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Michael Triana, Be Free. Be Happy.

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About This Class

In this exclusive course I will teach you how to box and beat a taller and stronger opponent with step-by-step breakdowns of strategies and techniques. Take this course video by video in order take your boxing to the next level!

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Michael Triana

Be Free. Be Happy.


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1. INTRODUCTION: What's going on, guys? My camera here. Welcome to the course and how to fight Californians. And this course we're gonna be going over how to cut the distance effectively, how to use facing face to cut that business trigger appointing how did hit the body and also how to get out of the corner in jam Our opponents when they're using that big, big reach How did we get in there? Right, So in this course, we're gonna go over a whole bunch of tips and tricks how to be a tall according say, two guys. 2. USING THE JAB TO CONTROL THE DISTANCE: I'm bothered with Jack are targeting. There's some danger here before you can take a train, workers. The first thing you want to be doing this keeping that this is when I keep This is right now. I cannot him, but he cannot. Me neither is much better than me to stand here. This is where my partner hit me. But I cannot hit him. All right, so that's not good. That happens all the time. We're always trying to get to that business. But we end up being right in the middle where the person who hit us, but we cannot. So at least right here again, I cannot hand it's fine. But these on these work, even no when you use that jobs and the job here, even if not reaching them, is completely fine. Trying to create an illusion because I'm standing here allows him to just step in and easily punch again. Also exchanged punches from here. I will not be chin. He's gonna be punching the whole day, all right? Right now I'm pretty in an illusion here with my job. This is that way. Must if he wants to punch, you got to get past My jab punches here. I'm bothering with a dance not to use his street punches. As you guys know you Straight punches for long fighters is the go to for that, right? Using the jab Cross, Do this. The punch is gonna be using the most acute business. So when I interrupted with the job here with Jackson giant across and I'm also creating an illusion here that I'm tolerant that I see are not talk, but I'm creating that illusion. Makes it harder. Just come in here. Just comes in with this bunch is being nice and easy to punch me because I just become a target when I'm here. I'm bothered with Jack. I'm not targeting the asking past. There's some danger here before you can punch. Now, the second thing is not creeping. If I'm doing their job here, I'm bothering you. Focus on the job. He's not really focused on my work too much here. I can creep in Cleveland now getting closer as I go. Even it is punching here. Punching back with Jack as I go is a lot easier to do that to come in to slowly come in. Supposed to be just trying walking like this with my jobs here or with my head is down with my shield. Now it's hard to do. That person's gonna easily see your foot where they have been doing anything right now. Using the job to bother you, Jax created an illusion using the job to the bogus on that jab instead of footwork and moving that I'm going to creep in here. Yes, to get past it creeping in slowly. That is one of the least you can use using the job. One of the bulls point. Alright, guys. ST George How to use head moving to be able to close with this. 3. USING HEAD MOVEMENT: job, right? Shield. Anything home in I don't like punches I find is here with our tall drinking water. Make sure we have that business. I want to take a step back. Having that this is that way. If I'm not least hit me, we're even right now. I'm gonna be using that jab. Just like the video before the job change along this street Punches, jab, cross, jab. Cross past my job right now. I didn't have that from outside from here, Jack. Johnny had moving across. Well, way use that you come in, we can clinch where at least come in jump are warning. The reason is because of service. I got punches or at least trying to punch me. That's a perfect time because they're overextended. We're really looking for them to be over extended long lives. It's gonna take a little bit of time to bring it back. So I'm really just looking for them to step back a little bit here. Just camera angle on this year. I'm pretty much Washington at that here. He doesn't jab step to beach, meaning that I can time easy if I'm here at his age. Doesn't set at all. It's gonna be very hard for me to time that job because it's really hard to tell. Just is on moving his body may not too much, but if yes, step yes or even reaches me that I that I know something's coming This is Jack easy for me to slip a bunch and they come in clean shop, do my work. So I get I'm usually head outside you. Jack goes here and they come in with that footwork, being able to free shop, doing my punches. Now, let's