Ballpoint Pen : Draw Stylized Animals | Margarita Bourkova | Skillshare

Ballpoint Pen : Draw Stylized Animals

Margarita Bourkova, artist | dreamer | infp

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7 Videos (31m)
    • Intro

    • Drawing Technique

    • Pattern #1

    • Pattern #2

    • Pattern #3

    • Class Project : My Stylized Sparrow

    • Final Tips


About This Class


Hi there! Welcome to my 2nd class about ballpoint pens! 

This is a project-based class : after you finish watching it, you'll be able to draw your own stylized animal, using one of my ballpoint pen techniques (or a combination of all of them). 

Level : Beginner 

There are no prerequisites for this class! Anyone can doodle with a ballpoint pen, but if you don't feel comfortable drawing with one you can have a look at my introductory class : Ballpoint Pen : 3 Techniques For Beginners. The same applies if you're not comfortable with your drawing skills : you can follow my step by step process to draw a sparrow, and then make it unique with your own combination of patterns.  

Supplies :

  • a ballpoint pen (any brand or color)
  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil and an eraser for sketching 

What you'll learn : 

  • my drawing technique, how i create flowing shapes and patterns
  • 3 different patterns to unleash your creativity
  • how to draw a sparrow step by step 
  • a few tips and tricks to help you create unique drawings   

Music : 

Concentration Kevin MacLeod (
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Margarita Bourkova

artist | dreamer | infp

I'm margaw, a freelance artist based in rainy Belgium. I'm self-taught, and i really believe anyone can draw if they really want to! I created this channel to share my drawing techniques, my personal tips and tricks, and to support others on their creative journey. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there's a particular technique you'd like me to teach -- i'm always interested in your feedback!

Ballpoint pens are one of my all time favorite art...

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