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Balancing Art Practice with Motherhood

teacher avatar Parmeet Arora Bori, Artist | Surface Pattern Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Intro- Balancing Art Practice with Motherhood

    • 2. Project Overview & Materials

    • 3. Me? Artist?

    • 4. I have Time!

    • 5. It's Ok!

    • 6. Creating with your Child

    • 7. Thank you

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About This Class



An introductory Art class where Parents/ especially Mothers can tap into their unique instincts with simple experimental exercises and prompts, encouraging them to work on daily sketchbook practice to help feel not only calm but also to show up for themselves in ways they would have never expected. 

 We accept the changes our child goes through each day but we forget to nourish our inner child, and this course is hoping to change that and help it thrive with just small consistent steps.

✨This would best suit Artist Mothers/ Parents, Mothers or Guardian or anyone with a very busy lifestyle who would like to try and restore a balance between their demanding role and their authentic self.

✨No prior art background required.

 ✨This course will help students understand the various myths related to creating art which  will help them not to procrastinate any further. The small steps mentioned in “Balancing Art practice with Motherhood” is going to help them experience art as therapy and help appreciate a pause.




Paper/ a Small Sketchbook

Some pens 

Markers,Watercolours/ pencil/ if you don’t have your stack borrow your child's colours

And 5-15 mins daily



Though I have created art since I remember, my very creative and inspiring period started as I became a mother. The early few months of motherhood I struggled with emotional upheavals and struggled with no time to create anything. I started doodling, researching, questioning,  since then I have been filling sketchbooks, Working from home as an Artist/ Surface Pattern Designer, Illustrated a Children's book and Painted a few murals for libraries and nurseries.

Now I am happy to share few of the things that I picked up along the way that will hopefully help you find joy in imperfection and help you get into a habit of creating.

