Baking at home: Delicious Poppy Seed Buns | Tamara Zatica | Skillshare

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Baking at home: Delicious Poppy Seed Buns

teacher avatar Tamara Zatica, Simply, cooking tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Yeast Mix

    • 4. Mixing Eggs, Milk and Sugar

    • 5. Forming the Dough

    • 6. Adding Poppy Seed Filling

    • 7. Glazing

    • 8. Baking and the result!

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About This Class

In this class I show step by step how to make delicious poppy seed buns from scratch. The instructions are translated by my daughter Irina. Bellow you can find the directions and ingredients you will need. Happy baking!

Ingredients :

For 10 buns you will need following:

2.5 cups flour

10 g dry yeast

0.5 cup warm milk

2 eggs + 1 egg white

2 cups of sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Filling : 1/2 cup poppy seads + 1/2 cup sugar

Glazing: 1 egg yolk + 1 teaspoon sugar , chopped nuts


1. Prepare the yeast mix by adding a half of your warm milk to the dry yeast.

2. In a medium bowl mix the eggs, sugar and the rest of the milk.

3. When the yeast rises, mix the flour with yeast and the egg mix in the big bowl.

4. Form the dough with your hands.

5. Cover the dough and let it rest in a warm room for approximately an hour, it should rise.

Preheat the oven 350 F.

6. Divide the dough in 10 parts. Form 10 balls of dough.

7. Roll out dough cakes.

8. Prepare the filling by mixing poppy seeds and sugar. Put a teaspoon of filling on every dough cake. 

9. Form the buns as shown in the video.

10. Transfer the buns to greased cookie sheet and glaze them with egg yolk. Sprinkle chopped nuts on the top of each bun.

Bake 30 minutes at 350 F.

Take out the buns from the oven and let them cool. Serve with butter or without )

Bon Appetite!



Meet Your Teacher

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Tamara Zatica

Simply, cooking tutorials


Hello my name is Tamara, welcome to my Skillshare channel. After 20+ year of teaching career I decided to take a new journey and share the joy of cooking. I hope you will enjoy my classes and will cook something delicious with me.

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Tamara. If you like cooking, delicious food for your family with class is for you. In today's class will be making poppy seed bonds. I'll show you step by step, how to make door and the feeling how to form with bonds, how to glaze them. And they explain how to make them to get a beautiful and delicious dessert see in the class . 2. Ingredients: to make our door will need following flower sugar, three eggs east, some salt, vanilla extract and water milk. I also need a large bowl and medium bow to beat the eggs, wooden, spoon, some teaspoons and knife and measure cop a smaller bowl for our east and the turning both for our yoke. 3. Yeast Mix: No, I have to. Paper are yeast makes for it, and a small bowl will makes a tous spun off dry ist in the same boat will add a teaspoon off sugar. There are eastern sugar will add 1/2 off milk. It's important milk to be warm after edin milk. Steer it until the mixture is smoke and bell reddit rise. 4. Mixing Eggs, Milk and Sugar: while our is this rising global makes our eggs with sugar and milk. First, we'll take two eggs and led them to the medium boat in the first egg. We have to separate the yolk from the white. We'll be moving the joke from 1/2 of a shelter, another until all the white will be in a boat just like this. And Yoko put in a tiny book. We'll need a player for brushing. Next will end so sugar, we can add it little by little. Or we can add it all at once. I'm aging it all at once. After I ended sugar, I have two makes it. I probably should have used a bigger bull after weeks. Our eggs Oh, shut very well. We can add a little bit of salt and then extract makes it again. And at our egg next to the milk makes it better Oil until for as formed mix has to bait this consistency 5. Forming the Dough: Now, when we have our egg and milk mix on our East strides in, um, we can start making our main dog. So in a big bowl, we're putting two cups and 1/2 off flower after we're making some room in the middle off flower bar and putting our milk and egg mix. Then we're aiding our east makes the east before your editor of the main mix. After when the unit's bone with start mixing once it's hard Teoh mix with a spoon. We'll have Teoh a claim. Respond from the door and we'll start forming the door with our hands. You'll have to keep forming for dark until it's ah, uh, soft and consistent. It'll take about 10 minutes and all has to feel very soft and plastic after what put it back in the ball and we'll Sprinkle it with a little bit of flour. Now we have to cover it to have a tower or a paper towel, a clean towel or two, and we have to live. It tries 6. Adding Poppy Seed Filling: Let's look at our door. As you can see, it throws nicely. Know what you have to dio or a Sprinkle some flour on our surface. But it's enough and gently take out our door All of it. Now we have to divide it in 10 parts. Oh, I had next to me the stallion life. But you could use any life's you want Wow huh To for a four and five and this want to creamy foreign twice. Next, let's form some girls off jaw just like this. Beautiful. And the same way All of them at vandal have tagged globes off a dark. Very nice. Some are smaller and summer bigger, But it's okay Now we have to make some don't are rolling surface, but somewhere flour. And what do we do next? We'll start rolling. Our, uh this is off dos of m B flat like needs and the same way all of them Wonderful! This a concealed arte is soft and nice and the same way all 10 off our business of Dom after for here. Ah, fled and nice. We have to add our feeling for the feeling room mics 10 teaspoons off papa seats and 10 teaspoons of sugar. You can find the quantity off all ingredients in description of across. We're mixing sugar and purpose it evenly and put one teaspoon on age off our doors very carefully. After aided feeling on, our dog will start forming for bomb. The bus will be looking at this point like little bugs with purpose. It's like this that tastes funny very carefully. You don't know have Papa since everywhere, but it's OK. You can invite your kids to help you to do this. And salada fun. Here they are. Hardened kit. Beautiful. Next, What we have to do is start forming from bonds themselves just the same way that what we were forming our globe's off door one by one. Just take your time and form a perfect globe. So here they are, our bonds Wonderful 7. Glazing : No, I have to prepare our bonds for baking on the grace cookie shed will put all our bonds apart from each other. It's important because they will be rising more and they don't have to touch each other. Next we'll embellish our bonds with and yolk sugar and some chopped nuts. So, Lex, let's makes the egg yolk we had from previous eggs and Will makes a teaspoon of sugar name and with a small brush, will start brushing. Are bonds gentle and careful like this? Don't you feel like an artist after a veil? Bake Marilyn Delicious. You don't have to head sugar and tear. He'll give you the 12 but I know it's parroted some sugar in the same way All our bonds after on the top of each model, add some more and you elk with sugar. This is the part where we're at our top notes, so we want them to stay put on that place of us. Why will add more yolk and sugar to just to the top of the bones after we have some job peanuts, but you can use any Nazi like gonna be a while non seller, even almonds whatever you prefer and then very carefully will add some nuns on the top off each bond. Make sure they don't help on the quickest share. Otherwise Welburn wonderful. And the same way all of them Bonds. Now our bonds are ready. They have to rest for a while. 8. Baking and the result!: after reponse arrested. We can put them in the oven and bake for 30 minutes, and here they are, beautiful and delicious, said from any way you want with water or without, Let's look how they look inside delicious purposes. Bona Beaty Thank you for watching.