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Bachata Dance Ladies Styling - Advanced Level

teacher avatar Incognito Dance, New Salsa & Bachata Courses

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 34m)
    • 1. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 0 Introduction

    • 2. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 1 Recap Routine part 1

    • 3. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 1 Recap Routine part 2

    • 4. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 2 Dominican Basic

    • 5. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 3 Kick Ball Change

    • 6. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 4 Shuffle Step

    • 7. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 5 Spins

    • 8. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 6 Get Creative With Your Steps

    • 9. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 7 Routine 1

    • 10. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 8 Multiple Step Turns

    • 11. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 9 Hinge

    • 12. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 10 Back Bends

    • 13. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 11 Lateral Wave

    • 14. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 12 Dramatic Drops

    • 15. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 14 Routine 2 Part 1

    • 16. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 14d Routine 2 Part 2

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About This Class

Bachata Ladies Styling Course - Advanced Level

This course is perfect for all ladies Advanced Level. Perfect if you wish to expand your knowledge.  We expand and introduce new “Core Techniques” essential for this level. During this course, we will cover Recap of essential techniques, Body Isolation exercises, Body coordination, Arms movement, Spinning drills, Shines, Swing Steps, Rond’s etc, Developing confidence, Music Interpretation, Practice videos. 

What is the benefit of completing this course/project?

Every student will learn techniques and have time to practice.  We have developed a unique learning technique focusing on “Core Techniques” which we have identified and broken down for you in incredible detail. These  “Core Techniques” are right at the center of your learning and a fantastic way to target techniques you may be weak on.

What action should you must take in order to complete the project?

Please ensure you complete every section properly, and repeat lessons that you find difficult.  I’m sure you heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. This is so true when it comes to body movement, the more you practice the more muscle memory you will develop and eventually learn to move organically. 

How can students apply the skills they've learned in the class to complete the project?

Use the techniques you have learned in this course in your everyday life. Whichever dance style you specialize in, all these be skills will help you become a much better dancer.

We explain what you can do to enhance your dancing from the basic steps into very complex shines, body movements turn and much more. Explaining, in a simple and detailed manner, how to apply attitude to your dancing and improve your posture.  Focus on details of head, hands, use of arms, ladies’ timing, spins, hip movement and how to enhance your dance with sensual moves.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Incognito Dance

New Salsa & Bachata Courses



We are Jeff & Corina from Incognito Dance Company UK.   Thank you so much for showing interest in our courses. 

Incognito Dance Company (IDC) was established in 1999. It has some of the most experienced and qualified Latin Dance instructors and performers in Europe. All our Latin dance courses, workshops, holidays, events and clubs are run and taught by highly trained, friendly instructors who encourage dancers of all levels to enjoy the spirit of dance.

Over 20 years of experience teaching classes, we have combined all our knowledge and skills into our brand new Online Syllabus for you to benefit at any time at your own convenience, from anywhere in the world.

Incognito Dance has won many prestigious awards, including Brilliant Business... See full profile

