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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Create a color control for your projects

    • 3. Shape tool

    • 4. Lets create our first background

    • 5. Instagram background

    • 6. Presentation background

    • 7. 4-Color-Gradient typography

    • 8. Creative Design 1

    • 9. 3D background

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About This Class

Hello I just published my second class and it is about backgrounds and typography .my entire goal in this class is to practice and create Backgrounds with basic things in adobe after effects.

at first I will teach you how to make a color control for your layers (if you want to sell your projects ;) )

and then we overview our shape tool and we learn how we can create any shapes using our arrow keys .

then we slowly start to create a background with help of Repeater 


then we learn how we can create better colors for our backgrounds and we create another background using Repeater as well as a simple typography 


Then we learn how we can animate a simple instagram Background using illustrator layers 


and then we overview our Gradient backgrounds and we learn how we can create a simple presentation background



then we tackle creativity design and we will start to animate a background with help of our effects and presets tab 


at the end we will learn about 3D backgrounds and how we can make one 


I tried to teach more than 5 effects in each video as well as teaching basic things about after effects such as Trimpaths , most of animate options for typography , masks and Matte tracks and ... 

this course was the first part out of three parts that I planned to do about Creativity design .

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Erfan Talebizadeh

Motion Designer





 Hello and welcome! My name is Erfan, and I am motion graphic and game designer.

The only reason I started to teach on Skillshare is because I LOVE teaching , and I used to teach motion graphic and game balance design in schools and colleges , I hope my classes can help you to become a great designer , once again welcome enjoy your time , :)

