Barriers & Breakthroughs Of Real Estate Wholesaling | Ben Clardy | Skillshare

Barriers & Breakthroughs Of Real Estate Wholesaling

Ben Clardy, Real Estate Coach

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19 Videos (1h 34m)
    • Welcome

    • It's (Mostly) Monopoly Money

    • Getting Money To Double Close

    • Other Options For Earnest Money

    • No Money For Marketing Expenses

    • Handling Distant Tasks - Remotely

    • Handling Closing Paperwork - Remotely

    • Your Rockstar Closing Attorney

    • Get Your Wholesaling Contracts

    • Tracking Offers & Leads

    • What If I Get Sued?

    • Low Offers Are Insulting!

    • Risking Your Marketing Dollars

    • To Assign OR Double-Close?

    • Get More Incoming Leads

    • Don't Have Enough Time?

    • Not Good At Negotiating?

    • Offers Not Getting Accepted?

    • The Biggest Barrier = YOU


About This Class

This course is for anyone who is struggling to reach the next level in their Real Estate wholesaling business.

Over the last decade I've had the privilege to coach an increasing number of students. During this time, I've recognized a distinct trend...

While each student's struggle is unique, there are common barriers that tend to hold back a very large number of people. Depending on the student, these challenges can limit, or even STOP, the progress the student can make toward their goals.

This course Breaks Down The Barriers that can be devastating to a Real Estate investors progress and growth.




I find that most people are usually just a step or 2 away from unlocking true success - but they are often held back by something... often some kind of self-created barrier. It's time to break down the barriers. It's time to reach the next level.

What's your biggest barrier? For me, I was ABSOLUTELY PARALYZED by the fear of being sued. This irrational fear held me back from making any worthwhile progress for a period of over 9 months early on in my career. Nobody is immune to fear, struggles, and challenges in Real Estate - but these problems must be addressed before you can move forward with confidence.

Don't be held back any longer.




The course material is delivered to you via a series of high quality, easy-to-implement videos. It's just me talking to you exactly like I would be if we were in a 1-on-1 mentoring session.

Whether your barriers to success are concerning money, contracts, people, resources, or just plain old fear - you and I will get to the bottom of the issue.

Break Through Your Barriers...

Get started today!





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Ben Clardy

Real Estate Coach

My name is Ben Clardy.

I'm a Real Estate Entrepreneur, but I'm a teacher at heart.

I create HIGH-QUALITY / LOW-COST Real Estate courses for my students.

I've made MANY of mistakes in my investing career. One of them that I will always remember is the day that I wrote a $25,000 check to a "Real Estate Guru" that promised to teach me everything I needed to know to succeed in Real Estate. That was a BIG mistake.

I lost an i...

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