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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. 01. Ballet Bow

    • 2. 02. First exercise - Warm yourself

    • 3. 03. Neck and Knee

    • 4. 04. Prepare your feet

    • 5. 05. Exercise on the floor. Feet, knee and arms.

    • 6. 06. Little adagio and stretching on the floor.

    • 7. 07. Adagio on the floor to the side.

    • 8. 08. Back exercise. Make it strong.

    • 9. 09. Turn out and little port de bras.

    • 10. 10. Ballerina walks. Beautiful steps and releves.

    • 11. 11. Passe Retire, Balance and Little jumps.

    • 12. 12. Cool down, final port de bras and relaxing

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About This Class


In this class you can learn to make very basic dance movements. It is very easy to understand and learn. You can create daily habits and use this class like a morning gymnastic or evening exercise. In this class we focused for very little beginner dancers, so they can easily follow teacher instruction. But of course, parents can also follow this class and keep body in shape! Just try!

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Grand Art Ballet Dance education

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Hello, We are professional ballet teachers. We would like to help you improve your dance techniques and make a better progress.


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1. 01. Ballet Bow: Hello everyone. Welcome little dancers. My name is Lila, and today we will do ballet class together. If you are ready, let's start with the bow. First position, you open your feet, hold your stomach and shoulders down. Then you open. Change, bow, close. Open, change, bow, close. Let's try with music. Stomach hold. Open when change to bow. 404 page. Long fingers. And bow. 2. 02. First exercise - Warm yourself: Our first exercise, close your feet, hold your stomach. And we will start with the arms. One big arm to big R. Two arms together and shaking their fingers. Look to the side, close. Look to the side. Close. We'll repeat this. Repeat this same click in, one to the right or to the left to shake down one circle. Either side to together. And shake those fingers. Looking to this side. Long line there, psi y time band and stretched them from the beginning. When you draw in the third column to true. Then shaky. 3. 03. Neck and Knee: Standing in sixth position, fit together. Knees are stretched, shoulders down and we warm up the head side, straight, side, straight. By, SIR call. Keep the shoulders down, being very, very small. And then you grow high tides. And after that, you claps 332. And from the beginning, I had to decide minor citrate. Big circle. Going down Leto touched it can be a collapse. 3221 more time. So these now stomach small. Touched IT guy. Collapse. 4. 04. Prepare your feet: For the next one, we will open the feed to first position. Close, open, close beak circle with the shoulders. And the can. Quickly open, close, open, close, show. There's show. There. We go. And we stretch the back. And we go back. And we repeat. Hands on the hips, feet together, then open clips, shoulders. Shoulders. Calling from the bank. Slowly standing up. These muscles close and open the shoulders. Keeps going down and down. Shoulders, back. Mm-hm. 5. 05. Exercise on the floor. Feet, knee and arms.: Sit on the floor, check that the knees and ankles are together. Tried bag, don't sit small. Be taught. And we will do three times. Flags point, flex, point, flex point. Then you hug your knee and you stretch. And three times open-close. 123. Again, hog. Stretch. Tall knees together. Strange thing, knees or ankles to gather. 300. Likes open clothes and clothes, being tall to try to touch the floor with your small TO RAP, flex. Straight, needs, likes shoulders down, all the open and close style, being tall. But the last time. 6. 06. Little adagio and stretching on the floor.: Laying on the floor, stomach down, shoulders down. Then we make pass say dodge delight with your point. Threat firmed, never locked pay with your opposite arm, touch. And they changed the Lanka laughed and stretch. But, and down four times, three. And then four, and then down, two legs up, you point your feet and hold the ankles together, put it down and touch. Then you push up. Push up four times and stretch. We open the hips and opened the hips few times. Then we open one, Open to open string 0.4 and down. So we do develop pay. When the leg goes through the bus, say stretch and straight down, stomach in hands on the floor. Lamp goes bust. Stretch then. And very straight leg goes down. Touch the knee. Straight your point. Long leg. Down again, one to stretch. 