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Bachata Lady Styling Choreography Class

teacher avatar Justas Mikalauskas

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Part 1: Basic, Weight transfer and Hands

    • 3. Part 1 Practise with Counting

    • 4. Part 1 Practise with Music

    • 5. Part 2: Arms Styling Explained

    • 6. Part 2: Legs and Hips styling explained

    • 7. Part 2: Practise with Counting

    • 8. Part 2: Practise with Slow Music

    • 9. Part 3: Hips Styling

    • 10. Part 3: Advanced Styling Techniques

    • 11. Connect all parts and practise with Counting

    • 12. Practise with Music

    • 13. Part 4: Legs and Kicks

    • 14. Part 4: steps and hips explained

    • 15. Part 4 practise with Music

    • 16. Part 4 practise with Music

    • 17. Part 4: Headrolls and Hiprolls explained

    • 18. All choreography with counting and slow music

    • 19. All choreography with music

    • 20. Practise all choreography to the project song

    • 21. Final

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About This Class

Welcome to our bachata course! Here we will learn a Bachata Lady Styling Choreography created by Nasti. 

After finishing this course you will be able to dance this solo choreography and use the same styling techniques when dancing sensual bachata with a partner. 

Nasti is a dance teacher at Bachata Fever Lithuania. 

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1. Course Introduction: Hello and welcome to our batch data cars. I'm Justin, also known as batch at the cap on YouTube. And last tip is Babur chap instructor for this course. Let's see what lay the styling choreography. She has pretty applause please. That is then put into this router. Says, wow, Any yes, by a band of scars, you will be able to repeat the same moves. And my choreography. Blessed nasty will explain how you can use the same techniques. Van dancing but chat or VEVO partner. Because difficulties medium. So don't worry, we will break into small and these bars. And that will explain. I will remove that base step. Then she will show how to add and hit styling to the same moves. And even she has some advanced tips and tricks for more experience dancers. And when we have prepared a lot of threats with counting, with music. So you can follow a nasty and practice, practice and practice. As really practice makes perfect. And after you go through the course, once I'm a music track or counting again, and practice their same choreography the next day. Practice the next and next and next day. And after a few days, you will notice, oh wow, the moves, they aren't that difficult. I can concentrate on the styling, on my breathing, how to add with more advanced techniques to say moves and hydrography. And finally, when you have mastered the RFP, it's time to record their moves. Submit your video to this course. So nasty can give you tips and feedback. And I will choose the best clips, but there'll be featured bounded by chatter catch channel. So let's go. 2. Part 1: Basic, Weight transfer and Hands: Hello everyone, I'm nasty. Am today I'm gonna teach you, but chat that lake this tiling. Let's get started. Okay, so let's start with the legs to the right basic because we're ladies who are always right. So let's start from the right side. Okay? Our next we'll go basic, basic, basic, basic. Then we will do that. And instead, okay. To do is when you do that, all the body will react to it. Okay, So you do and you relax your body. So it goes one. Okay? So what I'm doing, I'm stepping and I'm literally pushing the ground. Okay? So value step, your body, upper body reacts and goes this way, okay? This side, relax, okay. Okay, Let's try with the basic and 123456. Step. One more time. 12345678. Okay. Now, let's add the hands affect. The hand will go right hand, right leg, left hand, left leg. Okay, so we'll go Dutch. Dutch. Then right hand goes forward and opens the ball up, okay? This way, bomb and then let hands opens the same from here up. Okay? And there we go. Here. And one fingers switch, switch, switch, switch, switch. Okay. Again, just the hands would go dodge. Dodge for word for word. Would go in. As here in. Then as our hands get this position, right, would turn them like this, okay? Like this return. And once we get this position, once we get in this position, will go finger by finger. Like this wireframe got a number. Make sure that when you and yourself you have to straight your fingers. Okay. Don't do like this. This one is very bad. Okay? So let's do 123456 and we will go to our fixed forget, let's try to connect it. Move our legs slowly, slowly, slowly. Okay. So we go basic, basic, Open, Open. And now the ones we will do the Dutch, okay? We will do our hands. And here, imagine like you want to grab something, okay, So for yourself and then dub, dub. I will go back home. And 123456781 more time slowly, slowly. And 12345678. Okay. Make sure once you do that touch that you relax all your body and not only the upper body, the head too. Okay. So we'll go here. Glows our legs. Then do I miss okay. We close our legs and then it goes step done. Okay. One more time. And 12345678. Okay. Let's move again. And 12345678. 