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Barcelona Ring - create a beautiful pearl ring

teacher avatar Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Barcelona Ring - create a beautiful pearl ring

    • 2. Barcelona Ring - materials

    • 3. Barcelona Ring - equipment

    • 4. Barcelona Ring - soldering equipment

    • 5. Barcelona Ring - texturing

    • 6. Barcelona Ring - sawing, filing and sanding

    • 7. Barcelona Ring - shaping the oval

    • 8. Barcelona Ring - preparing for soldering

    • 9. Barcelona Ring - preparing for the post

    • 10. Barcelona Ring - soldering the post

    • 11. Barcelona Ring - finishing the post

    • 12. Barcelona Ring - soldering the setting

    • 13. Barcelona Ring - setting the pearl

    • 14. Barcelona Ring - final thoughts

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About This Class

The Barcelona Ring class continues with the Intermediate Silversmithing series, taking all the techniques you have learnt in Silversmithing for Beginners and adding a challenge to help you advance your skills!

Intermediate Silversmithing will include stone setting, forging, mixed metals and much more, and in this class the focus is on setting a half-drilled pearl securely on a ring. The class also covers some new hints for texturing with a rolling mill, and I'll be there to help you every step of the way.


The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document. I have kept the equipment needed to a minimum, and all the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects. The second downloadable class document available is a chart listing ring sizes.

The Sea Waves Ring was designed as part of the Ring A Month 2019 challenge. February's prompt was Music - and as I love Queen and Freddie Mercury's music "Barcelona" fitted the theme for me perfectly! For more about the challenge visit

If you haven't already done so, I recommend watching the Simple Hammered Rings class before taking this class as the Barcelona Ring class assumes that you already know how to make a simple ring band:

In addition, if you need a little extra help to make sure that you have set up your rolling mill correctly the class below will help you:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer


I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and have been passing these wonderful (and addctive!) skills on through my classes for nearly 20 years. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

My studio is in Southampton, on the South Coast of the UK. I design and make jewellery for galleries across the UK, teach regular and popular jewellery design workshops, and also offer private tuition. My jewellery design projects have been published in both UK and US magazines and books.

