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Back massage with hot basalt stones

Deborah Casey, Aromatherapist, Holistic practitioner

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15 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction to hot basalt stone back massage

    • 2. Hot stone back massage, additional information.

    • 3. Benefits of hot stone back massage

    • 4. When to avoid hot stone back massage.

    • 5. Hot stone back massage equipment

    • 6. How to make a hot stone heater!

    • 7. Hot back massage set up and preparation for therapy

    • 8. Back massage oils

    • 9. Hot stone back massage dummy run pt1

    • 10. Hot stone back massage dummy run pt 2

    • 11. Hot stone back massage dummy run pt 3

    • 12. Hot basalt stone back massage

    • 13. After care and contra actions

    • 14. Holistic approach

    • 15. Course conclusion


About This Class

This class will teach learners how to provide a back massage with hot, basalt stones. 

Students will learn:

basic anatomy and phyisiology of the back and spine,(PDF document to download)

learn what equipment they will need to provide a safe massage with hot stones

Stress and the endocrine system

Base oils

watch a dummy run demonstration

watch a demonstration with a friend

About the holistic approach


1. Introduction to hot basalt stone back massage: Hello. Good morning, Aunt. Welcome to your demonstration video. Hot stone back massage. Here on the video, you can see K is lying supine on the couch. I stand on the right side off the couch on create an intention that K is going to receive a deeply relaxing treatment. I then place my hands on case shoulder on top, off her thigh. I asked her to take three relaxing breath. Us. She does this. I also take three Relaxing Rex on This helps to chew myself to case and itchy. I then lived my hands on cross over Case Buddy on again place one hand on her shoulder, on the other hand, on her thigh And I asked a again to take three D relaxing breaths on a again. I connect my breaking with case breathing on Unify the energy I then moved to the base off the bed ad. I placed my hands upon her feet on it again I just ask a to take another three deep relaxing breaths. I then move on to ask Okay to sit up on assist. Likely I then place a toll on the table on Then lift the start from the hater, placing them back massage with hot assault stones. Hello, my friend. Aunt, Welcome to this course where you will. They're hard to share. A relaxing massage with loved ones, family and friends. A heated stone massage is a massage that uses smooth, flat assault stones that are placed at Cape Point on the body on in this course, that back is the part of the body you learn to apply therapy to. I've never met anyone yet who hasn't loved Ah, hot stone back. Massage us. It's deeply serving. This course is for anyone who is not a massage therapist but who would love to share massage with the loved one, family and friends in the comfort off their own home. There are no pre requirements to taking this course, but you will want some equipment. This course does not qualify you as a professional massage therapist, but is a prerequisite to our professional advanced hot stone massage training program. In this course, you will learn about your course instructor, so I'm going to share a little bit of information about myself. We're going to look at the equipment you need, and I share with you an idea of how to adopt some simple hustled I terms to make a hot stone hater so as to reduce any cost and make it affordable to you. We take a look at massage mediums on, then we take a look hurt when not to provide a treatment. We look at contra indications on contract actions. We look out after care. There's also some anatomy physiology. So there's also practical elements are provided, dummy, Run, which helps you to get an idea of the back and how to reply treatment on. Then you watch giving and massage with hot stones along with instructions on. Then, after watching this, you will be able to begin practicing. You need to be mindful of have and safety. So we touch on this too. Okay, so with this course you have lifetime access. You receive a certificate of completion from myself. In order to receive your certificate of completion, you will need to contact May on sent me an email with information to confirm, but you have enrolled on remained committed to the course. I will then check out registers on. Then you will receive your certificate off completion. Please note that this is not a certificate that will allow you to provide professional services to clients. So I invite you to join, may hand and roll onto this course on Look forward to welcoming you on the other side. Bye bye for now. 2. Hot stone back massage, additional information.: Hello. Good morning. Welcome. Thank you for stopping and watching this recording. Thank you for listening to me. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Deborah Case. A fully qualified holistic therapist. Wreck you monster teacher cause creator. I'm training and stripped a hair Akama way. Socialistic therapy based in Washington In the Okay. Okay, about this class. This class is all about a back massage here saying hot stones in treatment. Using Basat stones on this course is but anybody who is not a massage therapist but who would love to learn to provide a hot stone massage to share with loved ones, family friends and to be able to even exchange that on receive that. So grab a partner, friend. Watch this together and then experience back massage on practice on each other. How does this course and vote while this class on bold in the following ways, we take a look. It's some very basic and anatomy and physiology off the spy off the muscles off the shoulders on the pelvis because the massages going to incorporate the full spy the shoulders onto the sacrum at public area. So we need to have some basic understanding off those structures. We then look at the equipment that is required in brief. So I take you through looking at hot Stone, who it is and I share with you and have adaptation that well, hot to reduce the cost, make it more affordable. And then we look at some hot stones or Passat Stone. Sorry. We look at the result stands and how? Weigh Apply then in dummy Run on. What is dumb Iran? Dummy, Run iss where I share with you how to make a back 100. Apply the treatment. And there I share with you a demonstration off providing treatment to my lovely friend Kay . This is a great treatment to share with your family. Friends with your loved ones to help release 10 Shirt paid their relaxation undeveloped, deeper, more meaningful relationships. So are you ready to blow this wonderful method of massage? I'm looking forward to sharing our time together in this class, helping you to learn safe, effective methods in massage with hot stones, armed for two, saying here on the other side. But why for now, 3. Benefits of hot stone back massage: they said. Benefits of back massage and hot stone massage introduction. General back massage Using Swedish techniques has