3. Part 1 Practise with Counting: Okay, so let's jump up faster and then we'll go and beauty of the semester, 567812345678. Let's go basically. I guess they see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Basic. And 567812345678 base and the base weak base and leads to delays to cleanse go 1234, 5678123456 4. Part 1 Practise with Music: In the center face to face classes. And the book doesn't accidentally consider what homophony, but they're right. Well, but take the set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 1. 5 plus 5 module. Can see you're asking about Last. But if you find a great book exam, but this is what separates the classes, is who's asking for the assessments and asking them to us. At age seven tasks. 5. Part 2: Arms Styling Explained: So let's move forward. Okay. So after we got our hand back with step, we will make people see our beautiful faces, so good. So from here you have your hands back. Which side we had this. Okay. We will go here. And your face, make sure that it's a bit up. Okay. So you were here and then you go like you're showing your everything, not only the face but this area as well. Imagine this, you have rebirth necklace here. You are when you want to show it, okay? Okay, so go here and then you move your bowels this way. Okay? So from here, here, here, you open them. And as you do that, you will have to do basic as well. Okay. So you are here, 56781234. Okay? So once you open them like this, you simply will have to roll one more circle, okay, From your output, okay? Just like this. Okay? So here you have your palms up, right? And you move one more circle and you end up with your palms up. Okay? Both of them gave this unit together with your legs are going super simple. Just the basic step, step, step up, walk the hands and step, step, step, step. Okay. One more time. And step, step, step up. Okay. Let's connected with the first part, 5678123456781234. Okay. So, um, the last step, we move our head to the right head, head, head, head. We move. We move our head to the right of the hand, Okay? As we will follow with hue. Okay, so I'm going to explain this movement. Did have your arms straight. Okay. You do a wife okay. You know, wave to one side and then you go back to the oversight and you will go in again. Okay, this came from the movement when we do this one. So free form, I'm sure you know the movements are not going to explain it. But what happens if you think that the guy is leading you a turn right? And you want to do this standing. But then the guy stops, you, try to use them. She's doing the block and then you're like opps. I not have any sliding, just delete this. Okay? Now we can, we can adapt this, okay? So we start to buy if and whether There's a book. Once we do, we'll go back and afterwards we still have our term. So we go 5678. Okay, but this is the bar for work in the styling go through e-mails or even the third way of this again. So let's have this wave, wave and what, okay? So make sure that when you do the wife, your head is following your hand. Okay, That will add flavor to all of your movement. Okay? So we are here in New Wave. Wave. Okay? So at the end, I just collect my legs and I am facing sideways. Okay. Let's go from here again. 567812345678. And from here I will do one. Okay. So I'm sideways and move that right leg that is free. I stepped back and then transfer mowing my weight back. I'd have the leg left leg here. Okay. And I relax my shoulders and head and hence are getting like this. Okay. Let's do again from here. And 12345678. Then they step on my left leg. I turned to the side. 6. Part 2: Legs and Hips styling explained: So ladies, our footwork is like this. We end up here with transfer our weight and then it would transfer our way back step. And so basically it this transfer, transfer, transfer. Okay, one more time. And 123456781234. Okay. So then we will add our minister would go one over shoulders are back, the head is