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Ballet lessons in depth: Grand Battement Jete.

teacher avatar Grand Art Ballet Dance education, Learn Ballet online!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. 01. Grand Battement - Basics explanation and First combinations

    • 2. 02. GA - Continuing with different variants (Balance, Pique, Pointes)

    • 3. 03. GB - Simple on relève (Tip Toe) and with DĂ©veloppe

    • 4. 04. GB - Enveloppe. (inward DĂ©veloppe)

    • 5. 05. GB DĂ©veloppe on relève

    • 6. 06. GB - Marche (Dropping legs to side)

    • 7. 07. GB - En Dedans ( inward ) and Improving floor barre p.1

    • 8. 08. GB Improving p.2 (Floor barre)

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About This Class

This class will explain principals of Grand Battement Jete. Will teach you how to make this dynamic movement properly. 

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1. 01. Grand Battement - Basics explanation and First combinations: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Granddad Ballet Channel. I'm Laila. Today we are going to learn about Graham Batman jetting. It's a dynamical movement when you throw your like high and you laid it down with control. It's important movement because it prepares the legs for Grand Allegro for the big jumps, strengthening your legs and it improves your ballet technique. Today we are going to learn how to do it, how many versions we have and how to improve it. Please warm up before we start. We're going to do many gram, but Monday's take care of your body. If it's too much, do it separately in different days. Let's see the key points for Graham. But Manship, First of all, we need to realize that Graham Bodman jetting goes through the levels in the moments off previous exercises. What? I mean, Grandma Manager thing goes through. But Montagne D but Montana phone do a Dodger and then goes to the highest point with the throw. But it goes through the exactly same rules. Now let's try face to the bar to do Alice Icon to decide, and to the back from the fifth position I will do Graham. But measured toe This time I control my square. My abdominals toe lived up my torso not sink on the hips. I grew up and I throw the leg and I control how I go down through the But Montagne, do I close important that you send the energy first down up and you control how you close? Don't think about Onley the up If you think about only up, you're easily will fall to the side and lift up the hip. So first of all, you grow first go down, up and down Let's try it again to the side I grew up Then I started energy down, up and down close When it goes to the back Think about the inner tight that you want to open the legs and that your body note goes too much front and especially the hips not pushed to the back. So you grew up careful to not hit anything. You throw the leg and you close important that you're standing lag must have energy. Feel the correct placement and you turn out to legs stretched any usually in the back We want to high leg and we don't stretch enough. The knee first always feel the correct moments and then step by step. It can get higher. Now let's go check which Graham, but manage it is we have Graham but Manjit next to the bar, we will do preparation, Arming second position. Throw the leg front slowly close, signed slowly close back and then we will make start position to the But so this sign to a different and the little break. Then we will repeat exactly the same double temple to to the front, two to the side, two to the back change, too to to let's go, preparation slowly goes money toll. 2. 02. GA - Continuing with different variants (Balance, Pique, Pointes): we're going to repeat it faster to front, to side to back on the opposite way. Also, think about your breathing. You need to X help on a read in, out and in. So the movement will be lighter. Its goal to to to close friends changed on the shoulders. Now we're going to do the same, but withhold So you dropped the lag and you hold it trying to launch a drop, then full and hold somewhere. So you drop us high. You can end that you can hold it simply to different to the side, to the back on with the big arm. Just one time shoulders control your breathing, My picky, we're pointing. We will follow the same directions toe different to decide to the back and to the back side front with big arms 0.3 or PK. You need to touch Onley with the toes, the floor without pulling back or bending the knee so you just touch and you drop again. The best way, if in this second lived, is higher. Control the turnout shoulders. It's clear now we are going to start from first position and prepared the language. Bachmann Thunder in the back through the first position goes up and arrived back. We will do this three times. You hold the arm, you hold your upper body. There is no big movement. You just grow up. So we do three times like this. Then you prepare with big arms and you do to the opposite direction. ST Times way, way. 3. 03. GB - Simple on relève (Tip Toe) and with Développe: gram, but majority on the relevant we will prepare to relevant futures position. Open the arm, then ground but month front. Close back to relevant fiefs three times. Then you go down up three times to decide down up three times to the back down, up and again three and finish. Push the heel really high. And when you drop the lack, keep it on the highest level so you cannot sink down and bending me. Really push it up way back Next is with relevant come. But my just a withdrawal of it. The difference is did you start your relevant When you start to throw your leg and you arrive back to the flat fifth position We are going to the two times front. No need to put the breath front two times signed and first you need to close to the front Closing in different closing in the back. Poor Deborah. Two times back, back, two time side and finish growing up list ending leg side. This is very important. If you don't think about it, you will all the time full. So think about the long hips and long standing side way. And we developed a hold. So we need to go through in the past A and we open front. It needs to be dynamical on being and controlled. You're doing front side, back. Change the arm like usually and to the back. We will hold longer close, hold longer close to the front and fish. So the difference between simple develop a gram but much of 10. And the whole did version is just how long you need toe. Hold it in the air. First time we don't hold you just open and close Changed the arm. Second time. Hold, hold, hold Think also about how you go through the passage. It's not enough just to go Somehow you use the previous rules like we did it. The other job Did you use your toes? Used your heel and you open. Let's go 4. 