many benefits, but the main wants the back massage are releasing tension. Serving aching muscles, supporting better sleep. Improved immune function. Releasing toxins from the body. Improved skin tone. Improved circulation. Having hated facade starves to massage on. This provides a much deeper effect with greater benefits to made on body. On these are relieved muscles spasm pain, tension on improved muscle. Relax, ation releasing talk sent on a A deeper level. Aren't improving the skins. Parents in a much tape away significantly reduce stress and anxiety tape improves the blood . Circulation on flow of energy helps to promote a much deeper sleep. Harps to ridges and manage stress helps to create a sense of comfort. How long helps to decrease cancer symptoms hubs in relieving the symptoms of auto immune diseases helps increasing joint flexibility. It is recommended that a hot stone back massage with Assad stones is provided as a once weekly experience, as this will eg the body to continue to release built up tension and stress off the week on Maintain the benefits noted above. It is also recommended that hated results. Stones are used during painful menstrual woman's toe. Help his pain from spas in and cramping. The heated results start camping locked in a tower and placed lightly on the neck head on. The smallest start over the five, where I strength and migraine is experienced on this is for short periods of time. The hated facade stars can be wrapped up in a tower on placed under the Beat toe hub, a warming defeat but also to really aches and pains of the legs. This is really great Weathers path writers hated assault started wrapped in a teller on, placed over and aching Here can provide warmth and comfort and ease the pain on this compulsive be applied to where this toothache also a note about decreasing cancer symptoms , whether it's cancer or any contra indication, it is vitally important to seek agreement from the medical personnel involved with care. So if this is for you yourself, you would need to have a conversation with your GP. Your oncologist, your specialist nurse on Ask them if it would be fine if they agree to having hot start back massage treatment. Okay, this now concludes this part off your learning 4. When to avoid hot stone back massage.: Hi and welcome back in this lesson, we're going to be looking at when not to provide a back massage treatment using hot stones . Now this applies also to general back massage. So this is to help you to always maintain a safe approach. So while you may have general aches and pains, stresses and strains, then hot stone back massage is absolutely fantastic to help to relieve. All of those things, however, will go to look at when this would be contraindicated on when maybe receiving medical agreement would be most suitable. So let's take a look at that now. Health conditions where treatment is not to be given on where, say, came agreement from your doctor JP specialist Consulted are advised a history off thrombosis, which is blood plots or currently experiencing a thrombosis under a saving treatment. Whether is bruising on where this is painful? Currently have a known cancer? We're saving treatment of the concert conditions that compromised the immune system. Diabetes, any heart condition, high hollow blood pressure, areas of inflamed or damage scale sauce, blemishes or open wounds. Nerve damage, also known as neuropathy, recovering from recent century Barca's babes, pregnancy, medical surgical devices such a screws pains on mesh implants, and I mentioned mesh implants, screws and pains because personal lived experience off a device off this kind led to a lot of debilitating, excruciating pain on When we don't know about these devices, we could cause harm and so must avoid provide a massage treatment when this is a case for a person. Did not provide any massage treatments to someone who has been drinking alcohol, who has just a A male has used any prescribed medications off others substances. This could bay over the counter medications such as paracetamol. I hope you pro fan so it could bay other substances that illegal. We won't say any more about that. Do not provide treatment. Where there is an active infection or condition such as Emery say scabies, lice or other infectious disease, the person should obtain appropriate medical treatment first. Well endowed Sacred vice. Aren't approval from your medical provider had? Of course, this sounds like Ground Hog Day because I'm repeating myself your GP specialist consultant . What? Even a specialist nurse who will discuss this with you 5. Hot stone back massage equipment: Okay. Welcome back. Thank you for a journey. May, in this part off your learning. We're looking at some of the equipment you will need to provide a hot stand back massage and we begin with the assault stones. And here you can say we have stones that are pumps size on. We can use them in the treatment. We flipped them over as we go. I will show that in the demonstrations, though. So we have different size stones on. We have starts with very smooth curved parts to them. We have flat stones with point her part so we can apply an acupressure type off technique to the meridian lines on help to break down and a G that is stuck in the body. We can also touch the stones across the spine area without any pressure to the spine to break down energy in the spine or around any of the areas the pelvis, the shoulder, the neck without applying any pressure just to break down the energy. In that, we need to make sure the stones are clean. So the stones are washed in soapy water, hot, soapy water they are rinsed on. Then they are dried with a clean towel or cloth. Now I cheat. When I come to place the stones in the hot stone hater, I cheat. I boil a cutter and I pour boiling water over the stones and this acts to her. Sterilize the stones on. I will add some essential oils. I am an aroma therapist, so I'm safe to do that. And I have a good idea of my clients on their have conditions on what would be a safe, essential oil to use because even though essential oils very safety years, they do have contra indications. And we need to be really careful and mindful off that contra indications with pregnant ladies, people with their clips, a diabetes and so on on. So that's a specialized subject in itself. Okay, so let's have a look at other equipment that we will need. Okay, so on the table you can see my hot stone hater. I've got some tissues. I've got candles and a lump there as well. So over want to make the ambiance really calming. I will close the curtains. I will have the lamp on. I'll have the campus lit, have the test the tissues spread out with a towel over the top of the tissues to dab the stones when I left the stones from the hot stone hater, any to dab them dry before applying them to the person. Now I will share with you a technique as we go on to test if the stones are safe, foot place on that person and how that whole process unfolds. Okay, so the other thing that we need is the treatment couch on. I have a treatment couch that hasn't aluminium frame