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1. Trailer : Hello and welcome to this sculpture class in this class. We're going to talk about background typography. At first, we're going to learn how we can create a color control for our names. Still be overview are shaped to as well as we try to learn you shortcuts. Then we will learn how we can choose best color for backgrounds. Then we practice our basic knowledge in order to create an instagram background. It will also learn about presentations, background as well as color gray gins, then start to create the background with effects on preset again cooler. How we can animator to any background in this class, we learn more than 20 if it's and presets as well as we cover basic things about the after effects. 2. Create a color control for your projects : all right. Hello and welcome to this glass. In our first episode, we're going to create a solo by background. Then we'll use color control in order to control our background color. So when you open your aftereffect, you're going to have a screen look like this much for less. So if your screen is different from mine, just go into a window world space and select essentials on If it's stills different. Just click here on research to save layout. Either way, now it's time to get rid off unnecessary things for this class. So here on my right type side, I have info panel, which I'm not going to use it for this class. So I am going to right click and close this panel. Same as argue and even preview panel. However, since we're going to use tons of fix for this class, we need effects and presets. Same is a lying for typography, by any chance, if some off the panel you see here was missing, going to window tapped and bring them back. So right now we need the composition in order to start making backgrounds to make new composition, just going to new composition by going into composition panel or press control. And on your keyboard now in composition sittings in first half, we can name our composition, which I'm gonna name it background on after fix already offers you tons of presets in order to choose the device you want. But since I'm doing it for four K monitors, I'm just gonna choose custom preset for which is 38. 40 in 2160 on in duration tap. We're gonna leave it to 10 seconds. Then we hate. Okay, So write down. Some of you might say that we have a black background, because when I was creating composition, I had an option to change background colors on. So why would I need to create another background on top of it? So this isn't really a background. It's just here to show you your screen. For example, if I click on tug of transparency in here, as you see, we don't have any color. Now the first basic background is so that layer backyard on, I think 99% of you know how to make it. So go into your layer panel and then select new and then choose solid or press control plus y on your keyboard on As you see, it has the same sitting as composition that we created the wall ago. So I am just going to rename it to background and I can click on May come size to make my background same size as my composition. And in our color panel, I am just gonna give it a great color. Now, as you see, we have a background. So right now I want to create a color control for my background. And the main reason for that is it saves a lot of time. And even if you want to sell your projects on video hype or some other platforms, you need to learn the subject. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm just gonna go here directly on a new tab, Click adjustment layer. But keep this in your mind that you can create a shape they're in here as well. There is no difference in creating the shape layer in here or making one by your shape toe . So either way, I'm just gonna go create adjustment layer on just one layer is an empty layer where we can put a face on. So right now we are affect controls on. And if you don't have it just going to window, then select a fixed control or just pressed if tree on your keyboard, my located on top left off my screen, I'm just gonna leave it there. So I am going to rename this adjustment layer to Color Control or C c by pressing in terms and I'm going to right click on it and make it a guard later. So if anyone opened my project, they can use this panel to change my background calls on, as you probably know, like there's won't be rendered after face, so it's good to use them more often. So I am going to select my background layer now and in my fix increases. I'm just gonna type filled and I'm gonna click and drag it on my background color. Now, as you see, it turned to red because the four color is red and I can change its color in here or making more visible, less visible but changing capacity. And I'm going to drop my fill effects on my color control as well, and I'm going to click on this lock icon in here. So if I moved into other layers, my affects Contra panel still shows the fix for my color control and I will go into my background than affects. Then infield option. I will hold out and I will click on color stopwatch. I will link these two layers by grabbing his Pickwick and move it towards my color control . Now I can change my background color just by using my color control panel. Keep that in your mind that you can do this step for each shape and everything you making after fake. 3. Shape tool : OK, now it's time to review our shape panel to select the shape you can come in here or press Q on your keyboard. Now I am going to select a rectangle to, and I can draw a rectangle by holding mouths on Dragon on my