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Backend, Web and Mobile Testing - Learn Basics in 40 minutes

Ozan İlhan, Senior Software Tester & Teacher

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10 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Backend Testing

    • 3. API Testing

    • 4. Api Testing with Postman

    • 5. Web Application Testing

    • 6. Web Application Inspect

    • 7. Web Application Testing Practice

    • 8. Mobile Application Testing

    • 9. Mobile Testing Practice

    • 10. Backend, Web and Mobile Testing Practice


About This Class

   We are going to learn and practice Backend , Web and Mobile application testing. This lesson is useful for you if you have an interest in Software Testing and would like to understand how to perform testing. 

   While learning backend testing, we will use POSTMAN tool which is commonly used by many software companies. 

   Learning these concepts is critical to getting a job as a Software Tester or any positing in the IT industry. 

   After this lesson, you will have a good understanding of all types of software testing. 

Let's get started!


1. Introduction: Hey guys, in this Listen, we're going to learn and practice Web Mobile and by contesting this lesson created for beginners at the end, you'll a good understanding off Sophia testing and have to perform this testing types. Let's get started. 2. Backend Testing: in this video, we're going talk about ICANN testing. We will start learning the technical part off the testing on a system that runs behind user interface. Leicester's What is Big Contest? Inc. A typical Web application has three layers Front end user interface. Was this logic on the database? Testing The front end involves validating those parts off the application that are visible to the end user, for example, forms Mainers navigations. Exactly. It's so so long as you're testing they can. Testing, on the other hand, deals with all those elements. That user can see this miss validating the application's database and a P I that represent its business logic. A pair testing is one off the case, so fear tester skills, which nowadays most of the company's records. It's a bit challenging at the beginning. But please don't worry. You won't be no technical background. You will learn it in a short time. What is a P I testing AP? I stands for application program interface and a P I is an intimated layer in a software system that is responsible for the data communication between the data source and the graphical user interface. That user see in other averts, the A P I. Is the business layer off the so fear that creates a connection between the presentation layers on the data later AP eyes and hence user experience and make developers life easy. They connect different competence, often application in a micro service, aka Picture a piece glued together different models, each having a separate database and Inter place. This means they can't function independently and provide a higher up time. Imagine the banking application where the user can see a list off bank accounts on front end. Behind that, there can be a multiple AP eyes. The application used to show data on the page, for example, on a p A. To fetch all active users account want a P A to fetch in active users accounts, one a p I to delete an account and so on. Now they're lookers often create their APS by writing a piece. First, advanced divisions Logic is ready. A visa, a user interface around it, creating user experience by testing at the A P I layer, you can find logic related parts much earlier and fix them for a fraction off course. The main benefits off a pair testing. You can start testing before the front end is ready and fix Logical. Eight bucks, my shipper. The score bucks that can damage other products and business processes. If you're a P, I is public. Increase the test coverage and its accuracy. You cannot direction test to ensure that the recent changes didn't break your AP ice and the system using them. That's it. When you work with AP Ice, you will need to have a basic understanding off rest ful and points the next video. We'll content learning a pair testing and issue Tippett metals. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in Mexico, Auriol. 3. API Testing: in this video, we're going talk about a P I testing less than every time you make a call to a server. It makes an constant. Isn't a pair of Crist a pair testing in most sending a prayer requests and chicken their response? There are specific metals used for FBI testing in his should be met out. All calls have response And said Scott, http since courts help identify the cause off the problem when a webpage or other source doesn't look properly when the local defiance AP eyes he identifies that which http metal can be that, for example, to see this off the bank accounts, you can only a low get rid medals. It will prevent future mistakes. When you create an application, what does an AP test look like? The a p I. You know, this is the haixi TP request for invoking a particle or a P A. For example, a pair for looking functionality. If it's your structure, is mobile user Logan and your domain Europe is http domain that come then the a p A girl to invoke the A p I from Roeser tools will be http domain that com slash mobile slash user slash looking initiative Medals in the case Off rest for repairs. They use Haitian chicken metals to qualify the A price based on the type of coal made to the server. For example, most get exactly the post metal sent stated to the server while the