✨You can also find me here




Meet Your Teacher

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Parmeet Arora Bori

Artist | Surface Pattern Designer


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1. Intro- Balancing Art Practice with Motherhood: As parenthood, the enemy of creative work. Can you be a parent, a mother? And then creative type and prime either on a border. I'm an artist, illustrator. And among two four-year-old BSF, all the changes that happen to their child, we see and nourish that little baby. Focus on their Mindstorm. But the main thing we forget is our own inner time. We forget to nourish that. We forgot to even think of what do we like and what we don't do. I've created art since I remember. My very creative time started. And then we give a mother. The only thing they want of motherhood. I struggled with emotional upheaval. I spent a good hormone imbalances. I struggled for just catching up on sleep. I started realizing that I was not only sleep to promote ours are two deprived. I was feeling angry at myself because I wasn't able to find time for myself. And I realized I needed to change something. Now I'm happy to share a few processes, few tips, few tricks with you that I've picked up along the way. Which will help you find joy in and perfection, which will, which a walk as a visual representation for you for this very important phase of your life, for this growth of your life. And it will help you get into habit of creating the small steps mentioned and balancing on practice. Motherhood is going to help anyone experienced artists therapy, channeling those high amount of emotional changes, though you're going too fast, struggles on a daily basis. You will also learn to have more fun to add more playfulness and expression, which could also encourage the quality time you have, the due time. I'm loved ones. So instead of being, are two deprived. Let's form an art practice. Let's create something for muscles. 2. Project Overview & Materials: I realized it was very deep rooted and me time civil society or times to what I've been listening to an menu, become a mother of a New, have so much responsibility. You can't maintain a balance. Of course, they're not every day. Not every day is a good day. Not every day is goes as to what you've planned. But The more I was aware of the time that I had in my hand, those five minutes or 15 minutes, I could do create something now sketchbook. I could collect my thought. I could put that in this book. These books became very important for my growth. So it's like a scrapbook for my motherhood is a scrapbook that I go by. With this course. I want you to have something like that. I would like you to get into an art practice. To come back to your book, come back to those few papers, even if you're done sketches on random paper, put them in a book, in a sketchbook for yourself. So it becomes a visual representation of your growth. It becomes like a journal for you. It becomes more than just a book. It becomes a diary of your thoughts of your growth. In the next few chapters, I've shared with you a few prompts which could work as starters for you. As a start off to be playful in your sketch book. And as you work on the problems provided in the resources, please do share with me. I would love to see your work. The most important part is something to draw on and something to draw with. Something to draw on. I would recommend a sketchbook. And I'm calling different paper qualities. You can get them easily from shops. Construction paper, your trials construction paper, craft paper. You can use paper, napkins, you can use packaging paper. It's actually very good showing your child and you can reuse things. I've many dimes, used packaging paper to work with. Then you would need some pens. So I am a bottle of like a child in a candy store. I do get bit crazy and getting a what I would like that I would like that. But when I put a concise thing together and actually cert and think more, I would really use. There's not much in there. It has a black pen and it could be any. I'm ballpoint is my favorite. Different thickness does help, but it's not important. These are wonderful. Yeah, these are acrylic sticks from my trials stash. So yes, do borrow things from your children's art materials. These are Crayola pens and this one are really thick and they flow such wonderfully. I really love using them. You can see how much they have been bashed about. Easier for me to go on with my sketches and drawings. There's not enough that there's not done enough time to do, Jasmine. Okay. Can I do that is so limited. Limiting yourself. Limiting yourself with art materials can also be helpful on your creativity because it helps you explore a bit more and it led something else, dates the decisions or you don't have to sit there digging, visit him. Oh, what should I draw it? So now that you've got hopefully at least a Ben and fewer colors and how we can go ahead and start. See you in the next chapter. 3. Me? Artist?: The main important thing that you learn as a parent is you take each moment as it comes. When we brought our little one home, we realized we had been reading books or what an OR again, about the pregnancy time, about blood. But then one many books of how or what to do with your time. We're done. Baby ribbon, human being that you have. Because every parent's experience is different. Every child is different. One of the common things we hear, I'm not an artist. I've never made art before. We need to realize becoming a parent is life-changing experience. Is taking care of someone else. It's full of choice and it's full of crustaceans. At the same time. You're constantly learning to adapt. You're constantly opening yourself to so many different things. You've seen new perspective. You are watching an encouraging someone to grow. That all that barren toward practice is like an odd practice. This exercise takes term, takes the pressure off of what to draw. Like the other ones as well. But this one has a bit of a more humorous. So from the class, resources, download the problem list and that you will find a few random names of things that I've put in there. What you're going to do is cut them up, fold them up, and put them in a job, and pick up. So I've got tall trees and then I've got boys. So the two prompts and I'll be drawing a stone, trees and towards, mixed together somehow. So what I think, especially as rid of a human, to the whole sketchbook play. Because first of all, I didn't have to think it was already Diane. I just have to pick and go by chance. It's like somebody else taking the decision for me. And the other thing as well is I could take this prompt in any manner. Doesn't need to be realistic drawing. It could be just anything. So I'm going to make Mr. Thomas and just imagine tall trees. For this problem. I'm going to use this dip stick and put a timer on for three minutes. So the time goes on. And if you see I'm doing continuous doing that also takes away a bit of pressure in terms of I haven't got this straight or my Miss Thomas, please. This is not that three is looking okay. And like I was saying, the magic about these is that it's really easy to draw with. And the filament. Of course, this looks like something that my charged electron, which is okay and comfortably because they do have a very vivid imagination. And what you are trying to do is you're trying to release yourself from bit of pressure. I still got two minutes. We might say that that doesn't really look like a tree, but it's my sketchbook. It's the same thing goes with these problems are supposed to be taken a bit playful at Treatment. Hope you enjoyed drawing along. What you're gonna experience is not going to be same as mine. But the only thing I can give away you are continuously making on it's supposed to question something is supposed to be something that you're going through. This app to create. 