey's Jamison also a nice thing. If you can find a nip of Jamison to put some Baileys again, Bailey's goes with everything. Awesome stocking stuffer. Um, get a thing of Bailey's will nip of Jamison. Put them together, put it in your friends stocking, and they will thank you. 17. Quick tips on talking to bartender: for this section. I'm just going to tell you a few quick tips about how to talk to your bartenders. So, first of all, if it's your turn, please know what you want, especially if it's a very busy bar. Um, if you need a menu, ask for it and step aside. Let someone else order while you're looking. When you get up there, be ready to order. Now in a craft cocktail bar. This isn't an issue. I'm saying in a high volume club like setting. Otherwise, if you go, uh, I'm gonna go to the next person. 18. Bar Etiquette : Now, the next thing is, please don't go up to your bartender and say I want a beer or make me something fruity. Um, unless your bartender is not busy at all, then they can sit with you and, you know, plan out a drink menu for you based on your likes and dislikes. However, if the bar is busy, please have an idea of what you'd like and just order it. If you come up to me and say I want a beer, I'm gonna ask you which one? Not just go get you a generic beer? It's not a movie. 19. Impress your date: how to impress your date. Well, I know what you're ordering. Order quickly and tip. Well, your date will think you're very suave. And your bartender will be very nice to you. If you want to get a drink, that looks pretty cool. In front of your date, I would recommend getting an old fashioned. But you do have to like the taste of Berman in order to get one, because it pretty much just tastes like bourbon. That's the overwhelming flavour of it. Otherwise, you know, just get a beer, a straight liquor, a jack and coke. Um, I don't recommend getting something like a sex on the beach. A long island. Usually most, um, you know, middle to low end bars are gonna have a mix for your Long Island, and you don't want that. Um, so unless you're going to really nice place that you know, they're going to make you like a top shelf Long Island, that'll be delicious. But otherwise, it's just a mix sour mix and coke not worth your money. 20. How to tip and how much: next one is how to tip. Um, if you're just getting a single beer or a single drink like a vodka soda. Totally fine. To just tip a dollar per trick, you're getting something a little bit more complicated. Like a 12 $15 craft cocktail that, you know, the bartender has to muddle. And all of that a little more customary to tip 20% couple bucks. If you start a tab at the bar, please tip 20% on the total of the tab.