Backpacking 101 - Beginners guide to packing the right gear for a multi-day backcountry hike

Chris Rebuck

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    • Backpacking for Beginners


About This Class

This is not a sponsored video, I'm just an average guy who's done a lot of backcountry hiking. I will cover 5 topics; Water, food, shelter, clothing, & accessories. This video will spare you from subjective dialogue and show you how to pack sensible gear to camp comfortably, eat nutritiously, stay warm, hike safely + ethically, and tips to save weight. If you've never gone backpacking before this intro will show you all the essential gear you should bring, strategies to consider, and weight / distance / portions to use as guidelines to prepare as an experienced hiker would.  

There are a lot of products for you to choose from and techniques for getting what you want from the backcountry; read, research, and engage with your local retailer for advice to find the right gear for you. There are many devices for; carrying & purifying water, cooking food, making shelter, etc. There are many opinions out there but there is no wrong way, find what works for you and go with it. Topics I intentionally don't cover are how to choose a pack/boots, how to pack your pack, how to weigh your pack, how to read a map, trekking poles, rock climbing, providing CPR, night photography, survival, first aid etc. Pack your pack sensibly and go for a hike, bring what you want to bring and be comfortable with your choices. Tread lightly and enjoy the great outdoors. Thanks for watching!