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BUSINESS SKILLS - Receptionist and Frontline Course

teacher avatar Chantelle Joubert-Dreyer, Inspire. Energise. Learn.

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 11. 11. CLOSING THE CALL


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About This Class

A good Receptionist or Frontline Officer is vital to the success of any business.  One of the great benefits is that they can work in many different industries from offices, to hotels, to medical centers, and demand for people with the right skills and qualities is always high.  Take this course and we’ll equip you with all the essential skills you need and the professional acumen to succeed in this rewarding field of work. You’ll learn how best to meet and greet visitors, how to create a welcoming environment and the basics of operating a telephone switchboard, and these are just for starters. You’ll also cover key skills needed by Receptionists in different employment sectors, for example sports and leisure centres, hotels and offices. Covering all aspects of the role, from answering the telephone to dealing with visitors, our Receptionist and Frontline Learning Programme is suitable for anyone who works in a "front office" situation.

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Chantelle Joubert-Dreyer

Inspire. Energise. Learn.


Hello, I'm Choni. I own 2 Skills Development Colleges in South Africa since 1998. Inspiring my Learners and Empowering them is my Passion. I have studied and designed 103 different courses in order to reach my mission to Upskill Students to help them reach their Utmost Potential.  I primarily specialize in the Secretarial and Office Support Industries as well as Soft Skills Training.

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1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO THE FRONTLINE AND RECEPTION COURSE: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Shani. I'm from a company called Skills business developments, which is a Skills Learning Academy for adult learners rights. So you have chosen to do the reception and frontline training program, which forms part of the business skills development program. Now, before we do start at, do you have an African guy's head's cold Fiji in math as Unfortunately, I can't read Arabic age because she will, Sistema seats at the back of the chair and she'll climbing to me and I have to put it in a cage. And so you might see a hand moving around. Sometimes she interrupts and she starts talking as well. So if you do hear a little voices in the background, it could just be Fiji rights. So reception and frontline and the importance they are. You are the face of the business, Right? Hugh. You sell what is going on within the company? Had he ever walked into a company? And the front-line person is clueless about what they would like. What are you asking them questions? And you want to find more about the business and they just seems totally oblivious to what is going on. So they're like I'm we'll get someone else to help you or they're not able to resist. You. Want to be someone like that. You want to be someone who's able to assess your clients, whether it's opiate aspiring, or whether it is then walking in. Now, the program, we are going to be looking at how you're learning and growing during the serine. We'll be learning about your customer service ability, your cellphone skills, and your professional and personal attitude. Along with a few things that we sneak down inside. 2. 2. THE IMAGE OF THE BUSINESS: Right now, you're the first person to come into contact with your clients. So you develop the image of the prisoners. Have ever you trace and the way you speak and the knowledge that you have all says a lot about the company because they've chosen you as the frontline person. You are literally like the cover page of a cosmopolitan magazines. Please don't be like on the front of those tabloid magazines that I just oh, screaming. Alright. And now as part of your work as well, you have to be a team player. You cannot keep yourself apart from what's happening in the rest of the company. Because you need to know in meetings who have left the building, who is a way I'm leave, who is ill. So rights, you have to be a team player. Buddy ladies and gentlemen, before we move onto the next video in this series, I have to tell me, is it part of your position will require approximately 11? They could be more, but we'll be discussing 11 criteria. You need to have to be in this position, right? See you in the next video. 3. 3. CRITERIA NEEDED FOR THE POSITION: Hi, it's conscious guides and lab lessons as we are back again. And we will be discussing the criteria for your reception and fan time possessions. Now, you need to have number 1, communication skills. You need to be able to communicate properly. Happy, well spoken, have advanced vocabulary that you can have intelligent conversations with your clients and customers. You need to have secondly, customer service ability, which is very important. You need to know with the customer. Once what the client wants, you need to be able to relate well. Again, you need to have product knowledge about what your company does and the products that they have so that you're able to assist your clients properly. There's nothing worse if you have to look at you going into a company or to your business. And this isn't something that you're lacking full and not that frame the interaction between you and the person who's working in the front line and where you're asking them questions. They are unhelpful. They not look into SAS G, They don't have knowledge like a student's videos. So rides. Next, you have to have Telecon skills, which is the third part. Now, these do not be afraid I fill up and because there is worst thing, it's like I have done numerous training programs and the receptionist or the front-line person is let literally afraid of the phone ringing because they don't know what they can deal with. On the other side of that set of a difficult clients is someone who's going to ask them stuff that they don't know. So you scale of Rights, we're going to go a little bit late into the program. And once you explain to you how the telephone system works and why it is so it's increasing that you have to use in order for this is the program to slow effectively when you're answering the phone. But we will get to that, analyzes the edge. Now, you need to be friendly. There's nothing worse than dealing with an unframed in frontline person and you need to have that empathy, that compassion, that understanding. No, I'm just being friendly. Right? Next we needs be helpful. People willing to trust people. Don't make a nuisance of yourself. I mean, we all know that that's like the worst if someone is I keep trying to do something you're trying to buy clothes on and they're like all over you. Um, don't be overly helpful and overly friendly to an