with a leatherette cover on. We need to make sure that its height adjustable, which mine is, and that its adjusted to the right height form A to be able to practice off a year to be able to practice the massage. So when you stand next to the treatment couch and you place your hard on the treatment couch, if your arm is straight, then that will be the correct height Toe. Have the bed, too. Now, if your loved one or your family member your friend is not tall enough to climb up onto the treatment catch, you may need to have a foot still to help them up onto the couch. You will also need some towels on a sheet tibia bought to dress the couch. So we would put a, um she'd over the couch. We put a towel down on. Then we'd have another tower to cover over our loved one on Stan. We're all good to go. If you have a face cradle with your treatment, Kharj, you will need to put a towel around that. And I do share that demonstration with you in a moment, Aunt. So we need some nice music to help create a deeper ambience. Much deeper relaxing place in space. So a CD player with some CDs or maybe access to YouTube on the Internet. And then really, you're good to go. So in the next recording, I've got to share with you setting up the treatment couch, using the hot stone hater more safely and then applying dumb Iran, which will be a separate recording itself. And then after that, we have a look at applying the treatment too. Our friend Aunt. Of course. Please make sure that you have a watch through the anatomy of physiology. Part of this, just to make sure that you get an understanding off the body structures. Okay, so I'll leave it there on our speech again in a moment. Bye bye for now. 6. How to make a hot stone heater!: Hello and welcome to this lesson in this lesson, we're going to be looking at creating a hot stone hater using equipment from our kitchen. This helps to keep the cost are so that you're not at this moment purchasing professional equipment. I'm very simply I have a small stainless steel bow. I don't have a hand toll. I have a tape tower. I have a bigger stainless steel. Go on. The bottom is a rubber base so that it prevents any slippage. I also have a little back, and I'm going to put it all together and show you what this looks like. Aunt. So we begin. Put that down there. Excuse the day. So we begin with the hand tower on. I'm just going to place it into the base off the boat. And that is going to help too. Maintain the heat off the water that we will be putting in the other box. We then get the hump toll on DWI lying the bowl around, and I'm going to just hold that open. Hopefully everything will stay in place and you're going to see what that looks like. So there we go. We've got the tee total in the base, off the ball, on the hand tower, lining the boat and then weaker. How small? A bow. A small bow on not then fits in there and there we have it. So this is our larger ball. It's lined with towels on. Then we've got the smaller bowl, and we've got the little bag to put into the smaller bowl. We can use a Tito if we worked, and in there, we're going to pop the hot stick. The assault stone. Sorry, aunt. We can put in enough starts for to provide the back massage, and then we can also put a plate or a lid on that. Help retain the heat in there. So this is not a professional approach. This is an adaptation that you can use as you're just learning as you're setting out and help K Costa. Now I've got another ball, and this is just a basic ceramic cereal bowl. On. With this, I'll put cold water into it. So if the stones feel too hot, I'll place them in there for a little while, just help cool them down. So I'm able to hold them. And when I'm able to hold them. I know that they should be safe for the person receiving back massage with hot start. Okay, so I hope that is giving you a good idea of how, two years, what you've got in your kitchen to create a lovely alternative to purchase a some very expensive equipment. So signing off and I'll see you in the next lesson, but by now. 7. Hot back massage set up and preparation for therapy: welcome back. So as you can say, I have the treatment area prepared. I've got my treatment couch set up, and it's covered with sheets and towers ready for to receive my client, Model K. Who's going to lie prone on the treatment catch? Because in this recording, we're focusing on the back massage using the hot stones. I've also got my couch located close to the table so that it makes it easier to transfer the hot stones to the person's back. So there's no to ing and froing on being disconnected in the treatment. This helps to make it a more fluid treatment, more connected. I've also got on the table tissues and towers to be able to dub the stone so that they're not wet as I placed them onto the towel that covers case back, and that acts as a barrier to the stones. Took Chang case can directly, so they're a little bit on the hot side. They won't cause a burn, and CO can always interrogate to May that is actually a little bit too hot and uncomfortable, and I can remove them. I've also got it dish of cold water, So if the stones are too hot. I can see. Let them rest in there for a few seconds, left them out and then dubbed them dry and place them again on the back on top of the tower . Now, to test the temperature, you can use a thermometer. However, I tend to use my fingers and thumbs. And then, as I dub this stone dry, I apply them to the inner aspect off my forearm on test that way of it's too hot. Then I will cool it a little and apply them to K aunt. Then the other preparations that I've made is having my hating system set so that the ambient temperature is nice and warm. I have experienced but hot stone massage and professional commercial premises on, even though the heaping has been on, the room has been absolutely massive on that. Heating hasn't been substantial for the heat. The room on. So, um, it can lead to clients feeling chilled. I did feel chilled, not relaxed, chilled but chilled, as in cold. Um, the other thing is being able toe have that nice, warm temperature because just by virtue of applying the treatment, we are unlocking energy with the Basat stones on the person can become chilled and shivering as a result of that in itself. So having an extra blanket, having the room nice and warm can help to offset that. So it's not too much to the mind body being so. I'm all prepared to receive K. I've only got to wash my hands and my forearms because I will be applying the starts to my fault arms and they need to be clean. So I'm going to go to that now. Bye for now. 8. Back massage oils: massage made here all types of massage required on massage medium that has applied to the skin and allows for the A C glide off the hands are, in this case, hated results stones in the hands over the scale off the recipient. Base oil, also known as the carrier oil in aromatherapy, is cold pressed organic oil that is derived from plant material. Nuts and seeds are the botanical material most often used to obtain vegetable based oils. The base oil used in massage is specifically collected