Visit my Etsy shop, Jewellers Bench Shop, for jewellery ma... See full profile

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1. Barcelona Ring - create a beautiful pearl ring: Hello, My name's Joe Antony. I'm a joy designer and tutor from the South Coast UK on Welcome to the Boss of the Rings House. We're continuing with serious off intermediate service methane classes and also continuing with the theme Off rings. Rings are quite quick. Projects to make Andre project could be adopted is so meaningful ways to suit your own personal tastes. This Barcelona rings project will teach you one method for setting 1/2 field power on top off a ring. The panel is set onto a curved oval of silver textured with a motif from one of my own designs or Texas sheets about if inspired by my trip to beautiful City of Barcelona last year. Of course, you could use a different method for texture in your silver, or maybe leave it playing it all a master at it. You don't have to use an oval, maybe a flower of silver with sexual tastes better. This class assumes that you really know how to make a simple ring band on that snow covered here. Don't worry, though, if that's a new skill for you, because I got a class for that as well on our share a link to a simple, hammered rings cast in the details for this class. So let's get on on. Look at the equipment on the material you're going to need to make Barcelona. 2. Barcelona Ring - materials: as you would expect, form a ring project. You don't actually need that much in the way of materials to make this lovely half drilled Pearl project. I've already made the ring. Andi. I used to millimeter study silver around wire using the instructions in a simple hammer green class. The soldiers join has been filed smooth and it's being sanded, so it just needs a little bit more preparation before I can actually set the Po on top of it. I was a small piece of sterling silver sheet. Andi, this piece is no 0.7 millimeters thick and it measures about two centimeters by 2.5 centimeters. This is big enough for my rolled design. Remember the time decorating the piece of silver with a pattern that is being in Boston to it using my rolling mill. So the piece of silver for me needs to be this size. However, remember, you can use any design you like to set the half shell. PERL on this project is refocusing on how to set the half your pearl on during like this, rather than in particular what it is being set on too, so you can choose to. I saw a different shape design out of something. So a sheet Andi, maybe texture it with hammers or with texture punches. It's up to you. The Powell is going to be set on a short links of no 0.8 millimeters. Sewing silver around wire on this piece is about four centimeters long is left over from another project. In fact, the pieces saying so for sheet onto the piece of wire used to make the ring that you can see here. We'll also left over from other projects. On the focus of this project is this beautiful peacock pearl peacock grape hurl. It's a button shape, which means it's a bit of a squashed around, but for rings I actually prefer this shape because the pearl is still a beautiful feature. But it sits slightly lower on the design, which means that it's following us likely to get caught and get damaged. Because, remember, pearls are something that you do need to look after carefully. This pearl is approximately six millimeters in diameter, but of course, you can use whatever color I'm whatever size Andi, whatever shape of half job pearl that you like or even substitute half your pell for half jobs, semi precious stone 3. Barcelona Ring - equipment: Chantal's I'm going to need to make the Barcelona ring. The ring itself was made using the instructions that I've put together in the simple, hammered Rings class. So all of the equipment you need to make the ring band itself can be seen in that, some of them some of those tools I've also used in the next section as well. So these tools focus on at the top section of the ring, the textured oval on the Half Jude Pearl that set on top of that, I'm going to texture the oval that the pounds sitting on with one of my texture sheets on this sheet is one off a new range that just has motifs from it just has simple motives taken from the pattern so you can use them as I'm doing in this project as a simple stand alone pattern, just one motif to text in the middle of have earrings or in the middle of dependent, or, in this case, in the middle of the top section of a ring. I'm using the middle of the three sizes he can see here, motifs that measure approximately 1.6 by 1.3. I was a nice, sharp pair of scissors to cut the motifs that I need out from the sheet. If you want to cut the bits out, rather, send the whole sheet through two piece of silver on. I'm also going to use a pencil to help mark the peace. The card. How we make sure it's I've got the silver lined up properly before I send it through the rolling. Well, once the service being textured, I'm going to use the green template sheet on the Sharpie. Happy mark out the oval that I want to soar the silver into are going to use a jewel sore to sort of shape out the bench. Paige to support Silver one. Some soaring it on the April underneath will catch the silver dust because, remember, nothing really goes to waste. It will get swept into my scrap pot to be recycled at a later date. I've got 1/2 round file. I could showed in quite a few different shapes of files and had more than one file here. If you've got a flat file or needle files, you could use those for some of sections this project. But I thought if I just stick to one on day. How found six Inch cut to that's a medium cut file is a good all rounder. I'm going to use that to do several different jobs, including tidying up the edges of the oval and preparing the oval on the ring, ready for soldering. I do a little bit of sanding of the edges of the oval as well to make sure that they're nice and smooth. So I've got four different grades of Emery paper here. For that, I start off with a 240 grits there, moved 500 then 1200 at a 2000 great. You always worked with the lowest number, which is the coarsest up to the highest number, which is the smoothest, the finest emery paper. I'm shaping the oval slightly. Before I sold it on top of the ring, I'm going to use the dumbing block still doing block. You can see here to help me do that. I'm not going to be using steel punches, though, because they would, in combination with a steel block, damage the texture that I'll have rolled into the silver. The wooden punches are going to do the job justice nicely and be a bit more gentle on the silver. That there's a cushion that the domain block is sitting on will help support the dome of lacrosse on working albums. Use it to support from other tools as well as I go through the project. A roller is always useful to help me make sure that I've got the dimensions off my silver. Correct, of course, a pair of nylons, your players to help me shape my silver without leaving marks on it on Duthie pair of wire cutters air going to be used to help prepare the post that the half your per will be sitting on a little piece of kits that you can see here are a double syringe containing a poxy glue and a hardener that I'm going to use to set the half George Pell in place. And I've also got a little twist off scrap binding. Why that I'm going to use to help me mix up the glue. There were two other piece tickets that were too big to show in this