back. Elbows are straight. Okay. So here's one stretch, all like this. So the Gulf War and then just step, step up. And on that time we just raise our hands up, okay, just like this, bom, bom, Ok. Here. Also make sure that your position is like this, okay? Like you're doing this. So let's go and 1, so 3, 4. From here, we will do a roll. 1, so 3, 4. So what I'm doing while I'm doing the wrong, okay. I'm moving my torso forward. Okay. Islam, like I do this because I cannot even difference. Okay. While my hips by Birkbeck, while my hips are back, my dorsal is forward. Okay. So either 5678, while you step, you already transfer your weight and they make it full circle. I don't make like this. Okay. I wanted to have full movement from here. Back side voice and side voice, bag, bag. Side lewis ends up. Okay, My hands are merged symbol. Okay. I just go from up. I brushed them down. Imagine like you're having, again, I have the volume, so I simply brush1 okay, from here, brought that up from here with cervical and here. Okay, so one more detail as I will want to face you back, okay. We will do here. And instead of typing, we will turn our way back to the audience, okay? Even if you'd have no audience, if you are just dancing in front of the mirror. Face yourself. Okay? So we'll go circles, circles. So top. Okay, let's do a pannus from here, okay? And 1234567812345678 7. Part 2: Practise with Counting: Okay, Now let's connect it with a beginning. Slowly, slowly, slowly. And 1234567812345678123456. So then it one more time, a little bit faster. And 123456781234567812345678. Okay? And afterwards we just do basic and basic math and seconds over from the beginning, okay. 8. Part 2: Practise with Slow Music: 5, 6, 7 facing, but so will break. So flat 61. And let's go for one to break for lunch. One plus 5 Basic. I use code and then go 151567812345678123451. I know what so great bulk flux, a big salmon once. But she may be facing 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0. But, but but, but but usually the one that's going to what? Awesome class. But just use class. Time. But time and time t is equal to two meters. So 15123456, what? Sun City Sammy, One of the bus. Actually what? Fast. And that's GO button. So great. Book the bus, say set only one, class. One. It got sick today. 9. Part 3: Hips Styling: So after we turn back from our circle, we will do a mini hips styling. Okay. So when you go from lasik, you just go through your hips okay, in the normal way and have different basics, but that's the whole over less than a bank. So I will do a hip styling. I will do roll and roll, just like we are doing big role here, right? So you will do two small ones. But I wanted to hit all the angles OR gate, not only back. Okay, So 1234. I will get here. Well, when I step with my right leg, my hip goes in the opposite direction. Okay. One it draws. Then I close my leg, transfer the weight, and then go again the same role. And 1234. Okay. And 12341 arm and 123 for afterwards, I step and go forward. Okay. Just put that here. What we do with the hip. Okay. And so we'll go close step. Okay. One line with that hip side. And 12345 then six and step one large. And 12345 then 67. Okay, last time, and 123456 and step. Okay. Next, let's going to move everything from the beginning and 1234567812345678123456, back and styling styling, hip hip, step up. 10. Part 3: Advanced Styling Techniques: Okay, So after this, we will go with them 100 step, okay. So our mothers step looks like this, would go 12345678. Simple like this. Okay? One simple anymore, right? So we will add some flavor of that. Okay? So we will do the beginning like in the 100 step, we will soon. And here, imagine like breathe in and you go okay with the whole body. Okay? So we'll go 1, 2, 3, and then your leisure. So go on. 678. Okay. So I breathe when they transfer ready, my wife. Okay. Wait, so we'll go 1. So then I step you here, I have the PDF. Okay, So the one, so here we have the bleed and from that Leah and go up. And then I released by 6, 7, 8. So just breathe into it. Okay. So we'll go 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8. Okay. One more without hands, just our breathing and legs and one so 345678. Okay. Now let's add the hand. Okay, So we'll do this again. We've got just go sideways and at the same time, I will touch my this area. Okay. So it will go like one. So free. And then I will go up. Okay. And once I go up, my hands will also go up. Okay? Slowing so it's loaded as in together and one, C, three. And then once we go down, our hands will go like this. Okay. My