Barrel Vaults Isometrics (Architectural Construction Systems) | Michael Neatu | Skillshare

Barrel Vaults Isometrics (Architectural Construction Systems)

Michael Neatu, I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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11 Videos (23m)
    • Barrel Vaults Line Drawing

    • Bottom Up Quarter Out Variants

    • Bottom Up Quarter Out

    • Bottom Up Slice Out Variants

    • Bottom Up Slice Out

    • Bottom Up View

    • Top Down Quarter Out Variants

    • Top Down Quarter Out

    • Top Down Slice Out Variants

    • Top Down Slice Out

    • Top Down View


About This Class

Did you ever look at a building and wondered about the construction logic behind it?

Did you ever try to draw or design a wooden structure and by some weird coincidence the end result looked ‘a bit off’, like something was missing?

Did you ever attempt to draw and de sign a metal structure and surprise surprise, the end result looked like something was wrong?

Good! All these three things are related to the construction systems behind each of the designs and in fairness this is a whole different part of architectural drawing than you focused on learning until now.

How you will change:
Understand the logic of each construction system and how to succesfully draw it in a realistic design context
Different graphics styles for each construction system - how to make your drawings be accurate and logical from a construction systems point of view and how to get them to have stunning graphics as well
How to think in terms of simple architectural construction systems - how and why to apply each system in a specific context.

To sum it up, what you will get with this course:

  • Full lifetime access to all the trainings and all future updates.
  • Over 20 hours of HD-quality video content.
  • 90 videos teaching you 9 essential lessons to learn architectural constructed perspective.
  • 18 video crits that show you how your work should look like.
  • 9 printer-ready PDFs.
  • 3 BONUS lessons from other of my architectural drawing trainings.

100% satisfaction guarantee, 30-day refund to back everything up
As always, I want each course you get from me to fill up a gap in your skillset... and not only that but take you to the talent level.

Makes sense? There is no think cooler than taking something that was more or less your weakness and transforming it into one of your talents.

This course is ‘Advanced’-level, be sure to already have a decent understanding of architectural drawing or to have at least purchased and gone through the Architectural Drawing 101 course at least halfway.

You will have a hard time understanding the intricacies of the metal structure and the wood structures in particular - but there is no other way to get these and really understand them than drawing them.

You can be a cad monkey and have some BIM software design them for you... but where is the fun in that?
Click on the add to cart button and I will see you on the other side.






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Michael Neatu

I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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Well, I am just a normal guy, but the thing is several years ago I have made a decision to absolutely master architecture drawing and design.


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