shot, so that shows in to you now. First of all, I've got to my lovely dust and rolling mill office. He going to use that? You probably guessed already for what been saying then to use that to put the texture into the silver that decorate the top of the ring. Andi, I'm also going to use my bench press drill on a no 0.8 millimeter Drillbit to drill a support into the oval that the half your poll will be set onto if you every several stages of soldering in this project. So that's also have a look at soldering equipment that we're going to need to make a ring, Yeah. 4. Barcelona Ring - soldering equipment: thing is the soldier equipment that I use for all of my small projects, such as earrings and sore pendants, everything sitting on a couple of slate tiles, a heatproof surface to help protect my desk on my work sits on a couple of soldering bricks or soldering blocks, while some heating it up. One of these soldering bricks is made of a softer material than the others. Because it's softer, it's picked up some dips and some cracks in it. It's being used over the years, and these could be very useful for supporting work that isn't completely flat. The charcoal block is there because I melt small piece of scrap on top of that on Do they form? Nice of my balls has, I mean used to decorate my projects when I need to pick up my work or to support it whilst I'm soldering? I used reverse action tweezers that you can see here, and I've also got a pair on a stand through 1/3 hand, and it's there when I need 12 on extra hands to help me out. The blue handled stick is a soldier pick on and that I used to push soldier move it about to make sure it it's exactly where I want it to be. Soldier usually comes in strips or sticks. Andi, I've got three different melting temperatures here that I use in combination for different projects. The soldier gets cut into small pieces or Palin's you ting. The red handles snips as I keep those little pieces in the labeled boxes that you can see do. Make sure that you label your boxes because once a soldier is cut up, you won't be hard to tell which is which. Melting temperature. My curl over the ends off the sticks of solder start. I can't tell which melting temperature they are. The more cold over they are, they're higher. The mountain temperature, bright yellow liquid is a flux. Solder won't actually flow out through the joining unless you use of flux with it. Andi The paintbrushes. What? I used to apply the flux to the joints in my work, so he was also available in a paste form, its ground up soldier that's already mixed with a flux, so you don't need a separate flux. In fact, if you were toe adds the yellow Fluxus, I've shown you it would stop this solder paste from working properly. It's most commonly available in syringes with small tips that she can see here. You can also bite in tubs and pots, just like with the traditional sticks or strips of soldier, so the pace is available in three different melting temperatures. Easy, medium and hard. I've just got easy and medium here. The easy is the one that's 268 degrees. Sent rate for amount in 10 pressure. The medium is 732 re century. As you can tell, the easy soldier paste is a favorite newer than the medium soldier paste. When you have a new syringe, it's best to pull back on the plunger after you finished using it. Otherwise, the soldier pace going to continue to snake out of the tip a little bit, and you don't want to waste it because this is actually the most expensive way of buying soldier. I like to use the solder paste on projects like chains on door, so hollow beads sometimes might use it on sucking rings if I'm in a bit of a hurry, because one of the advantages sort of place is that the soldier usually stays exactly where you want it to be. Unlike the sort of Italians that can jump off as you start to heat the metal up. Small projects like hearings only need a small blowtorch, and I've got two different makes of those here. Both of them are easy to refill with the gas that comes in aerosol cans since the same type of gas butane gas that you use to refill cigarette lighter at the back of a picture, you can see a slow cooker that Scots a very mild acid solution go to safety pickle in it. When you heat silver up, the surface becomes not darker and dirtier looking that some of the capo in the study silver reacting with the heat and auction flame to four cause copper oxides on the safety pickle cleans that copper oxides up. Before you put your work in the safety pickle, it needs to be cooled down or quenched in a pot of water. Andi, you need to put your work in and out of the safety pickle with brass or plastic tweezers, not the stainless steel ones that I showed you before and thus, but definitely not least our have safety glasses. You've only got one pair of eyes look after 5. Barcelona Ring - texturing: you can see, I've cut to motifs from the texture sheet. On day, I'm going to use one of them to texture the top of the ring, the oval that the pearl will actually be set on. But of course, you protect that with hammers or stamps. Instead, I just like you see my morning meal. I've made sure that I've left enough space around the shapes to cover all of the silver so that it's or textured nicely. The cart around the motif also gives us over a subtle texture. I don't want that to differential quickly halfway across the oval. It should be able to see that I've got some pencil lines around one motif. Douglases example. I'm going to do the same now to the second on and explain why, of course, once I've put the silver on top of the motif on, got it ready to send to the rolling mill, I'm not going to be able to see the motif underneath. All I want to make sure want to know that the motif is more or less in the middle off the silver that I haven't got any part of it too close to the H of silver, as if it was to close. That would make the next step cutting the overall out a little bit more difficult. So by drawing these lines, as I'm doing now, across all four sides of the motif, I can see the limits that the motif goes up choking. See the the widest point, and I can see the longest point as well, so that I can see the area that my silver must cover. So let's go over to the rolling mill on. Do you got to see a little bit more clearly? What I mean, right? Here's my lovely, destined rolling mill on. I'm going to put the piece of silver sheet on top of that motif with the pencil lines. Opposition silver carefully, so it has gone past all four lines evenly. I can still see you as one of the corners of the lines. I'm using us to guide to make sure it's covered nicely. I really set up my Rowley mill to correct gauge, So what I need to do now is wrong with a silver card through and there we go. The pattern is transferred to the silver beautifully. One of the many reasons why I love my rolling mill setting the robbery. Milton, the best gauge, took a little bit of experimentation on in case. That's a skill you're still mastering. I'll link in the class description house details, some other video classes that might help you to perfect that. So now that my silver is textured, I need to soar that over out. 6. Barcelona Ring - sawing, filing and sanding: now I've got my lovely rolled in Boston pattern. Pleased with that, Andi, Because each shape is basically over. I'm going to use on over template to draw an outline around here quite close to the design . Um, because it wanted to be that much bigger than design itself on been sort out. But at the