Back to School, Digital, Printable, and Cute Planner Designed By You For You in Adobe Photoshop | Learn with N | Skillshare

Back to School, Digital, Printable, and Cute Planner Designed By You For You in Adobe Photoshop

Learn with N, Everything graphic design.

Back to School, Digital, Printable, and Cute Planner Designed By You For You in Adobe Photoshop

Learn with N, Everything graphic design.

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6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Basics of Photoshop

    • 3. Monthly Spread

    • 4. Homework Spread

    • 5. Class Schedule

    • 6. Decorating & Exporting

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About This Class

This class is for beginners in both Photoshop and Planner Design. In this class, there will be presented some basics of Photoshop, how to choose a layout, use primary tools, shortcuts, etc.
We will start with creating a simple outline of a planner then we will move to decorate. Also, students will be shown how to use sources for decorative images for personal use from websites as FREEPIK and ENVATO ELEMENTS

Here are stickers used in this class.
You can only use them for personal use. 

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Learn with N

Everything graphic design.


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1. Intro: Hello everyone. My name is now u dot and I'm a graphic designer. In this class, I'm going to show you how to make dispute planner. Display is meant for back to school. So we'll have homework spreadsheet, monthly spreadsheets, and class schedule. So the steps that we are going to take to make this planner are these. So I'm going first to introduce you to Photoshop. Class is meant for beginners, but not for the beginners death have not encountered before with Adobe products. If this is the first time that you are using Adobe products, please check out my other class. It's going to be linked down below in the description. So the next thing that we are going to do is we are going to design to outlines for our planner so we know approximately what is going to go where. And then I'm going to show you how to find Qd decorations. If you are not the graphic designer, this will help a lot. And after that, we are going to apply both of the last two steps using Photoshop to make our spreadsheets. And then I'm going to show you how you can use your planner. And after that, we will learn how to export it for different uses. I really hope you're going to enjoy this class. And hotpot lights create something amazing. 2. Basics of Photoshop: We have our Photoshop open up here. So let's start by making a new document. You can do it by holding command and ongoing here, Create New, or going up here to file and map the size that we want. This here in the print and sweaters. So we will mark that. And then we'll go here. And it will open our letter size camps. So let me introduce you to the surroundings Photoshop. Here on the left side, we have all of our tools that we are going to use. When you click these three little dots, you can see even more tools. And right here, on our right side, we have some of the options. This here workspace is grabbed me best. But you can use any of these. For example, the motion, anything. But today we're going to use graphical method. If you mess up these windows, you can go again here on this little window and click Reset graphic. And it will reset. Now, here, as you can see, it is meant for fights. So here you will edit all of your text and here are the layers. So here we have our layers. Background layer is always locked. You can leave it like that. I suggest doing so. Here, we can create a new layer. And this here little bit is to delete the layer. Now, to lock and unlock the layer, you will click here this little log button, and it will unlock it. But if you want a locket, you will click here on this lock button and it will block our background knowledge, rename it to once more. So it says background. To rename the layer, you'll click twice on decks and you name it. You can have as many layers as you like, named same. It really doesn't matter. You want stop you. But I suggest, I suggest making every layer a different name so it is better for you. Okay, and that's it for the introduction. Now, we will continue with designing our planet. 3. Monthly Spread: Let's start designing our pages. So the first thing that you're going to do is make a new layer that is here on this little plus. And we have a new transparent layer. On that layer will add a rectangle. Here, you can find your shapes, circles, rounded rectangle to custom shaped to, as I said, are duals, are on the left side and we are going to use them throughout this project. So here, click on the Rectangle tool. And first thing that we are going to make is our monthly planner. So we will make a little rectangle like that. Here. You can change the fill of the shape for you can change it, change it here. If your workspace is graphic and web, so we won't have any color inside, but we will have the stroke and we'll leave it at black. Now, if this spin for you, again, what you're gonna do is click on it. Drag over. Well, we didn't walk our Brooklyn. Remember to walk you back. Let's go back to our rectangle one. And this is our first window. As I said, if you want the line around to beat her, you will go here on the right side and turn up thickness to maybe two or three. Maybe three pixels. Yes, that's good. I don't like it too thick, but if you do, just go ahead