unproduced for use. This is not the same quality as that used for cooking. You will need to be certain to purchase based oil are supposed to cooking oil, which is essential for massage type therapies. Personally, I find that cold pressed extra virgin organic olive oil is the best for hot stone massage therapy as it provides grip rather than slip, which is what sweet almond grape seed oil and coconut oil provide. So when we look a general massage, we can use thes other oils sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil to provide massage because that will help our hands to glide much. A singer over the skin where is with the hot stones. If we use something like organic olive oil, it's going to provide more Crips so that stones don't slip too easily out of our hands or across this skin. H base oil has its own your neck. Hailing health quality Coconut oil is known for cleansing properties. Grapeseed oil istan for benefiting oily skins and sweet almond oil is wonderful for dry. Sensitive on mature skins, extra virgin Organic olive oil has a 1,000,000 properties and is great for all types of skin, including mature skin. You may find that the hot start our slippy with the oil on may have difficulty holding them at first on massaging them on the scape. But with practice and patience, you will be able to provide a massage treatment without the starts slipping out of your hands. This now concludes this part off your learning 9. Hot stone back massage dummy run pt1: Hello. Welcome back. So he could say on my treatment. Couch is a homemade dummy. What have I used to make a homemade dummy? Well, let me show you. Um I have Hey, a pillow on this is done to formulate the back. So this would be the shoulders spine on rapes on a long typists, a crow area, if you can imagine that. And that is to just, you know, give you an idea of how to use whatever you have in the house to create something to practice on. So it's just using imagination. So if we envision, this is the back. We've got a towel over the back, we have the legs, and we're going to cover the torso. And, of course, on vision arms running down the side off se doing hand where waas make sure that covering is nice and straight. So what do we do? We establish contact. So this would be a placing hands that was so chrome at the base of the neck asking the client to take three nice deep breaths in Haley with the client on exhaling, allowing yourself to be coke around, id connected on deeply. Relax. Also, this will then reflect on your client. We then take our hands one to the shoulder, on the to the both sick on a gun. More paper lacks a breathing techniques. Then we take a hands going to the opposite Sons braising Wait, get stones If we can fish in this big the center part off the spine And of course, remember, I have used Hello. And so we'd be looking at the midway of the pillow to obey the spinal column. We don't ever work on the spinal column. We need to be very careful. But with the stones, we can place them and vision. This is the sacred. So we place the stones on top of the shapes. They have followed my foot off the temperature. We can leave them to rest us. We got on to the next part of the treatment. 10. Hot stone back massage dummy run pt 2: Hello. Good morning, everybody. And welcome to this part of your learning. This is a dummy run for hot stone back massage on their focus is literally on the back on as we do this, I want you to consider that with a real person under the towel, we're going to have the spinal column, but don't have the shoulders and the shoulder girdle, the arms coming down from the body on as we move down the body, we have the pelvis and we have the glutes on. We have iliac crest. So so us. You are looking to practice this and then this. Please consider also that there is the skin that is the muscles that is the circulator system, many, many different things coming into play. Also, we have the nervous system, so consider that on. You may want to read about that, conduct some personal research on reading. So if you imagine under the total is a really back, we have the stones in place that being heated on that just roasting on the warmth is just permeating into your beloved or your friends, structures and tissues. Us that is happening. We can provide some really nice light head massage. Justus if we're washing hair, just stroking our fingers through, giving some circles to the scalp and just a little bit of nice, like massage to the neck as well. And then when a few minutes have passed, you will find that your friend, your beloved well begin to feel relaxed. Maybe things go off, and that is just a sign that their mind and body is beginning to relax. Mason deeply. We place our hands on. We begin to make a connection. Are scaring our friend to take some really nice so than deep breaths on wail ourselves to tune in with that breathing so we become unified paying the energy. I will do that for about three times, and then we turn as we are allowing the heat of the stones to be absorbed into the muscles into the skin muscles on the circulator assistant. To begin to work more efficiently, we can provide some massage to scalp or to the feet or to the hands, while those stones are just doing the job. Now, after we've done those little bit of preparation, we can then let the Stones out off the way. So we could just pop them under the shoulder onto the arm, took them into the ribs. So just and efficient that down the sides there are arms. We then can move the stones to the sacred on turned bark. The title on. We can just leave the tower turned back. Now I'm not going to Don't massage on the cushions are going to bring the told back so that you get an idea of how this looks, So we'll be standing at the top on the person's head. Will they need our tummy? Are we need to be mindful of our posture as we do this, we can begin by slide anchor stones flu Raj down the spine on all over her, back up around the shoulders, down the spine. So the stones on either side of the spine on the spi to the same crime around and back up. We can flick the stones over a sweet go. And yes, sometimes they will crack together and it can't be. It takes practice time in practice to be able to do this without actually making that noise . Now some therapists will use the stone until along the spine, around the pelvis to break up and a J in the energy field. That's something you may want to dio later. So we then apply circles all about down Spy, um, all the way back up a spy. I would do this a few times all the way to the base of the neck, and this again just allows the warmth of the storms to be absorbed into the tissues on for the tissues to really begin to relax. Just straight, my toe. Okay, so all the way down to this puts a crimp weaken, man, push and pull the stones into the sacred. We can push the stones to the sacred and apply and nice press to help stretch out. So, crim, I would advise that you are very careful with this person. Has hard any surgery to the spine. I had a mission plant and struck pro trucks. Such a sorry to my sacred, and I didn't know about