get meddled Fetch the data back from social a lot. This defines the structure or the model off in potato, which is to be supplied today, for example, because the blow data structure for looking a p I user name string passport, string device I d string and a talk in history. This is the payload. Have you made them a peacoat? You're Crist. Sample data. This contents the actual input data, which is passed on the A P I. As a payload. You can have as many Tous case as you want. Based on this sample data for Logan, scenario the sample day that might look like this device. I d talk in another language. Let's should expect results. Response called. This represents the response called off the A P. I request 200. Okay. Should be response called off successful a prayer request. Their other response coach such as 400 metre cast. 401 unauthorized 403 forbidden 400 for that formed 500 internal server error. Exactly. It will be useful if you could not come. The response called off the AP from the output consul off the AP testing toe response. The result message for each input. There might be different AP output success messages. You need to figure out the corresponding response messages and took him on them in your test cases. Some off the messages for Logan. FBI will be success Inactive account in both Passport user not found. In what advice Idea An error response result. Simple. This is the output data for each off the input data combinations. You will need this data to be ableto validate against actual output from the AP results. Example for a successful logon operation is result. Sexes and data will include idea email created at and some more information. Let's go through all the history medals. The initiative to get my thought is used to read or re trip a representation author resource in the happy or not Vera pads get returns representation in XML or Jason, and they should be responsible off 100 okay. In an earlier case, it most often returns 404 not found or 400 bed request. So imagine when an application wants to read a field from a database. It will use an A p I with ADM adult. This won't make any change just to turn a data to the application. The post work is most often utilise to create any resources in particular, it's used to create some ornate resources. In other words, when creating any resource host to the parent. And the service takes care of associating the neighbor source with the prince assigning and I d. Resource, you're right exactly On successful creation, it returns his stepsister to Standard one. Returning a location. Heather, with a link to the neighborhood created Resource with the 200 won his stupid status. So imagine application wants to make some changes in the database, for example, creating any of user name so it will call on a P I with post methods and at user information in this metal. This will create any of user in the database with the provided information what is most often utilized for update capabilities, putting a non resource your eye with the request buddy containing the needle updated representation off the original resource on successful update. It returns 200 or 200 for, if not returning any content in the body from a put. So imagine you have a user in your application and you want to update his home address. You will need to call an A P I. We put metal and at NIH abuser address in that court, it will update users address with the name of the parietal. Really, it spreads easy to understand that the league medals it is used to dilate a resource. I didn't fight by a year on successful delish In it returns http Status plundered Okay, along with the response body, perhaps the representation off the dilated item. So if you want to delayed a user in your application for the user wanted plate, it's only count the application will make an A P. I called with delete meddled and the user will be deleted from the database. That's it in next story away, we will have practice about a P I testing and make testicles by using postman application. Hussman is one of the most popular tools for a pair testing with more than five million testers using it regularly. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in Equatorial. 4. Api Testing with Postman: in this video, we're going to talk about a PR testing and learn how to use post mental and perform riel testicles. Lester Horseman is a powerful history big client for testing Web services. It makes it easier test developed and document I piece by allowing users to quick the put together both simple and complex. Http requests. Let's practice about https calls and learn how to use postman for a pair testing. They start with the installation and after see how we can use post month are from simple headship requests. Please open any browser and go go postman. This is a postman website, so click get started and you can immediately download Postman. It's free to use for individuals so you don't need to pay any money. Just police click, download and go through the installation process. After you finish the installation, I will show you how the dashboard looks like and how we can perform. Simple fish tickles. This is what you see. Value complete post installation. Here you can create a request, create the collection and there are different options In this video. I will show you have to create a request so police click request you consider of untitled through coast and if you could, can get you can see a different recipe calls, get post put patch delete and some others theory of her matter. Key field value on description. If you're on point, needs