and turn it up here, you can also change the style of the lines, but we'll use that later. Now. We need seven of these rectangles now to duplicate the same layer. So all of our rectangles are the same size. You click here on the layer that you want to duplicate. Hold Command J, and it will duplicate the layer. Now let's click on our new layer. Click on it. And since we cannot grab it like this, since it does not thick, We'll just go Command D to transform the layer. Now you can transform it. And by resizing it or anything, we just want to move next to this one. So here it is. And now we'll duplicate again two of them by selecting both of them and would gating them. So like select those two that you just duplicate it. Pulled Command T So we can move them again. And these lines are showing you that everything is wine and pace. Good. Okay, so let's check that once more. Okay. That's good. I think we might have four days. We need three more, so we'll just select three more rectangles or command J. And it will duplicate them. Hold command. So you can move them like this. As you can see, the art too big for the space that we have right here. So the next thing that we are going to do is select all of them, go to the Layers panel and go to the first one, and then go up to the last one, hold shift and click on the last one. And now you have all of them selected. Now hold Command P. Here it is. And we will resize them by holding Shift and pinching them. Ok. Now again hold Command and move them to the middle. And there it is. Now, we will make six more rows of these just in case someone starting on Sunday may mean. Okay, we will hit command and then Command D. And we will move them below each other until we fit six rows. Okay, now that we have all 4-6 weeks here, we will go to the Layers panel and select Daniel layers by just clicking on some empty space here. And then we will use our dex tool. Click on our canvas. Right. Now, let's change the font and the size since you cannot see it right here. We will change the color here. Go down to the black, and will change the size to 24 maybe. And we don't like this font. I want this planner to be more feminine. So we can use this one. You'll have all of the images and fonts down below. So you can use them in your own projects, which is remember that some of those items you cannot use for commercial use. It is free to use it only for your personal use. Okay. Now, here we have the month and that is it for now, for this spread, we will now go to the next one. 4. Homework Spread: Okay, let's go right ahead to the next one. We will do the homework spread. And we will do it a little bit differently. So we will use again our rectangle tool, but we'll make it o y. So it looks just like a line. We will just drag it like this. We resize it, will just drag a little line just like that. And we will color it here on the right side. And the black will click command t.test and drag. Over. Here. We can make it a little bit smaller like that, and we'll hit return. So it is placed. Now, we'll select it told command J. And then we'll hold Command T, drag below our first line. And now we have both of them will make four lines for each day. So we will again commend j after selecting multiple layers. Now hold Command T, so you can move them. And here they are. Here. So we will go and select both of these layers by just clicking here on the center space. Now, go here to do and write Monday and make the size of the ladder and others will be smaller like that. Here, this. And we will now select all of these layers for the Monday here and the Layers panel and hold command G. And then we will rename it as. And again, we'll go Command J. To duplicate. This group will click on the group that we just duplicate. And hold and drag it below. Like that. Hit return. Go here, click twice. On the Monday and Tuesday, we will do the same thing for each day. Now, I will play this a little bit of. But if you need more time, watch it. Again. What? After placing all of our days, after renaming, is where later on we will create a new layer like this. You can, of course make any color you like, but for now, I'm making all of the black. Now, we will make our to-do list and are reminders. We'll do that by selecting all of these airlines and click a command DJ, clicking transform. And right here. Now we will hold shift and we size them, make them a little bit longer, and then we'll hit return, will select all of them once again and take them out of this folder. We will do that by selecting it, as I mentioned before, and drag it like that. Now, hit Command Z and make them do, renamed that group. To do. Now, we'll select all of these four lines and hold Command J. Hold Clemente, and bringing them back. We will just put them up like that. Ok. Now select all eight of them, again, j, to duplicate them. And we'd have our minders here. Now, if you think that this list is too long for your reminders and you want a little bit less. You can just select the Ys that you don't want and click delete and their gut. Now let's do the same thing now for the reminders after grouping all of our lives. Okay, now that we did our to-do list, we will do it are reminders by just replicating our to-do lists and hitting Command T and dragging Good below just through right where the Friday ends. So it has some symmetry. Now we will use our type two and name thes u du. Go to our code here. Now let's go and rename it to reminders. But are due to do group and reminders to reminders group and we should remind, uh, we should rename it to reminder. Okay? And now let's select all afar groups and line here. Hold Command T. And let's move it a little bit down to the middle, like that. And we will type the homework here. Again, we'll use our type two and out home. Work. Hit Command T And do not hold Shift, just resize this like now, hold shift. So it is aligned. We haven't done here. And our homework spread is done. Now, we will go to decorating these spreads. 