screen. Now I can make each site perfectly balance by holding shift from doing it. On this way, I can create a perfect score. I can move my rectangle by holding space while I'm still only my mouth, and I can use all key to resize my shape layer while I'm still drawing in it. And I can create the shape layer by my mouse. Pointer is by holding control May Keyboard on. Now, as you see at the top of my screen have options like feel on stroke, and if I click on them, I can choose type of color for my shape layer, For example, I can make my field color to Grady, um, or solid or even know feel on in the next half. We can change our field color and, in a stroke tap, have same sitting as a full stop. Now, I am just going to leave this shape on. Now I want to create to try and go with my keyboard. So if I select my polygon or start oh on I draw a star and if I come to police start had I can reduce points to tree and I can make this shape more sophisticated but changing inner and outer around this and I can do these steps by my keyboard. Let me just show you. So I am going to click and drag, and I will use my up and down key to reduce or increases star points. And I can change inner and outer roundness by right and left keys on my keyboard. Now this is really timesaver short cut, but keep this in your mind if I want to create a start again. If a click and drag as you see aftereffects draws the flower that I created few second ago to fix that, just double click on startle and it will reset your shape layer to default. I need to mention the arrow keys will only work on polygon and start to around the big toe . Now let's create a background what was still a few more things, So another way to create Chavis that I can come here and I rightly and I will select shape . They're on. As you see, it shows nothing because I didn't sign anything, Toe. So I'm gonna change to my selection toe, which is located here, and then add menu on top of my screen. I'm going to click on it, and I will select the lips. Now, as you see, it doesn't show anything. And that is because it didn't choose any feel or stroke for it. So an admin you I'm just gonna add to fill in stroke for it on. I'm going to rename this shape there to circle, and I will choose a great color for it. Now, I will choose my selection tool by pressing agree, and I will move the circle in here right now. I want to copy the circle all over my screen on I can use duplicate, but I need her home 200 copies if I want to do that method. So what I can do right now is I can click on this tiny triangle in here and had menu I will add repeated for it. Now I can increase my copies on we have obsolete option in here to show you what it does If I move my circle in the middle of screen. As you see, if I changed my off it, it just moves circles and spread it to both sites. Now I can space them a bit by going into repeated transform on. I changed the position to give them a bit more space. Now have more circles vertically. I will add another repeater, and in a repeat of transform, I will change position for them and I will increase copies now to fix these gaps. I can come in lips path, and that will change the position to spread them all over the screen. Now the safety frame for position and then move time indicator. At the end, I would add another key frame there. So, as you see now, I have a moving background on. I can make these circles shine a bit by going into a stroke, and I can change a stroke with, and I can, sir, key friends for them. And if you're not good with expressions, you can use after fix presets by holding Ault and right click on stopwatch and then in here Goto property and then slick Look out that comes are not really good, and we're going to take a look at how we can choose a better color in next episode. 4. Lets create our first background: Now that we have a basic knowledge, let's create a simple background. So I'm gonna choose a rectangle toe. I am going to create a rectangle. Now if I bring rotation toe by pressing are on the keyboard. As you see, it rotates very weird, and it's because of the anchor point. I already explained the anchor point in my rubber hose reading class. Make sure you check that classes will, but roughly speaking a crippling refers to the center point of layer, and it affects how Layer would behave in terms of his transformations such a scam, bling rotation and so on. So if I select my anchor point toe and I bring this circle, which is sign of the anchor point to the middle of my shape layer now, as you see when I rotate my shape layer, it rotates correctly. And now let's add a repeated for our shape layer on. Let's give it a bit more space as well as fixing our shape decision and now Samos Last video. Let's set up a key thing for our position to give our practice a bit more motion Now. We had a problem last video, and it was We didn't really select good color for background on our background looking really awful. So there is a site called Coolers that come, and it's really easy to use on after you joined, which is completely free. You can hit the space bar to change color and make yourself a color paddle or copy calls to your after fix. Now, since I like these two colors, I'm skin locked them and I will press the space to generate more colors. Now let's start with a simple typography you can add. It takes to your background by selecting Type two in here. And since it's a skill sheriff class, I'm just contrite skill share. And now if I go toe my line tap, I can move my takes. If you don't have it, you can bring that up in window top. Now I am gonna put my text in the middle and I will fix its anchor point position. Then I will hit P to bring a position and it will hold. Shift Plus is to bring up a scale as well. Now I will just say basic key frame for them. I will move up to down as well as I school it from 0 200 now a couple of frames for work. I make my takes bigger. That will easy east. My key frames. Now, As you see, this is our first biker. 