them and I was going and getting treatments I could understand by my back was even worse. So be mindful of that. So here we have, we can push and pull all the way either side off the spine on if a person does have spinal problems finally shows, check out with the JP or that doctor to make sure that they will be fine with this. And even if they can't have a muscle, or should they not ableto have a myself? It may be that having the stones in placement is enough. Okay, so we can then turn the stones to the side, and we can quickly rapidly rock the stones up and down underside of the spy and then stretch across the pelvis onto this could be so relaxing now when we heard the stones and place the hate starts the work of relaxing the muscles, increasing the circulation, which helps to remove toxins from the tissues into the circulator system on. So we stretch all the way up to the shoulders all by up to the base of the neck and they go down. Oh, I could do it again, and this will help with draining the tissues on, helping to bring fresh nourish a blood back into the tissues. And so, after treatment, we always always ask the person to drink plenty of fluids to help with flushing toxins from the body. And so, as we come up to the shoulder area, the stretching from the spine to the shoulders with narrow because you will not go over the shoulders. Anthony Nika would just sweep around. Aunt. Here's in a flu rush movement us. A connecting massage took me. If the person has a lot of problems, there are the shoulders. We can just sweep the edges off the stones around the shoulders, and that in itself helps to bring more relaxation into the shoulders. And then we can bring a circulating movement. So do little circles away around shoulders back and forth on this helps to break down at Haitians away shoulders and then sweeping around. We could do those little circles all the way down either side off the spine. And again, this is really a lovely treatment. I remember term ist arms to get hate into that tissue. You will have lovely, warm fingers by the time you're finished, Aunt, you can if you want rest a stones and continue on with the massage because you can't fail in your finger. Central booms, but they're things going on in there. So circles opened down the spy and finish off with sweeping around with their flu Raj rest the stones and moved to the sacred. Okay, before we move on to working on the sacred and I'm just replacing the stones what you can dio after working the upper back is replaced the stones and then move to the sacred. But I really want to make you aware that if you are not very tall on you end overextending yourself over exerting and stretching, that can actually hurt you. So a good thing to do is to be aware of your reach, bearing in mind whether person head is going to bay and such don't over stretch, but move your body around so you can move around to the side of the coach. Aren't you can use the stones to work down one side. For example, you can apply the effluent lodge on one side. I'm done. You can't move over to the side on Apply the garage to the upside. All come firstly, you can use both stones on work and such a money. Just be really my thought off your body dynamics on your posture lean into the sweeping motion protecting your spy, so that makes sense. If you have questions, place post in the forum in the platform and I'll get back here. So moving on to the sacrum on, we're going to look at how we would apply massage using hot starts to the sacred. So in this part, we would come to the sacral period. If we tall enough we can work from the head period down on, we can apply a lovely sacral stretch so we can use the stones to press into sacred, um, press on release, press on trolleys, that again place being mindful off yours posture on preventing any injury or damage to your friend. We can then use the stones. So again, if we imagine this is the sacred on this is the right clothed the left Klute. We can move the stones around so that we can access the area on. We apply circle motions to the glutes. At this point, you would have the telephone right back to where we have the sacred cleft. We would follow them back tower in place to election. That dignity is protected on. Apply the stones or conversely, we can leave the towel in place on massage over the tubal on. It can be really, really helpful beneficial to the glutes to just have those circling motions on it really helps to release tension on pain from the cycle area on. This is really wonderful. If the person is such in a job, you know they do a desk job computer for long hours. This could be really, really lovely. Help with releasing attention. So we then focus onto the right side. We can draw the storm across the glutes to help release that tension. And again we could go to the center of the spine at the top of the cycle, cleft to draw the stone down. Over I go. If the person feels uncomfortable with this and they say, Oh, I don't really like that. Just stop. That's fine And go back to applying a flu garage on working on the upper back. If they're comfortable with working on the glute sports must therapists often work with the glutes there again, you move over to that site and just massaging around the billiard crest, the pelvis around the glutes, allowing the hoot on the pressure to pony into the tissues and again just flicking how we can stretch but to shoes with Stone. Aunt, This could be really, really, really play. But be mindful I'd listen to your friend or loved one, and then we replace the stones and allow them to just sit, were thought for the hate. We moved back into a slew garage, so we can then complete treatment by taking the stones away. Now, you see, I can feel this in my pelvis on That is because off the implants that I have. So I'm going to I believe that part now, Aunt, how we would complete the treatment is to place our hands at sacred and again at the base of the neck on a lot of friend to just come to the notion that this is did and again placing a hunt either side Unz. There we go. We would then remove the stones from the top of our friend just the way so that they're able to move from the couch without the stones dropping all over the place. Aunt us that they're opposed when I've given paper this treatment. Sometimes I have for gotten to move the stars and it's been clinically Clinton. They've gone all over the place. So hope you found that useful. I'm going to give a little bit more detail about the top off the shoulders, the clavicles. I'm just going to move the camera around, right. Okay, So if you ambition go to sit down for this part, if you envision, this area is the clavicle. So we have the neck and we have the head here on the clavicle is here. We can get these little stones on. We can use the curved part to actually work along the classico backwards and forwards just allowing their warmth of a star to permeate into those muscles. And then we can apply circles across the area. We don't need to go to date because the best part of this treatment is the hate actually does a lot off the work for us. So we can say