extent that you actually emphasizing the person. Right? So we said, we need Sweden gets us, us. Next. Enjoy your waist. There are so many people that are unemployed that would do anything to be in the position that you are in. So enjoy what you're doing and make the most of it, even if it is coming UP to the end of the day as putting money on the table. It's making you be able to pay the card that Japan or the house that you're living in. So enjoying what you're doing. See, imagine it's your own business. How much passion you were put into your own company. So enjoy your work. Be well spoken. Now. I don't know how to explain us, but there's nothing worse than being spoken to as someone who's a check or a dude. Orbits, cool, That's fine If we having conversations with our friends and with people like me know and be like, Hey, check Heikki terrain. That's fine. But not to clients and customers. So it's always ma'am or sir or Mrs. Jackson or whoever it is. If you know this name, speak to them professionally. And like I said, be well spoken. Use your words carefully. Next, B, needs to be presentable. We need to be nice and tiny OS put together, well-groomed. Like literally the day you went for the incident here, dressed a certain way in US focuses and manner. And the employer, your boss, they decided this is what I want. This is the person I went to represent my company. So be like that every day. I don't care for the interviewed heavier makeup of your heat and all nice in the end. Very well so they can create sensible and you, Frankie. And they decide, wow, we just love him or her. We want to employ them. And then once they've got you, You turn into like totally the opposite person. You need to have a qualification prefer b and k, whether it be in communications, conflict management, psychology, anything, even in customer service. But that is why we're doing this project progress today is a course that will give us the knowledge and skills that we would learn to deal with people over the phone and in face-to-face communication. Now the last but not least, knowledge, which is very, very important, I want you guys to stay up-to-date with the chains that are happening all over the world. All right, what is happening in Australia and every country? Alright, South Africa, England, wherever is something that's changing. I want you to be on top of it because you will always get a times he comes in, he will speak about something. They may even be from one of those countries and they can relate. And you can say, wow, I heard about the volcano, I heard about the earthquake. I know so many people unfortunately passed away. So maybe we're missing advanced technology, cell phones, whatever it is out. They just upskill yourself the whole time so that you can gain as much knowledge as possible. And that is why it's a person's subscribe to email of the day that's got news headlines like club or news headlines of what you know, the current crisis happening in that country. But not on G needs have no knowledge about what's happening in the world around you. You need to have knowledge. So that's your company as well. Who the people are that work then what the positions are, what your company does. Whether you have got different branches or officers in different countries or different locations, who those people are there with me, upskill yourself the whole time and try and find out as much knowledge as what you possibly can. Right now we've gone to the criteria either position next, and we'll be talking about nice things like how to answer the phone and hearts agree. And I will see you guys in their program the next session. 4. 4. GREETING YOUR CLIENT: Hey guys, it's me again, shining and we are back with the next series. We are going to be talk about answering the thigh and, and how to greens. Now, always remember to smile when you answer the phone. In your possession. When you answer the phone, the sensors that the people on the other side of the cern, because they can't see and they can't hear you. They use the auditory sense. So in other words, they listen to what's happening. So they can hear you typing on a keyboard. They can hear you eating. They can hear you being in a bad mood. It comes across so clearly. So you can hint if someone is Earth says rather than phone. But if you smile while you answer the phone, that gives a likeness and a friendliness, It's like, thank you for calling ABC company. Jackie Speaking that morning. You are smiling. You could be like, thank you for calling ABC Company. Jackie's taking defining it. I have, I've always done, but that's just an example. People, he has the lightness in your voice and the frame. Nina's when his mom now coaches, got lucky lessons. Remember to say that morning, good evening, or good evening. If you cannot remember to say good morning, just say good day. If you're someone who cannot remember to look at the time to realize It's already noon, rather stick with the day. That's the safer option to go because there's nothing worse than 5'10 and company. And you saying, thank you for calling. Good morning. And it's actually after name and you'll sometimes gay people is Diana. You know, what's going on with you that you haven't realized it's noon or AD. If you have got calls coming in from another country, you don't know what time zone it is. So they falling in from one country and it's nine o'clock in the morning. They and it's four o'clock nafta name as your company, you are still greeting your country. That's often name in Australia or South Africa or England, you're answering because that is a question that we are very good. Path AND gates is, do I say good morning or good afternoon or good evening? If I know we've got clients calling from a different country or the different time zone. You answer in what is happening in your country, the time of day. You get the person's name. When you call or write. And dimes like Pamela offset node can hear it. Remember you've been saying it every single day. So you say quickly and you are like wrangling and outs. Another company may not or another person may not know when they answer the phone if they are at the correct company. So they will ask you if you did not answer properly, they will ask you, I'm sorry. Which companies that you've heard it before, even as your name, like give your name, It's an export. Give your name and your answers. I'm regards to how unions answer now, but you'll hear people saying, I'm sorry, I'm speaking to you. Or which company is that? The reason they're doing that is because you are not answering properly. Alright, so if you answer property, you're going to eliminate now your bosses. And again, now you using this greeting and you know that company workers, employers, people working there, the boss, whoever offering into the company and you don't want to make it all along and like awful for them to listen to you. It's the company. Think about if you had your company, would you want, would you rather take that second longer to listen to a professional frame decreasing? Let's listen to someone who's answering the phone so quickly that you cannot hear what they're saying. So starts like this. The phone takes a fraction of a second, second, h and k, So it doesn't always connect immediately. Cyclades, a firings, changing Jane, jane, and then connects when you pick it up. If you immediately start speaking, you cut out whatever it is that you're saying. Now, if we start with, thank you for calling ABC company, even Bye, thank gets cut off our minds or symmetrically know, if you hear you for calling ABC company Jackie speaking, good morning. You would have really known that she had say thank you. Had she just said he's making good morning. You'd say, I'm sorry. You must take into or hat if you just did the company, Good morning. They would say, which company is that? It's so lovely, ladies and gentleman. You always starts with thank you for calling EPC company. Jackie speaking. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening or good day. All right. You may ask, how does this do you now internationally, this is called a three-part. It's a right because the first part is thank you for calling ABC Company. The state can part is Jackie speaking, you're giving your name. And the third is Hamas as g, or often, it's not necessary for the third parts ago and Ryan's, but she could use good morning. Thank you for quoting ABC company. Jackie speaking. Good afternoon. Right. If you guys caught that, I want you to just try it. It sounds difficult. You may have a name like, let's say for example, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Now we are answering the phone. And at one stage they were going to merge with another company called Kubota night. We would have to say, thank you for calling press would have killed us about her shuts out the ink bubbling. Right. It sounded like we would never be able to say it. It was like as a company, Scott, the longest name either. It doesn't watch your confidence and saying ads. Again, it's just like, thanks. Thank you for calling ABC Company. Thank you for calling price or housekeepers. Think about a thank you for calling the lights and Cherish. Thank you for calling Jack's panel beetle. So once you're confident with saying it, it just happens naturally, practice that walk around the house. Be like, thank you for calling ABC Company. Thank you for calling Jackie's, he's along. Thank you. Just just keep practicing and remember secondly, your name. That Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, right? So we've gone through that. Now. Next part is screen calls for people in your company who aren't taking calls or who are directors and you have to deal with people who want to speak to them. So I'll see you guys in education the day. Bye. 5. 5. SCREENING CALLS FOR STAFF MEMBERS: I'm back. All right. Let's go on to screening calls for employees in your company. Firstly, find out who the boss or whoever accounts that is, or a human resources who they will be taking calls from you. They expecting them to return a call and when they will be available to take four vocals and we're not. So when they come in, in the morning or five minutes before work starts or whatever, when they're coming in at a certain side of the day, stop there for a moment. You're a professional. You're doing this position just like any engineer or data or heart specialist or mechanical IT specialist, high Tanaka think of it as a possession now, but they've all specialized in their positions endures a specialist in your position. So you need to take your time, take the time and take a moment and say, right, boss. Are you taking calls and I need to take messages or cannot translate. Holds 32, he will say, Oh, she was 18. To yield hope I called for the next hour and he can start transferring calls. They will tell you that they're not taking. Also the rest of the day you need to take messages. They will, Saudis, South people, they're in a meeting. And you can get obviously the information that is that she lacking thought. Now Simon, friends and to speak to your boss and some inhibitors and human resources. And they've said, I Care Act, we taking calls but first find out who it is, who is on the line, right? So you find the person finds any GO greeting. Thank you for calling ABC company. Jackie speaking, good morning. Right. Now they say Good morning. T's must be to Jack. Jack is taking calls, the first one to find out who is it before you transfer it. So you say, certainly, certainly man who Mao ask is calling. Now, what is your name? Who you, are you calling? Anything like that? Nothing weird. It's payment straightforward. Certainly sick. She going to transfer the call. So it's certainly Certainly ma'am, you may ask is calling. They will say it's Jack speaking or it's broader than Sarah. Any say certainly is our chance vehicle through whatever the name is or whoever it is that they asked for a king. That is Stafford. That's easy. Now your boss most HE right. I'm taking calls that first find out what it is in connection with. And so Falco comes in, you do the standard decreasing. And I asked please speak to Mr. Brown. Say essentially say humans is calling. He says it's Bobby on the line. Is a Bobby may ask what the callers in connection with. Now, you're going to get charity organizations. You're going to get sales people. You're going to try and get all of these funny people who tried to get through to speak to the main boss. You're going to sometimes get an answer that says, it's personal. Ethics, personal. They would probably find them on the sulfur and rhymes. And K that is there's a 90 percent possibility that if it was the doctor signing to speak to the boss, he would find him on his cell phone. Oh, he wouldn't mind saying it's the doctor. His doctor I am returning is called well, I'm calling to speak to him or whatever. Right. So normally people who say it's personal, you have you can say I'm say unfortunately, Mr. Barron as only taking calls once he is a way of what the court is about. Unfortunately, he is like very busy and he's only taking calls that are of utmost importance. So you would say that the coal would go like this. Thank you for calling ADC humbly. Jackie Speaking that morning. He would say please nasty, it's Mr. Brown. Usa certainly say human asked his calling. He would say spouse. He said, don't mind me asking my asked what the score is in connection with. He will say it's personal. Then you'd say, Well, unfortunately, I can't tell physical threats you see Mr. Brown or just the person's like Mr. Brown's. Right? Mr. Brown. Unfortunately, our contracts helical treats Instagram unless I'm able to give him more entropy, more information was what the citizen connection. Then he will say, I'm trying to solve. So a conditionals. Then you have to make the decision to sign your boss while you've got him on hold and say it's a