5. Instagram background: you can use your illustrated falls as a background, and in this video, we're going to create in cigarette background using this sort of layers. Now we need to bring up our layers to after fits, and it's important how we import our layer. If I go into far import and then I select trial again, I can import my abstract background. Now, after fix asks me if I want to move them as composition or village. You have to select composition if you are working more than one layer and make sure it's layer size, not the document size. Now, as you see in my project panel, I have my abstract backgrounds. I can click and drag it into my composition, and I can make it bigger by changing the scale property. So if I double click on my background, as you see, I have five layers over here on. If I select one of my layers and I go into edit menu, I clicked on indeed original. I can see my original illustrator file now, as you see in my illustrator, if I bring a player's topped by pressing F seven, each of my shape players are in separate there. And if we're struggling to find Victor for your projects, or you don't have time to make one, there is a cycle free peak. Very Condell know thousands off Victor's for free. I don't know that this one off the sites as well. So, for example, if I talked background in here, as you see, I have so many great backgrounds to download or even get inspiration from them. But when you are downloading a victor, it's important to prepare it correctly for after fits. For example, if I bring up the original fight that I downloaded off the side, as you see, all of our objects are into one layer. Andi that is not going toe help us on. As I navigate through these shapes, I need to make these shapes into aware instead of a group. So there's actually good to fix this problem. Let's say I want to turn these groups of objects into layer where I can do I can slick them and come here, and I can click on release to layer sequence, and then I can click and drag him out on bond. Let's treat these objects now as you see each shape there has its own layer, so back to after her face. Now it's timeto animosities. So I'm gonna hit P and then she plus are to bring a position in the rotation. Then in here, I will hit control plus lift Lee to change my time. Burr to frame, and I will just type 25 which is one second, and I am going to change our position as well as the rotation, and I am going to type positive 25 toe Add tone him five more frames to my current one, and I can copy my first key frame by pressing control Plus E and then paste it by pressing control plus week. Now let's press end to make our time indicator smaller so we can have faster preview and let's change our key frames to Easy's on this press you to bring up our key fame's. Now I can click out and stopwatch, and in Property panel, I will select Loop Act and I will right click in here and I select copy expressions on Lee and I paced expression by pressing control plus week. Now I will do this step for each layer, so basically from now, it's simple key framing. You can escape it if you want, but make sure you watch the end where I teach a new typography. So now that we are animated a background, it's time for typography. So I'm just going to draw a score in here, and I will rename it. But Priskin Inter. So right now what I have in my mind is I want to animate strokes for my square. To do that, I just hit this tiny trying Go on in add menu. I will add a dream path from my school. Now if I go into my dream path as you see, if I change the end, I can animate my stroke, and that will change the offset toe animate half of it, Nevil said. The key frame for the N value and I Eazy e's them out by pressing F nine. Then I will duplicate this ray tango by pressing control plus D and insurance from Panel. I wrote 880 degrees. Now this ad, it takes to our shape I will write skill share and in character panel, I will change the phone type to something that I like. Well, right now. It didn't work because I didn't send text. Let's move it a bit to the center, fix its anchor point position, and then let's make it bigger in here. Then we will fix its position by going into a light up. Now let's add a pass ity for ticks and in range selector. Let's bring down capacity to zero. Then, as you see, I can animate it letter by letter and you can change the offset to rebuild. It takes from right to left instead, off left, right. So I'm just gonna set a key frame for them. And then we will preview our animation. And yet that's how you animate a list writer five. 6. Presentation background: Well, sometimes let's say you have a presentation or you have a client that gives you tons of takes to make a project out of it. For example, For me, I had insurance company who wanted to swim one of the health insurance benefit to their audience, and they want to send it to national TV, and they're really insisted half the rescript showing on screen. So what I did was something similar like this. So let's bring a set of Victor on this, Important as a footage, since it's not what we're focusing right now on this, restaurants are layers, so it doesn't lose quality by clicking on this icon in here. Now, in our fix and pieces, tap this integrating ramp for biker as you see my backyard changed to two colors and I can change color position by clicking on east circles and move them wherever I want. So I'm gonna place one off them in here on the end, one in here and you can change the grade Ian type in here as well. So let's has two colors that come on, get a color for ourselves. Now let's paste them in here, and I will put my stock from in here and I said a key frame for it, Then I will move them. I press you to see my key frames. Then I will copy my first key frame and I paste it here. Now. As you see, I have a moving background. This is really good type of background for presentations, and you can make it even better by adding a small shapes to. 7. 