say that your newer and a lot of times that happens you get stalking shield to shield here. And right now we're standing here trying walk forward every time I try to walk for walking back. Right now, all we're doing is my head sides just like this thing on their side, side, side side that she'll especially everyone one time you want based on anything and then wait creeping as I use Gonna be hard. He's trying to hit me. At this point, I'm not just he was trying to hit me just kind of office right here, doing his punches here. I'm moving. Moving, moving, moving. It's a creeping in. It doesn't matter if you get hit. That's fine. We'll slightly will. Your your The person is a lot taller. Me have get passes range before I get there is a high possibility that he's punching the base is a high possibility. Is just gonna hit me to just be ready. Be ready to take him. It's completely fine. All right? Yeah, Yeah, I get hit. I hit back. Not that I hear that operation. I can reach him. That's a problem, people. Well, not footwork will not use. And then right here, trying change punches. Right now she's punching my apartment here, not region punching all the long I cannot reach a meeting. I had used that. Even if shielding here doing the job, right, punching a shield, anything used home in I don't like punches. So one key thing to remember is that our punches as a shorter person are mostly gonna be our opera cuts in our folks. Their punches are gonna be straight punches because trying to keep this is gonna be jack across doesn't mean you can use in the other Bunches. They can buy most of our golden punches, uppercuts, hooks, ensure close range weapons. There's gonna be a long beach weapons important to know what their their power is. What? Your powers as a short person I got. So stay tuned for the next video where I'm gonna teach you how to come in. Walk in the body, Yeah. 4. HITTING THE BODY WHILE CUTTING DISTANCE!: seven Jap body squat down. Get that base in the body here. My punches upstairs. Guys, they will go over, get it while in the body over. So right now we want to get that business and big reporting. When they sit in that, we're gonna go under a lot of time. I want to hit up top single sneaking right, for example? Yes. Take a step into even reach me. He's gonna throw a jab, for example. Jab, jab, Body squat down. Get that base in the body. That here, my much. Here's what you get in the body. The idea is much Beijing. So keep that job here. Yeah. Jab, Jab. Right under the body, for example. If they cross on being in a year, they slip across. I calm down, hit my cross. The body's pretty much you exchange your punches, you change different targets. Then we go down there they go hit down low. We can still rush the man because if they do, I can slip back a little bit. And they trying to spring boys springboard. Try to come in because they have to lower their buying, meaning that they're trying no sound because we're smaller so they would define their head across. I could slip back a little bit of land, my punches. You noticed at my high level it was actually pretty bad dish for me. If you try to get my body most of time, they're gonna be using the Jap and across it longest weapons. And they're gonna go for there were based remorse time. So that's why it's very 20 on the job counter and across just pretty much their job with the jab, cross, jab, step. Once they cross the extent, if they're lefties, much seen things like left. Right now. Right now, he's going to a job. But I'm gonna be using the holding side. So right now, I'm gonna go across those adapt cross here. I'm slipping towards the outside when I do the same things that you slipping towards the outside when because across here, that I job going here, right? You can actually do the scene we can cross if you want. I just first let slip outside crossing here. I could step out on angle if you've already switch. This is seen Same time concept. See him now across. Generate. The office goes a job. So I'm going to see movement with from here. I can pivot and I anglo. Alright, guys. So for lefty and righty if they what are they used? Doesn't really matter their love You're ready in that case, because for him will be a right street cause this way or Jap in their left, right? Same thing across here goes a cost. Ready. I crossed returning to a lab doesn't Jack, I cross This is a day and only watching the scene in that case left you ready. Doesn't really matter on goals outside once I'm in here for a job right now Lefty here that I do my office My by shots German and keep going by my strong punches. Which gonna be my uppercuts. My host Actual reporting. Alright, guys. Just showed that they Bejeweled with your training partner, especially about culture. Any part again. All you gotta do You want to get that space here That way. Step jab cross Right on the body, across the body. I go upstairs Now that he's at my saying he goes a job upstairs. I slipped cross. I do a lot of different things baiting my appointing a lot of times you want to go in or you want to keep your base right is that you cut the distance while they're coming