more parameter, you can easily at it, so if you click send, it will give us our records. Ural is empty, so we need the request your l to be able to make a twinkle. To understand better, I will lose a free A P I, which is provided by popping better. There are lots off public AP ICE, which you can use for testing and to have a better understanding about and pickles. So again, this gold bro, Sir Google, rather a P I, and you will see the open weather map. That or group said this quick and complete silence. After you sign up, you will receive mail about your own FBI key and details. So director email and police check the message. Here's the mail, which I received from open weather map. They send my key and an example a pickle. You will also receive the same. So police copied the example. AP I call open the postman and paste it toe get field. It will automatically recognize the keys and the values for this kid in this euro be sent que it used to London UK on this specific I d which is created for your user and it later toe access there a price. So in this coal which is get you want to read a field from their data raise perimeter is London UK So we will ask a weather for London UK Let's see what will be the response here. You can see we made the first get cold to their servers and we received a response, including the court nuts the weather, the beast temperature information on the city information You can change the Cuban you toe get a weather data for any cities. This is freely provided by this company for individual users. So police change of value and check your own countries. Rather, you see, I typed, I'm seldom and they immediately get Amsterdam's better if we check the headers. Horseman is handling the headers for us. You can see this field state content type, content link, connection sketch key and some other informations. If you who are any off the field, you will see the explanation and will understand what that means. Applications are making held off his ship calls like this 33 of data and show on their user interface. Now that's making invalid to call and see the response. So I put for you as AMC, which is not the Wallet City, and the response is funded for Signet found, because this an error case, we get affronted for not found from their servers. If I want to save this cold, I can't click on the same bottom. I can't shows any collections here and save it for later use. When you will test the FBI's, it is important structure your work. Imagine you will make maybe hundreds off unique APEC calls. You're a chance to save them and raised them when you will need it, it will save a lot off them. That's it for no a pair Testing is all new era, an important skill for every software testers. You don't know everything by heart, but it's important to learn about our history pickles and have to perform a single page to get called. Like what we did in this video, you will learn a lot once you start working on the real project. Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next tutorial. 5. Web Application Testing: in this video, we're going to talk about the application testing. Let's start No. This every company, even a small grocer store, has its own website. The application testing is crucial for a lot of wet site toe. Increase their quality and serve millions off Years of Imagine that you want to buy clothes online for a rupture. Really use of Upset, which has an error on the main page. I will not. Of course we have application Testing simply is testing a platform. For example, you dummy are using specific grocers like Group for Testing. You will use the design models and methodologies, which we learned in the previous section. Website testing is very hard due to high complexity. It might look simple to open a website and use it, but think about the different variations and environments. For example, bro Sis, which brother would use, Let's say crow, which version of chrome you will just Okay, we got her Broza, which is to criticize. There are hundreds off them. What type of intern connection When paper from Web application testing, we should always constant the variations and high risk areas. Self. The best practice for application testing. No your users. If you have access to antics data, check what grocer they use more and which type of device they used to access the Web application. You should try to choose the correct environment test by knowing your users go out of the box. All this concert that edge cases. Most of the users don't have fast laptops, fast Internet connections. All this perform a test with the slow connections and device, you can easily see him let with Fritos Cross browser testing all this test application on multiple grocers. Blame me. Almost all developers there look the application on one Brazil. Crumb is the most popular, and I find most off the bucks off other browsers. Test your application also on fire folks, and H if you have an extra time explode. A good tester should be all this chorus when you open a Web application. Firstly, go through all the pages. Click old wings, perform a smoke Testing. It will help you to emulate the features and functionality off the Web application. In a short run off them, you'll find your first bucks very quickly afterwards. It will be much easier to write these cases and plant tasting authorities usability. Don't forget that some of the users can have visual or hearing problems. It's a good practice to check the website on different reservations. Toby. Sure, that Web application can handle different secret sizes, and all users will have a great experience. It's a good practice to the Walk Responsive Websites, which means that Web application will be comfortable on different screen sizes and mobile screens. That's it. Web application testing is an important part off or job. In the next video, we will learn half years. Bro sir, Inspect to have a better understanding off the Web applications. Afterwards, we will have a life practice session. Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next tutorial. 6. Web Application Inspect: Hey, guys, in this video, we're going to talk about Web application inspector. Let's start what is inspect. Inspect is a tool which comes with your brother to her. Better understanding or Web applications. We can always use Inspect, which is part of, or grosso function open. Inspect. You can click the F 12 button or right click on the screen and Joe's inspect. They see how to use on a brother. Now police open any browser and director, so fear. Testing massacres dot com This is the website, which I create for this course now. Police press after off agency Inspect sections or it opened. Inspect is a really handle for testing. There are many options like elements, console, source, network and mark. If you click the arrow button and who are on any element on the browser, you will immediately see and edit the court behind website. I just see if I click here. This spot is the classic which represent here, so if I press elite bottom, it will disappear immediately. Is this enough? There is like in here off course, disappear on Lee for this section. If I refresh the page, it will appear again now please click Total device Tolbert Agency. Now we can see full grocer if you click on it again. This is a small device for you. This is a really handy function. Test your Web application on different sides of browsers and devices. You can immediate the change the secret size and see how your application will work. If you click here as you see, there are many other device options. For example, pixel toe is the largest screen, so you can test your application on different screen sizes. It will really make your job much easier this constant that know this. Most of the people are using their phones to Bro's websites. Your website should be comfortable with different screen sizes. Personally, Every time I test a mobile application, I always use dysfunction and click almost all of the different screen sizes. Did you see? We can quickly check that or application works on men devices. Now let's check the consul section in this party will be able to see consul errors behind the page. In most off the cases, these errors in consequence off different issue and Mr Salt I always discussed this with their looker and ask if something been to face. Currently, we don't have any council error, just one warning which is mixed content. The errors are highlighted with threat, so you will immediately realize that there is something wrong with your website. Now let's check network. You will see all the calls Website makes the order the learned different back and calls in previous videos. But important to understand that website his user interface which shown to the user and has a beckoned which holds some business logic. With this network section, we can understand deeper about the website and sometimes can detect and identify issues much easier. Yes, you can see. So if the calls on the status is 200 which means it was successful, that's it for application testing, it is important to know how to use and rate inspect. I can assure you that it will help you a lot, understand and perform testing at a better level. There are other options on inspect, which is not very useful for functional testing. Police Let me know if you have any question. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in next tutorial 7. Web Application Testing Practice: Hey, guys, in this video, we're going to practice with application testing. What is practice? You can use any bro's real ones. Police open in a browser and director. So if you're testing masterclass dot com slash web application testing, I create the space for discourse to practice the application testing. So police go through the screen and try to find some bucks. Afterwards, we will write a book report together. The first thing I will do is click in a different places, and I can see there some buttons, more testing, and they're more. Let's click on them. Nothing happens if I click on this two buttons, all I can see that Rosa has a hash, which means that the Spartans are not located toe any link. So both off the buttons has miss inklings, so this is really measure back also, they're not off your eye bugs, which you can also report. This picture is not aligned with the others. This button has truncated borders and much more. Now let's write the book report togethers. Let's open the but complete, which I attached in the previous video. Yes, Mel P in this park is a really critical one because the buttons has missing. Going summary is but as having single ings I think, happens when I click on them. After a step to reproduce or steps are, firstly, open the website and direct a Web testing page. Second is click on learn more or more testing buttons, expect results. Buttons should have linked attached to them and actually result is learn more and more. Testing buttons has no link attached or back. Title is a Samos or extra result. This also have an attachment for this shoot. You can use any tool you want to take a screenshot. Personally, I am using tool calls. Wanna snap or secretion is ready? Let's put in our report. That's it. Or back Apart is ready. Web application testing is really important. And to get a job in Sofia testing, you should have sought understanding about it. Police open your favorite website and try to find the buck. It is impossible to have 100 person buck free Web sites, so I'm sure that you will catch some bucks and you can even report them. Directed to the website at me, they will appreciate for their efforts. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in next tutorial 8. Mobile Application Testing: in this video, we're going to talk about mobile application testing less than everywhere you look today. People are on their force whether they are using to talk with friends, checking the weather on their right out the door, ordering food or simply posting to Facebook. People are using mobile devices from sun up to sundown. Usage off mobile apps has grown exponentially over the past five years. And as the demands for mobile dogma rise, so does need for mobile testing. 84 persons off those companies who are not currently building more about APS than to enter this space in the near future, more than 50 person off users are bleeding and mobile up if they encounter just a single back. Nearly future person off apps are downloaded and use just fonts. From that, you can see the importance off mobile testing for company sexists. Mobile application testing is a challenging, mostly because off different operation systems are years and under it screen sizes and resolutions. We use orphans in many different places. Tom connect the high speed WiFi when we were walking on the region and sometimes in the metro where no connection exists, tickle the complexity we should always think about the most efficient way to test application. Let's see some off the best practices for mobile application. Vesting some of the best practices for mobile application testing test on real devices. While emulators and simulators are really useful in testing in the early stages off the woman the application needs to protest is sufficiently on actual devices. Toe testing on real devices ensures that's results are realistic and gives a tester a better idea regarding the look and feel off the application At its general usability. Choose your device and operation system before testing. There are thousands of different under IT devices and tens of different IOS devices in the market. When you test your company's application. All this choose the device feature customers using, for example, iPhone seven year standard. If we don't have this information shows the most common devices in the market. You can access this data. Why a simple Google search? Always think about edge cases. Imagine you're a phone user and use the application while walking. Probably, you will have a slow Internet connection. Scientists and application in the office don't use on the WiFi. Also test your application on a slow connection. Check butter consumption. Power hungry EPS most likely to get deleted. Be sure to check how much better your application consumes, even if you realize thats one's heart and reported it can be a good start off the investigation. Also from mobile phone settings, you can see how much battery that consumes all this. Check. If your application supports horizontal mort, you can catch out off visual issues by just turning your phone. Nine degrees. What are the types off mobile applications? Native Applications Net Tuapse is told from Application Store like under its Google play and Apple's APP store. The application which comes is still into our devices, and Ron is known as an ideal application, for example, Facebook and was up. Rep. Application Web applications run from Mobile. The grocers like chrome Firefox Opara suffering exactly using mobile network, or WiFi. For example, m that engage that come and that amazon dot Co Harvard Application. Herbert APS Our commissions off, native up and the better. They can run on devices or offline and are written using Web technologies like HTML five and CSS. For example. EBay's a good example. Off fabric application. That's it. Mobile testing is on demand profession, and it's always beneficial to know how to perform mobile test. Also, you will have a high chance to find the freelance job as a mobile software tester. Many companies hired mobile testers to use their applications remotely. In the next video, we'll practice mobile testing on real devices. I created a video for Under it and I response. Let's prepare your mobile device and get rid to learn more about mobile testing. Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next tutorial. 9. Mobile Testing Practice: Hey, guys, in this video, we're going to practice mobile testing. You will need to use animal by the ways it can be an underweight or iPhone. Let's make radio device. Before we continue. I will use an android device for Tesic, lest Earth, not police open and mobile grocer's. Now you can see my mobile device cream and directo. So if you're testing, must circulars dot com slash mobile testing bug bounty here Now you can see the fooling. I created this page for this course. There are many bugs on the screen so that police stop the video and try to find some shoes . Afterwards, we will write the back for one off this year. I hope you find some of shoes. So if you check the Facebook manner under that, you can see followers on instagram strength. This sent incorrect strength. Probably develop Rios Incorrect Resource Money Crisis Page. Well, because of the Facebook title 40 50 there are much more issues on this page. You can