moment is cost a little bit of a bend to it. Um, purely because, sir, the pressure pushing it by the rollers. So when he's a pair of known on your pliers and just by simply score shut down a bit, I know that I'm going to be shaping silver after I've cut it out. It's certainly a lot easier to cast out when it's, um, a bit flatter. So that's flat enough on. And what template I'm going to use here, Uh, this use force we go. This is a set of templates that is lots of different gemstone shapes to help you draw out designs for customers. But the shapes when there are doubly for other things as well, so I could use the largest oval, which just it's just a fraction Weida in the shape under a little bit longer than the shape . So what I will actually do if I Yes, he's a sharp Peter draw around here that would check up but its central essentials. I could possibly make it. So what's going to use a Sharpie to draw outlined there? Um, I'm actually going to saw on the outside of the line and not the insight. I think right? It's on the actually on the line on the inside. It would be too close to that in Boss Patents oversaw on the outside and then, if necessary, used the file to meet in the shape afterwards. So if you seeing by the classes involved story your CB familiar, here's some of what I'm going to say now something have my work supported on my wooden bench Peck on Die cut slot into my bench picks so that I can get the blade running up and down. But I can see still have. I don't blade access to the work that still have the work supported as much as possible on the wood. I'm going to try and keep the blade facing the same way. Might wiggle from side to side a little bit, but it's more it's gonna be a point in the same way and feeding silver onto it rather than actually turning it around and see the top of it there, turning it around too far feet of silver on Twitter as well that Wade is the best way to get clean. Cut other things to point out to you other than what is going to be a handout attached the class. They give you hints and tips on how to improve your soaring technique. I like to keep the blade neat, but it's important to keep the blazers upright as possible because it helps you to turn the corners as smoothly and neatly is possible. If you have the blade at an angle, it's actually a couple top before it cuts the bottom. Even though it's only a small piece of, she has very thin piece of sheet. It still makes a difference on because you're further ahead at the top when you're at the bottom, is more difficult to turn corners or even turn curves neatly. That's the most important thing to remember, though, is select the Plage do the job for you. Try and relax into it. Don't put extra pressure on the blade. Your job is just a guy. The blade up and down and concentrate on feeding silver onto it and following up. Lying speech is no one who was important. His accuracy speed will come, but you need to make work on your accuracy first. So let's get started with this. Thank you. So that's the shape cut out. See, my good to see you get quite close to the the passion There, which I was expecting, but more room at the edges. So I might, with the far file it so that it's license smooth all the way around. No obvious bumps, using my fingers to feel it's and feel the smoothness of the curve. Um, as much as you see my eyes. But once I've done that might bring that curve a little bit in a bit. Make it a little bit about a shorter over what I see what it's like. So with these bits away, you can use a six inch or a needle file for this job completely up to you. I'm just sticking to the, uh, using the flat side of the half around six inch file that I'm going to use. Why use earlier to tidy up the soul joined the ring. I'm going to be using in a later section of the class to get a little bit more preparation . Donald the ring before I solder the setting down on top of it. So we'll use this one to tie up here. But I didn't have to have so many tools out. So you're going to do just sweet across following the shape. It's always a little bit more work to do at the point at which your blades joins the shape . Okay, okay, sweeping Andi. Someone looking for that's That's the best side to show you is that, um, make sure that seem That's the best focus I can get, says I moved around in the lights. You should see that section is dollar that sections more shiny. So what shiny? That's where the file has been working on it. But where it's a dollar appearance, that's still the texture left from the saw blade. So what? I want to first what was Just get it all nice Onda Swedish on you like that? Oh, - right . So that is all shiny around the edge on and it certainly feels nice and smooth my fingers as well. Because I have noticed, despite my best efforts to be licensed central with the, uh, template, you can see that I did put the template closer to that side, that end of the texture on this side. So what I'm going to do is just use the file just to bring that in a little bit shrank in the oval shape somebody should have been finding here as well. But I'm just going to mark with my Sharpie Just how close I want to come in. I like to do that. So cute. Be something to aim for. So I don't go past that mark. And also this I can see that I am making progress as I'm finding so just focusing on this. And now you see, it's coming in closer already. If I filing it with further down sites and just up here, it's still keeping the oval oval shape. No, no. Yeah. - Okay . Does he have feeling you're just making sure Put any bumps in the curva tool on you never going to get this shape. Absolutely. Perfectly symmetrical. Andi, you were never going to be absolutely, perfectly going to get the in Boston shape in the center, and that is because the human we're not machines. But as far as I'm concerned, that is part of the charm of handcraft jewelry on and or so I think by the time I've finished, the only person who might notice that something isn't absolutely perfectly symmetrical, you may so happy with that. I'm now going to do these use of three grades of emery paper just to smooth the edges. Get rid of any birds there on the edges of they'll be very careful not to take the emery paper actually onto the in Boston pattern itself. I've got 240 500. 1200. By the way, the chip for you when you cut small pieces of emery paper off the biggest sheet, you might cut off a piece. It doesn't actually have the printed number off it. Keep a pen or pencil in the same box. You keep your emery paper saying fold or having you store it so that you always remember to write the number on the back so you don't end up with a few bits of emery paper and you can't remember what critics I'm just working my way around just turning over certain fun. I'm finding some sending on that, um, corner edged as well. There weren't that many marks left by the fire tool, but this is or so. That's why I was removing what a few marks that are. It's just making everything feel so much smoother. I do have one other great of Emery paper, others I always keep on my desk, and that's the 2000 grit. But for a job like this, I find that the 1200 is enough. Um, 2000. Um, doesn't actually do much else to the edge. That $1200. Okay, so that is now sought out, filed beautifully. Shapes the edges beach we finished. The next things I need to do is it will actually shape the peace 7. Barcelona Ring - shaping the oval: I'm going to give the oval a slight curve. Using my steel dumbing block on a wooden dome