Backdrop Essentials- Create a powerful backdrop for your live streams and videos. | Melanie Falvey | Skillshare

Backdrop Essentials- Create a powerful backdrop for your live streams and videos.

Melanie Falvey, Beautiful surroundings make us happier.

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    • School of Style for Entrepreneurs Intro

    • Hi and welcome!

    • Backdrop essentials Lesson 1

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    • Project Task 1 Backdrop Essentials Course

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About This Class

Can you relate to any of these questions?


At the School of Style for Entrepreneurs, you will learn how to create a work space that makes you feel more creative and productive.

Your work space affects your mood and performance, learn the do´s and dont´s when it comes to organising and decorating it.

I firmly believe that:


I tech entrepreneurs how to get their office or space to work for them and not against them.

You office is a powerful tool. Learn how to enhance it.

In this Backdrop Essentials Course , you will learn specifically how to:

  • What a BACKDROP is.
  • Why you need one.
  • How to easily create the best one for your business.
  • A backdrop is one of the most POWERFUL marketing tools you can use in your videos and photos.

Support during the course via email : [email protected]  or in our Facebook group. (recommended)

As a BONUS for taking this course, I would like to invite you to Get Free Resources for your Biz. Tools, tips, courses, materials, updated monthly to help you in your business.





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Melanie Falvey

Beautiful surroundings make us happier.

I firmly believe that beautiful surroundings make us happier, more creative and productive.

My name is Melanie Falvey and I am on a mission to make your life more beautiful.

In the School of Style you will learn ho to create beautiful spaces for your home or business.

I will be sharing all my tips and tricks of the trade as a professional designer and stylist.

Lesson will be simple and fun. I will be sharing all my secrets in step by step instructions that you can ...

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