right hand goes in front of my face and my left hand goes back. Okay. I like it. Okay. Let's try very, very slowly. And 12345678, okay, So this hand goes here. And then we'll go bag around my head from here. Bag, bag, bag. So if you have you're here somewhere here, right? You can switch it back. Yes, some good. Okay. And while we do this, we will simply do a basic site much. Okay. Let's go from the 100 step and one. So 356781, so 34. Okay, Let's go one more time from the 100 step and one surf 3456781234. Okay, So aftermarket after this, we'll do step, okay, transfer our weight. Then with the 60k. Misstep and again, step back and step, and step, and step. And say, okay, now what we will do 12345, just to relax and go with the opposite hand. Doggy six, Hebrew bear going this. And then imagine like you wanted to Bush something like, Wow, okay, so your palm is like this. Okay. And your head up and met up with that? And then go, Okay, let's do with the hands and step, keq and bottom one, this, you step and then you transfer your weight. And okay, let's do ones war and step, kick and bottom plot. Okay, That's different than mantra step and 123456781, basic, basic step. Keep bom, bom. Here. Move this single patient, what Keq, and then Feste, feste, slow. Okay, so looks bum. Okay. Let's try from Mon faces of care. And 1, 2, 3, 4, wife, wife, wife and one. So 40 and roll editor and styling with him. And and my great. Let's move on to free release and bases. And the good and bad. Cheek, cheek, Wow. And 123, full wave, wave and one. So enroll and face, back and hips dialing one. So three, dub, dub, dub for 101. So really, really basic. And one gig and 5, 6 end 7, 8. 11. Connect all parts and practise with Counting: Okay, Let's go back to the beginning. Let's do it two times. One time I've been slow. On number 1, that but fester. And then we'll load. Okay. 5678123456781, 23456781234567, the hips one to break up that that forward Madrid's 1378, basic AND gate and 12345671234567812345678123456. Kips 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 3 6 7 8, 1 2 3 5 6, 7, 8. 12. Practise with Music: In the new world, whether we really hope to increase by six and up one, so three o'clock. But instead, they wanted to bring folks in, but it said that name what incentives rubric and move up in your documents as a percent and save that one to integrate first about domestic stand and walk and walk to the two cancel and we're going to look like bathroom. Basically on the market. That's all. And one, raise your both of the classes. Sigma says, what's the setup for the main focus button safety, the secondary articles or your favorite book. But here's the flaps. So what are the five? Basic AND gate can be overcome in your book about what? They say it. One more time. So you already know Book 6, 7, 8, fluxes are suddenly like an ArrayList class of buttons. Said that elements that are above the law. Sydney said any black, some crazy golf classic, stab at it twice. But mistake sad, that is been consumed. And keep that. But to free book, the bottom is six. Let's go for black. Students will read the book I thought was a Sabbath is one major flaw box that says flood, we've certainly covered in class and Sydney said, blacks free book about 16 minus 8123456, basic. And gate. Well, spend it on basic rubric as well. So great. We've got sick Santa, lots of Civil 3D, quote o'clock to 6781234567812311 of step, step, step and Black Box Sync said that a basic and kick butt six pensive, it. 13. Part 4: Legs and Kicks: Okay, So I hope everyone is already happy with what we were doing here. Okay. I hope you are not struggling anymore. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments I will ends burn them gladly. Okay, So after the gig, right? By the way, I missed 1.1 needed the kink. Makes sure that you don't let your leg of this right? Now. This is not the original that we want. One that w0 sharp. Okay? So what I do is I put the tension in my leg till the very end of my dose. Okay. If you see my toes are like this. They're like this. Okay. So go one ooh. Okay, so that's just one of many detail. 