4-Color-Gradient typography : OK, now it's time to learn about four color Grady in I already explained to color Radiant. Now, in this video, we're going to animate. It takes using four color Grady in. So let's just change our background color to black. Now I'm gonna press control plus T to bring up text to and make sure you have your folks both on all caps. Options like it now That's right. Skill Share on line into the middle. Now let's go to a fixed on preset tap on this just type for color. Grady on Let's drag it to our ticks. Now it has same sittings as to color Grady, in that we have talked massive ism. So let me just just my color handles and I will change my text color. So now it's just animals are takes by adding a pass ity inanimate, and let's bring down capacity to zero as well as we said, a key frame for stock value. Now it's just easy. Easy are key frames now. Make sure nothing is selected and in animate menu had a tracker for it now, said a key frame for tracker and expend your takes as much as you want. And right now I have a problem on its If I expend my text, it's not gonna be central nine anymore. And I will fix that by going into transform panel and I will say key frame from my position . So this just put my first chief aiming here and then we move a couple of frames forward. Now I can go into my mind Tap and I clicked on center to create the second key frame as well as I landed perfectly. Now just add a bit more lighting by using fast calorific. So just on your effects stop Just type fast bowler hat to show you what it does if I drag it on my main school shirt takes as you see just face away so I can fix that by duplicating it and then put the effect on the duplicate one 8. Creative Design 1: so far. We try to learn basic things in order to create a simple background. Now it's time for creativity design. Well, what I mean by that is in this video, I am going to try to use most common things that the designer use in order to create a background. So first thing that we do now is we are going toe animate a box on our typography. I'm going to right click on in. You just click on shape layer and I am just going to add a red tango on Let's choose a solid stirrup for it and then scale it up a big right now. It's too small on 900. It seems to be fine. I will choose 1100 I'll tell you one in a second. So this is our folks. Let's just rename it but pressing Mentor. Now it's time to add a typographic, so I'm just gonna type skill share on for the settings. I like the form that I'm using with it right now, so I'm not gonna change it now This line into the center by going to line menu on this fix its anchor point positions Well, now let's animate both. So I'm gonna go into the box panel and I will add a tree path. Now let's put the end value to zero and put a key frame on end on about the offset I would bring the officer to minus 19 in one second. Then I will just moved him for his forward and said the officer, two Minds 80 and I will sit the end value 200 as well. Right now, it seems really good, but we need to add more motion to it. So I am going to use the rotation and skill property toe. Add more motion to my box on before that. This change our key friends to Eazy E's by pressing F nine and I am going to press you to bring up or key frames. Then I will hold are the night press shift. Plus is to bring up a skill property as well. So in that way I can see all of my key frames. Now let's put a key frame of my rotation property, and what I want to do is I want to wrote in the book's from 45 degree to zero as well, as I scale it down a bit now it's just easy. Ease off key friends, but pressing F nine and now this preview our animation. Oh, it's good. Yeah, it's a nice Now I am going to select my skill ship takes on in admin You I am goingto add a position for it in range selector. I'm going to set a key frame for any value from 0 to 100. And as you see, nothing is happening because we still need to do one more step. So I am going to select my text layer on. I will bring it down to here. And then I said position property to 200 loops minus 200. Sorry. So this see our animation? Well, right now we have a problem on its Arctic Slayer is showing from beginning, So I need to do something about it. Well, I can hide it by using mess and metrics to do that, make sure nothing is selected, and then this cover our text layer by drawing a red tango on this is rename it to mask. So what I want to do right now is I want to tell the after a fake that hide everything that is inside this box on Revealed wants to get out of the box. And I can do that by using metrics. You could access the matter right by right clicking in here on column section, said moats. And keep in mind that their order matters Always mass layers should be on top of the layer that you want to hike or evil. And if you're working with more than one