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Back to Basics: The Color Wheel

Nichole Peacher, Artist

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    • Creative Painting: Back to basics - The Color Wheel


About This Class

We are going back to basics in this short but fun watercolor tutorial and aesthetically pleasing update to the color wheel. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous and Monochromatic colors will be explained in this easy to follow sampler.

Then you will choose the color family of choice to paint the subject matter of your choice.

A happy Saturday afternoon for all or save for a rainy day!!!!





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I am an artist and teacher, always looking for a way to contemplate the world and to connect to the present. I enjoy playing with colors of a limited palette, abstracted form, flattened space, distorted perspective, and varied textures. I prefer experimenting in several mediums rather than mastering one, and I enjoy exploring other visual art forms like sculpture, and printmaking.

I make jewelry and have my work in a gallery in Kansas City, Missouri. I teach high school Ceramics. I ta...

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