so I have gone borderline. He's selling in conditioners. Are we interested in purchasing a reputational? And he will say, yes, I left a message for a company to call me. Or he would say no. But many times you can often hear like, you can often use your discretion and say if the guy's calling with a condition as you said, right? Kamil, chances are it's Mr. Brown one moment, you put them on hold, you come back, you don't try and explore their coats the bus because you know, the POS is not interested in buying a conditionals. Again, not just noise, right? So you come back, you retain that you've tried day. You answer the phone back, you say. So. Unfortunately, there's no answer in Mr. Brown's offers. Cannot take a message. Please give me your name, your number, your details, your company's them, and I will ask Mr. Brown to return your call right. Now. This all comes with experience. I learned something new now if you haven't done it before. So then I'd like you to continue watching this video over and over to help you with the confidence of how a call flows are right? Now. If Mr. Brown is taking a call and you say to him, I Mr. Brown, um, both owns him. He's this T is nasty. It's Mr. Brown. Mr. Usa. Certainly, sir. Humor. Ask who's calling his spell? You say Burma. Ask what it's in connection with. His is certainly I would like see I'm just returning Mr. Brown's or you would like to speak to him about coming out to our company next week to do a quotation. You say certainly say one minus p is hot, right? You answer the phone, the phone with the brown, you say since the bound I've got online, he would like a quotation from this company with regards to whatever it is that he wants done, always returning your call or he wants to find out more information. So right here, the chance that the core that is pulse-width, if the people that you are finding, their being fired for not available arrives, you take the message professionally at tactfully and rings the part. In the next session, I will see you guys. Bye for now. 6. 6. TELEPHONE CALLS - HOW TO TAKE MESSAGES CORRECTLY: Hello, hey man, that means we're back again in the next session. And next session is how we can take messenger, right? Because there are so many times that message can, messages can be taken. So I'll tactfully, and so like you wonder, has this person seconds message like correct DTC, they have the correct number. Do they know which company I'm from or where it's in connection that you have your doubts that if the front line or the reception person are able to sit with ease with taking a proper message. You will feel so much more ideas, right? So a core comes in. They might speak to Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is not available. You asked if you can take a message or if you can transfer the call through to someone else who may be able to sustain, not don't transfer the call through to someone who you think can assist them who doesn't know what Mr. Brown's job entails. Right? Because that's just going to be useless and that's going to upset people. You own a chance for the core. If you know there is someone else in the company who knows that. They can, they'll be able to assist the clients. Alright. So call comes in, it is then increasing. And then you ask you say, I'm sorry, unfortunately, Mr. Brown is not available. Can I take a message for him or would you like to speak to someone else? Always give people two options. All right. If, if there's a possibility, you can always say it can ionize this. If you, maybe you just need to give the company's directions, you just maybe need to give something that's easy that you understand. Or maybe it is in chickens and you've got enough knowledge to be able to help the client, then you ask if you can assist but always give options. There had been like with the browns are available and they've got to ask take any canary, Tomoko, can I speak to someone else that can assist me? Know, you've got to be proactive. You've got to be ahead of them, right? So take the message is there. And sorry, unfortunately, Mr. Brown is not available. Can I take a message for him or would you like to speak to Jackie who works in his departments or who is our manager, who might be able to be of assistance. They would then say arrived the lightest each Jackie or they say, take a message, takes a message. Checked me, dad saying what is your name, where you're from? What is it about you? Yes. Nice words. Say Hema asked his calling. He will say a store brown, Right? Right. That's the brown you said Mr. Brown, please. Can I have your contact information? He will give his number. You repeat his number one he is saying. And so if this is 0, right, one, you write down 081 and you will say 81, he will say 743. You will face different 43. He will say 9124. And you will say 90, 100, two for the reason you say it along with him is certainly knows where you are in the process of taking down the number. He also can hear it because you might say, human says there at 1, 7, 4, 3, and A3. And he can also mess AKI, help you correctly. There is, I don't know. I thought. Alright, So you say that the number alone value busy writing it down and taking their message. So then you've got the science and say a mouse, which company you calling from. Here we'll say it's from DFT. Engineers. Write down D, if it's Geneva's any asked, say Mao, ask what the call is with reference to write. So it's easy as I say, man to ask what the cause was reference to. He will say we are looking for sensation from your company. What's he will he will tell you what the course with regards to you. A lot of the times they will say it's personal. Okay. You cannot drag something that when someone says personal, thank you. Cannot drag it out of them. You have to then unfortunately say I can say right mouse, but the converse with reference to your personal us show him you say, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to give me your information. I will relay the message to Mr. Brown accordingly. All right. So you take down messages tactfully. Whenever someone has been calls for that's not in the inner meeting or something. And, you know, they do normally take the telephone calls, shrines and you know, the missing and it's going to end at how question in the morning. So the call comes in. You answered the way I sold you guys to answer it. You say, I'm sorry, Jackie is not available. She's in a meeting of the minds, but they will be available as, let's say, for example, 11 o'clock. Let's give a little bit of time because maybe that the meeting has been extended. So give him more or less time that they can't turn back the pressure be dynes target clients to find back there was a waken up and back, then you give them a time. But preferably don't ask someone like nearby actually never asked someone. Can you find back That's just rude. Imagine you're getting a call and you like tea is kinda of speech. Tombs the brown. And you