14. Part 4: steps and hips explained: Okay, Let's move. And after the kick will do again hips, okay. We'll go 1, 2, 3. Okay, so to practice movement really easy. You just go on both legs in your viral load position. And we'll just move one hip up and then on number one, and I'm number one and whenever, okay, so while this we will just step, okay, so 1, 1, 1, step, 1, 1, 1, 5. Again, I will face maybe here we go, 1, so free one, so 3123413. Super easy. Okay. So we'll start from our right leg. It goes is will be free. Okay. So we'll go 123123 clubs. Again while we step, our REF goes in the opposite direction. Okay, so we go 123 and then flows through them 123 and goes, okay, let's just do this moment and go forward. From here. We'll go 1231231231. So again, one to one. So free stuff. Okay. So what I do, I basically changed the directions. Okay? I've started with this angle will give me m elements in fact, worse through Asia. I started with this angle and they go one, so three. And then I change this angle because I will start the number part of my basic right with the left leg. And then they go 123. And again, I change the direction and go 123. I've shown one. Breve change direction one. So free Jane, direction one, so three, g's direction. Okay, we'll do this all in two types. Look more. Okay? So after gig 567, then it would go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and we'll finish facing the mirror, our audience or whatever. Okay. After that, we put our right leg in front and we push the ground. Okay. It's like, okay, we dig the energy from the ground and bushes. Beck, okay, go here. And once you do that, you will slide your leg backward and objective job, okay? One Shuang Chen. And then we will come back. Okay, from here, from the dot. So we'll go to slide back, cross, step across, and then we go down. Right? Okay. Let's do from the hip but and 12345671. That yeah. Okay. So when I go down okay. After this from chat chat. Chat, when they go down, I touch my leg. I touch it with my handling this okay. This position and let's assume this. Again, done that should like this because as we look harder room, Okay, let's try again. And 1, so 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And that you can go down as much as you want. You can go and just like this and it will look very good like and also look at your body. And then back to the mirror. And also you can go down. So whatever your physical condition allows, you do that. Okay. Let's try from there. Kick and 56781234567 and check, check. Check. Okay. Let's try and from our faces and 1234567 and back and one. So we're all 5678, hips 1234. But 67 membranes. One, breathe, release. And they seek 1, 2, 3, kick. 567812345671. Okay, let's try with music. 15. Part 4 practise with Music: In fact, 678123456781. That is sufficient for me to see the integration classroom management issues, as well as the handout. The basic. Basic. Yes, sir. Oh, she's wearing black circle radius clock cycles. To get most recently at each age at a physical retailer, the connection, I would say that we haven't seen any major change for Hershey and Chase's Women on the gig? Interestingly, 9. And a big thing for me. And welcome back. Last one week. After this class is six. What triggers you've got huge basic of gaming, 567 row-major, while at the same exact way for families, which I did last week, about six or seven state. But for a class and yes, class, a clock signal sad and a black box. And then the one that has a one at the end of the file. And it's not exactly sure why. This is actually a really cool feature. And downs. Basic reach out into space, but there's no one. So I will bottles sick and sad and slap it for three minutes. And a bilateral Achilles five inches, 1, 2, 3 4 5 6 7, 8, 1, 2 5 6 end 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 AND 1. So free. And for men. 16. Part 4 practise with Music: Okay. So then they said, Well, I guess the biggest takeaway that I really like. The second column here. Hey everybody to profit from just a question of whether a sentence is saying that the same way that they are rational. Hello. And thank you for the question. We're going to transcribe your market. And that's what makes it work. And potentially save it as a reaction to work. With that. Being said, let's take a look at that. Allow us to have a vote on those kinds of things today. And that's something that again, x is less than anger. At the rate of those examples. 