Ballpoint Pen : 3 Techniques for Beginners

Margarita Bourkova, artist | dreamer | infp

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7 Videos (27m)
    • Intro

    • Hatching Technique - Layers

    • Hatching Technique - Exercise

    • Scribbling Technique - Layers

    • Scribbling Technique - Exercise

    • Stylized Lines Technique - Exercise

    • Class Project

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About This Class

If you've never used a ballpoint pen for your drawings, or feel unsure about the process, this class is for you! I'll show you 3 simple techniques that will help you get used to this art medium. These techniques are great for any art style, from abstract and stylized to realism and photorealism. 


Supplies you'll need : 

  • a ballpoint pen (any color is okay!)
  • a piece of paper
  • optional : a pencil if you feel more comfortable sketching with one 

What you'll learn : 

  • the hatching technique
  • how to pile up layers of ink 
  • how to draw realistic shadows
  • the scribbling technique
  • how to draw realistic textures
  • the stylized lines technique
  • how to draw stylized hair 

Level : Beginner 

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The instructor allows you to watch her as she sketches the lines. This is really helpful and allows you to see how to begin a piece and to bring it to completion. If you want you can always speed up the video but the really value to this class is that she allows you the opportunity to see every step of what she's doing.
Aleesha Sattva

Watercolour portrait artist

Will have to experiment with ball point pens more after watching this class, especially like the potential the stylized lines can offer in creating texture, thanks for the tips x
Nice examples of ballpoint pen work and it was interesting to see the subtle layering done especially on the apple. The third technique is something I've done before in abstract but never thought to apply to hair and fur!
Sadelle Wiltshire

Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art





Margarita Bourkova

artist | dreamer | infp

I'm margaw, a freelance artist based in rainy Belgium. I'm self-taught, and i really believe anyone can draw if they really want to! I created this channel to share my drawing techniques, my personal tips and tricks, and to support others on their creative journey. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there's a particular technique you'd like me to teach -- i'm always interested in your feedback!

Ballpoint pens are one of my all time favorite art...

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