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1. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 0 Introduction: Hello, my name is Karina verse and I'm part of the incognita dance company. Welcome to this, but chatter Ladies dialing calls for intermediate and advanced dancers. In this course, we will build on what you've learned in the approvers course, focusing on more complex routines, which will include advanced moves and techniques, which will make you overall and more beautiful, sexy and central dancer. 2. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 1 Recap Routine part 1: Let's start with a recap routine. I call it a recap routine because it will include steps from the improvement and the beginner course. If you're unfamiliar with any of the steps that we'll do in this routine, then feel free to go back and go over them again before you move on. Let's start. The song has a slow intro to the music. So we start with that first. This is our beginning position. So your right leg in the back, left leg in the front. And we start with a big classic body roll. The lyrics comment on count three, so 12, just wait. And then we go 34, throw your arms up in the front and then me body roll down. 56. Okay. 123456. My right-hand ends in the back and I look at it for a preparation for the next move. So the next move, move is a swivel or my left leg to face the back. So just like that. So just transfer your weight to the left leg and swivel around. Close your legs. My right hand is going over my head and down. Okay. So from this position, we just swing it over and down. Let's go from the beginning again. Ego's 12345678. We're here. Now we step out of our right leg to go 1234, just easy, simple hip isolations. And with our arms we go 1234. It's always nice in buckshot that when you look at the move that's most prominent. So if you're doing footwork and look up the foot, in this case, we do nice arm movements. So you can look chlorite and lift your arms. Then we step out with our right leg this time to face the size. So you're sideways to the front and you look front. And with this step, we go into a body, into a hip roll. So we go whew, Hebrew. Ok, let's go from the start again. We go 12345678123456 is the body. Edit Hebrew. Sorry, I keep saying but your hip roll like this and we have Beauvoir arms up and during the hip roll, we're bringing them down on the side of our body. Okay. So we went 123456 at the end of the hip roll, we twist to the front, like so. So just from here, shift your weight to your right leg and twist to face the front. And my right arm is coming forward and we do one of our Grab moves. So from here, after the hip role being you're right forward and grab from the front, it looks like this. We did our hip roll, then twist and grab. I've got my left arm on the hip like this. Again, hit brawl, shift your way to the back, twist and grew up. Let's go from the beginning. 1234567812345678. Now we go into a head role, but instead of going to the front, we go to the back. So we start on our left shoulder. We got back and right shoulder. We're in this position. So we ended here. Bring your left leg close together, have your niece spent, and then you do a head roll back like this. With my arms. With your right arm, you go across the chest and with your left arm across the stomach whilst you do the headroom. So from here, we go. Like this. From the front it looks like this head role to the back. Let's go from the start. 5678123456781234567812. Now we pick up our right leg and we do one of our lateral hip broth. So pick up and round, close together. Lateral hip roll that finishes back in the center, then exchange legs and do a flare with your left leg. So we go 1234567878, bring it closer and exchange. So we did hit brawl into a flare, slightly drag it up and exchange. Again from the head role. We ended up here. We go, 1234567812. In the lateral hip roles, I didn't set arms. I'd keep mine just by around my hip area. So so just keep it free. Its central around your body. Let's go from the beginning again. 12345678123456781234567812. Now we take a simple step across to our left, and then we go 5678. So a little grape wine. It's not exactly 5678, it's on the beat. So you have to listen to the music and then catch the little precautions that I do these steps on. But almost 5678. Alright, so we did our flair to decide step across and we go 567, tap on it. And this is the end of the intro. Let's do it again from the beginning. 12345678123456781, 234561234567. Yeah. 3. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 1 Recap Routine part 2: Let's continue with the second part. Now the chatter beat kicks in properly. We start with half a basic 1234, and then we do a basic crossing and the back 5678. During the basic crossing in the back, at the end, we bring our arms up, so our left arm goes up and our right arm goes across our stomach. So we go 12345678. So the arms move on 78. When you close 78, then we go into a mumbles step to the front with half a turn. 1234. So just the steps we're here on, eight mumbles step to the front. One we've offered turn city for as we learned it. And our arms are changing. So I brush my left arm over the head and then bring the right arm up at the end. Such as practiced that we go 1234. Let's do it with the step. We're here. We go. 1234. From here we do one tap and then a step to the side, 5678. Let's go from the second part again. From the basic 5678123 cross behind 56 arms up 12345678. So normal stop with a step to the side and at the end we released our left hand from the stomach down. So now we're in the perfect position to do a turn with our wheels hands. So we go 1234 and I do overturn a little bit to sort of face the diagonal. So from here I go 123 and overturn. So I face the diagonal at the end. Let's try again. 123. So normally, not normally, you would just close your leg together at this point. But I just keep turning a little bit. So I faced the diagonal. Let's do it again. We go 12, keep turning for Let's try from the beginning. 567812345678123456781234. But in this position, we're gonna do a mumble step to the front again and turn to the back. 1234. I said to the back, but I meant to the site. So because we're sort of facing the side already. So you just do half a turn as usual. So we're here. We do 1234, changing you're facing with my arms. I'm in this position. I brush one arm behind my back, leg Lewis, and the other arm across my head like this. So both out and then I dropped them to my legs. Okay. So here we go. 1234. Let's try that again. We're here. Do you mumbles Step one to turn 34. Then we do one big heads roll going from right to the left. So you drop your head to the right over the front to the left. And I'm also moving my ribcage and my hips a little bit with it. So you bend your knees and we go, whoo, hetero. Whilst I have my hands on my legs quite relaxed. Let's go from the beginning. 567 basic 12345678, number 12345678123456781234. So for the header only half a lot of time. And if there's an accent into music, so make it nice and big. And accent that step. To end this part with we do a Columbia step to moving to the front. So we go 123 and then we just slide to the front with a big accent backstop. Form. It will make sense when you hear music. So we'd go dun, dun, dun, dun, dun and fixed up to the front. Let's do it one more time. From this part. 567123456781235671012345678123456. Step. Such does front and back and breaks it up to the front Draghi leg behind. Okay. And when I step to the front, I press my right arm down like form. Stop. So make it really nice and strong. And then you have to wait there for a bit till the next part start. Let's do part one and part two together to the music. It's a different provider. Think about it. Let's do part three. As the song goes, it started slow than medium, and now it's fast. So let's do some faster footwork. We start with our twist step. We go 12345678. Then we take a basic to the front and two body rolls to the back. We go 1234, then body roll, one exchange. So that's the same principle then when you get basically to decide and to body roles. But this time we just go front and back. Once more. Starting with the twist, we go 1234567812345678. When I do my twists steps, my arms are relaxed by my side. You can play with them. You can you can do whatever you like, whatever you feel, just being happy. State of dancing but Choctaw. Right? So this is after obviously our dramatic stop. We go 56781234567812345678. Now we're going to do our two steps, fast ones to decide. We go 1234 and just finish one basic to the side, 5678. From the beginning, 5678123456781234567812345678. Now we're going to do a diamond step with our taps. Let me do that first. So we go tap, tap, di meant. So we did our two steps, boom, boom, boom, boom. Half a basic 1234. Then we do a Rhonda shown 56. But instead of finishing the Diamond, I'm just taking a big step to the side, 5678. And that's already the end of the routine. So let's do those. Third part again. 567812345678123456781234567812345678. But I take the step to the side at the end, I grab with my right arm 78. And this is how the routine stops. 4. