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6 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Granola Basics

    • Baking Part 1

    • Baking Part 2

    • Baking Part 3

    • Project


About This Class

Are you keen to recreate your favourite store bought granola at home? Or create your own signature granola recipe? Then this is the class for you!

Join me as I guide you through the basics of how to create a foolproof granola recipe, inspire you with several mouthwatering granola variations, and share with you tips and tricks to bake a delicious granola at home.

In this bite-sized, easy to follow class, you will learn to create and bake your very own granola. Sufficient guidance will be provided so that you can start mastering the art of making homemade granola in no time. It's that simple!

Recipes to make a white chocolate pistachio granola and a tahini cardamom granola are included in the class resources.

This class is perfect for anyone keen to create and cook. Little or no cooking experience is required for this class.

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Hi thanks for this class. I've always wanted to make granola and also my husband asked for it. I'll give it a try soon. ;)
Sonja Schnatzer

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth!

Great class, Khiloni! I liked the choice of ingredients and the camera plans. I also have my own granola recipes and like to cook them at home. My personal favourite is peanut, walnut and cocoa with peanut and coconut oil. As spice I use rose pepper and just a pinch of cayenne to make the chocolate explode. Thanks for sharing!
Rita Ferreira

Pilates and Yoga

This is the perfect class for me! I eat granola everyday for breakfast!
Angie Knowles





Khiloni Graf

It's kind of fun to do the impossible/Walt Disney

For the longest amount of time, my life was all about waiting for Friday. Sound familiar? Not anymore and never again. When I tell people I'm trained as a chartered accountant, they think I'm some slick London city girl. When I tell people I make my own home products and practice composting and other minimal waste processes, they think I'm a greenie. I'm none of that, I'm just me, passionate about learning and enjoying life every day. Living life without judgement or labels. And I'm here to s...

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