04. GB - Enveloppe. (inward Développe): gram, but Manjit envelope, same preparation. Now you throw your leg straight up, open your knee and close fiefs to decide the same. And you always control the hide off here and me and to the back we go with big arm. The knee goes up, the knee pulls up Onda again. Any and close Graham. But imagine they enveloping prepared a hand. So you make your grand Bachmann. Should you bust, say, the developer on and close. So we just need to follow the name off our exercise close. We can do it. Front, front, side, side, back back then we will change and we can change the directions for on site back Signed side , back, side front. So let's go one more time from front, side, side, back, back Don do Front side, back side, side, bank side, front, down When you open your envelope a try to make it higher in the first grand but manage it the knee pulls up me point down, But careful, not just kick you're develop a but sands through the way. Uh, 5. 05. GB Développe on relève: from but managed to develop a We can do also on relevant. We will prepare and we do one and clothes stay, stay two and clothes stay, stay. And now three times faster. One to three. And we change with Batman, Tandy and underdone toe the back way we're going to do with relevant. So each time you go up and down, up and down, then three times faster. But man Tandy down starting on relevant Front side, backside front. Done. Do change. We throw loving withdrawal of it. Three faster ton do close, strong legs. Take care. Let's go. - We start again from first position and prepare tended to the back. We throw the leg, friend, um, back arrive Tunde again, But two times. Then we change on to the opposite side. Back front, ton. Do stay back front. Tom did close balance Where? If you realize it's similar program, but measure to pass a parter. Does it matter? We did only one time up. Stay now balance when we do at least two times front, back close, weakened with more times. But the point is that you lived up each time. So now we will do from the back one to stay. One to stay change. Want to stay? I want to stay close. The body is still growing up. No extra upper body game you grow and hold had on the side Stomach control. Graham Bachmann Balancing It's very similar to balance our, but now you need to use the upper body. When it goes through the first to the front, your upper body, it goes to the back. When the leg goes to the back, the upper body goes to the front, and we make a long J arm for the balancing gram. But maturity bond say our combination will be like this preparation. Toe the back front, back stay. Stay from back front. Stay and the opposite back front. Stay back front, back and close. So first time you throw two times your legs, then street times and opposite side. They care, not lose your balance. Fullback or full front. Just control the stomach and drop the leg through the nice first position 6. 06. GB - Marche (Dropping legs to side): don't forget to practice these steps, right and left side of the bar. We can do these also at the centre except balancing. But now we are going to learn something new from but murdered a marshy. Starting in the fifth position arms in second and we throw the like to the sign. Close it in the back. Then you immediately need to change the way to the other life because you throw the other, like right leg left like so we do marsh aimed to the back four times. Then toe the front four times What is important? The coordination off the head and Allex. When I go back way, I look away from diverting leg. When I go front, I look the way off the working glug important. Control the weight off to your body and be ready to move the other length. Arms always in front of few. Don't pull back. Don't fall back And don't sit on the hips. - Quarter in half. Prepare second position arms, then immediately return 1/4 change with Batman. Tandy Close. Repeat gram, but mine change with Bachmann. Tunde now half turn half turn and creeper. Left side. We go under or so return to the way off the working blag. I am Tunde. Good. A month month can do half turned and finish important to help with all the body and stand on the toes slightly lived the hell up and turn Always the hell goes front or back This time the hill goes back So you drop and change Batman. Tandy Usual mistake. The arm is falling behind so really control that it goes with you It helps to you in the turn. 7. 07. GB - En Dedans ( inward ) and Improving floor barre p.1: Now I'm going to explain how to do the same movement under done. You do the same arm and now you turn the way off the working like you drop the leg to the side. Close change. But Montagne D and again the same, like from the back drop close front. Change. You turn to the working leg side and same with the other, like so you need to move the hell forward and really stand on your toes. No, let's go check some improving exercises. We're going to lay down and do Grandma. Manager takes two different bank arms on the side, Shoulders down, cross the length, and we will do seven times Graham. But mention day front like this, then we change on seven times like this. After that, you banned your knees to shop your hips and right leg stretch to the front again. Seven times come back Monday. So different. Five. Thanks. Seven on the one down to three for thanks. Changing one. Drop hips on the floor. Three. Storm a cold like stretch six seven. Change position. Push up on stretch on the one too high leg, three through the hips for five six. Skip going. Seven. Change and left one long leg, four hips up. 56 can repeat it several times. Now let's go for the next one. Next one is sort of the front. You will come up a little from the stomach. One leg goes up and and the health way they change change. You try to legs toe open, but the important that they meet not so high, so your stomach can work more. That's doing eight times in double around seven on the one to a degree. Four 678 again. One, 234 567 You can do it all so many times, but now let's go to the second. 8. 08. GB Improving p.2 (Floor barre): Graham, Batman and Graham Batmen developing to the side. We will do eight times straight and eight times with developing stomach called bottom Hold shoulders. I'd be compact. Let's go. One True three for With the Energy Life. Thanks seven. Never looked on. One, 22 legs. Turnout four, 675 67 and one to its strong legs. Four. Thanks. Seven. Big 34 five. Control the turnout six opened Any seven. Okay, now we're going to do Grandma Mazur Taste to the back positions like a table in the right leg. Well, right, the right. Like with your drop four times. Just straight up and down. Then four times win the arm. So you really need to control your balance. After did we change for four? When we go down and from in we drop it's times right. Eight times left, right, Like stretch four times straight stomach hold and try to not open the hips. Hips keeping facing front. Let's go three four stretched. GeneCo's The arm one three four changed a leg way smooth. Good. Go lower eight times in and out. One 67 eight. Change before longneck. 56 seven Long legs eight