in punch, I'm going to hit the punch with my old hammers I reserved just for this type of job. The reason first, once I'm using a wooden punch and not steal ones that came with this stone blocks set is such the actions, the steel and then the cell phone. They're still behind it as well would actually hammer out that lovely in Boston textures I've got there and I really don't want that to happen. Want to keep it? So the softer action off the wood? It will be far better now. This obviously is not going to become completely cups as a circle would, because the shape of circular rather than over I'm going to give the oval a slight curve. Using my steel dumbing block, Andi, a wooden dome in punch. I'm going to hit the punch with my old hammers I reserved just for this type of job. The reason first, once I'm using a wooden punch and not steal ones that came with this stone blocks set is such the actions, the steel and then the cell phone there's still behind us as well. Would actually hammer out that lovely in Boston textures I've got there and I really don't want that to happen. Want to keep it? So the softer action off the wood? It will be far better now. This obviously is not going to become completely cups as a circle would because the shape of circular rather than oval. But it's still going to give the oval a lovely curve. Andi, that's going to do two jobs. First of all, it's going to help. Too shaped Pete. Give this ship. Isa is a bit more life, a little bit more interest. I see three jobs. Just remember the 3rd 1 The ones I've just remembered is that the curve will allow this as it's sitting on top of the ring to more easily sit on top of other rings as well, so that if you wanted to wear this ring with others his pants with sucking set, the others would more easily slip underneath the edge of this if it was curved up thin. If it was a flat on the 3rd 1 is that the curve of the shape will cup around the pearl a little bit. Andi will then protect the pearl just a little bit. But every little bit of protection that you can give something like a pearl is so important , especially when it's honoring, because pals are more delicate, obvious, even say something like a garnet. When am a fist? Um, Andi so said a little bit of protection you get from is good now, although, um, I think this dish is going to be too big to produce the curve, that I actually want to start off with this dish before moving on to maybe up smaller one there need a clean. You go soon clean that, um, won't hinder what I'm doing to it now. But he's been cleaned. So does start off with this one purely because you don't you never want Teoh shape or doma piece of silver too quickly. You want to do a little bit of time in the same way that when you're using a Rowley mill to reduce the thickness of a piece of sheet, you just a little bit of time on and take the fitness down. If you try and shape it in the domain block too quickly, then the shaping is less likely to be. Even so, you start off with this, have a look at it and then work my way down into smaller dishes to do more pronounced curve . If I think the design looks nice on that, so put to sea design my sense. Central in the bottom. I'm going to hold the domain punch domain punch license essentially above design as well. You can see just that little bit. It does make a difference that readers help, too, to bring it to life. But I do want more what? You're over curve than that. Um, it's take it into Maybe that one there he's clean. It's not going to affect that. The back of that is a bit of a stain on it. That's not done too much. Morris made much of a difference to it, so let's look for next one down she's going to be. They don't have to go through each side dish. In turn, Uh, in fact, I'm not going to escape from. You'll find a sense the peace get shaped, it becomes easier to get it to sit in the middle of the dish. I quite like the shape of that. And if I put half your pearl in the middle, I said, That looks really effective. That's lovely. So I'm going to leave the shaping like that. Next thing I need to do is start preparing both this oval and the rings. They could be soldered together. 8. Barcelona Ring - preparing for soldering: before I can solder the ring on and the oval together a couple things and use they often need to put in the post for setting the half your pearl on top off ignoring that for the moment. Um, I actually indeed to do a little bit of filing, because the moment if I should, so the mess they all I'll be soldering something rounded. What up? Something else surrounded. Andi. There's actually be a teatime, minimal soldier join between the two on board. It wouldn't be not out the way. It wouldn't be the strongest social A tool. So I need to file a flat area on the bottom off. This'll oval on Denita Far file a flat area across the top of the ring as well. They've done in two different ways, but I'm going to show you both of them in this section, the class. So to do the oval, I'm going to be filing it on the flat side off my half round, six inch file. I've got that sitting on that The cushion just could. It helps to keep it nice a level you could use a flat, six inch file instead. But as some trying to keep the amount of equipment I'm eating to a minimum. I'm going to stick with this once a pizza for the jobs, as you saw in the last section. I'm actually going to need to file this twice. And although it is going to seem as if I'm doing the same job twice, there is a reason for it's usually I high avoid trying to do the same job twice, But I've actually found that by finding this flat now on, then I'm going to drill a hole into the middle in certain soldier in place, the post that the half your pose going to sit on Andi, I'm going to then tidy up the back again. I have found with designed like this that if I keep it rounded and think, Well, I'll just file a flat area there on file to remove the sticking out bit of the post at the same time I found that I haven't actually had the best results on the post hasn't necessarily being how well, most of time hasn't bean soldered in place a security as I'd like it to be, because what I've ended up doing is filing so much of the soldiers join that's going to be in the back of the oval here that I've actually weakened the join. So I found much better results by filing a flat area, drilling, inserting a soldering in place the post and then tidying it up against. So you're going to be seen me finally finding on the back of this twice. But the actions Morris the same each time so I'm going to do is draw the over back towards the handle. Remember the file on your works? If this file and the silver are going past it in that direction relative to each other, so the silver is going close, the handle doesn't matter. Would you move the file to do that or the silver? To do that? It's the same action. So by that, allowing this to rest in place cups, stopping over for spinning round here, hold it from the sides. E like that. It's not necessary to smooth this action. Start with because you've got to get past the the very rounded section, but you can see starting to file a flash. There's a white perfectly in the middle. That's better. So going to think It's not as easy to hold us around it section site. I'm going to do a little bit. Farming is well going like that's better. Find after it would be easier sometimes with a different shape. You have to try find different ways of holding it. But she using my fingers as a bit of a guide