report other issues also, but now let's create a bug report. What priority is medium, since it's not a critical functional book summary is under Facebook section. Follow us on Twitter is written. Substrate produce director testing websites mobile backbone to screen and second is scroll down and observe the Facebook section. Expect result is Facebook should have correct string bluff and actually result is Facebook section has incorrect string blow or buck title ease, but Bond screen Facebook section has incorrect string blow. That's it. You wrote a great back, apart or develop. We will fix this issue immediately. So now let's go back to our mobile devices. We should also test the webpage on horizontal mode. All this to your device and see if you find in other issues. He's just see now my devices on horizontal mode. I can see that or title is not aligned correctly when or devises horizontal. You can also submit it this issue and they're much more. That's it. No, this. Most of the websites are reached by mobile devices. We care a news or device errors. That's why mobile testing should always have a high priority on any website. Project police continue practicing and try to find more bucks on this page. Now you can test any Web site on your mobile device. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in next tutorial 10. Backend, Web and Mobile Testing Practice: in this video, we're going to practice back and Web and mobile testing and improve our knowledge while answering some questions you can order. Answer some of the questions by yourself. I will explain all dance worse. Lester. What are the taps off mobile applications now? Let's stop the video and transportation. Let's solve it together. As we learned in the mobile application testing video. Well, well application types are native applications with applications and hybrid applications. Let's call the next exercise. What are the most common issues seen in Web testing. Now please stop the video and think about some of the most common issues. After we solve it. Please continue the video to see my salvation. Let's answer together. The following issues may crop up when you do. Web testing functional issues. Problems that oak your while navigating an application. Usability issues like broken links from field missing, the port focus that key not working and all keyboard shortcuts. Not fully functional cosmetic and user interface issues. Performance issues such as how much time it takes to display the page to the user load issues. How much would an application can handle at any point in time, Stress load that causes an application to crash. The flow of data storing off information entered by the user in the correct format and progress of the information is not displayed along with text field toe enter data. There can be different answers for these questions. I think it will be enough if you already know a couple of the items. But I show in this presentation let's call the next exercise. What are the Haitian tipper request and history response? Police Stop the video and try to answer. We learned hash Tipper request and response in back and testing video. Let's unsorted discussion together and his stockbrokers. Metal is made up off four components records. My thought get host would dilate Lucas to your right. The Ural off the resource Locust heather except language except including user agent host Request Body. This is a data to be sent to the resource and his ship response Metal is made up off three competence response to this court. It can be 203 101 404 500 he said. The most common Waas response header fields date server, Last modified content. That and the response body. This is the data that comes back to the client from the server. Let's go to the next exercise which things to consider Testing a mobile application through black box technique. Police stopped the video and try to answer this question. You order learn black box techniques and also mobile application in this section. After you solve it, you can continue the video to see my solution. Let's solve it together. You should always consider by testing your application on multiple devices by changing the port and I'd be others is to make sure the device is getting connected and disconnected properly by making calls and sending messages to other devices by testing a rep application on different mobile browsers like chrome fire folks, Oprah and often exactly let's go to the next exercise. What this field validation in back testing. Now police stop the video and tried to solve the creation. Afterwards, we will answer it together. Field Politician is done to ensure that the user enters on the correct data in the fields Present on any webpage, we can select a variety off validation options that depends on the type off data. Using my enter into the field, you can also ask to display an error message. If the user enters and incorrectly, for example, you can set an option to make it mandatory for the user to enter value. In the field house, an error message is displayed. It performs state of validation like email field must contain the data in email at amended . Confirm it. That's it. Now we have a better understanding off different testing platforms. Please don't worry if you struggle to answer some of the questions and please read X ray sources I have added in this course in time, you will have solid knowledge about software testing. It is really important to understand I can't Web and mobile testing to be successful in this field. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next tutorial.