get a response from Mr. Brown sort available. Can you find back lighter? And it happens. We've heard so many times. This is the clients that phoning in. They should not be sold to fern back later. You need to be helpful and brain being eager to. So, so you'll be kinda ask us the brands contact you once you have completed his meeting or once he's back to the office. So that's very egoless. Every Lena's comes in as well. All right. Now, not part of the fun, part of people walking into your company. You've heard a screen, people who walk into your company. They will just walk in and say, I'd like to speak to your human resources department. You have to find out what its vars, right? So you ask them, say, the human resources departments don't just take walk-in candidates, please. Can I ask what this isn't connection once you find out what it is in connection with, you contact the resources departments and you hear if they are able to take that call. Now, lovely ladies and gentlemen, I'll see you in the session here. Now. My Apache is running, running low on both my camera and on my notes up. So I will be seeing you next time and we'll carry on with us. Our next parts is basic points about being in the frontline position, which is really interesting as well. The heel lengthen some useful to obtain. See you guys, they keep well, Bye. 7. 7. BASIC POINT TO KNOW ABOUT THE FRONTLINE POSITION: All right, guys, we are back. That laptop is charged, the cameras charged. Sorry, I'll leave is startlingly in the previous session, my top literally gives me 7% patchy warning. And then all of a sudden it just like Qatar completely. So I had unfortunately leave here, but I'm back right. So now today we are going to be talking about basic points that you need to lie about. Just everything in general as being part of frontline. Know your telephone system. Your telephone system will come along with either manual or with someone else who has worked on it before, he will teach you what the features are. If you do not understand the telephone system and you don't know how everything and every function works. So in the company and manufacturing company, their phone. Sorry. Who manufactured the phone? We'll say the technician hours, who will show the different features, the mutes, the whole musically place in the backyard. How to chance here. And you can ask them and always remember to find out how long when you transmit a call through to another phone. And no announced that it should take between 20 to 25 seconds to return back to your switch or maximum 30 seconds. You do not want the person on the other side of the firm to hold on for too long. They are so many phone systems way you transferred and all ring and ring and ring. Entering industry, Solve the receptionist decides to take their coat back and bring it manually back to the switchboard. If that is the case, you need to take notes of how long that phone is ringing in their office. And yes, there is madness. There is chaos happening in your reception area and uncertain phone system. You need to be in control of it. They is a crisis that could be exactly the same. And the doctors, surgeons, surgeries that are going wrong, he's got controllers and unions have control of your telephone system as well. So rise, know what its features are, know what it can do. Nahal on everything takes to transfer and come back to the switchboard. Up-skill ourselves today. Answer promptly, dies. Do not verify my growing industry before you decide to answer it, then a ring and ring and ring while you first busy talking to Jackie about the filing that needs to be done. Jackie white for a moment or two or five, however long it takes. The person on the other side, on the side does not know what is happening in your office, why it's taking so long for the phone to be answered. You do not want to answer the phone on the first string either, because that looks as if you're selling vein like business as calculated, just terrible. I cannot wait for the phone to ring. And you've got to know a little drink two to three rings. And you answered Lakatos you in three parties. And I did justify yourself clearly. And lays the collectors are looking for you or about the hands, then you'll be like, thank you for calling ABC Company J. Good morning. All right. Then you do not run the race of the time unless she hiding from about you had that you identify yourself clearly over the file. Use your friendliest voice but not CQI speed feedback. Thank you for calling our company. And he's weary and are at Austin and the way that grades, um, no, I don't pee like CQI Swedes announced THE words clearly over the phone so that people can hear because they telecommunication. Things get like can get a bit haywire, phones discriminate, they make noises. There's not always a proper connection. So you need to make sure that that everything is running smoothly. Now offered to help the color within reason if someone has being not, if someone is not available. If self-learning for the engineer of the science departments whose busy working on some other major experiments do not offer to help because they can ask you the little red button next to the black switch, which connects to the red wire. What I need to do this and then you're going to be like, I don't have speech that guy. So if you know that you cannot help the corner because it is intricate, they've done of it. Helpful color, right? Never lose your temper no matter how many. Like, no matter how angry a corner mmHg of the cyan. Just keep us off composed, collected, calm. Remain calm. You might wanna get worked up. You might want to get upset, you want to get emotional. I've seen so many. Frontline people high because of the way that they've been doubts was overthrown by a quarter or a client who's come in, time, b. B. I don't know how to explain to you, but keep yourself composed. You are not going to be influenced by someone's else's negative Cummings and they sentiments and stuff to not let it affect you personally. Be strong enough to be able to deal with S sake message carefully and get information technically like SHE him ask is calling. May ask well, it's in connection with what? Again, nowadays. Right style and pronounce the quarters name correctly. If you're not sure how to spell a very like detail, like crazy surname, say. So Mao, ask you to start your surname fluorine because remember, we're not all like know exactly how to start every setting. Because when you're giving, when, when, when you've taken a message and you give that message to the staff member and the spelling of the name and surname is run. It's making you look because they know, they know this is jackson by the skin off. And again, they involve nine, you are giving them like a message. They can more or less make out the thinking. Shannon, She's like, she doesn't even know how to spell correctly. It's making YouTube and intelligence, but you may give it to them and they'll be