4. I have Time!: The second most common excuse automate, that people say, I used to say, I don't have time. I don't have time. I don't know how you can even take or comprehend that. I can sit there and draw something and carry on painting. I don't have time Corner All those nights that I could spend painting whenever we wanted to. I could get up late in the morning and catch up on sleep because I've been painting online. Then realized that how precious this time Is. It made me realize that I need to plan better. And my best friend became pockets of time. If you can be on Instagram, if you can't be on Facebook for more than five minutes. If you can wait for a doctor's appointment. If you can wait in your car on the grocery line. You can find five minutes to draw in your sketch book. Draw on any paper I use to draw on paper napkins. In a cafe and a playgroup. Just find something, draw at least lines. Do that. You can do it. This prompt that we're going to be working on is going to help you realize that how within one to three minutes you can have something on your paper. Let's get started. Is for this exercise, I'll be drawing salt and pepper. The main point is I'm going to be drawing blind. I'm going to be drawing without being able to see my paper. So you can do with this prompt or you can do this in two different ways. You could either close your eyes one sketching it, or you could come in your hand so you don't see where your hand is going with the bend. So I'm going to cover my hand just with a tissue. So I don't see where my hand is going to go. You could do it blind folded Only. Now I'm going to put a timer for three minutes. The another way to do this exercise or this prompt, is you remove the object that's in front of you, move it away and draw it from memory. But I'm going to show this one because this is more fun because it blew in loses, it helps you lose a bit of control that you might be tempted to go over or no, I'm not drawing this right? Or still video I a woman. We're always, we have our inner critic on Always. Whereas now with my hand covered, my inaccurate ache actually can see what I'm doing. So I can keep on making random marks and Geta. Get a tissue, get your object ready. And sketchbook and depend on columns and these dotnet. So there's no peaking. Don't peek at all. Carrying on making your lines. This also can be helpful. Ends up being a writ of fun if you actually do it continues. So don't lift your pen up and just carry on making marks. You think is best. And you don't want to stop that if you think you've done all the details that this project needed. So for example, I think I've done even the sport bits and I'm done the inner lines. I can carry on making something else. So there's a leaf and that's covering one of the sold sprinklers. I'm gonna make that EPA. And now I'm just you could be. It's also fun if you do it for three instead of three minutes. If you do this exercise for one minute, I'm quite curious to see. So I'll show you what comes up. Definitely a very collectible salt and pepper, true? I love how the flow of the pen, the character of these, these jaws and up such beautifully on the paper, I've done the spots as well. I like that it's more, I find it much more fun and hilarious because I don't have the control on it. I had a control and I didn't have to control it. Something like a day. Should you love us? Where regular sandwich would be, okay, but you're trying to decide so you won't completely something else. But it's more fun. It's adding a bit of playfulness to your life to have these sketches going. I hope you enjoyed this exercise. You could do it for one minute, you could do it for three minutes, do these four different sketches. And if you see, this is my time drawing for three minutes, my blind drawing for 1.5 minute. I hope you enjoyed this exercise. Do share your sketches on me and would love to see what you picked up for this prompt. Thank you for being in the next chapter. 5. It's Ok!: Mongodb is a very strong feeling as my title even enough. Why isn't my child walking? How can I do this? I need to weave in my job and I used to be I used to be a control freak in some sense. We are constantly, when we read books we've gone through and we read 0. After this, it needs to be this. There needs to be issued you Monday and you follow a routine. You type is best for the routine. Your, you know, don't give them candy. Don't praise him. Don't do that. Don't do this. There's too many of things that I should do and not do. That is I have there is such a big responsibility on me. What does little human being which changes everything. My sister told me recently that if if she takes my son with her well, he was I actually don't trust her. It's not that I don't trust what or how they're going to pay. It's something of being away from him, something that I've lost control on. But this exercise, I started giving myself a grace. Grace that was so important for my group. Agrees. Saying it's okay to make mistakes. It's okay. If I don't know, It's okay. It doesn't matter. It's okay if there is no routine for the time being. So this is excellent. It's been a fun exercise. You can welcome your trial in this, or you can do it all by yourself. For me, it's always bought me loads of calm and stoma, stoma, nice. It has my senses to come together in a very mindfulness man. So you just need some paper and some water. Color paper is best because in the other one, in just a sketch book, white paper, you won't be able to see the MSW creating with water. So I would suggest to go with a colored sheet if you end up using white paper. Just don't feel frustrated with it that you can't seem to join query because you are making marks. It's like rid of parenting that you know, the small, small steps WHO choosing for your child are building up to something big. But you can't see this very minute. Something like this sketch book as well. That it all mean something but you can't see red, it's leading to. So let's start the timer for one minute. And I'm going to start making marks. I'll put the link in the resources from which this isn't smile. That's one minute. And now I love watching the water evaporating. I love watching how the paper comes back to its own self. But it comes back with the new things that is learned in Y2 to be here for the next 30 seconds. On, if you can spare one minute to see those strokes that you made. Going over. Those marks that going away. Beautiful of not having the control at something beautiful about letting nature take its course. There's something beautiful about just being here. Enjoy that one minute, thirty-seconds. I hope you enjoy. And I would love to know how you felt. It's not about creating a masterpiece. Is allowed finishing something. 6. Creating with your Child : A friend recently mentioned to me about an experience our childhood and her new school. When the child was asked to write or to do marks on paper, the child refused or just wasn't interested. But what bothered the mouth? My friend moved was her daughter was the only child in the classroom who didn't draw a family picture. When asked to. How good CIM courage and what she could do. When we were discussing this, I asked her a simple question and I said, Have you ever created with her Have you ever scribble something or drawn something? Even if it's just a random sketch or BAL. Anything. And my friend said No. And I realized that there was a big thing missing. The child learns from us. I was reading an article and it's mentioned it's not only about experiences or way you can take your time or what kind of classes you can get them into is also about the learning they have with you as a mother order or as a parent. To learn from you constantly. This exercise or this moment of creating art with your child is not only about, your child, is not only whether it encouraging them is about encouraging you because the child is creative. Then my son was 18 months old. I took part in my first 100 day project, which is doing one drawing or one anything for a 100 days. When I took the challenge on, I wasn't sure when I'm going to owe what I'm going to start with. But I am so grateful for that time. Because every day when we went out for a walk, whatever we talked about, a pebble, a caterpillar, a special plant. I drew that at the end of a 100 days. I had a selection of things that amazed him. I have totally enjoyed creating that much on a stone. Do this art prompt. I'll give you for your ideas. To create. Would you tend to have a bit of fun to go on site and see things differently. 7. Thank you : I did this mural for my child's nursery and he hadn't seen it, but he knew I had done it. And he knew where it had placed at. The next morning when the kids, his friends and he went in and they were shown the mural. My son had a most shroud face. I was told. And he said, my mom is an autoworker. And the teachers try to connect him to say, Don't you mean artist? And he said, yeah, an autoworker. And I really like that because luck is like an entrepreneur for me. I'm hoping with this course, you enjoy and you learn to enjoy the phases of life. I hope what you create with these fronds on what you take from this course helps you. It helps you to find joy in trying. It helps you embrace the imperfections. It helps you to learn and thrive in chaos. It helps you do support and encourage your inner child. Hope you enjoyed the course. I'm really looking forward to seeing your sketches based on the problems and exercises. Thank you so much for joining me.