34567812. Very straight. Ni Di Tu likes to catcher. He'll push. And then very high. Pushing, pushing, pushing. Last time, push, push, push. And stretch. Lacks clips to killed up, hills up three. And open. Well hace time. Hence Stay here. Open the ride like stretched arrived clank. Try dog and your needs will left. Then move your hips, staying on the floor. Last. Opening. Clue, sync. Data. 7. 07. Adagio on the floor to the side.: On the side and we will do level of pay to decide. You can put your hand in front of you and control to not fall front on back, past, say, again, comes up, then you open the envelope, pay again. High, you're up, straight down. We will do it four times. So one more time passing, close, bigger, open down. If you'd done four times, you lay on your back and you sit up and down. So you will work with your stomach on the site. And we go develop pain. Hold the stoma open for slow down. The leg. Up straight lags. Big tumor times. Already opening my new C cubic. For each peak. Turned on you back. Sit straight back. Sit shoulders down. And last time. And go for o and let's go under SAI. Shoulders down, stomach in hoped. By same to pay for open, slowly. Opened the mean mediately. Higher. Polling. Straight chop. Two more times. Oh, stretch them means try to not fall Mark holding the Center for ignoring the back. Fit. Hold the iron's insert position alone. Okay. Last time and change. 8. 08. Back exercise. Make it strong.: Let's lay on the stomach. We will lift right arm, left like straight legs. Change. Tried to grow high rate your upper body. Four times. Then two arms, two legs, Minoan, bend your knees long. And also for times of the dot, we will say it, stretched it back and come here. And we repeat. Careful because you need to find your balance and don't fall. For times. And from here we drop the leg high, but straight, your Denise. Yeah. And so don't bend. It will be not beautiful. Stretch right side and left side. Let's try. Hand, left leg, two legs, two arms for blacks. Arms. Donald, he'll stretch like a pin through the find straight position. Along. How? Stomach? Stomach. Hello. Changing holdings, Tormach, stretching. Stretching that are just the right length. Go up to very stretched me. Changed. Hold your stomach. Don't break the bank. Again, stretching the tree. 9. 09. Turn out and little port de bras.: Let's do some stretching. And this is our frog position. So you can hold your toes and open your needs as much you can. From here, we will do long, long, long, long. Jay. First. Third. Along j. Down. We go front with stria char heaps as low as you can. And then we open the leg. Just follow me. Straight back. Nice opened. And we go long fingers, gently touch the floor. Straight back. Look at your right hand. Softly. Left. Follow your fingers. Close first. Elbows hold. Alan J, two arms. Go front. Tried to keep the knees opened, going, going down. You can even smell your tones are right up in the lexicon. And we repeat the hands. Today. Either side we start first position, third position, looking to the left, softly down and goes front, trying to put down the stoma, feeling how the heaps are opening. Okay. This split down stretching 56 and we feed page. 10. 10. Ballerina walks. Beautiful steps and releves.: Let's stand up and do some ballerina walks. So imagine a big circle and you will walk on the big circle. When you walk, you need to point your foot, stretch their legs and put your weight front, stretcher point and step. But this we will do in the circle. So you do write point, stretch, left point, stretch, making the circle. When you did one circle, you arrive back and then you go up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up railway. And repeat to the other side. Right, step, left, right. Long legs. Stock hold him. And going up, up, up, up, up. Don't fall. Growing high. Shoulders, they're bigger, bigger, bigger. I'm open. Turning to the other side. Left, step, right. Stamping, left and right. Step, long legs. Monk point, shoulders down. Again. Growing up. Strategy is how does Tom just up and open? 11. 11. Passe Retire, Balance and Little jumps.: Next exercise, we will do passed saying and some jumps. So you do up, down per se and down. Stay stay. Stay on one leg. And now coming the jam up up heels on the floor when you go down and stretch your knees and your point when you go up. And this we will repeat. Say there's site. And we stay long. Jump is stretch to last 13. And then it operates either side. But say them. Stay on elec tenfold and put down the jump. 12. 12. Cool down, final port de bras and relaxing: It's the end of our class. Let's do some pore debris. Breathing, relaxing together. Open your feet, arms down. Look into your right hand. First position. Shoulders down. Opening. Fingers. While my time. Now look at turn left hand. Kinda shoulders down. Fingers, nice. Going up. Keeping shoulders down. Opening becomes big position. And on the other side like a wing. Last time. Okay, how good your lag? Hanging there side. And our bow. Open. Change. Bow. Close. Bye-bye.