like, they may not know how to pronounce this name because they may not know that person. So ask that if you ask politely. Has this file from I'm saying they won't get upset. It's alright. Unless you've got like the clients and the phone, He's hysterical, then you do not want to ask them despised than m. Then you've just got to listen very, very clearly and try and make up the Google app, see if you can find the correct spelling of sets in a more or less and then give the message through to the person. Writes. Avoid asking color his or her name is a person being called for is not in here. For example, I am fighting. She speak to me. Now you guys have gotten listen to those iPhone in an ISA, please mass beats me. And someone says to me, shown here now asked is calling. And I say it's Shani. And then she says one moment peels and she transfers the call. But as she comes back and she says, I'm sorry, man, unfortunately means that available. It's going to look to me as if any is the and he kept when she heard it's me. She didn't want to take your call. Right. So when someone calls in and they say, Great, He's must reach me if you ever mirror is not available in say, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, Mary's London office, may I take a message for her or can I charge thee Israel to someone else? Right? So don't, don't like asked for the name and then toggle modal person's been going out and getting like, what's your name? No. Now all of a sudden shoots or he's one hand, the more vaccines you as rights. Netherlands a color. Hold on for more than 30 seconds to one minute without getting back to them. When I'm normally in my classes, I let the students I say nothing. I do not think this absolute silence. I have a stopwatch. I'll let them wait for 50 seconds. Three seconds. I'll let them wait for another 30 seconds. And then I'll say 10 minutes. Guys. The t seconds is a long time. One minute is enough to make the client go crazy on the other side of the file. As a longtime do me a favor. Just sit your stopwatch for 30 seconds and for one minute and see if they do nothing and just wait and wait for 30 seconds to pos, It's just child should try it for a moment. Here it's the starting now. Let's see secants. You unless you're just given a rough estimate now as I counted, as thick as a crime. Right. It's a long time for someone's be holding on the other side of the phone, waiting. All right. Thank you. See you guys. I hope you found this information a little bit like Interesting. I guess they're going to be moving answer next part of the program. See you guys. 8. 8. A FEW TIPS ABOUT IMAGE MAINTENANCE: Excellent. We're back for another session and we are going to be talking about image maintenance. Just a quick this is just going to be quick utilization. Guys, girls, I went to Jay's as fashionably as possible, but not black. Like it's extraverts aesthetic like a scary. Go into shopping centers and malls and toting shops and look at the corporate way that they've got normally on the mannequins to see what fits together. Not orange, top green pads, yellow scoff, pink, scratchy, blue blazer. Whatever you've got in your cupboard that you think goes together. Not kicker and duck, what a corporate image looks like. And or smart casual. If you're working at a tattoo parlor, you adjust accordingly. If you're working at a hair salon, you Jay, smart casual, but you're accordingly. If you're working for a conglomerate, you would be wearing very corporate office threading. So when you're close with regards to the image of the company, lovely ladies and gentlemen, cleans, never dressed provocatively, okay. You may be slinky and skinny, and hence the base body and the head greatest ads and just add city and you want to show it off The keystones, okay, it's not a good image for the peasants. You, everyone knows that she absolutely beautiful and you can live that side that way and style out of the office when you in your personal life, but don't bring it in surface area. Right. Now, part of image maintenance as well is to ensure that all areas of the business reflect a consistent image of the business. Meaning, again, if you're a finance, financial institutes, your pamphlets, brochures, magazines, newspapers, is just media. Everything that you have for people to read and to look at. Bother busy waiting for whoever it is that they've come see. It's day for them to see its day for them to gain knowledge. You not going to be putting cosmopolitan magazines down or People magazine or one of those magazines down in a financial institutes for people to read. You publicly put those books at a hairdressing salon. Or when you're working in a medical things that you would have pamphlets and medic books based on medical, medical information. So that forms part of the image as well. Then if you're working for a company that's got promotions going, alright, you have to make absolutely sure that you are on top of that progression in time when it starts and when it ends. Let's say for example, we have got a promotion running on by Superfoods and get the third perfume half-price. And then small rising at the bus and services and conditions. This often ends on the 31st of March, 2021, Edmund nights, right. Then next morning, you make sure when those doors open, you take down that pamphlets or that pressure or that banner or what have you make sure that you get rid of it? Because people will come in. And they were asked today and you will say, I'm sorry, sir. Unfortunately, the promotions I've had and they will insist that you still got the banner running right at their price. And you will say that the terms and conditions, he also was the offer in that you should have taken it down. So guys, please do take notes of all of those kinds of things. Sometimes so often we walk in supplies. You ask to something, the banners they you'd like or the poster in your fees. Go ahead. This as I saw that. Likewise, you went they bought and sold up. Had you gone unseen? Thank you all. It's not running anymore. Specials nonane, you probably would have walked out or you would have asked them when is that coming up next or went in both. Do they anticipate having that promotion again? So make sure that you have those things in order as well. 9. 