in. So you're coming in and they're committing at the same time. So that way you're not running after because they're so long. So you cut it. This is pretty much you have time. You're both coming in. The idea Is that you? Yes, that you don't know You're coming in to try to get back to that. Even if he comes back just like you did right now with his hands up. I'm already in here. These were 50 50 and even have more politics. My faults. I have a lot of just here. He doesn't have a job cost anymore, which is his power shots. In this case, I got stage for the next video where I'm not talking about how to use your face to be able to make the shield belt that we also get it 5. FEINTS VS FAKES AND HOW TO USE THEM!: shorter person here before you notice. He actually brought down because you're trying to cover his body. That thing, video or base, Thanks. To be able to come in, one of the biggest things you look for it happened shield up. You have your shield that might not easily walking to want to make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for that right now. Change much here for reaching Bunches, of course, shows up. Then right now is a perfect time to come in with by shots with my upstairs where one in closing this much as I can, so pretty much waiting for them to shield up and then come in, as we do now between face base. So based are more about breast. More about, like body. More about Julian back. More work, maybe just a little bit. But fix are more a little bit off amendment. If I don't think it's more, for example, this is a first year. This is a this way right and looks just like there's a little bit more commitment no more. All right, guys. Videos are being too much, meaning nothing happening that is afraid that nothing really happening, but using that presence to have told other tools. Those ready that you want to attack your brother back, Maybe I can hear. No. Once they throw something that's a real time. Especially if you have a man. Anything is a little bit hard to make it because they were feeling danger. So, for example, this is a big right now. Nobody here, here, right here, right now. Big over here are shot shorter person right here for you. Notice he actually brought down because he was trying to cover his body. That you really for that by then swimming around it before handing it upstairs right now, being a get well and the work I'm doing here back on board. And I'm keeping that. This is where we sent extensive cross now much interest, rich off attack and then coming back home. I'm still here years that way in laws or make like we're talking about the other videos over May 2 punches and allows me to throw my punches as well. Right here, baby. Baby breathing, for example. I have the body space using be coming here, right? You much noticed even to come in because already they landed it shows up. Now is my time. I shows up here. I can start keeping a close this. Right. So this whole video right now it's about thinking about this in the most important thing is just literally watching this. Assuming they do this is three much. Tell you just go. Do not wait to school. Of course. Careful. They control while acting he used to be ready to take the hit. But don't stutter because they're shielding up here. And you started that they're gonna eventually just hit you again. You're stuck in that area. Work to make sure. Sure, I do not think about it at all the way here. Here. I want answering it is back, for example Right now to be again works in this leg, especially to come back and cross upstairs. Lots of base were under, so just get the body Always stayed there. Here. Yeah, And now this is that rates will not decrease in your face based outside before you come in top or Tiger appointing and use that as able to come in with big work And big upstairs used the body a lot to be able to be done. Just body a lot of people. Our guys So the videos and helping out see the next video. Yeah, 6. BAITING OPPONENT TO OVER COMMIT: I slipped. Come in, Bunches. Unit shields up with a lot of times. That's exactly happy. They're gonna shield up. I'm already inside now Welcome back, guys. And they were talking about how big are pointing. And then that way they over commit the first rule about over commitment is keeping that this is have you talked with? Full force is keeping the right. This is where your presence and where were not in danger One make that step. When they said they were much right, seven right here. And now I know that this is in half the time. So right now, with over committed, committed lunch is gonna be much anything that comes from the rear side, usually the cross, because across in a long time to come back or a big over handbook. It takes a long time to come back. And it's a lot, lot of jazz. You is not really optimum for you to come in unless you really, really That's because they could bring that jack me really quickly. So right now, versatile again. Keeping this is want them to over commit with costly cost. Here I go back down. Previous videos coming and then the other one is called Mirror. So when we do attacks, especially attacks the one who wants to do