here, helping to keep the file in the same place with the stroke. So that's person is he didn't take very long, but it's a nice flat area on the back there. Hi, Move this. After way it's actually see already is helping that to sit a lot better off flatter. Don't work desk. So next thing I need to do is prepare the ring. I'm going to need to bench paid to do that. Support the work. I'm doing that. So I just moved the camera quickly. First, as I said, I'm going to need to support the ring on the bench. Paige, I do this job, um on and what I haven't mentioned so far is that the ringlets rather dirty at the moment. That's because I had filed a sanded assoc joined so well that I could no longer see or feel where it waas, but because I like to put the soldier joined directly underneath setting. If indeed I put a setting on a ring, I need to find it again. So what I did was heat up the rain just a little bit until smoke civilization appeared. Andi, mostly oxidation, is around soldier joint. That's where being filed and sanded. But the soldier itself reacts differently to the flame because there's no cooperate. So now I can see where. So join us. She won't ups don't desperately need Teoh put its and pickle to clean it up before I sold the two together because sold Remember going to flow on the join between the two Unless I'm going to be filing there, that's going to make it nice and clean again so I could actually get away without pickiness again. But I am going to do just best practice. I am going to have quite a bit of optimization that I am going Teoh, clean it up again before I sold it to together. Now what I'm going to do is file an area that is about the wits of the file down on the back of the oval. So holding ring across the over like SOS placing it across that. So the join is in the middle of that filed area, and I'm just going to use a Sharpie to mark the area there. So that is between the Sharpie marks is the area that I want to file skin chew. Sometimes I need to turn the ring over when I'm doing this. So just transferring the mark over to the other side as well. Just think I saw needs to turn the driver. So then keep the ring supported on the woods. What? I'm pretty such. I don't have just the edge hanging off the side so I can access it with fire without actually filing my would as well. Andi, I got six quite carefully lined up so that this, um area here, but that she want to file is me. Go across like that. It's going because it right angles. It's perpendicular to the bench, Paige. So that when I hold my file my trusty six inch, half 5/2 round fired again Hold that parallel to the edge off the bench peg and file cross fighting at my changle. This won't take many file strokes before you see the difference I see different already is it's catching the light that is actually all it needs. And now it's sitting, are not flutter against each other. Is a lot going to be a lot more secure, much stronger soldier joining so that doesn't need anything else doing to a department cleaning it up before I solder. However, I've got a couple of jobs that I still need to do that oval so that I can sit toothy. Half killed Pearl on top of it. 9. Barcelona Ring - preparing for the post: I'm going to use my left, The eventual to soldier, the hole in the middle here on day I really marked where I hope to be. Get this tiny black doctors show up on the shiny silver. It was actually very easy to mark. The middle of this is not always easy to mark the middle things, but because design what this is, I'm he showed vertically by the middle wall. So it's a little black dots with Sharpie. There we go, showing where I want to drill andan venture, Use the bench drill I've got a not 0.8 million miniature Drillbit in there. Remember the wire that so I'm going to be using for post is no 0.8 millimeters in diameter because the hole in the back off the power There we go is about no 0.8 millimeters. So what? Everything to be a really nice snug fit. So it it's the strongest souls join and also so that it's the strongest setting for the half field poll. So going to be drilling supporting my work on this rather beaten up Peter would I've actually found an area where the center be sitting nicely before I actually start to drill . Just make sure that everything is lined up. Nice thing. Of course. What you can't see is that I am wearing safety glasses. I'm doing this just on the off chance of tiny piece of silver flight off. So that's all lined up my psych. So where Charlie drill on and it felt a bit noisy. Lower this again to drill through as I'm present. Handle the side here. Can't she see? But you can certainly see the actions you're going up and down. Um, I'm not there. Be using that handle to punch a hole. It's to guide the drill bit, aunt to allow it to eat its way through the silver. So if that against a critter that we get a better view, they didn't have my fingers hiding all the silver from your G. Okay, simple is that Andi? My next job is two feet. So what in what's actually going on in more easily than I thought it would. Sometimes it takes a fair bit of effort to, um, threat the no 0.8 millimeter wife of no 0.8 millimeter hole. But that's gone through nicely. But one of the reasons it did. So it is a though I'm using a piece of scrap wire. I've made certain to choose one that doesn't have any kinks or Ben's or imperfections in it , because if it did, that would prevent it from going through the hole. So what I need to do now is sort of this post in place. 10. Barcelona Ring - soldering the post: setting set up in holding it in reverse action. Tweeze is so that I can sit the tweeters on stop off silver ring break in such a way that, um, holding essentially over so that post can go through the right angles, not twisted one side. Neither way, Andi its eyes not touching the block so it's not being pushed pushed it all out of position . But I have already put this dark gray blob here. It's a little bit off medium solder paste. I'm using medium soldier because then that leaves Easy Soldier for putting the ring onto the ring setting together. Um, I used to meet him soldier to soldier, the ring as well, for the same reason I'm using solder paste just because it's, um it's this well, is just that he where I wanted to be its father is likely to jump off a soldier a separate soldier and flux is going to be the sword Italians. The other reason is that ivory shown how to solder in another class, hot solder a stone setting onto a ring using palance on and separate flux. So hold this time around. It would be nice if show you using solder pace instead, the biggest piece of silver is or see the oval in relation to this post, so I need to put most of the heat into here to get it up to the. The Soviet temperatures are going to concentrate only the oval, and also putting some heat into the trees is if they are heat, sink that drawing heat away from the oval. And then this post will virtually heat up without me concentrating the the flame on their atoll. Um, I've also been heated the end right on this side rather than just on there to make sure the soldier hit drawn through joy. So get the strongest Joyner, possibly camp. Use your torch because big torture people Hope Hill. You might see a bit of a slow train coming up, so the place that's just find a burning off. As you can see, I'm not really focusing a flame on. The soldier joined very much a tool, but there we go. It still went anyway on a futile you inside to show you see what's from right on the inside . There we go. That's right. It's a shown soldier has flown to the inside tour, saying, I didn't refocus of the flame on the soldier, join a tour just kept brushing across the silver, heating up silver because so well, that really just showed cities see the temperature of the silver, because is the soldier to melt and flow, not the heat directly from the flame. You get all the silver to the right temperature on when it waas the source such to flow. There's a bit of extra heat on the inside there to make sure that the soldier foot the hottest part A with way through here so that could now be quenched on pickled. And I'm going to pickle the ring at the same time to make sure that so that's cited here as well. There will be time to meet up this soldier post before I sort out everything together. 