BRE and EMA'S Billion Dollar Forex Trading Skills. | Fridah W. | Skillshare

BRE and EMA'S Billion Dollar Forex Trading Skills.

Fridah W., A world with no Limits

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9 Videos (51m)
    • Introduction

    • What is supply and demand zones?

    • How to draw a Demand Zone

    • How to draw a supply zone

    • What is B.R.E strategy and how does it work?

    • Stop Loss, Take profit, and exit strategy using B.R.E

    • Scalping and getting to Mega trends with pending orders

    • EMA'S and how to use them

    • EMA'S Practical


About This Class


This class will mainly focus on the BRE and EMA’S Forex trading strategy, that can be used in any market.

After this class, you will acquire the following skills:

o    Understand what is supply and demand zones.

o    Drawing supply and demand zones like a pro.

o    BRE strategy skill.

o    Entry and exit signals used in supply and demand zones.

o    Placing your stop loss and take profits correctly.

o    Identifying fake breakouts.

o    Scalping fake breakouts.

o    Catching a strong trend with the best EMA’S.


This class is best for:

o    Forex Beginners

o    Forex traders who want to trade any market.

o    Forex Position traders.

o    Forex Break out traders.









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Fridah W.

A world with no Limits

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