our hands and I think is quite a lot of pressure. We can then go to the tip on. I'm just going to hold the cushion. But imagine this is the person's neck. So maybe I'm crazy. Your heart just on the lightly on the base of the neck and just taking the tip of the stone just circling it around. This is more refined, more trigger point type off treatment. Now if the person has any blood is shares, you've got to You've got your blood and Origen runs down. Use by so you can actually work that down the muscles off the spy being really careful and check head to make sure that it's not painful, tender so and then just allow the gliding motion all the curved stone to go over that area and again, just sweeping off. Tough with that drainage and, of course, around the shoulder. We need to be really, like careful because we don't want to apply deep pressure to They must the bone underneath the tissues. Now again, we have the arm comes down and around, how we can use that curved area to actually glide around the shoulders on over and incorporate that upper shoulder to really give some greater relief on. We couldn't do that on both sides, so when we've done one side, we swap and we could do it again to the other side had allowing the war to permeate in on applying those circle motions hunt. Then we can go to the to any which part aunt applied to. If they if there's only breaks or anything like that. Look for a part that's really smooth. So it's not irritating to the skin, and it won't cause crap scratches or anything like that. We just do those little sir cause which is more direct on that again, we can do the circle style on the spy controlled. I'm down to smooth off. And again, we can take the stone, the curved area around the shoulder and incorporate the arm. So when it comes to the demonstration with my friend, I will apply the oil. I will apply the stones, and I will apply the different techniques to give a basic massage using hot stones. Okay. Thank you for your time. I look forward to next time together by somehow. 11. Hot stone back massage dummy run pt 3: Okay, so on the box Going to lift the stuff out of the way because we're going to fold back the shaped find out. Now it's time to pay one to so we apply the stones back. Two persons bolting down the shaped and we can leave a cycle stuff as we progress. So we have used smaller stones. First on, we can go down spine I, the side or the stones on this is your flu garage motions either side of the spine about six times and then took them under the shoulder. Take another two stones. I'm just beginning with your circling motions. All done. Spied on. Remember to flick the Stones over and then all my spine working around the show does being very mindful and being light with this point, we can now take the side of the stone on work circles down the spot all the way. My full of your posture. It's terrible book hope circling all the way down again. Sweet, big buck on the good We could took the storms into the person under the person's told me the ribs and then with the last stone, we can continue giving full circular motions week. Stretch the stones across the but don't good structure start across the back. This helps to drain on this circling around the sacred, not the public, into the don't over into the rocks around the shoulders. And if we envision this as the two shoulders, we can actually apply more work around this area. You say the side just off the stones. It doesn't matter if years big storms, little stuff, as long as you can hold the stones. They've got the hate. They could do the work. No, a smaller stone. Well, the real use for him because you can lift the shoulder on. Then you can see the shoulder blade much more easily. And with that, you can apply very, very small circles around the shoulder blade several times sweeping back. Good, um, sweeping. But and do that for about three times to each shoulder. I'm sleeping, but no. In the next recording, we're going to work along the top of shoulders into and around into the front, off the shoulders down the arms on. That will give you more fully understanding off that upper body massage. We then look at applying hot stones to the fruit off the body. Okay, so I hope that's been help for bubble 12. Hot basalt stone back massage: Hello. Good morning, Aunt. Welcome to your demonstration. Video off hot start back massage. Here on the video, you can say K is lying supine on the couch. I stand on the right side off the couch on create an intention that K is going to receive a deeply relaxing treatment. I then place my hands on case shoulder on top, off her thigh. I asked her to take three relaxing breaths. Us? She does this. I also take three relaxing breaths on this hops to tune myself to case and itchy I then lift my hands on cross over Case body on again place one hand on her shoulder, on the other hand, on her thigh And I ask hey again to take three deep relaxing breaths And again I connect my breaking with case breathing. Aunt, unify the energy. I then moved to the base. Off the bed on I placed my hands upon her feet and again I just asked her to take another three deep relaxing breaths. I then move on to ask K to sit up, Aunt assist lightly. I then place a toll on the table on. Then lift the stones from the hater placing them on the pink tower on top. The drive. Transfer them over to the table. Aunt. I lay them so that they are positioned on either side. Off case spine. I take another tower on this one is double folded and place it over the top off the stones on prompt K and support her to lie back down. This double fold a total helps to protect case spine, her skin and structures so that she is able to absorb the warmth of the stones without being burned. So wait, then move on to escape the client to turn over. And to do this, we need the client to sit up again. We removed the stones, I think ask Hey, turn over K lies down for a little moment while I go back around the bed and I can pick up that sheet so that the sheet is towards May and K is then able to turn over on her Dignity is protected. As you could say, I took the sheet in to case and where on exposed the sacral cleft. This allows May to provide a full back massage going from the shoulders, the nape of the neck all of a dentist cycle cleft across the top off the pelvis, which is the iliac crest area. Following this, I move on to providing the hot stone massage treatment, and there are a sequence of movements that you can observe, aunt. So I begin with the athlete rush type strokes, applying the oil to the body, making sure that the oil is distributed evenly. I don't take the hot start in my own hands on. I'm obviously aware, off the temperature off the stones and the fine for meat hold. I then provide an introductory sweeping motion done case back with the back of my heart's while I hold the stops. There's an additional way of introducing the stance to the person on this is placing the stones near the person, placing our hands on the stones and then wiping our hands down the book. It's all about how you wish to do your treatment, and I recommend