layer, just make sure you pre composed them first. Then use the metric. So now in the metric panel, if I select the Alfa Matt, it will reveal what is inside the box on High Sport is outside the books on what I really want At this point, I really want the opposite. So I'm just gonna set it off for Hubert. Now, this preview, our animation again. Still, we need to add more motion toe our animation so it looks interesting. I'm just consider my Pento will add a stripper as well as I do feel up for it on this city District attorney and I will draw lying in here. So let's rename it to life on. I don't like the ageism Let's make them around it by going into accountant than stroke. And in here we can change it to round kept so right one. Right now I want 2000 copies off these lines up and down. I can use duplicate option again making 2000. Copus is gonna take my time. Probably my absolutely is doing crash at some point. So there is a fair solution for our problem. This in our fix and presets tablets just type C c reptile on. I will drop it to my life. Now, As you see, I can make as many as copies that I want to each direction. So I'm just gonna expand it up on downsides now to tell you what is in my mind right now, I want to create 1/2 circle and I want to move these lines in that circle. So to do that, I need another mess. So let's hide everything by clicking on these little lying here on this click on transparency in here. So we have a composition background. Now this shoes are meant to on remove thes struck and had a feel for it. Now I am going to put a point in here. And then I will hold shift to make another point in her. The naval hold often shift had occurred like this. I'm going to put appointing here. Okay, That is a nice house circle. It's a bit big, but we will resize it later on. Now just stream it some school rotated and place it up corner. Now let's make everything else visible again, and I am going to use my tractor. Hi, nice. Which are outside the box. And I'm going to add a position kid to my life, and I will move them up and I'm just gonna just must get a bit more. And then why I am going to change my key frames to Eazy e's now this preview. Well, now I still need to add more motion. This time. I want toe try and go. So this just closed these panels. So I'm just going to new shape near and this is rename it by pressing. Enter on this at a police star and make it visible by adding field and stroke to it. And this Just move it there on this at a feel for it and remove a stroke on it. on this district used the point. So we have a triangle on this. Add a ruler to make our movement beat more accurate so I can access it by going into view on Ruler Or I can press control. Plus are to bring that up and I am going to click and drag it from top to down. Well, let's make our triangle a bit bigger. And what I want right now is I want to move this triangle when the Box nine connect to each other. So this just said a key frame for position and move it up a bit. But before that, let me just rearrange my triangle a bit more on this change the key friends too easy, easy as usual on now. This time, let's go to the graph Editor on this pool is handled right, so it moves a bit faster. Now let's preview again. Well, it's good, but it still can be better. Since this object is moving, you can marry Dr Faraday. So, in your effect panel, just type drop shadow. I'm not just to show you what it is. I am going to change distance. So you see the black try and go and I can change its direction in direction. Panel Let's just give it a more visible color and I will just my shadow a bit more. Now, another cool thing that we can do is that we can add emotion, blood. So to show you what is the motion blur? I'm going toe activity, but pressing thes coin bottles in here and then the active deplore function in here. Now, as this even this triangle moves, It has some kind of shadow with it, which makes it look better. Now I'm school duplicate my triangle by pressing control crusty, and I will move the second triangle to my right side and for this fixed date handles position, but grabbing them and move it here. Okay, this preview again Next. But triangles are in the way of my books. I need to hide them by using match right again. Since I want to use my track on one layer, I am going to make these triangles into one layer by pre composed them. So I am going to press control, plus shift plus C to pre composed them. Now I drop massed on top of them. That will put it on offer, Enberg. But Mask is still a bit big, so I need justice. Okay, Now, I would draw on X letter where the's triangles move and let me go to my pinto on in here. The sister o line, the location. You to set a stroke and feel for it. I'm just gonna fix that. And this. Rename it this will. I'm just gonna go into content shape one. As you see, this little circle is for shape on anchor point on. I will place it in the middle. The novel duplicated. So in this way you have a line shape on. You will do less for comfort too, if you want to. Just duplicated separately on now let's bring back the ruler and changed the lies to rounded cap. And now in content Duplicate shape one by pressing control plus t. Well, now let's rotate shape to for like 45 or 19. I think 19 is great. Yes, that's That's a great one. I know this is just the entire shape anchor point and said it scale on rotation key frame for it. So I am going to rotate it one time and I will scale it from 0 to 100. - Well , really nice. I never was at a tree. Bastard. Well, right now you have fading together on I can make it individual by changing