Backbone.js Breakdown #1: Novice to Knowledgeable | Michael Gallagher | Skillshare

Backbone.js Breakdown #1: Novice to Knowledgeable

Michael Gallagher, Full-stack Architect

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10 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Recap - Overview

    • 3. Recap - Demo

    • 4. TodoMVC - Build and Run

    • 5. TodoMVC - Relationships and the Model

    • 6. TodoMVC - Collection

    • 7. TodoMVC - Model View

    • 8. TodoMVC - App View

    • 9. Classes - Introduction, Comparison and Example

    • 10. Classes - Common Mistake / Initialize


About This Class

This series is aimed at developers with a very basic understanding of Backbone.js, they have glanced over the docs, maybe they have done some simple edits in an existing application but don't have the confidence yet to work at full capacity.

Backbone.js has great docs and examples for diving in, but learning the finer points can be more difficult. You might have experience in other frameworks, or just some basic jQuery. This course will highlight the differences with Backbone.js and the common pitfalls.

As a long standing Backbone.js team lead, who has trained engineers, answered Stackoverflow questions and published on Medium about Backbone.js, walking through its inner workings is something I've done time and time again.

We'll begin with a recap of Backbone.js, then rather than starting with a blank canvas and building a Hello World application, we're going to take a look at the well known TodoMVC application, a simple example of a full application. Along with assessing the design and understanding the flow, we will add new features and flesh out existing ones.

This course will strengthen your Underscore.js skills, and teach you about the lifecycle of components within Backbone.js. A deep dive into Backbone Events, and a look under the hood of Collections and Models. We'll focus on the gotchas that trip up developers and cause bugs. These are all areas that a complete beginner course won't cover.

At each step, links to related resources and further reading will be given. The minimal level of knowledge is basic, but if your basics are missing, you'll be able to brush up before continuing. Knowledge of HTML and Vanilla JavaScript is necessary.

The series is broken up into sessions and the first will briefly recap the Backbone basics before examining the TodoMVC application which we will use in further sessions.





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Michael Gallagher

Full-stack Architect

For the majority of my 12 years experience, I've been leading teams and driving architecture. Modern Javascript is my passion, though Groovy and Java are tools on my belt too. My domain expertise ranges from Telecommunications to Travel, from Statistics to Maps.

Mentoring fellow engineers is very rewarding for me and I constantly seek new ways to share knowledge. As an Agile advocate, I focus on delivery and engage my client.

Though Irish-born, I live in the beautiful city of Bu...

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