9. OTHER FRONTLINE DUTIES: I'm going to just briefly cover some of the other duties that your position itself when you are in frontline and reception. You help internal and external people rights. You answer the switchboard telephone system. You take messages, you route the coals do through to the different departments. That's what you do. You greet visitors and community members in a professional manner. So Huber community members, those members in the other office blocks that may be around you or the other office spaces, the professional to them as well. When you see them outside in the parking bay, you read them professionally and not have I think I've heard personality cache. And when it has the I'm going to park in their parking and not a reflex bad. And it's a company not just on you. I'm accompany rise. You assist off with the deities. They will often come to years HE checking, I need to get one of these mailing campaigns or all of these precious piece we had before piece we have MY hockey stick, the unvalid thes, we send out emails and things. Staph that's part of your learning process and she dates to help them. Okay. That is only if it's not missing in with your deities of arginine. So now you have to help people who are coming in and people who are on the phone and GI doctor because she rather assisting staff, not your work comes first. But I do want to say to you is and this isn't poisons and not feel I'm a Program. I just get scaled that we didn't get. A question that we normally have is when the phone is ringing and I've got someone standing in front of me. Do you answer the phone or do I deal with a person finally, write, it works like this. You excuse the person in front of you say, I'm sorry man, or I'm sorry. So unfortunately I have to take the score. I'm really I apologize because the other person funding in does not know what is happening in your reception area. They cannot see that the people in front of me, you can see the final shaking. Unless you've got a person who is mining, complaining, having a mental breakdown, they ignore the fire and you can later to explain to the boss or two, who is that person will probably be fed back, right. You can then explain to them. I'm sorry. I contacted cool. This client was telling me the problems selling me the concerns that were really angry and states could not interrupt them to answer the phone. So that is the only exemption. If you don't answer the phone. If someone is freaking out in France city, right? Guys, just hit, bring them in and I just in case somehow it stops the system. Next, you receive emails, you sorts apps to post and e-mails, and you distribute them and you sort them out and you read them and you just coordinates the things that are going on. They're coming into the company that are going on and going out. You need some lovely ladies and gentlemen. That is always someone in your reception or in your front line. You cannot leave it unattended. If you walk into a shop and I'm sure many of you have oxygen as sharp or company with is now an a and G like we are. Again, it looks so professional because they didn't you see someone running down the passage and they're like, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just had to pick again D doesn't then that knowing that it's not acceptable. So if you feel that you have to leave the reception area, you did someone ask, you always have to have someone who you've trained in your position to assist you for when you're on leave, when you stick with your appendix burst or let us turn on your lights work and you need to go to hospital. You need to have someone else who's trained in your position to be able to do it pretty much as good as the Chief. Can. You find that person? They marry? Bow ever? I need to go to the ladies room. Or it is unfortunately my break time, these communist system in the reception area. And then the weight to the inside, and then you leave, right? Another part of UGC, make sure that you are ordering meals and arranging, arranging refreshments and beverages for meetings and events. People in the company will find you. They will say to you, my mom is bringing my lunch just now. Tina Taco, one in fact, fees demeanor when she arrives, they will sometimes find you and say GPS. We learn a company that sells chicken fries. I want you to him for lunch. Is we automate chicken when it arrives, it is benign. And because you're in the reception area here, the person who is accepting and receiving all of those things. A lot of times when for meetings as well, never find me and they'll say I'm Shani. We having a meeting at 10 o'clock, TV range for snacks and drinks. And so then, you know that he found the caterers or the company that sells managers or whoever they arrive where you are, You take the boardroom, ensure your your reception areas covered, or you give them three to someone else, you can take it. So yes, it's part of your duty to do that. Now, I'm going to talk about office ACKs in the next section. So I will see you. Lovely ladies and gentlemen day. See. 10. 10. GREETING THE CALLER - IN DEPTH SESSION: Hi guys. I'm back at seen the shiny new layer, right? In case we are going to be talking about greeting the corner. Now, your greeting is the entry points or service. The way you greet and the violin is probably going to like it. It's kinda decide whether the caller that's calling in or the company is calling in is going to want to do business with your company. They want to phone in the NameNode EVs and you answer the phone with you at the reception. Here, you frame the helpfully, eagle is SQL's bike and you will just you altogether, you've got knowledge. So again, it's your greeting is the entry points of servers. You turn, it needs to be clear, an upbeat when you're on the file again. And when reception here, it does not have to sound like or look like. You hate every moment of what it is that you do it right? People wants to know. And I would say she just loves her work. He just enjoys it so much. It's just so much both inserts. Can you never sound hurried? Or curves are graphs like this. Nothing worse than my speaking, so on It's like, thank you for calling our company is now she's one variable I can ask, can I charge you to know, okay. Um, cats, I can make a recommendation. I am we if our income okay. Okay. I socket into find me. I kept by. That just sounds that sounds so like as if you want to get that person off the line as soon as possible. But seriously, thinks that Jeremy so slow that you annoying people. Jonah, make your greeting so long that you are annoying people as well. And that's why thank you for calling oncogenes. Check is digging. Good morning. The three-part easing internationally accepted as a way of pleasing, you know, if someone greets like that, they have had a telephone instigates of frontline receptionist Channing program that I have completed because that's the way it is acceptable. Right? Now. When someone is exempts, you need to explain it in a positive manner. Please do not explain the illness. There have been like, I don't know word Lauren. Just yesterday, she just got a rash all over like over I've heard Buddy It's just got this rash. It was itching. She had fever and there's no need to say that don't excite just answering. Unfortunately learned ill and she's not yesterday. If the Oscar the illness is denied benefits. I'm sorry, say unfortunately, I was just told that she is not enough today due to illness. Alright. You do not say the reason why you want to say it's illness is you don't want to say just Lauren's away because they don't sounds like learn just to believe in the middle