the same thing, especially when we land because they're like, OK, you can do that. So can I. So right now we want to use crosses and books big books for them to mirror our movement. So I'm going in and out here, and I know that cost. You hear that? He lost right now in the body, and now I'm inside with my Sean Bunches of cuts in my home. You can use that Java's well last year, but they start measuring that that job watch still there still, Stephanie, I'm still being right. I always watch with that. Always watching for anything that comes from this side. Doesn't matter their lefty or righty watching for anything that back because that was gonna take longer for them to bring back. It's gonna give me time to come in here. I want to go in and out of there. Senses right here is a years old. So I go in here. This is a farce, but not too much in and out makes them through attacks. If I stay too far back joining because too far back. And if I stay here the whole time, they I mean, there gonna be getting old time here and I'll be trying them when I can be, like looking for that crossing because that cost I can slip Bunches unit shows up with a lot of times. That's exactly what happened. We're gonna shield up. I'm already inside now, please, I'm able to hit them and they're not able to hit me with a long lunch. They're gonna have to use the short punches. But in this case, I'm gonna have more power because my shirt Bunches for sure, there are power right building for anything here, mirroring, trying to make coffee with across books here, slapping part here, it makes them see that guy has a lot of power using this year. So I want to use my reunion as well appointed here, move something a lot of times. My favorite. It's just work my center of gravity. That way I can dodge their punches. That usually well below stairs they come in is that if you're doing more time, be careful with any these come in right, because if you lower your center of gravity and they need they can take you in the face. But what you do is that you actually need to decide any time this I try my head this way, then these. If they come in, they're gonna usually miss. I guess there's always going to come in. And as a short warning should always be ready to take a hit rate. You have to be ready to hit, and it's OK. You knew because they were long guys because enjoying videos, of course, is helping you guys out safe for the next video. 7. JAMMING THE PUNCHES OF TALL OPPONENTS!: that's Jim is gonna come in here. Welcome back. Asked today we're gonna talk about Gemini, are pointing, especially when we're in the road. So it says here with our training borders way already know that they have long limbs. And if we stay in a certain this is gonna pick us apart Now we can use that. This is jab them when they punch. For example, I'm against the ropes here. You're gonna be reached me with any of his punches, right? Bunching, bunching, gorging I can do some head movement, but also with my word I can clinch to shield up and jump up. This way, if you're doing what time you coming with elbows as well. So here he's doing a bunch of a woman had a hole in my head a little and trying their faces Well, especially when they're coming in the jammy works when they're attacking because they're went back with her punches, you will never be able to jam them because every time I step in the right now, going back does not necessarily that gives me room. I can get away, which is still good, But if you want to jam them is not gonna work A lot of times when you're really trying to go after them and they keep moving back would never been a cash. So that's why we have to be with Paint and Vegas. Well, my head here be Wait, I'm going in or out using the ropes. You can still hear you from the road. Still back this a little bit, but of course, you have too much room to move. That's my jam is gonna come into play here, coming shield. So again in a second way that you can jam. It's coming in and out with your attacks. Well, let's say this time he's gonna be on the road here. I do some rules, right? He throws an attack. Mrs. Second Attack coming. All right, so I give them space so they walking to remember as long morning. Don't want to keep the this is But he walking in then that gives us an adventure because they closed their own distance. So I want to take advantage of that step. So I'm here. I'm punching a punching. I give a little bit of room. Now just one more time to push me again. Come in one more time in Jan. My right, guys. So those are the basics off jamming your morning. You're not chasing them, making sure that they step throwing attack. I got six for the next video. 