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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 01 Inro and basic explanation

    • 2. 02 Warm your feet

    • 3. 03 Hips and Knee

    • 4. 04 Stomach

    • 5. 05 Plank and Back

    • 6. 06 Shoulders and Neck

    • 7. 07 Stretching and Splits

    • 8. 08 Time to stand up!

    • 9. 09 Cool down after class

    • 10. 10 Roll down and final stretching

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About This Class

Many beginner who starts to learn ballet ask, how to prepare their body for ballet lesson itself.

Here is the answer!

In this class we will teach you simple methods and help you to develop your own methods, best for your body to prepare yourself to any physical performance or dance lesson. 

Series of simple lessons will help you to understand witch parts of your body needs more attention, where you can start.

You will start to listen your body and your dance education will be more effective and resultative. 


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1. 01 Inro and basic explanation: Hello everyone. In this video we are going to check how to warm up before class. The warmup, I think it's very individual. You need to feel what your body needs more. If you have sensitive part, then warmup this part more. I will show you how I do, how I like to do. And I hope it will help you or give you some tips. 2. 02 Warm your feet: So what I like to do is to roll all my body and wake up my muscles and bones. So I use this one, put it under my back and start to roll up and down. And they feel my body wakes up and corrects a bit. I don't like to hurry with the warmup, but sometimes of course there is no time. So I used to have some pain in the hip psi focusing on that part and saw the Occulus. But it really depends on you. Some rolling up and down, kind of massaging each part. The muscles everywhere. Especially if you had a day before summer count and you have some muscle temperature, It's really good and all your body breaks off from this. Alright? And then I like to stay on the floor and start from down. And I'm going up so I don't want to miss any part of my body. So I used to start with the feet, just simply some straight point and flags. Usually around eight or ten times. I will do I think eight times and you can follow along. So I will just explain but show you and you can do it with me in the same. So for ballet, of course, we need strong feet technique. So it's good to warm up then some circles because it's awesome for the ankle. For the toes and for the hips. Let's say four times on the door. And for times. And then of course you can do more for you kinda less. And it's quite okay. After then they like to sit on it. Because the arch should have this line. And some lucky people have it. Naturally. White. For me, it's always a bit difficult. And you just go front and back, front and back. And you should feel that the arch is getting this shape. Just be careful that you are a hill is not moving to out direction because you will not stretch it in the right way. Yeah. Because if you stretch it this way, then newer Tandy will look like this. So it's not nice. And of course the underside sitting on it growling. I like to do separately the frightened left lengths. But you can do all shown both at the same time. And it will be the next one. Rousseau, to fit together. And the ankle, the hill closing to each other. So they're already thinking about the nice line. 3. 03 Hips and Knee: So we did something with the feet. And then let's go on the hips in this very same ball to knees up, open. And this is, I think, very easy. But the very good because it's doing this rotation. What we need so much. And under than you can lay or you can be in this position for one lag, pulling to your chest. And you should feel, hear. Yes, and this will help a bit to get higher length. And here the ships will feel. How is it when the leg is high? You just hold and Paul and breathe. When you feel that it's getting closer to you. You can also stretch it parallel. Pulling closer to you. And I'll saw, and saw we turn out. Because of course in ballet when doing rating. And your turn now, falling closer. But you know, this is just warmups so you don't need to overstretched sheet over Paul it because this is just the warm-up not to work so much on your flexibility. And flexibility. Always work in the end of the class. When your muscles are warm. Some polling closer to you, hanging your leg but keeping your hips on the floor. Breathing, drawing, and then stretching. Since also parallel and also pulling. Just gently. May for the class. Just gently pulling and also to this side. So pulling my knee, hips on the floor. Stalin calls saw pooling closer to yourself. Using your breathing. You can make little up and now then stretch. It depends on your body and your muscles. You can take more time. With your hips. You few need are signed. They're always both sides. Don't work on pulling, pulling, pulling. And when you do this for mops and these positions, you can already think front ahead. So this is preparing for your at that job? Yes. To develop pain or to your combination when the language to be high. And you can control your position and try to feel correct. So after you can control it. 4. 04 Stomach: Alright, so we did, and the length and the hips, the null going higher, coming stomach. So what I like to do if this one, so lends to around 20 to 20. Also, I like to do this one likes in Lyon and just put it down. Right point. And so the left point for right. And you need to keep your stomach really down. So tried to not have a hole under your back. Two more. One share. You can do with two lines. Just to show you too early, you can do more. 5. 05 Plank and Back: And I'm sure you know what is blank. So let's check it around one minute. The branding need to be very straight. You don't want your stomach. Keep a straight back head. And I'm not counting now, but I used to do around one in house growing it. In Meredith 2.5 minutes. It's really warming up my old buddy. If if I don't have enough time to warm up, just five minutes, let's say this is one sure. Exercise. What I would do to warm up using your breathing in, let's say 10987654321. So within the stomach will go in the back. So far the back. There's push off my body, search me back a few times. And I say three times enough, they name put my arms here. Does go up and down. Can we me and just hold and relax on with stretcher back. Sit on the hills. Okay. 6. 06 Shoulders and Neck: Right, so we are going up, up, up, up, up hips, back, shoulders to need to make some circles. Four times. Pulling down and down for the shoulder blades. I like to do in this pulling down. But you really need to focus on your shoulder blades and keep it down. I'm calling stretching, pulling, stretching, cooling. And the third code. It's not hard for few seconds, but after you do a lot and you pull down your shoulders, it's difficult to come to the front. Okay. So it could be the head, side to side, front and back. 7. 07 Stretching and Splits: And of course, the splits. You can use something under your leg and open here splits. If it's too difficult. You don't need to put it under or you combine your lag in the back. But for me for now it's OK. Foreign lack in Kingdom signed and then other signed. But I'm trying to keep square. And always just going to be awesome. Struggles, nowhere more. So on the floor for me usually that's it. And then I stand up. 8. 08 Time to stand up!: At the bar, summary galleries and some points with the feet. So I like to do with parallel RL everyone and noun, as many as you need. 34. And also with clear here, I can really push my shields up per day, heals up, seals, seals, and with the foot they May in them close with. So you really feel your foot warming up. And there's sign with the p plus pi 123 and plea here. Now, just some swings when the leg front and back. And don't need to be pretty kids just for your hips. Platters signed to the side and at their site. And that's it for me. 9. 09 Cool down after class: Let's see some tips for cooled down. So after your x's times, you need to calm down your body. So you need to control your breathing. So you just simply go breathing and buried out few times that you feel your muscles are getting relaxed, inbreeding are getting slower. And then I always try to do always some stretching for the actual edge. Because of course, during exercise whose many, many points and jumps. So this part, wearing tarred stretching or humans. Usually stretchings need at least 20 seconds. So the muscles will actually start to stretch. Both sides, right and left. Stretching. And then the tight please together stomach in, pulling the hill. Counting, controlling breathing, and loved side. Remember reading, needs together. Keeps pushing front. 10. 10 Roll down and final stretching: Some are rolling down from the top of the head. Looking down, bending the needs, stretching, rolling up two more times the down. Step-by-step through time. Stretch. Your arms in front of you, look into the other direction. The other side. In the back. Who? Underside pool. Had front side. How do you sign? Will be second position. Opening the hips. You can move right and left. Changing. Right. Now I sit down, stretch this part of the link just crossed. And Paul and I very much feel here going holding. And understand. Frog. Split. Ten, just some shaking. Thank you so much for joining this warm up and cool them video. If you have any question, just leave a common below. I hope you enjoyed it and we see each other again. Bye.