this simultaneously option to individual on now was duplicated and move towards on my right side . Okay, now let's create a few more shapes for ages. So let's create a circle. So again, that's just going to new shape on this added lips on which is gonna rename it as also animals stroke to it on this, put the stroke to 10. No, I am straight to rearrange it as Villa's eyes kill it up a bit and then let's duplicate it and make the 2nd 1 small as well as taker and, well, wait a second. I just got another ideas. This It's a creativity class, and I already used hunts off dream past. Let's do something else this time. I'm just gonna change the color for both of these circles, so let's just give it a yellowish color. Andi. Let's give the another circle orange color, and I will start a skill key frame for the yellow circle, and I would pace it for the other circle So basically these two shapes are mirth. Now we'll make another copy, but President Control plus D on I was killed as well as changing the core. Now I will add a train path through it and I will set the key frame to the end value as well as I change the offset. Now instead, off using glow effect, I can use this drop shadow effect to give it a with more liking. So I'm just gonna drop a drop shadow. Think on. I will use these eye dropper to to change the color on. I will increase the self nous to give it more lighting. Now I'm just gonna make another copy and I will put it on my right side on. I'll do get it one more time and I will put it in a corner. - Now I will pre composed the circles by going toe. Very your recompose or I will use the shortcut was control policy. Now I need to change the color for my circles. Well, right now I just need to offset them. But just dragging my compositions on you can still add more things to it but sees this video is already two time, I will not do it. So this is your practice for right now. Try to add more shapes to it and try to make it look cooler. And make sure you post this project for into form so we can see them. 9. 3D background : Okay, now it's sounding Title treaty bathrooms There are really popular right now. So before we start this change our background color just to make our triangles more visible . Since I don't, he's back later. I can hide it. But Canon Sharp there. Yeah, Andan active, shy function in here. Now it's time to fix our anchor point. I will move the anchor points in down off each side and I will tell you why in a second now , as you probably know in order to make a layer treaty, I can collect on this cube in here. Now, as you see my nearest turn into treaty and 1/2 3 pointers, one of them is off the screen, which we can see it, but we will animate our rotation keep based on it. So if I press are to bring the rotation at a nice era rotation key at 90 degrees much will s and then I wrote it. Zero. As you see, we have this popping up Perfect. Now this makes our time doing bigger. Or I can press still them a keyboard toe Pay my time. Night, Charlie. On now I can turn my key friends to Easy's. Now, instead of creating mass to remove trying those I can offset my layers, so I'm just going to click and drag them frame by frame on. As you see, it removes the trying those as well as makes them look better. So now this animal are rumbles, so instead off using trim pass. Since it has a feel color, I can use linear right to do that. Just go to your effects and preset tap on type, lean your weight and then dragging into Rambus and then set a key frame on transition completion that changes are feel color. I can change wife angles on added feeder to it to make it more realistic. - Now this added drops out of effect to these yellow triangles. I see this background color is kind of yellowish. I have to change. My drop fell car up, so let's make it something more visible. Same for the other one. Okay, now I'll still think I offered them a bit two months. I'm just gonna bring them back a bit now. It's good, but still we need to add more motion. Toe are triangles, so I can do that by adding your legal effect. So I'm just gonna take will go and I will put my real effect one of my triangles. Now, as you see, it starts to go. So I'm just gonna do this is step for all of my triangles. But keep in mind, you can use other Regal's fake as well, so just try to use them as much as you can. - Now , this animal our lines. So, yes, I retreat path on. I can set a key frame when, like triangle appears same as for the next one. - Now let's do this for the last night and this change the office at this time so it doesn't look like others. Now it's time to animate straight nights. But first, let me move some of our lives position because there are just overlapping too much. With this Ryan balls on this one. I can click and start here, too. So what? It's layer so I can see better and concentrate on a better. Anyway, this preview Well, this time, instead of dream pass, I'm just going to put the anchor points in here, and I will set a key frame for my skill property. It does the same thing that dream past us. But since it's creativity class, I just want to mention that you can do this. Seven. Well, either way, I'm still gonna need a dream path because I want to fade it from down to up. So that was just a way to show you. Anyway, Let's do this step for other lines. - Okay , Nice. Now let's add a simple typography, Tor remembers on this time. Let's just make it simple. I am going to draw a mosque on top of it. I will send it to all for invert, and then I animate position keys on. Here's the final preview. Oh, well, that is how you can animate a treaty background.