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 2 Dominican Basic: In this section, I will teach you the Dominique and basic step, as you know by chapter is from the Dominican Republic. And the original style is very much sort of footwork based. So less body movement, more emphasis on the steps. So this step I will teach you is sort of the basic step. First thing you do is kick your right leg to the front. Sort of like twisting again with your upper body, kick. Kick, slight twist towards your right corner, foot in the front. Okay. So we go and then you close it on 11, then you kick your left leg. Same thing this time, twists to the left of your upper body and closer on two. So we go and 12, again. And one to the twisting of the body is very important to do the steps. You can't possibly do it without the twisting. Otherwise it doesn't look right. Okay. So you twist your upper body and you will feel your legs coming closer together through that twist off the upper body. And if you twist and you kick your leg to the front, you feel your face really squeezing together. And 12, make sure you close them on the even numbers, not even just on the numbers and the kicking is on the ends. So 12. Ok. Let's do again. And 12. Also important is that you stretch your legs on the ads and then you come down on the 212, up, down, up, down, twists, twists, trait, and 1211 to one. Okay. Let me, let me show you just that from the front. But you go and 1112. Ok. So that after 12, you do a double on your right. We'd go and one and then you go and 34. Okay. So that's like a kickball change and 34 and then you're ready on your left. Again, 56781234 once more. And 12 double 34. They cook 5671234. Obviously, this is a Dominique NBA charter step, so it will include a lot of hip movement. Let me show you. So every time you kick your leg, you release like usual inbuilt shutter, release your opposite tip. So we twist, released the leg and the opposite hip is coming out to the site. So and one swap. And to swap. And three, when you put your leg down on the double, you'll quickly common to this hip and then again together. So it's hip, hip, double hip. Okay. Let's try again where you go and stick your hip up. 12345678 K. The hips are very important. Let's try again. So we released the hit the leg at the hip to the site. Make sure your leg is bent in the middle. So you have more hip movement. We go and 12 and the ball hip and 30. Sorry. Let's go again. We go and 12 and the ball hip and 34012. And the four hip at 34 and the bull hip. The hips are even more important than the feet action. So you can keep the feet kicking quite small for make sure you have been nice and loose moving. Okay. Let's do it a full thing, full out so you can see the full effect that faster 5671234567 eighth 12345678 from the front that looks like this. 561234567, 12345678. A meditating monk. A meditating monk. 5. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 3 Kick Ball Change: I will now teach you three different versions of a kickball change. We start our basic 12, then we kick with our right leg. Kick. Then we exchanged a leg and stretch your left leg to the site. That's the kickball chain Jack's action. So we go kick ball, change once more. 56781234. That's the timing. Once more, 56781234 from the side. So I kick my leg out. So Ben stretch then I place it down just underneath myself and stretch my left leg to the site. Make sure your left leg is nice and straight and point the foot at the end. Let's do it once more. 56781 to kick ball, check. And then same thing to the other side. So we can go 56 this time you kick with your left leg. Kick ball change. From the beginning, we go one to kick ball change. 56 kick ball change. From the front. It looks like this. 56781234567812345678. We've done a lot of syncopation in the approvers course. But this is another version of a thinker patients where we kick ball change and it's on that. And okay. Once more, slightly faster. 56781234567812345678. You can also do this. Move on a different timing. Let me show you. This time we go 123. We kick go left leg this time on for place underneath you and and you put your right leg up on five. So this is 45. Once more, we go 12345 last time. And 12345 from the front. We go 12345. And then we do it to the other side as well. So we go 1234. And five, we close on 67, step out and then we kick go right on 81. So we went 45. Step together, step out and then kick your right leg. 81 from the beginning, 5678123456781. And then you can do it over and over in a loop. Okay, let's do it a few times just to practice. And 5678123456781234567123456781. With these kickball changes or any sort of syncopation, always listen to the music and listen to what the music tells you. So if they're single patients in the music or on one or two or 3445, you can adjust your syncopation and interpret the music, singing the precaution, whatever you can here. We can also do kickball change, but stay on the same leg. Let me show you. This time. We kick with our right like we go 12. So the unto it just takes two steps underneath myself. So I kick ball change and then you can kick again with the same leg kick, ball change, kick ball change, kick ball, change. It looks Wayne. I sit if you do when you do the kick, we do a little twist. So we twist our body to the corner. So I'm starting in my knees like always in batch data. And then I stretch my niece and kick my leg out to the corner. So from the back, bend your knees. And then when you kick, you turn your upper body to your right corner where you ligase going. And that kick ball change, kick ball change, kick pool change, kick ball change. I'm not opening up my leg. I'm not kicking to the side because of the twist. My legs are actually even more closed. Okay. So I twist. My leg goes to the site, to the corner with the twist, change, kick, kick, change. Okay. So keep your legs nice and ladylike together. Okay. Let's do it again. So we go 12345678. So you can do for after each other to fill out the full eight, or you can also do just two and go back into your basic. So if you just do two, we go 123 and tap. So then you're on the left leg to finish your basic. Again, we go 12345678. Let's try one more time. 567812345678. Let's try this kickball change, staying on the same leg but with the left leg this time. So kick your left leg. The standard twisting to our left corner. Bull change, kick for change, kick, ball, change, kick, bold, change. Now if you only do two, we go half a basic first. One to S3, tap on four, then kick with the same leg, kick, stamp and top. Okay. So it's on the O15. So we go 567 and tap on eight once more with the half of basic first 56781234, left, 567. Okay, let's do both versions from the front. We go right first and then left. 567812345678, again, 123 and top 5678123 with the left 567, top 123456. So at amped up. So these are your kickball changes with the same leg? It might be amended. Yeah. We are very close to the land. But in Go savvy. Yeah, we are barely. 6. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 4 Shuffle Step: Let's do the shuffle. Not talking about the shuffle as in the dance style, but a shuffle step in batch up. Alright? So the shuffle step itself is basically you push off your standing leg and you move. So you go push. And whilst you do that push, your bucket is coming up. Boom. Okay, that's very important. Without the hip. It's not really about chapter okay. So you push off and pushing off my left leg and I stepped my right leg forward. My left hip is coming up again. So we go one and then you close just behind. And then you push off again and close behind. Ok. That's a shuffle to the front. So we go 12345678. So let's try it out really slowly. So you can see my front legs always sort of bent and I'm also leaning forward a lot. Okay. And then my backlog is stretching when I push off an unbending, when I close it, stretch, stretch, bend. Stretch. But okay. Let's try it faster to the front, 56781234. And that's the timing we use in batch up there. Let's do again 56 Server 1234. And then you can do a basic to the back. 5678. Again. Make sure you bend the legs to start with push off. 12345678. My upper body sort of twisting a little bit to the site when I do the shuffle and it stays there. So twisty upper body to the left. And you go forward with the right and you go 12345678. With your arms, you can do whatever you like. I sometimes bring my left arm up like this, 1234, something like that. Or you can just keep them by sight. Okay. Let's do it once more. 567812345678. As you can tell from the amount of ans and putting in there. This is another version of a single patient and you can use it and whatever timing you want to or the music tells you to. Okay, so let's do a shuffle to the site, but we use a slightly different timing. So this time we start with half a basic, 12 or more like quarter basic 12, and then we shuffle on 34. So it's the same step, but this time we just pushed to the side. So again, you push from your left, keep your right leg bent. And this time we tilting sort of to decide instead of forward. So you go 1234. Okay. Once 156781234 makes sure the tilt is in your body and it should look a little bit like you're almost tripping over, you almost falling into that direction. Ten again, 56781234, other side, 56, notice tilting over to our left. 78. K again, 567812345678. Really tilde over your leg. Alright, we can also shuffle backwards. So if we're here 1234, now push off your front foot this time and fall backwards, 5678. So we're leaning backwards this time. Let me show you from the side, leaning backwards, tilting again to our left and moving backwards. So push off your front foot. 5678. My upper body is not changing directions, staying on one side, obviously, you can also go backwards. On your right. Must be on 1234. Let me show you. So we go on one on our right leg, 123456781234. So when I'm moving backwards, you keep your back lech stray, bent and your front leg is straightening and pushing off. So bent. My upper body this time is facing to the right and push off straight to your left leg. Close, strike you left. Close. Strategy, left close. And you should really feel that push backwards, pushing with my left. Push together. Push together. And as always, make sure you lift your hip up. So hip comes up, down, up, down. Ap. Okay. Let's do the shuffle to the back ones more. 5671234567, again, 12345678. In the timing can feel that I slow down the last one. Okay, so we go 1234. So the last one makes sure you slow down that last hip going up and closing together. Okay, let's do all versions just for a recap. So we had shuffling forward with our rightly, we go 123 for basically the back 5678, again, 12345678. Then we had shuffling to the side doing one step first, and then the shuffle to the right, we go 1234, other side, 5678 side. We're looking into the direction. We're going, leaning over and lifting up our hip. Then we went backwards. We go first with half a basic 1234, shuffling back with the left leg, 5678. So if facing left and our right tip is coming up once more, 12345678. Now let's do the other leg. So this time we go on one on one with our right, 56781234567812345678. And this is some of the versions you can use a shuffle step in batch up. An amazing young man, a line into this gamma sub problem. And the second was the author place, circumstance, or other methods of placing. That law says that this panel is it was seen as really the piece that well, then reside in the Americas. 7. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 5 Spins: In about chapter most times when you're turning, it's what I call a step turn. So you're not spinning on one leg, but you're stepping together around. But now I will teach you some of the spins you can do, mainly by yourself in your freestyle. So the concept is always the same. We do half a basic and Ben spin for the remaining four counts. Or obviously you can also start with the spin for four counts and then do half a basic bile. Just teach you spinning on the second half. So how I said half a basic first, we go 1234. Then you step out of your left leg and spin around that leg. So like this. Okay. So you get four counts or three counts to do the spin and then on for you like always. Okay, let's do that again. We go 1234567. So in this first version, I drag my foot behind. So just touch sort of the big toe of your right leg on the floor and you just drag it along the floor behind your left foot. That's it. So we go 1234, step out, cross, he arrived left behind and turn. It helps if you twist your body and you look towards where you're going. So again, 12345678. Once more, 12345678. Then how I said, you can obviously also start on one and turn to your right. So step back on your right and cross your left leg behind anthrax. So this tonal beyond 12356781234567, again, 12345678. As always, when you're spinning in dance, make sure you don't hold any tension in the wrong places. So what I see a lot is people picking up their shoulders to their ears. Make sure your neck is nice and relaxed than you have more freedom to look around. And also hold this tension that you might want to hold in your shoulders, but hold it in your stomach, in your, your core to make sure your poster stays upright and you don't lose balance. The other thing is that people try to go up when they spin, they think, but that's exactly the wrong thing. You should be going into the ground. And in this version, we spin on a bent leg. So really grounded. You don't have to go up, you have all the stability you get from the floor. Okay. Let's try once more. On your right leg. 56781234567, again, 12345678. Now I'll show you a few different versions of exactly the same spin, but we do something else with the leg that drag behind. So this one we do a Rhonda shop. So again, we go half a basic to start with 1234, step back with our left leg as before. But this time we swing our right leg around all the way around the site to create a circle which is in ballet called Honda zone. Okay. So we went here, 12345678 and then eight, you bring in too tough. You should really feel like a nice swing motion. Let's try again. 567812345678. It's nice for your balance if you keep your hands up as always, your arms engaged. And for this one, I just sort of swing them around by my site. Let's try ones more. 56781234567 act. Let's try it to the right. So this time we start out with our right and swing around our left leg. Makes sure your leg that swings around is nice and stretched. Your standing leg is bent so it can create the biggest circle. And then you put this nice and pointed. Let's go. 56781234567. Again, 12345678. Might take a few practices to get that balance right. But with the Rhonda Shawn, you can also balance yourself out with that foot that swings around. So if you took bout, you've got that there for your stability. Let me show you another version. Now it's going to get a bit more tricky because this time we pick our foot up. Alright, so we start again with half a basic 1234, step out of our left. But this time we pick our rope foot up in the back and you can even try to catch your heel or cut your foot like this. And I raise my left arm up. Okay. So that's the position we cut, heel or the foot depending on what what you can cut and the left arm is up. So we turned around like this. Let's try 56781234567812345678. These single spins don't take that much force or momentum, just take it nice and easy. At the last one, I have even too much force that could've gone run twice. Alright? And if you do have a good balance and force, then you can go around twice if you wish. Let's try it to the other side. So this time we stepped back with our left leg. Right leg, sorry. And we catch our left leg behind. Okay. So right arm, left foot cut and lift up my left arm. Right. That's the position. 56781234567, again, 12345678. So these are three versions of basically the same move. Let me show you a different version of a spin. This time what we're doing, a so-called sweater turn. This term is coming from ballet, but I will show you the move now. So wet that term in batch data, how we can use it in buckshot that looks like this. We go 12345678. Let me break it down for you. So we start on a sort of diagonal and we kick our right leg to the front. Crossing over your left leg. Then you twist your upper body and open up your leg to the front. And then you bring your Lake in quickly. Makes sure your ankle touches your leg, your left leg for stability because if your leg is moving around in the air, then that's not stable. So bring it into your other leg. And then that should give you the momentum to turn around. Okay. So we go forward, open and in, and then you spit. Okay. So we go 123 and on form, I just dropped down. Okay. Because it's easier than to try to tap. We just drop and then we do half the basic. Ok, let's do it again. We go cross open spin drop. So even if you lose your balance a little bit with the drop at the end, you can cover that up. Okay, so let's go again. We go 12345678. Like always on you're turning, keep your hands up. And you can help yourself a little bit by bringing the arms in as well and turn like that. Don't drop your arms. Okay. Let's do it again. 567812345678. With this spin, I spot. Okay. With the other spins, I didn't spot. I kind of looked at my leg, so I kept it in one place. But with this spin and we would suggest to spot. So we haven't really looked at spotting yet in this course. But basically it means that you are focused on one thing that's in front of you and you tried to look at that as long as possible and then as soon as possible again. So if your body is moving continuously, you had stays and then snaps around. So you know exactly where you are and murder front this and you don't lose orientation. Ok, so if you want to practice that, just walk around on the spot slowly and you snap your head like this. Make sure you practice both sides. It will help you a lot in buckshot as well. When we start to do multiple turns, et cetera, to just always know where you are and not lose orientation. Let's try again with spotting. So we go 12345678. Of course, we can also do it with our left leg. This time it will be the kick on four. So we go 123456781 once more. So we go 123456781. K. Again, this doesn't need a lot of force. It's just one spin. With that force you get from that leg, it doesn't need much more. You will easily spin ones. Yeah, so just take a deep breath and don't feel like you have to tense everything up to make sure your core is engaged. You shold Assad dropped, and you're nice and grounded. Because of the fact that we could take the derivative of the distance to the center. The disadvantage of that is because our assign to data back into the state. They have a set of packet filters capacity with the same vowel. And also you've got to be a question that I had is always a good idea to Super Mario. Brothers are seasonal. And I said, why don't we just get the browser to 8. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 6 Get Creative With Your Steps: As you are an advanced answer, I will encourage you in this section to create your own work as long as you are always sticking to the three steps and the tab, you can basically go any direction you want. So just create your own random thing that you say, okay, I'll go back sides cross and tap, and then you go back side, cross and tap. Every combination works. If you use front, back side and cross or on the spot, then you will create your own patch at the footwork. Let me teach you some of the more common versions of these different sort of basic steps. The first one is we go front, front, and back and tap. So we go front, front, back and tap. So I'm sort of joining my feet in the front, take a step back and tap. Whilst I do that, I'm leaning backwards to give it a little bit more flavor. So I'll go 12345678. So just to give it a bit more theatrical emphasis. So again, 5678, front, front, back, top, front, front, back, top. You can do the same step but going back, back, front, and top. So this time we're leaning forward. We will 12345678. So you kind of want to create the illusion that you staying at the same spot, but because you move in both of your feet forward, instead of just going 1234, you can go 1234 or 1234, almost as if you falling forward back onto your spot. Okay. Let's do back back again. 567812345678. Let's do front, front and back, back. 56781234567812345678. Another popular version is cross, cross back and tap. Let me show you. We go 12. So cross and cross stepping to the front crossover, you're right, crossover, you're left. Then we push to the back and tap once more. Right, left, push back and tap, same thing to the other side. We go left, right Bush back and top. Slightly faster. 56781234567, again, 12345678. And the last version I will teach you is cross back, sight and tap. So we go sorry, starting on your right leg, we cross over, then pushed to the back, step to the side and top. So with this one you create sort of an L shape. So we cross our push to the back, step to the side. And then you can do the same thing on the left over back side and top. Faster. 