of a project, something that needed to be completed or someone asked for an invoice and they they're waiting for the invoice and then Lauren, just two guys leave. All right. And if it's something that's sudden and she's away, expand the elders in a positive manner, but do not say what the illness is. Am I making sense? You guys are observed nervously. Someone is in a restroom, chemicals that is just stay personal, privacy was dying. And then we all know we have a generate stream and the client does not need to know that your staff member is an A3. All right. Do not disclose personal reasons for absence. I used to work with a lady who could not wait to tell everyone what was going on within the company. She would find in an assignment phone in and she would say, Oh, jeez, Naomi, and I missed getting divorced and has children. And guess what, charts abducted children from the primary school. And the police, were they? And they got him at the airport with the children's language. There we go. It's a FlatZinc result. At that information gets back to your boss, believe me it does is it does get back to the boss because the client was unwell. I cannot. I mean, it's got personal problems. She's not concentrating on the position that task that I've given. Uh, i've I've asked her to perhaps with adequate session for designing my kitchen. And now the receptionist is just busy selling me the crisis that she's going through. I'm rather than to go to another company way I can have my kitchen cupboards designed and put in as a matter of agency because of tronic get per household my last using a mind or whatever. All right, so don't discuss any reasons for epsilons. Okay. Now that the way you can deal with people calling in, for example, adapted flow where I'm gonna be telling you now makes it easier for you to jail. And especially if it's something that's repeats itself or you can play around with a little bit, give a little bit of options, and then it makes it easy. So you've done your three-part freezing. Thank you for calling ABC company. You said Jackie Speaking, you sit Good morning. They've asked his mouth speak to me. Don midi. Namaste. Don midi is the CEO of the company, right? He's not taking goals. You can then say, I'm sorry, unfortunately, Mr. midi is not available. Can take a message or which like sleep to someone else. You can say maybe Mr. media stepped away from his office. He's not they at environment caretaker message for him. If Minister Modi is out of the offense, you can say there is arts. And again, there's a difference between his stepped out of his office and he's out of the office. Out of his office means out of his little space, but installed in the building of the offers completely means he's out of the building by codon, right? Or you can say Mr. midi is an amusing or his disease on the other line. So let the people know what is going on. But without giving too much information like Mr. Brady is not available in Office at the moment. He's having tea in the meeting or not. Right there I need is right there. Just he's not in his office. Now. When you've done that, you can then use these phrases because now that I've asked to speak to this degree of you said I use it. Mr. Moody has stepped away from his office. You give them an option you'd like, can I be of assistance? Magic message. Would you like to speak to someone else? Can I charge fees? You see his voicemail? A lot of systems, certain systems do have the option where you can charge for three to a voicemail system and they can leave the message on the system itself. So play around with it like B. I'm sorry, Mr. media stepped out of his office. Can I take a message and open sorry, Mr. Metes. Out of the building at the moments or hours the office, would you like to speak to someone else or give people options or rights? Almost the cola before you put someone on hold, there is nothing as bad as saying, Great, He's must be Mr. Brown. And they say certainly, there's Portugal. You don't know how long you're going to be unfold for. You. Don't know if he would like that. It's just they may not want to be on how they may just want to, like if you hits it, if they cooled an inset piece. Now speak since the brown and years it Mr. Brown is not an office. All right. Would you like to take a message which is nicely leave a message or can't take a message or he's on the phone at the moment, which you'd like to hold. It probably say, no, I'm not going to hold our phone back. Lights are well, yes, I'd like to hold gives the people the option to hold. I don't just put them on hold was asking them if they're okay with it. So you wait for a reply and then you thank the customer falling. And you relate back to the tight the whole time you say, I'm sorry, unfortunately, estimate the old done or still busy on a call, which is the lighter holes. And I'll say iso nine. And if you see that you are going towards two minutes that this person is holding, you can go back and say, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, Mr. Moody is still on the call. I think maybe he's not going to be a wow. Can I perhaps take a message or would you like to hold with us like this next section you want to hold? So hear from them again because they may be willing to hold for like a minute or two, but not longer than that. Okay. That's why you end up with hung hang-up calls. So I'll come back to reception and they'll be like no one a because they'd been holding to lung and left per town right. Now. Lovely Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to move onto the next session, and I will see you there. Bye. 11. 11. CLOSING THE CALL: I would like to continue holding or if they'd leave a message. You repeat the action that you've taken. So if they've asked you tease Tom estimating that I won't be able to attend my sneezing and 11 o'clock, I had heard something else she job and it goes through selling Tiffany back or whatever. Before you close the call, is that okay, Mr. Miyagi? Rights. So I will take Mr. Brown that you won't be at smiles need saying because you've got other obligations. It leads him know the Jew organic conveys the correct message to Mr. Brown, Right? You ask if there's anything else that you can assist the month. Oh, that's if it's appropriate at a time depending on what the CPU is, how who has fired. And you thank the customers according you thank you for calling and definitely relate this to me. Denied that you bought yet smart as me saying, you always get your client's hang up first. You say I have a lovely afternoon. Thank you. But I will say by you let them hang up the phone first. You never put the phone down first. All right. So there was tired of closing the call as well. So this session is like literally a mouthful. 12. 12. END OF COURSE. CONGRATULATIONS!: Why? Hi. All right, so let's suppose somebody wants to say something question. Suppose such as outputs. So it's squared equals c squared equals c squared.