flexibility. Adaptability on this becomes part and parcel off your professional practice when you qualified, adopting on being flexible. Amy, your treatment provision Que is then on her relations in prone position on us. She is in Proposition. She continues to relax. She enjoys the hate off the treatment. Onda continued to provide various techniques which I ask you to contact and activity and identify the motions that I go through. This activity will help you to really focus on what is being performed in the treatment. I dont bet that in your brain and then of course I provide Hey, with some topping on the stars to help release block energy Hey reports feeling the vibration off the top two stones as I work from her neck down her back but it became blocked Midway and I provide additional treatment and techniques to this area of blockage. I do it additional topping and K confirms that she cannot feel the vibration all the way down her spine. I complete the treatment, providing a flu Rosh type strokes replacing shape over her back and holding my hands in position, asking her Teoh, breathe deeply again until just wriggle hotels and I think is so. She is brought back to the present time. This has been your hot stone back massage demonstration recording. I'm signing off. Remember to watch the recording through write down notes, especially of the sequence to really embed into your brain. The sequence the method used on I encourage you again to confident flexibility and adaptability. Thank you for your time. And I look forward Toa sharing time with you again shortly. Bye bye. For now. Way, - way , way, way, - way , - way , - way , - way , way, way, way, way, - way , way Oh! 13. After care and contra actions: Hello, friend. And welcome to this lesson. We're almost at the end off your course, aunt. Of course, as part of any treatment, we need to make sure the person who has received treatment receives after Kurt after car is simply giving information to our loved one family member of friend What they need to do to help themselves, to continue experiencing the benefits off the treatment. Now, as we receive a muscles treatment using hot stones, the tissues open put on. So the, um, blood flow into the muscles is increased armed. This helps to remove toxins from the tissues on this enters into the circulatory system. Now the lymphatic system and all of the drainage pathways begin to function on. What we need to do is help them so plenty of purified filtered water to flush toxins out off the body. We can have herbal teas. We need to avoid anything that has a lot of cupping in. We need to avoid Sacramone and sugars, alcohol. All of those things we need to really leave to one side. We need to avoid them at all cost after a treatment, but more so for our life. Now I do want to emphasize that made for purified, filtered water. Here in the UK, we have this wonderful water that comes through the taps and it all being treated, and it's said to be safe for consumption. I beg to differ because when you have a really heightened awareness off the sense of smell , you could actually smell what is like diluted bleach in the water on. If you read the label on a bottle of bleach will say it's not for human consumption. It's very dangerous on. So even though the chemicals editor water is said to be in Lord dilution, they are still posing a health risk to us. So purified felt it is best, Um, that is up to you. That's just my take on this. Also, we want to make sure that the person eats a healthy, nourishing light. Diets are salad, fruit natural, ya git. Now we also want to make sure that the person experiences light exercise. So no playing rugby offer Well oh, going for a long job? Yoga Chika. Nice ese Gento exercise that helps to keep everything flowing as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours. Now the other thing is about bathing cool shower. The Kuba will really help the body in the whole process of hailing on. Then, of course, there's nothing better than a good rest Full night's sleep. Okay, so that's the end off after care on some of the contract actions that we need to think about Contra actions are the response to treatment on this can bay where a person might feel they've got flu, they have a headache. They may experience the recurrence off an illness that they experienced a long time ago, and they may think life worse. This is supposed to make me feel better well, with Contra actions. What it is is if the body is really toxic, has lots of stress in there, has unresolved issues. Then what will happen is the treatment will trigger the body's natural healing response to help resolve those issues on, then after that, the body will start to balance and re harmonize on, move into a place of being in a great state of being. Now the May Personally, I love massage. I love reflexology, Andi. I've always stayed away from chiropractic and osteopathic treatment. Now I received a surgical major surgical procedure back at the beginning. Off here on this was to remove a medical device. Now this mesh aunts that were pro trucks, crows anchored into my sacred. Now the surgery was really effective in that the measure has been removed. But the screws remain in place on this continues to cause problems so I can have a very good times and then relapse on. This is where I thought, What on earth am I going to do? I can barely stand and walk again. The pain is beginning to escalate on. Of course, I practice raking and all of the other things on. So I thought, I've got to go and I've got to say Kirsty Kirsty is a populace therapist here in Washington . I'm really, really so placed that I met her. So I went to her plan private clinic and she's doing really well and she was really busy on I wasn't able to get in to see Kirsty, but Vladimir was there and I got introduced of Vladimir on Hey provided I osteopathic treatment. And it's the first time I received lost your perfect treatment on. I came out because my shoulders and everything was really tight and a key, and he worked on May and all. I could live my neck and my shoulders again, and that's really great on. My walking was so much better, even though he don't worked up here. So I went back the week later and I had another osteopathic treatment. Oh boy, waas that a deep treatment on with hot stones? We don't need to put on too much pressure, go too deeply because all of the heat absorbs into the muscles. And it's that which really does all of the work, along with the sub stones, drawing out negative energy and things like that. But the Second Boston perfect treatment. I came up feeling like I was 20 years younger, and then it hit May. I was really feeling sick. I felt really awful. I went back to bed and I thought, I am going to be actually vomiting aunt, I thought, This is I know, but after care and I know about Contra actions, but I've never felt like this on. So I got in contact with Kirsty because thought I'm not an austere Partha, hovered, really looked in tow. Osteopathy on, I explained. How was failing, I said, For three hours I felt like a new woman is said. Nothing had ever