Baking Techniques: Pastry Cream - "Le creme patissier" | ROVEDA'S KITCHEN | Skillshare

Baking Techniques: Pastry Cream - "Le creme patissier"

ROVEDA'S KITCHEN, I love to cook!

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredientes

    • 3. Instructions

    • 4. Tips and Curiosities

    • 5. Conclusion


About This Class



This is one class from a serie where you will learn baking techniques to make many preparations like a chef! In this class you will learn about Pastry Cream (or le creme patissier): how to make it in a very easy way, and some tips on how to use it in different preparations.


1. Introduction: high school share. My name is Karen, and I'm a designer from Brazil. After completing my design degree, I started just stood in my second passion that is gastronomy. So I decided to share a few some techniques and delicious recipes they learned at university. In this class, I would talk about the best trick cream our claims. The festive green is a mixture off sugar, con starch, muche yolks and vanilla. This green can be using men desserts like eclairs defies. It's It's a very easy breast that you love to do. Come Tamaki Chancellor. 2. Ingredientes: 3. Instructions: 4. Tips and Curiosities: 5. Conclusion: ask your share. I hope you enjoy it. Making pastry cream as a project for this class. I Would you like to see you to make this recipe edging in the gradient that give them are striking flavor. Share the reasons before us. I hope you enjoy this place CIA.