Baffled by piano chords? Use my 'shapes shortcut' to easily learn 100's in 1 day and get playing | Simon Glenister | Skillshare

Baffled by piano chords? Use my 'shapes shortcut' to easily learn 100's in 1 day and get playing

Simon Glenister, Professional Musician

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27 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Intro vid piano

    • 2. Anchoring ourselves

    • 3. Using our anchor to work out other note names

    • 4. What is a chord and how do we make one

    • 5. PIcket fences and triangles

    • 6. Explain table what's to come

    • 7. Minor chords

    • 8. Working out the names of black notes

    • 9. Sharp and flat Chords

    • 10. 7th chords

    • 11. Minor 7th chords

    • 12. Maj 7th Chords

    • 13. Table with 7ths

    • 14. Better left hand

    • 15. Arpeggio' s

    • 16. Passing note's

    • 17. Run up's and down

    • 18. Augmented chords finished

    • 19. Diminished chords

    • 20. Sus chords and that table all filled in!

    • 21. Using beats and bars to work out when to play chords

    • 22. Putting it all together

    • 23. Chord inversions

    • 24. Johnny Cash's Hurt

    • 25. Sam Smith's stay with me

    • 26. Skinny love bon iver/birdy

    • 27. Imagine John Lennon

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About This Class


Course updated 1/01/20

Baffled by piano chords? Here's how it should be explained, no notation/scales - just easy to remember shape shortcuts

Over 200 reviews, with a 97% approval rating! So you can nearly please everybody :)

“I am just blown away by this. I am kicking myself that I did not know this sooner. I would have been playing piano for years by now if I'd realised how easy it would be"....Would you like to know the four simple shortcuts that changed everything for her?

Using intuitively simple shapes and patterns, discover how to play songs in just an hour (side stepping common barriers to playing, such as having to read music). Designed to be just long enough to give you exactly the knowledge you need, yet manageably short enough that you actually complete it (no filler) it really is possible in just one hour to learn enough to have a lifetime of fun and enjoyment actually playing. I know it's a really tall claim, the reviews

But is it proper music? Well, that depends what you want to get out of it. Many people's experiences of being taught music are ones of being made to feel 'unmusical'. That's because the dominant form of piano teaching is focussed on first knowing how to read music. We remove that barrier enabling people to experience the joy of playing incredibly quickly and easily, you can use this method to play any song you want, if you don't think that's 'proper' music because you're not reading the notes then that's ok, this isn't for you, but generations of rock, electronic, country, pop, folk musicians would probably disagree with you.

All songs you hear are made up of chords. They are the building blocks of songs. If you know enough chords you can play any song. After doing the course you'll know how to play 48 of them and we do it in under an hour.

"I am confident I could sit down at a keyboard and play any of the 48 chords covered, instantly without needing to refer to these videos; now I know the system. If you'd love to learn to play the keyboard or piano, this is for you. You will be playing all of your favourite songs in no time at all."

To put that into a little perspective you can actually use the same four chords (IN THE SAME ORDER) to play thousands of songs (you'll learn how to do that if you take the course).

"Making something that appears extremely complicated into something simple and understandable is an art. This course is the first I have ever done that had me hooked from the first minute, and Simon is a superb instructor. Student

I'm a professional musician with 20 years top flight experience, four record contracts, years of international touring, and major festival appearances. I stopped touring and started teaching finding that I was really good at explaining quite complicated concepts in ways that anyone can understand. Now highly in demand, I've set up this course to be able to share that knowledge wider

Read enough? Get playing now!

What are the requirements?

  • No prior music experience needed
  • If you have a piano or a keyboard then great!
  • If you don't, it's not a problem just download a simple piano app onto your phone or Ipad and see if it works for you before investing in a keyboard

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 15 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • A Manageable condensed course that's full of content and no filler, getting the job at hand done as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Learn every note on the keyboard in 5 minutes
  • Intuitively understand how to play chords, the building blocks of the vast majority of songs
  • Have the independence and knowledge to search the internet for the chords of the songs they love, and be able to play them!
  • Be able to play Major, Minor, Sharp, Flat and 7th chords
  • Develop independence with your left hand
  • Be able to improvise on the Piano, no written music needed
  • Be able to build your own chord progressions, even write your own songs
  • Read a chord chart
  • Have a world of fun and satisfaction inherent in being able to play a musical instrument opened up for them

What is the target audience?

  • For beginners
  • Didn't get on with music lessons at school but would love to play - This is for you
  • Anyone who wants to feel great about themselves finaly realising their ambition to play a musical instrument!
  • Not for advanced players