5. Class Schedule: Okay, now, as you can see, I make it the whole group, namely monthly here for this bread. By clicking here on this I, you can hide it and unhide it. Now we will hide it and make a new layer. Let's create our next spread. The next thing that we are going to create is our class schedule. And we can use some of the rectangles that we created before. So we will turn on this group right here, and we will call p5 of these rows and column. Okay? So we will select them by just dragging the mouse over five of them and clicking command C. And let's go back to our new layer, height, this group and good Command V. Now we have all of our rectangles right here. For our YOU spread. We will group them again and named them right angles again. Ok. Let's put this layer above days rectangles and click key on our keyboard and it will bring up the type two. So we will here, right out. So we will write out here class schedule and bring it here. Now, I want to resize again all of these rectangles. So again, I will just drag the mouse all over them. And then click Command T, shift and make them a little bit tighter. Like that. Track them a little bit more to the right. Hit enter and they are in their place. So we need to add more text. Will add here Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So we will just use our x2. We will add on and so on. Okay, now that we have all of them and position, we will again select all four decks and click here on this middle, so they are all aligned in the middle. We'll bring this class schedule here. And that is it for now. Now, just grouped days and say techs. Group. Again, both these groups by selecting them. And click and rename it. Let's go to our next one. 6. Decorating & Exporting: Let's start with our modulus, right? And let's start by making a new layer. So I have some of the acids riding right here. I will make sure you get them to do. But if you cannot find any or you don't know how to draw, you had free pick or personally, you can now hold any pictures you want to map to decorate some of these. I will use this watercolor here. All of the pictures are PNGs, which means they have transpiring in Bagram. Now I'll put the month here. So the month will be written out. This cool water color, texture. And of course, you can add more here. Or you can leave it just like this. It is totally up to you. But I will add a little bow, maybe resize it. And we have a little bit down. And that does it. Now, we will group these two layers and naming declarations and move this group into our monthly planner group. Now, we will hide this by clicking on this i and will make, we will click on the ice so we can unhide the class group. We'll make a new layer and again, decorate this one. Let's use the pink PNG. Here. Maybe. As you can see in this picture, comes over r dx. You will, you can put it behind for just dragging the layer below the text layer that you want. Okay? So I'll put the thing, watch with color right here. I'll take the heart. Put it right here. Actually, let's delete at heart. By clicking on it. You can delete or this little fear trash bin. And let's use one of our already assembled. Okay. So we'll put it here like that. And we can use this platter. Here below. Are spread is not empty like that. And let's use pink too. Okay, we have it here, and I want this layer below our cups. So here it is. I think this here fits really nicely. Do here it is. Now that we finished upgrading it, we will again go fall up these layers and then the corporations and drag it through our class spread. Now, let's finish our homework. Spread. We will, may be this girl right here and put her in the middle. Take this line and click Command T and make it a shorter. So it doesn't ruin our girl here like that. And let's use that water color once more. Well, it should resize it like that. And let's find one more decoration here. Or our corner. And that is now all of our decorations aren't different here. So click on that. And like this and deaths. Now let's go to export the okay, to export your player and the earlier layers or your photos will go up here to the file. Save as go to the place where you want to say name it. Monthly or ends predator are exporting. And go here to format and click JPEG and hit save. You want, you can use the high or maximum. Doesn't really matter because you will probably be and printing it on the size that choose set u, r, which is the letter size. The problem with the qualities only when you are printing it on the bigger size then it is made on. So we will just leave it at high and click OK. Now you will do that for every single under spread by clicking on the I hiding it and hiding it. Now, you can use these planners for printing or you can use them on your, on your iPad or other tablet. And that's it guys, for this class, it was easy. I will leave all of the sides and all of these elements down below so you can use them and practice. I hope you learned something. Please leave a review down below. Helped me make these classes better for you and see you next time. Bye.