17. Part 4: Headrolls and Hiprolls explained: Okay. Let's go next. After this, we will have a little Central Park, okay, with no basic. So after we get up to ways worse yet up like this. Okay. Anyways, you transfer your weight to your left leg and then you will go roll again. Okay. When this one well, this law and what I want you to do is I want your hand to be in this position. Okay. Thank you. Thanks. Book here. Okay. So we will do a roll on four counts, okay? You will go 1234. And then this, I also connected with my head that bit. Okay? I go 1234, okay. Lenses together and 1234. Then I will go fest back five. And you see I do only the hips. I did not move my upper body, OK here. And just here, we'll move my upper body. And I will transfer my way to my left leg and finish with the headroom. Okay. One more. Very slowly. We'll go 1, 2, 3, 4. Then hymns back on the five. You Amina way back. 67812345678. Okay. When the alarm slowly or four counts, 123455, then 678. Okay. Let's connect with them faster with here. One Jack Jack and down. Okay. Now is different here. 56781, judge, at Jeff. Yeah. And 1234, 5, 6, 7. After the hand-drawn we will do here, bro, like this again before we were having this one, can sideways, we're having this one, right? And now we'll have a lower Hebron. So we have to have this one. Okay. This really little movement. Okay. We lift our hip. Then we open up our leg, but don't open too much. Okay. From here, it's really hard to look at just the shoulder position okay. Here. While then we sit. Would go here and up. Okay, and our hands will be a really, really central. Okay. We'll just go in here. Okay. We've got our fingers like this. We'll go 1234, okay, one more and 1234. And then simple step, that step. Ok, again and one, so 34 step daft changed direction of B like this. And then step. Okay, Now let's add again the pen. Okay. So we go stepped up and this right leg, right arm up. Okay. This hand I hold you. Okay. 1234. I go up. And then while I choose a direction, my notation here again, here. And I go, Okay, I wonder to do this. Okay, and also head, my head is we'll look at this. We've got that. Lovely. This would go up yes. Going up. This job from that from this role and 12345678. Okay, perfect. Let's do from here 1234 and up 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 3, and 4. Transfer one. So 3456781. So 345678. Okay. One more time from the same movement. And 123456781234567812345678. From here, we will the basic and the raise our hands up. Okay. So just 1, 2, 3, 4. That E15, we will go through the arms back like this. Okay. Here. My wrist like this. Wrist like this. Just this moment with our hands ok. Up, down. Okay. And this is one of the basic and 12345. Okay. My legs we're going this after the basic I step gross. Okay. With my right leg, I cross term. Okay? So, okay, let's connect the hand and 1, 2, 3, 4 and cross and turn and jump. And 12345 and sad then jump. Okay, let's do again from here and one, Changsha, Changsha, 567812. Let's go sensual. And 567 and down. And 567, basic 123, Grosse 5, 6, 7, drop. Okay, perfect. Let's do it once with let's do one from the beginning and then then stood with me. Okay. 567812345678, 1234567812345678123456781678125678123456781 down and sensual 123456781234567, basic 12345. And he said then jump again. Music. 18. All choreography with counting and slow music: This will just move and we use the last one. We'll come back and relax these black, black, black one. Get low, reach the arms up. Last one for now. Just to kind of shrinking the book and makes it down to the death. And cross. We're going to talk about basic, basic usable you will as though it's black, black, black, black and white. Black and white. Bodies ranges, that would be a flat back wall after six hours. Okay, people been true, but it is a negative 3. Now, we'll get that set up so that basic draw. So now Boston and fun, which I thought that's exactly the same thing, but ration book, while the SEC said, Thank you. So often somebody says, Wow, I'm off the flat, lay. I have two classes that I thought that would be seen as a gross basis. 19. All choreography with music: I would have gone to presume to know that. They call it well done. Well, I love about this class. That has no one can see that the bookcase and lights and I was really helps us the second way. But derives from the Civil War ended. Hello class. So sorted array. We can use to go to the other side. Welcome back to Utah State. So here's some unique states. 20. Practise all choreography to the project song: Okay, and everything like that. And both of those factors in this topic is to say, the only way to do this. So tell me what 6, 8, 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 1. 21. Final: Hey, banks or fallen were whole course. And as we agreed in the anthro, it's time to practice. So we use discounting any music tracks to practice your moves along with nasty. And do the spot least few more days. And after you feel you have mastered our choreography, submit your video to this course. Blush, check the best submissions on batch Alpha channel or simply search nasty. Much other CAD on YouTube.