567812345678, again, 12345678. As you just saw, I did the first one a bit bigger and the second one pretty much on the spot. So you can also vary your basic step in terms of size. Like if you, for example, take this side's basic, you can step quite big and make an obvious side movement. Or you can almost stay on the spot and emphasize, for example, more your hips. And it looks like two different steps. Just get creative with your basic steps. So believe that a state is in introducing every company's cooperation. How do we know which realities focus? However, this theme I have here, z, because see what it really is so low and out of that. So those we work side Gabby and I like jab. 9. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 7 Routine 1: It's time for a routine. We start with our kickball changes on 12345. So on foreign 5E to the kickball change, kick full change, 6781234, and we go into something else. Let's just do the kickball changes again. 56781234567812345. On five, we go into a mumble step to the front, 56. And instead of just coming together, we do a little touches that to the back. 78. Ok. So after the 45, we go straight into the mumbo Step, 5678 K. So if the last kickball change, kick both change, instead of just tapping, we go kick ball, mumble. Alright, let's try it again from the beginning. 56781234567812345678. Then in this music we have half a bar. So sometimes in batch delta, you have, you have the full 812345678 and then sometimes you just have 1234 and then it starts a one again, or you have twice 5678 and it starts at one again. So we do half a bar at this point. So we went 5678 and we go again 5678. And with these, with this four counts, we do a member to the side and half a turn. So 56 and that chapter 78. So let me do that again. We did 56785678. So twice a mumble and the chapter once more, we weren't here. Kick ball, change, 678 side 5678. Let's try again from the beginning. 5678123456781234567856781. Okay, so we call this half a bar. Instead of accounts, we have four counts in between. And then we have to do a special step to get back onto that right leg. Let's try again from the beginning once more, a little bit faster because the music will be very fast. 567812345678123456785678. Then after that last chapter, we move forward with a combi R step. We go 1234. Once more, moving forward, 1234, then we stepped forward. And the other mumbles step to the front, 56 with another chapter to the back, 78. So you really get used to that mumbles church or combination by 678. So we did the turn and the church or to decide we're going to Columbia, 12345678. Then moving on, we just do half a basic into a one of your own basic versions, which is cross, cross back. And so we went back, we go 12345 cross six, cross seven back and tap. Let's recap from the top. 5678123456781234567856781234567812345678. Then just to finish it off, we'll do one of our spins and half are basic. We do the spin on the right. So we go spin around. And half a basic, I leave it up to you which version of the spins you wanna do. I usually do the drag in the back, but you can also do the runs on the side or any other we've learned. Let's try again from the beginning. We go 1234567812345678567812345678, basic 1234567, spin 12345678. And that's the first half of the choreography. Let me show you from the front. 567812345678123. 456785678123456781234567812345678. For this routine, the music is quite fast. So as a little tip, Make sure you step on the NIF yourself and make this moves quite small. The steps quite small. Emphasis hips. Yeah, never compromise your hip movement, but your steps don't have to be super big. They can be quite small and underneath yourself. So you can keep up with the music and make sure you practice our recap When I was counting a few times to get really comfortable before you start practicing wisdom music, promoters, Revolver. Sergeant, without doing aware of a wrestler zone. For more research, overeat sarcomas are doing where lower wrestlers zone. Let's continue with the second half. We started with our Dominican Basic and we do it twice. So we go 1234567. Again, 12345678. Have freedom with your arms, play around, be cheeky. You can even find yourself for something fun. Okay? Then we move on to our shuffle steps to decide we go 1234, other side, 678. Okay. So forth to Dominican basics and then shuffle steps. Okay. 5678123456781234567812345678. Same thing when we do our shuffle step. Free arms play around, have it loose to do to your site K. Then we are going to do one sweater turn. After the shuffle steps, we go 12345678. So if whether we feel right on one, we did our shuffle step, 12345678. Make sure you have your weight on your left leg, ready for your sweater. 123, drop on 4567. From the beginning of this second half, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three and four, five, six, seven and eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And to end it with, we do our step to the front, front, back, top, front, front, back top. So basic, we go 12345678, and then we do our twists step 1234 and the normal basic serve an eight. So recapping, we did a Dominican basic shuffle step for the turn. And then we go into our front, front, back, top, front, from back, and to end with a twist. And the basic to the site. Let's recap the second half once more. 56712345678123456781234567812345678 forward 1234567812345678. And from the front, 5678123456781234567. Shuffle one, 3456781234567 forward, 123456712345678. And the solar system I want to be aware of. And what is appropriate dispersal. 10. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 8 Multiple Step Turns: In the beginner's course, you learned how to do a single step term. And then the approvers course, we added some fancy arms and now I will teach you how to do multiple terms. So, so far, we've done 1234, so turned around once. And now we're gonna do double and triple terms. So let me show you how you can do that. So instead of in the single term, we do half a turn per step. So we go one, then half a turn to half a turn three and tap on for so you take three steps and one tap, like we usually do in batch up. But if you want to turn multiple times, you have to step on the and beats. So we use step 1234. So your steps go 1234. Let's just do that again. We go 1234. And whilst you do these steps, you are turning twice. So let's try that. You step on one, N2, N3 for turn twice to your right, where you go, 1234. Make sure it's very important that you're spotting. So look into the direction where you're going and fix one spot that you're looking at. And then first of all, we already automatically traveled to that site. So you don't go off your line. You travel towards where you're looking. And also you don't get dizzy, which is very important. So we've talked about spotting before. It's when you fix 1 and when you turn and you whip your head around. So now it becomes very important. So make sure you look where you're going. And we go 56781234. Also important, of course, like always when we do turn on spin, is that you hold your core, your posture. So don't lean back or forward. Keep your legs nice and Benzer your steady on the ground. Don't suddenly pull up. And also keep your shoulders relaxed. Don't have your tension in your shoulders. Make sure you have the tension in your core which helps you to stay stable. Let's try again. 56781234. Also, don't feel like you have to travel far. You travel a little bit to make sure we stay on the line and dancers stay on the spot. But have your feed quite close together and just spin close like that. Don't trouble. Super far with big steps. Have you Lex quite close together? Also make sure you keep your arms up. That gives you a lot of stability. And also your frame will be more, will be better when you have your arms up. If you drop your arms, your frame might collapse. Ok. So keep your arms up. You can hold them in front of you like this or like that, or to have them in front of you. Just in front of your lips like that and your your elbows up to the site. Let's try again. 56781234. And then obviously make sure you also practice to the other side. So let's do half a basic into a left turn. 567812345678. Once more, 567812345678. So you take those little steps and you spin twice. If you want to spin three times, then you take the same steps like 1234. But in each step b term slightly more than if you only do two turns, of course, but you don't suddenly start doubling Like this. You still take 1234, but you just turned more on each step. But first peak very comfortable with two. And then you can upgrade to three. Let me just show you three tenths. 56781234. And so the other side, we do half a basic 12345678. It will be easier with a good lead is to go spins. You will be easier. But it's very helpful if you can actually do it by yourself and if the guy doesn't have to put your round. So practice styles 23 on both sides with good posture, spotting your arms up and your feet flexible. The most frequent reasons Evolution. She gave me a central plant. The simplex viruses. Like if we could uploading photos of the vessel, this culture, this rule data can negotiate a seamless just count up. This will reduce Lincoln thing, mostly countries evolution and she gave me a central plant. The simplex viruses. Like if we could uploading photos of the vessel, this culture data can negotiate. So that will come up. 11. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 9 Hinge: In this section level teacher two moves where we used the motion called hinge in our isolation cause we talk a little bit more about hint. But basically what it is is when you bend your body from your hip forward, so your legs stays straight, your upper body stays straight, and you just bend from your hips. So that's the basic motion, but we can do really lovely moves, central moves with this motion. And LT T2. So we start facing your left corner. So your left foot is a little bit in front of you, your right foot behind. We do a motion called dive. So you start with your head, you drop your head than your upper body, and then you dive forward and up, but not all the way up, just slightly like this. Make sure you arch your back and you have a nice curve back when you finish. So again, we go from our head. So think everything, your whole spine is following your head. So we start with our head, drop your chin, then curve your upper body and you lower body. And then you lead with your head up. As if you're diving underneath a pole. You imagine a pole and then you come slightly up with your head on the other side. Let's try again. We dive down from our head. Drop. For lovers your spine, and up. And then from this position we reverse, backwards. So we on for our body back to the top. So from here we go, bend your back and roll up and you had to come up lost. So from the site just showing upper body, you go head and upper body, lower body up, and then you reverse unfold, roll up. Head is lost. Okay. Let's try again with our right potty positioning. From Here. We go. Roll down, up and fall. On role. It's very important that you have very flexible spine and that your head is leading when you go up and then following when you go back to standing. Okay. Let's try it one more time. 567812345678. Let's face the other side. The same motion. It will feel the same, but we're just facing the other side. 56781, 2345678. You can also just practice the motion by going all the way down to string. You like a nice roll down, standing up like this. So you go all the way down. Let your body hung, and then you lead with your head coming up. And then you do reverse. Let your body down and roll up just to get used to the motion of your spine. Okay. That's your first hinge move in partner work, we call it peekaboo because you look peekaboo and you disappear again. The second move is a swing. So half your legs a slightly wider than hip-width apart and stretch. Then we tilt to start to move off. So just tilt to the side. And then we drop forward our head and our upper body all the way forward as far as he can go, which stretched leg. Then we swing our head, hair and everything to the other side. And then we come up on the side, back into a tilt and then back to neutral. So very important, keep your legs stretched. If you are not as flexible, then don't worry, you don't have to go all the way down. Usually important to work. We only go sort of 90 degrees. So you only have your body 90 degrees to the front, not all the way down. But in Lady styling can go all the way down and make a really big woof if you wish. So let's try again. Half your legs apart, like this, straight stretched legs. And we tilt. Then fooled your upper body head, everything forward, swing to the other side and come up on the site. Make sure you keep as much as possible on this lateral plane. Don't move forward and backwards too much. Let me show you from the site. So from the side, I tell them I move forward to the other side and on the side. So it might feel very strange at the beginning. But with ME move, the more you do it, the more natural it will feel. And this movie looks really nice if you have long hair, no, swing all your hair around for a nice effect. Hi. Ok. 12. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 10 Back Bends: In this section we will talk about backbones. They're very common in buckshot die, especially in the more modern central styles. And you have to be as a lady, You have to be in control of your backbones, especially when it's only a small one. So the first one, I just wanna talk about a higher release. So basically you just release your chest up and the fall of your buck is sort of just underneath your shoulder blade. So just open your test up to the ceiling. Let your head drop back slightly, your shoulder open. And that's your high released back bends, which is very common. And as you can see, I don't need a partner to do that. You can just release your buck, even release your arm. And you don't need assistance. For this one. I would suggest you do back bends sometimes and when we teach back benzene in the partner we're classes. Ladies, just drop and put all the trust into the guys and we all know we shouldn't do that. So when you do back bends, Start with a high release, then you can get the feeling of has he got your support is a counterbalancing your weight. And then you can go further and lower down. If you feel like you can trust that your partner. Okay, for now, just practice that high release. Make sure your spine is in one nice continuous curves, curve and you don't have any like bumps. So your head should be an extension of your spine going further backwards. So just release your chest so you just should face the ceiling and you had to drop back, open your shoulders. And it should be one nice continuous curve. So if you don't drop your head, then you cut off the curve here. So make sure you drop Bu her buck as well for a nice continuous curve. If you then do what? Do a bigger back bend than the curve of your spine is going lower and lower bound into your back. So you have more Most people have more movement in the lower back so you can proper bend. But again, then you would need the assistance of your partner. But if you bend your legs like this, so half a white Stan, bend the legs and then try to back bend as much as possible without a partner and see how much where you can go without the help, so you know what's safe for you. Okay. So let's spend back start with your head, then Chest, and your legs go further. And you can see you can go quite far without any help. So it's good to know where you can go without help, without the support of your partner. And so you can just trust yourself to have your own weight and it not being dangerous. I will now show you a few moves, how you can use your back bends in ladies dialing, move out the partner. The first time is quite simple. We just start with half a basic 1234, then we step out, but keep our weight on our backlog still. So you step out, you bend your leg and you can just do one back bend. And then shift your weight to the front foot. And that's the finish of your eight. So you have four counts to do a back bend. So we go 12345678. As you can see, I sort of unfold my arms from across my chest and I put them down when I back bend. Right. Most important is that you keep your weight on the back leg. So you put your left leg out, but keep your weight on the back leg so you can back, bend safely and bend your legs. Ok. So back then and then you step out and tap. Let's do it one more time. 567812345678. And of course you can do the same thing on the other leg. This time we gone 1234. So again, keep your weight on your left leg. Just step out. If you write your buck vent. Step out and tap. Again. 45678 ones more, 5678145678. Now I show you how I add in a little high release into a normal basic step. So what I like to deal with my hands is dysmorphia I've showed you before in a choreography. I think we go always under an out. So we'll have one arm on your elbow and we go over under and out. And then when you go out, at that point, you do your high released back bent. So we'd go over under. And it's nice if you turn your head to the front so that your position. So we can do this from a mumble step for example. So we go mumbles step to decide and cross 1234. So on three I do the arms and the back, but again, we go 1234. So my steps are just sides, mumble, cross and top. And my arms goal 123. So on the three is the backbone. Let me show you from the front, we go 1234. And you can obviously do the same thing to the other side. So this time we would use our left arm. So we go over under out and have your right hand on the top over under out. And we do a back bend. We go over under backbone and this time we look at our left shoulder. So we go 123. So we do it on the other counts this time. We go, it would be 12345678. So the backbone is on the seven. Once more. We can also do a mumbles step, 4123412345678. Just a little nice little styling that you can add into your steps. There's still a little back bend, little high release. Let you have dropped and it just adds a lot to your latest styling. The last version is sort of a upper body head role, half ahead rule. Okay. So we just step out on one and white stand and we go to the back, to the other side. And then we close in. So again, we go out side in. So it's more sort of in the hip head royal family in terms of counts, you do exactly the same, then what you would do with your hips or if you go head roles to the front. But this time we just include our upper body and we do a high release. And also make sure you let your head go. Okay. Let's try again. We step out on 123456712345678. And as always, we can do the same thing to the other side, starting with half a basic 1234. Now we go to the left, to the back, to the right, and then closing your right leg once more. One to study, forced about with your left. Tilt the upper body to the left, to the back, to the right, and closing your right as you come up to neutral. A bit faster. 56781234567812345678. And you can decide how big you want to make this move. You can bend a lot or only a little, or you can swing all the way around or stopped at the side. So I can go. Finished her headway patent or just and not swing my head's empire around. Just come up from the tilt. So that's all new. And your choice what you want to do in your styling. Okay. And then all of us. And the outer aperture. Thank you. 13. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 11 Lateral Wave: We'll start with some lateral body isolations and then fuse them together to do a lateral body wave. To start with, let's have our legs hip-width apart and bend your legs. Now we're going to pick up one side of the hip. So one hip, push it up, then we push it out and under. So you create a circle to the side. So we go up psi under. So this side is more a shift away transfer. And then under you to transfer your weight back. So lift your hips up, push it to the side. So transfer your weight more over to that hip. Then you push the hip down and come back to the center, up psi under, again, up side, under. Let's try it to the other side. So we pick the hip up, push it to the side. So transfer your weight over, drop it down and transfer your weight back up site on the up side and the up side. Under. Now we want to do those two moves continuously into a figure of eight. So we combine the two. So start here. We lifted up, we'll go out under and then up to the other side. Out under, up, out, under, up, out under. So the figure of eight is like this lateral. Alright, let's try again. We pick it up, shift your weight out, drop your hip, and then we go up to the other side. Drop, shift your weight up, drop, shift your weight over, drop over, drop up and over, drove up and our drop. And then you can start to do fast like this. So we have this snake hip motion that's almost a bit belly dance, SQ. So if you, for example, move your feet together and you do this, then you almost have sort of a, a belly dance motion. Alright? That's something for you to practice and get comfortable with. Sometimes in batch data, we do a lead that leads you into that hip motion. So you can use that by itself in batch upper. Now let's move onto our where our proposal, again, half your legs wide so you're stable. And this time we're going to move to the site from our RIP. But we're not going as a block will leading from the hip from the RIP and leaving our head behind. And then we follow. So you're pulling from that rip and then have a ripple effect and follow with your head and your upper body. So as if somebody is pulling you from Europe to the side, and then you follow and then to the other side. And you follow with the head and the upper body pool. Follow pool. Follow, pull, follow, pull, follow. If you need more explanation about this, this action side-to-side, then please go to our isolation course. Alright, but right now we're not doing just cite the side. We're doing a ripple effect. So again, just think somebody's pulling you from here. And then the rest of your body follows. We go pull, follow, pool, follow, pull, and follow, pull and follow. And when you do it fast, you go 1234567. So you can see the most important part is that you leave your head behind, your head follows your upper body. You can exactly do the opposite. You can lead with your head for the opposite defect. So this time we live with our head and then your upper body follows leaders. The head, upper body follows. Head. Upper body. Had upper body, her upper body. Her upper body. Make sure you don't move your legs and your hips. This is mainly focused on your upper body and your head. So head and chest? Head and chest. Head and chest. And just shook feel like a little worm going from site to site. If you lead with your head, both moves our lead the bowl. So you do those in partner work when we move the chest and lead with your hit. So both can be led by your partners. So make sure you feel very comfortable with those. Now let's combine the hips and the chest and combine them into a lateral wave. So what I do now is I have my Lex together and then I step out. Then I lift up my hip. I dropped my hip to the side and I shift my weight over. That's when my RIP is going and then at the end my head. So as you can see, Mount combining each step. So we're going to step out, lift up your hip, transfer your weight over than we're dropping our hip, following with our rips and at the end the head. So we go foot, hip, rip, head, and close together. Let's do it the other to the other side. We go step out, follow with your hips, then you'll rips and then your hip and close. Step out. Close and again. Other site and ripple. So that's leading from your feet and your hip. Let me show you from the back. Again, bend your legs. That's very important. And you start from a bent. So we step out not too far down, go to for just a little step out. We transfer over hip, drop your hip, then rips them, have them close together to the other side. Out. Hip. Drop your hip, then rip, then head. And together. But faster. 6781234567812345678. So that's your little lateral wave. So right now I'm doing it very small. Of course you can do it much bigger. And also in Lady styling, we love to do it with a bit of arm styling. So what one move I usually do is this. I step out, have my arm to my site. And when I step out, I go really low. And then when I do my lateral wave and brush my arm up whilst they do it to lack home up without using my balance. So bend your legs that out and then go to the side and up. And then you can move on wherever you want from there. Okay. So but make sure irrelevant to your legs. So you have places to go. He can push off. And then I go really low and quite thick like this. So that's you beaker, lateral wave. Goodbye to them. Thank you very little to southern Minnesota was getting completely to have we're going to get to, and we still assume given I will go from 0, you make durable you that this is giving us. 14. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 12 Dramatic Drops: You will see that in batch up does sometimes the ladies dropped to the floor in some dramatic move in partner work and in just lady styling, free styling. But it has to be done right and sexy and elegant to look good. So let me teach you how to do that. So first we start with a very simple version, which is just, you just bend the legs and you go down, make sure your legs are not completely together like this. Otherwise it's very difficult. You will lose balance. So I'll just have one foot slightly in front of you, so you have some more leverage. Also, my feet are not in one line though, slightly apart, so have more stability. So usually you sort of face the corner. You wouldn't go straight from the front because he won't be able to see the full effect. So got to the corner or even straight to the site. And then you just bend your knees and goes straight down. Make sure you keep your upper body straight. Don't lean forward or back to skull, straight down. Like this. My weight when I'm down, my weight is on my back leg and my front leg is just bent like this. Don't have too much weight on your front leg. Otherwise you will need will touch the floor here and your clothes will get dirty and you just don't want to touch the floor really. So half your weight sitting on your back leg? Like this, your upper body straight. And it should be quite comfortable like that. To come up, we usually go with the hip first, so stretcher leg and then you lean forward like this. And then as a second step, you'll come up leading with your head like that. So again, just go straight down, weight on your backlog, then you stretch your legs. Lean forward, make sure you have as soon as possible, you have your back straight, okay, so we lean forward. And then you can, for example, for dramatic effect, you can flick up your hair and come up like this. So you lead to come up, you lead with your head, straighten your legs, then you lead with your head and come up almost like a a body roll at the end. So you come up with your head just and you come back to your center. So a tiny body roll at the end usually. Okay. Let's try that again. So go straight down. Then you stretch your legs, drop your head, and then flick up your hair and come up with your head. Bring up your chest, and arch your back. So you should really try to push up your hips and arch your back when you come up. So it looks a lot more sexy when you do it like that. Also, you could come up with that roll up. So from here, just stretch your legs. And then you could also roll up. But again, make sure you do it with intention. And don't just have bad posture. So if you come up with a roll up, you start to leg. And then you just lead in, unfold. And then you can flick up you hear at the end, which is a bit more difficult when you have long hair like this if you have short-term snow problem. Yeah. But usually we see stretching the leg then coming up with your hair like that. Now I will show you a little variation of what we've just done. But it's got little twists with literally so face decide. And then we go down as we just did with a straight back and just bending your knees, having the weight on your back leg like that. Then we swivel around. So you slowly transfer your weight into the middle, facing the back, and then onto the other leg, like this. And now my other leg is popped in the front. My weight is on my back like I'm sitting on my backlink. Okay. Try the other side. So you shift your weight forward as you face the back and then onto your back leg to face the other side? I usually it's a bit more flattering if you go down and you have your legs crossed like this. So your front leg in the front and you go down like that. Generally more flattering than like this, where you sit on your back leg and then it's not as fluttering. Also your legs are sort of open like that. So generally it's more flattering. If you do it like this, you can swivel to the back, to the other side. And even if you're wearing a pencil skirt, you can do it half your legs quite close together. So make sure you're not too wide, quite close together. And then you can swivel like this to the back and around and nobody would see anything. Alright, so this is my preferred version. So again, we go like this down, swivel around the back to the other side. And then you can come up like we just learned, stretchy leg. And then flick your hair up to come up. Another sort of dramatic drop you can do, which is quite popular, is this one. Have your weight on your back leg and cross your right leg over to the diagonal. And we're facing sort of the left diagonal. And then we bend our back leg and stretch our front leg. Make sure it's nice and extended. You knees locked you for this pointed, and then you just sort of drop over with your upper body like this. Okay? Most important is that you have your weight on the back foot, otherwise you will lose balance. Okay, so wait on the back foot so you can lift your front foot up to test. And then you just drop over your front leg. And then to come up again, we start with our head. So when your head up and follow with your upper body. Okay. Let me show you from the front. So wait on the backlog. Your front leg is nice and extended foot this Pinter and we go to rub on, come up headfirst and the body follows. Of course you can do this on both legs. Usually it's more flattering when you have a crossed. So your front leg is pointed out like this, is slightly less flattering, but it doesn't really matter. Just make sure you have your legs nice and tight together and not open. Okay? And it's always nice if you just sort of faced the diagonal from the front is not the same effect. So you want to at least face diagonal or even the sight like that to get the full effect from the front. Okay. So it can also go here and like that. Okay. Just make sure you have your legs nice and tight and crossed over like that. 15. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 14 Routine 2 Part 1: It's time for our last routine. We start with a step out to our right. And at the same time we do a little body roll down and our hand goes like this. So from the front breaking it down, your hand goes to the back of your neck and then you feed your head through this hole that you create from your elbow. So when you step out, you go you lead with your head through this hole of your arm and then your body roll down. Okay. So let me show you from the back, we step out 1234, body roll down. Then we swing our hips to the other side, 56. Then cross your right leg to the back and turn on 78 going back. So we step out 12345678. So again, this movement, you leave with your head through this hole and you can also move your hand around your head. So don't think you have to fix your hands behind your neck. You just start there and then you can move your hand around your arm, around your face as well. So you don't mess up your hair too much or your your face your make up. Yeah. Don't touch that. We just move it around like that. Alright. So we step out, one body roll down 34, swing you hip on 56, then cross behind and turn on 78. Moving on from here, we go straight down like we just learned it, straight down like this. And then we come up with our strengthening our legs first and flick up our upper body and our hair like this. So we go down on four counts, 123456, coming up on two counts. And then on 78, we'll brush our bright leg forward straight and it just extend it. And then we fold it in. So brush-up forward, extend and then fold in. That's on 78. Okay. So we went down 12345678. So you have to make sure that when you come up, you shift your weight straight back onto your backlog so you can lift up your front leg. When you lift up any leg off the floor, make sure you point that foot at the end and you stretch your Lake. Okay, so from here, we lift up our leg and then new folder in a cross. So going back to the beginning, step out, if you're right, like 1234567812345678. Okay. Let's do it one more time. Maybe a little bit slower. 5678123456, cross seventh or eighth, 12345678. K. The music is quite fast, but don't worry, we'll do a slow first. So from here on one, you put your foot down, and then on to three, we turn around to the front like this. And we swing our arm around slowly. So the arm follows, the turn is quite sharp and the arm follow slowly. Let me show you from the front first. So we went here, turned so you turn quick. And then he armed follow slowly around. Okay. So you got sharp and then it drags. Let me show you again. We lifted our leg crossed and then we go for also my look is quite sharp to the front. Okay. So let me show you from the back so you can do it with me. Week they cross put your foot down on one and then we go to 34. So your arm is filling out that 34 time. Okay. Then we take two steps. 5678, that's just too slow. Walks to the front and my arm that I had here just sort of goes across my body and down. Okay. Let's do it from the beginning again. Slowly. 5678, we'd go 123456781234567812345678. Ok. My last time is pretty much staying on my hip for quite a bit of this beginning part. Ok. So we're from when we go down, I brush my right-hand against my leg like this. And my left leg is on my hip and I come up, you can still leave your less ton on the hip or you can release it for the term. And then here I put it back onto my hip like this. But you can play with your own hands styling. You can use mine as an example and then see what feels natural for you. Okay? So from here we did the two steps, 5678. Now step out of your left leg and we do our figure of eight heads, heads roll. Okay. So we step out, we go 12 and then into a body roll down 34. Then we do a lateral wave to this ICT 56. Okay, I know this section will be a bit tricky, but you'll get the, I'm sure it's a lot of body movements. Okay. So we just did our two steps. Then we step out, we go 123456. So heads roll into a body, roll down into a luxury body wave up. And when I do my body waves up, like I showed you in the breakdown, I brush my hand against my site and up like this. Let's do that section slowly again. We are here from our two steps. We step out, we go 12, body roll. I faced the corner. Three for lateral wave up 56. And just to finish off, we do a little grapevine step. We go 7 eighth. Ok. So we went head whip, head drip, bowl, da role. Then change your facing to the site to do a LOTRO for the waist up. And then we go one these three steps. Okay. Whilst I do the last steps, I move my hands from appear to go down to my hip. Okay. So I brush my hair back. Well here, brush my hair back. Those last steps are very much on the music and then not on the count. So listen to the music. And then you can see where those steps goes. Can't really count that last part because it's so on the music. Let's go from the beginning slowly. So step out. 567812345678123456781234567812345678. Let me do it from the front so you can see what it should look like. 567812345678123456781234567812345678. Yeah. 16. SS Bachata Ladies Vol3 14d Routine 2 Part 2: Let's continue with the second part. So we just did a little grapevine step and we are here. We are doing a mumble step to the front, opening our arms like this, 1234. So our arms go across open and then end up on our hips. Whilst we do a mumble step to the front, we go 1234. Then we do a double spin to the side. So one of our Double Step tons and slowly move our arms up to our neck like this. So we go 5678. So stop facing the side on your top and your arms are here by unique. Let's combine the two moves. We go, 12345678. Then from here we do a mumbles step with a turn to the front. So we go 123 and close your legs together. Again. We go 1234. With our arms. We move our left arm again over the top like this. So very similar to the first arm movement we did. Again. We go back and put our head through the gap in our arm. So we're here. We go 123. And then from here we move it to our chest and our right arm is coming to our belly. And the doing a head role to the front. So again, putting it together, we go 1234. Okay, once more, we're here, we're on the top. We step forward. We go one slowly. Bring your right hand to your belly and your left hand to your chest so you can go straight into a head role and runs. Make sure you're nice and grounded. And I've got my leg spent and my back arched like this. Okay. That's the last MOOC. Let's go again from here. We go. 1234. Sorry, I lost my balance that. Let's try again. We go again. 1234. Let's do from the beginning, from the section, we go 123456781234. Ok. So we're here facing the front, and then we take a step out to our right into the diagonal corner. Out and together. But during the step, we do a slight high release back bent, and our arm school forward, bringing in and present. So in and present. And when we present, we do our high release. Okay, so we go in present and then we close together and bring our arms here to our chest. Okay. So we did our head role. We go precent and test. Again, percentile release. And just let's go from the beginning. 5678123456712345678. So the steps at the end are quite slow. So it can do a nice back bend and bring your arms to your chest and make it can't have some purpose. Ok, feel it. Alright. So when we did our buck bend and chest, so from here, moving on, we do a little grape line Woof to our left, but crossing with our ripe first. So we go over open back and then flare out your leg at the end. Ok, so that's your leg action. We go 1234. And by hand, I'm slowly running down my body like this. So from here, just around your chest and found new body. So we're here which has the out together. Make sure you step on that left leg and onto stop it because you need to be on your left leg at the end. And we go 1234. Then we do two flaps, quick ones. So we exchange, exchange. Okay? So we went grapevine 123456 and then we step out and across seven, tap on it. So we went here on four, we go 5678. And on seven we do some fancy hunt styling. So went for 56, redo our move. We go over under UP. This time I enter like this. So my left arm or my chest, my right arm over my head. Okay. So we go over on the up to here. So that's all on 78. We went here, 12345678. So whilst you do that step, we do our hands dialing 78. Let's go from the top. 567, mumble, 1234567812. 34567812345678. Okay. So we're almost there. From here. We did we step out and we do a hip roll, 1234 and our hands to a big fun move. So we open our arms and swap over. So if my arms, I stretch my right to the top, left to the bottom and then swap them over like this. From here. Won't the other side. So we went we came from 7812 to gather and top. And then we do one of our syncopation moves. We go, this is very fast. So we go cross five and the six and the seven, you drop, like we did our dropping over our lake. And then eight become up. Okay. So we went from here, we go, 1234, we cross five and the six and the drop. Okay, let me do those work again. After they the hip roll. We here we go. Cross open top in, cross open top. And then you drop ok. Again from here from the hip rows 567812345678. Okay. So when you when you hear after the hip roll we changed. During those steps. I just slide slowly, bring my arm down, brushing my head. Ok. Let's recap The second part from the beginning. 56781234567812345678123456781234567. And the same thing from the front, just the second part, 567812345678123456781234567812345678. Let's recap the whole routine from the beginning. 567812345678123456781234567812345678123456, 7123456712345678234567. So, so this dashed line.