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Back to Basics: Make a Simple Website, Fast

Martin (Chaim) Berlove, The people side of programming

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Part 1: Goal & Background

    • Part 2: Building & Styling

    • Part 3: Adding Pages & Responsiveness

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Making a good-looking website doesn't need to be challenging. There are a lot of great resources out there for building large and complex web projects without having to start from scratch. But for small-scale projects, like an informational site or a landing page, sometimes the overhead in setting up a framework or other web tool can be more trouble than it's worth. This class gets back to basics, laying out a straightforward method for building basic sites that look good with a minimum of hassle. Using nothing but plain HTML and standard CSS, we'll go through the surprisingly fast and simple process of designing and developing a website. You'll learn how to: Apply basic structural methods to build your pages Organize a page using HTML5 semantic elements Iterate through design until you get what you want Make your site mobile-friendly Important Links / Resources: HTML5 Semantic Tags:, NotePad++ (I use this, but use whatever text editor you like): Penn's Pet Project example site: Penn's Pet Project example code (zip): Pixabay (source for free, high-quality images, for backgrounds, etc):





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Martin (Chaim) Berlove

The people side of programming

Software developer and aspiring renaissance man. Broad interests in technology, computing, and most other things. I like to specialize in the human side of software engineering.

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