Baby Ring Sling Tutorial - Sew your own baby carrier | Wanda B | Skillshare

Baby Ring Sling Tutorial - Sew your own baby carrier

Wanda B, Baby carriers you CAN sew

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9 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction and supplies

    • Short Tape in Hand Measurement

    • Cutting the Material

    • Finishing the Raw Edge

    • Hemming the Ring Sling

    • Putting in the Rings

    • Sewing in the Rings

    • Preparing for Rings

    • Finished Ring Sling and Resources


About This Class


You can make your own babywearing carrier! Baby ring slings are an easy to sew baby carrier and a great way to keep your baby and children close, from full term birth to toddler years.

This class includes:

  • How to sew a baby ring sling
  • Tips for cutting the large rectangle required
  • Helpful sewing machine and tool tips
  • Additional guidance for ring sling sizing 
  • Options for creating different shoulders and ring sling tail shape

This class has information for those new to sewing. If you know the basics on how to operate your sewing machine, you can make a baby ring sling.





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Wanda B

Baby carriers you CAN sew

I love to sew and quilt! And I love helping other people realize their own potential.

My interests are constantly changing as my children grow. At each stage I learn new things and love to then share that information.

I'm a dabbler and love to constantly create new things. My classes show that journey and will enable you to create and preserve your own memories.

You can find my digital sewing patterns and free tutorials at:

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