11. Barcelona Ring - finishing the post: setting for the top of the ring is now clean out the pickle that lovely people might finish . But as you can see both sides of the post, even though it's so dim, very securely but both sides off far too long we look slightly ridiculous tohave the pile far away. Um, also got the now clean drink on the pole for box there, so I don't lose some. So I need to trim both ends on and to do that and concentrate on the pearls section first. So just okay, gently but firmly putting the pearl in place on the end so that now, when I use a fine tick, Sharkey, and to lying as close as I can possibly get two underneath the Po that is now the distance of why it's It's a very refrain, lying there by thin line that she is now the links of why that I need to trim down to here for the Polish citizens could put the power back in the box. My going to trim off most of that why, and then hold the wire down in section here on. And now this is always a tricky bet, holding everything So it is health, security, But so you can see it when it's very, very small. So what I'm doing is holding the piece, cut off with the line now at the bottom down. Snark next, the post. What I'm going to do now It's transfer that mark across. She online. They're not sticking this time. Rock clearer A chance for the line from this piece across to the post. So because that line on here was drawn underneath the pole, I'm now going to snip off. You think? Good quality cutters ago. Nice and flush across the top post. I'm going to snip off just underneath that mark. So I now have a post that should be the right link for this Pearl. Check it. Yes, there were guys, something to see, design taking shape, so that hell is nearly ready. But I've got something else that I need to do. Is moving those bits out of the way. Something else I need to do with the wire cutters, because at the moment, the wire fits really, really snugly inside that half your poll. I need to put some epoxy glue onto that post toe, hold the pearl in place half gold pearls are half George. Gemstones are the only time where glue is allowed in jewelry making and in silver and gold jewelry making. But because the posters so snug, if I was to put the grew on and then push the pile into place that blue, we just get pushed side down to the bottom. It wouldn't stay inside the power between the pearl on the post, so what I need to do is make a room for it on D my friend method if I take that power off like in the box against his license safe. Last thing I want to do now believes that my preferred method is to hold the wire cutters gently but firmly across the post on Twist the Post Quite obvious. It's interesting the post inside the wire cutters because it's over secrecy at changing shape. I can feel already, but there is a mark that my fingernail is catching on, so we move slightly further up. I am doing this holding quite gently because the heart thing I want is to accidentally slipped through that post. So that's another reason Tony do it a little bit of time. I got here it catching? Actually, I can't do show little bit more bit further towards the bottom. That's good. So that top end is now fine. It's cut the right level. Sometimes I've found it. So I put it so I find that haven't cut it quite short enough. I saw you get in there with a file and just filed a bit off, but that doesn't take too long on, but there's no room for the glue to go as well. So now I need to do this end because obviously it says in the way you for the ring shank. So what I'm going to do here is snip off the excesses close. I get to the bottom, that is still you see sitting up. So you see, if I turn it Tippett around that way, there is still a bit sticking out. So if you remember, I said that I got from the back of this twice, I've found that finding it twice rather than doing it just at this stage helps me to create a stronger soldier join. So I need to get the file on the other cushion. Okay. Just groups foil the excess stone again. So, Mr, before you do it that way or you see it's mainly done already. Whether you do it that way, it's completely up to you. Maybe try both and see which works best for you. But you do need to make sure that the filed area is where you want the setting to be attached to the ring. So in this case, right down at the bottom there. So that didn't take very many file strokes just to get that last little bit. So now it is time, soldier. Those two together. 12. Barcelona Ring - soldering the setting: if you have watched the stone set rings class and this set up should look are very familiar to you. I've got a pair off reverse section tweezers the wife for to use a bent nose. Ones for this holding the ring shank in place on the back of the setting. And as you can see, the reverse action trees is to sit nicely on the soldering brick, keeping everything of the right position for me without having to worry about keeping things still myself, while some more so using the blowtorch. This time, however, the setting is sitting on the older solving greens. I thought this is older and softer, different material Theun ones as I used to use like that, um Andi, because over and softer, they for a dip several dips that are being built up over time. Oh, eroded over time, I should say into the brick that are good for sitting things in that aren't particularly level. So I cannot get that oval to sit stable. E on the nice smooth what's high through surface off. The other soldering breakup moved to be back in a moment. Um so I pushed on here. Now they think I was going to stairs. I've been careful to take her to take the time to carefully set up the ring shank. So it's just to the right position on the back of the setting. And, of course, I just moved it, so just going to take the time to move it back now moving to check it from every direction . So if you have done this, a good do it gangster moved it so that way, looking down, looking from that way as well. Siddle check. I'm not. He's looking good, something that's helped me to set everything up. Is it? I've drawn a cross going the mid well on the length of midway along the wits on the back of the setting and just about see the Sharpie. Mark and I have used that of a guideline for cities in place. There's also still the pen marks on the ring shank as well, indicating the areas I started to file. So again, that's helping me check that everything's in place. I live chosen, as you can see, two sold and setting in place with the oval going across the ring, so it's going to sit across my finger with, um more contemporary look. Maybe I thought then going that way. Society different. Look, no, I'm going to be using solder paste