happened. Powers. Absolutely, and a right place on everything was wonderful. Then all of a sudden, Wow, I was experiencing all of these other symptoms and she came back to May and she said, Yes, that's usual and it'll take some time on just to continue looking after yourself. And I obviously applied the after care it to myself. But that kind of led to, oh, a relapse off symptoms and obviously that needs to be released from the body to be able to re balance the body. So this is where when a person receives the treatment, they may experience an increase off flu like symptoms and aches and pains and things like that. It's all part of the healing process on if there's anything that you think this isn't human processes. Person really needs to see medical personnel for treatment. Then I suggest that you contact the person's JP and just say, Look, this is what's going on. We need have have it looked at Okay, so that is contract actions and so effects that can happen. That's the negative effects That's the things releasing from the body. On the best side of it is you get to work really freely. You get toe, have that release off, tightness. Intention on great sleep. You just get to feel like your vitality of energy has returned. Okay, so, um, this brings us to the end of this part off your course on. Then we're going to move on it. So I see you again in a little while, but for now. 14. Holistic approach: the holistic approach. Hello and welcome to this lesson where we are looking at the holistic approach in all holistic, complementary and alternative therapy modalities. A professional therapist will undergo consultation with the client toe identity by honey. Potential health issues assess stress levels on areas of tension in life. A physical exam off the clients posture counted indicators off problems that may be occurring. All the client, for example. There may be tightness in the shoulders, shoulders, maybe hooking the neck. There may be a hunching or a link to one side on a hot stone massage. Come a steep attention on make the musculature more pliable for deeper work. There may be America's, Spain's and other circulatory conditions and thrombosis on hot stone. Massage is a real note for these conditions, but we look a contra indications in a little while. These are indicators that inform the therapist off balance on this, affect the overall function off the body stress intention. Affect the entire body, impact the mind on promotions and spiritually can late to a disconnection between mind, body and spirit. Husbands that could be considered potentially harmful if a treatment was provided must be considered on This lends itself to the holistic approach to therapy practice as the whole person is considered, as briefly outlined, a low. And, of course, we've already mentioned some off the physical ailments, physical and medical ailments that cause pain and suffering and affect the night on emotions. And we've already outlined some of those psychological issues, such as anxiety and grief arising from bereavement off a lived one. Or there is a long term chronic health condition on where there is a cocktail of medications involved. This country, the entire sister on cause toxicity medication can contra indicate aromatherapy and other massage treatments. Social dishes such a stressful job, bro, or relationship issues with a partner. Financial matters that contribute to increased mental health problems. Dietary and nutritional issues that can cause physical and mental symptoms off discomfort, Nutritional and dietary factors such as not drinking sufficient fluid leading to in adequate hydration on the potential for infections on pay. Because of this on, just has no jointed to that insufficient fluid. If we have low levels of fluid intake, this can actually increase our blood pressure on often we can enter conclude pressure medication when we could simply just take more water, spiritually insult issues around God saw stability and by there was a disconnect or anger towards a high power or toward spirituality. This soul fragmentation can be painful in all areas of life on states of being in consultation. The therapist will identity by any contra indications which could be affected by the treatment, opposed the risk of harm to the recipient and therefore, no tree man should be provided on this business as complete or absolute contra indication. Such contra indications twos. Hot stone massage would lend itself toe. Obtaining an agreement from the client or persons medical provider. The medical personnel can examine the patient and assess their condition before receiving mustache treatment or run. Sara. Pay a case study break. I received a female client into my private clinic at upon examination off her legs, which waas the areas she was wanting to have treatment. I found burka, Spain's. These were not slightly raised, but huge bulging on, covered both legs and from the top of her feet. Too big top of thigh. So this was the entire leg covered in America. Spain's I Want Her. I could not give a hot stone therapy and offered her an eternity of treatment. The lady was upset about being deny hot stone massage and argued that she had received such therapy from a spot and she had been buying. I explained the great risk they had taken in providing such therapy, and I would not take such a risk with her health. She continued to insist. But I was adamant on I would not risk her well being. She accepted the alternative therapy unconfirmed. After that, she had enjoyed this now as a professional therapist. Had I given her hot stone massage over those Baines on those veins burst and led to that hell of a blade up. She could have died, and I would have been implicated in her death. Now, even though she had said that she'd hard such a treatment at a health spa elsewhere. How did I know she was telling the truth? And so we have to make sure that we cover ourselves and keep ourselves protected and safe and not provide treatment where it's contra indicated, no matter how unhappy the person is. So this brings us to the end off this very brief look at the holistic approach. I'll speak to you again shortly. Bye bye for now, 15. Course conclusion: course conclusion. I'd like to thank you for enrolling on typists. Course I do. Hope you found it interesting and useful. I'd love it. Have gained money benefits from your learning on. If you have been a bit, I'd love to hear from you. It would be great to receive a positive review. But if you built this course disappointed you, I'd love to receive a personal message. Letting me know this course leads to the next level of learning. And I'm excited to meet you there again. I'm available five days away. Toe over support. Although you can't find May in Facebook world or in the private student areas on the com away says holistic therapy website weekends. Please note in advance. Weekends are my personal time on. I dedicate this to spiritually practice. So course related mutters will not be addressed. Both a spiritual connection is shared. Thank you for taking your journey with may. Many best wishes blessings nomis Day