to set this up because I said I wanted to show you steeliness with paste rather with Kalyan Singh case. That's what you prefer to use were the first thing I do find it easier setting this up with the Palins. So I think it's cross. I don't maybe down to place again since you put 20 piece. Yes, just on each side of setting. We're squeezing quite gently because I don't want to put too much on and then have to take it off again. It is same on this side. My apologies. Think my hands going to hide it a little bit from your view at the moment. Okay. So as you can see on this side, even though that side is out of you for you, Um I've put a line of easy solder my body's medium to put the post in place on Meet him. Two soldiers of inching close got easy, soldier haste. Nice line of it. Just there. That dark agreed even see, and also on the other side as Well, I'm just gonna double check again that everything is still lined up How I want it to be, because it's not unheard off to push it out of place little bit as you put in the soldier on whether using Palin's or paste. So it is well worth double checking. Now I'm going to be using small blowtorch again for this. Andi, I'm going to need to put some heat into the tweezers because they are a heat sink that during heat wave from the ring shank, I found solder paste does not like the heat being directed on it. So I'm going to avoid doing that. I'm going to heat up here first of all, and then brush or the way around avoiding focusing on solder paste itself. What? I'm hoping you will see. It's a solder paste. Uh, changing appearance might see that most of the binder burning off, but she'll see it change. Parents make a little crispy and then to start to melt and flow out. Also joined the joint there on the other side as well that you won't see it on the other side. Which will be there. Borden in the area. No one put in the flames. So it's on the setting as well as going round the ring shank just to make sure that everything gets the right temperature. God, Sachin to melt, focusing on the joining on both sides. They're going to see a nice line, a soldier along there, and I'm hoping on the off side as well. Another tweezers are hot as well. So I'm using another. Patrice is to move them. I just wanted to show you that's good sign. It's all moving together that starts. But there is worse. There is another line soldier along there, so I'm going to put the tweezers and the ring in the quench pot because these are hot as well. Sweet, I think sieves out of the way. Yes, I put smaller pieces inside the city and then inside the pickle by satisfying sound. When it does that, and there we go, please. That would be a lovely ring, even without the the post under the pearl in there, but that I'm very pleased with how that has soldiered in place. So this needs to go into the pickle to clean up on their needs polishing. So next time you will see it. It will be nicely shiny, fresh out of the tumble, ready to put the poll in place. 13. Barcelona Ring - setting the pearl: one last thing to Dio to this ring on that is to set this gorgeous peacock grey pearl onto a setting that we've been preparing. We go to the video classes are going to be using a two part epoxy glue here. I've personally fell that this much of a much just between expensive runs and and cheap runs on. This is always on my CIF missile, about particularly expensive one just for the pound shop. Actually, this one, and it's always done very well for me. I got 1/2 your pal ring that I wear when, on the rare occasions I go out. I've had it for a few years now, and it's been set with this go on, and I've had no issues with it, although it is worth mentioning this point that all hypotheses are water soluble, so it is important if you do have 1/2 Europe held ring, then you take it off when you wash your hands, because over time it could dissolve the epoxy glue on. That's not a force of the blue or fall to the setting. It's just how it is. But it is breast practice anyway to take your rings off, especially something as delicate as hell roaring when you wash your hands. Anyway, cup of safety points for you don't get somebody skin. Um, if you are, If you're scenes a tour sensitive that I would highly recommend wearing plastic gloves when you're hungering this even you just handling the to just to place safe My skin is sensitive , so I I don't usually do that, but certainly if it got on my skin, I go straight away. To which my friends were soapy water. Um, and you need to make sure that you do use it in a well ventilated room because if you're using quite a bit of it, the smell will that will build up. I'm working on a piece of scrap paper because I don't want to risk that getting onto my nice work desk on, So I'm going to do, uh, this epoxy works with equal parts off hypocrisy and the hardener Andi always have get yourself. It fits some very, very tightly. So if it doesn't come off by accident, there we go. For a moment, it was going to be oxeant and stay on there. So this is a double syringe So you actually push out the, um, equality places you can get to it equal looks equal amounts. We go, you always need to mix up more. Then you actually need, um because it's very difficult to mix evenly. A very, very small amounts. It's always best to go for more than what you need when I'm using a doubled over and twisted together piece off still binding wire. Just to mix it up would be quite quick because this sets, um, initially sets within about five minutes after a few minutes because we're difficult to work with. To have it very securely set as hard as it possibly can be then, is best to leave it for even when it's all set for actually, for at least half a Now what I'm doing at the moment, I just got a tiny, tiny bit Well, the end that wire Andi. After mixing whole of that amount, I'm just putting a tiny bit on here. That's all malicious needed. So no moved us out of the way because the last thing I want to do is drop the pearl in the group, putting that pearl on their just like to give us a bit of a twist. Well, it's not such as to make sure that the glue he's nicely distributed and that it's now I wished nothing more. I need to do to it apart from to leave it somewhere safe. Um, so that the glue harden, um, to its first amount. And when it is, I'll show you what you don't like. 14. Barcelona Ring - final thoughts: the rich dark color of this pearl. Andi, The ornate texture pattern that I've given to the ovals it's sitting on have given this ring maybe a more full look, making it perfect for wearing out on a night out on a night to a party, because changing your designed subtly can change the look of it completely. Of course, you can change the texture in silver, the shape of the silver on the color of the pole itself. I'm really looking forward to seeing your take on this project, seeing what you come up with. So please do show your projects to the project section on this class. However you change your project. Please do make sure, though, that you still curve the silver that the poll is set on. Topple as that curve gives a little bit of extra protection to what is. After all, I may be slightly more pressure, citing more fragile heart off the project, searching in comparison to the silver This used as always. If you have any questions, please do awesome in the discussions section off the class and I'll get back to uses I can on it would be great as well, if you could believe review to help other students. Thank you for watching