8. FIGHTING IN THE POCKET!: Oh, my word year with punching, right? A lot of times. What? Take it since you were training partners right now how to fight in the pocket. So the idea is that I get to the rules, You just get to an angle right now. I'm gonna go right angle here. I don't know how to fight here on the pocket meeting have really close because I'm gonna close range as much as I can so that you cannot use the street punches, which is really our for long range opponents. Right here. I'm using my close range punches my body book upstairs, and I specifically love to use the body shot and the uppercut a lot. You see my face and do it all the time, which is just about a year making sure they open up just a little bit and then coming up with even do the uppercut with or a semi, Which means you're and it's this week, as opposed to this way. That way you can fit your glove in between there, their gloves right here. So I'm doing it this way. This way. Pop up a little bit over here. Come back down to the body. So right now, trying to get away And I'm just trying to keep up with time, putting pressure on my morning by not too much, too much angles fall over right. So I want to put much on him, but not too much, Because again, if he angled, fall over and then he's gonna be away in the middle of the range and get just me with cross right now. Here in my work. I'm not looking down too much feeling my appointed school work, but I'm seeing what he's going because I don't want to get away with with pressure. You're punching me smarter, introducing my dad very short, very long so I can come up that job that kind of set me up there and keeping them on the road again. If I put too much pressure all over my balance is not gonna have any power that way. I have. Right now, you notice Jack Cross I've been going to the body, but somehow Sears landed right using Africa, saying lots of those on the scene hand 12 even triples your shield. Oh, bomb. And then to again with same side lots of doubles from the same side using a bythe Okay, I get it. This is just a little bit And then punches gently again. Alright. It just kind of like gives you that confidence. I was like, Well, I have a little bit of room and then we trust punch come in jamming again. I punch him again, right? Not allowing myself to on top of meeting again or my body with my pressure and falling over if the angles So you just get a little bit of room does not give a lot of because so just a little bit of still range weapons meeting from here. I can still land Hope, right, have a woman. But I still hope I can still offers here much too much memory because right now again got a short that you're more your range remains. You know your point range. Even though he's tall, somebody might be a little bit taller. Somebody money be a little bit short. You know, everybody strange. It's just a estimate because you let me in your arms Just a minute with experience will get my work here felt but with C punches punches right? A lot of times guess what is gonna have to put this down to punch, right? He's punching down like this, and that's when you can go with over again. That's that. That hook upstairs, right? Those That is the way he your appointment on the ropes, fight in the pockets. Grammy point to find pockets. All right, guys. Hope you guys doing videos. Stay tuned for the next video. 9. GETTING OUT OF THE CORNER!: you can use that walking, walking, jammy jam moving in as I'm going funny stands here with a training partner. This time I'm gonna be in the corner. Is a great tactic to have your appointing in the quarter for both tall in shorter opponents . Because you cannot move. You have limited space to move while you have a lot of space to move. Well, let's say that you're told put you in the corner. There is a very bad, very bad to be in. The reason is because right now it confuses range range. He can punch me, I cannot punch him. And I cannot make that space that we're talking about in the earlier videos. Why back And then at least even I cannot. Because right now I'm in the quarter ropes on Romney. So how do I get out of there? So right now, he's gonna be using street punches, jab cross here. I'm sure you know which is usually what happened would be using that that head movement as well that we talked earlier and my number actually try to jam and clincher appointed. So right now he's punching a year again. There's not too much point in me trying to punch back because I cannot reach her. Have you tried to clinch here When I clinched, I want to use one arm to put up on the quarter sawn here Like twisted them as I'm going, I'm clinching, putting one arm like a belt See all the way around right now, if I want this this week to show this angle once a then clinched a one arm around all the way, just like the felt. That way I can pull them this way and then tours where I want to be. In this case, I'm in the corner. I'll move towards the outside. It can also work for long work bonuses. Walls would be careful of that when I make sure that you always jamming. If you're trying to keep the port on the corner and if you are in the order, you have no choice but to live with that head with that clinched. So we're about to do this drill right now punching on me, trying to my head. Is that any punches he wants right now about? Then I'll be putting him into a corner so I can hear is a bunch of here my head moving here . Clinch and emotional. I'm punching, by the way, because they're still trying to punch back. They don't know what happened. What's happening? Destroying. Still trying to get me and at the same time as moving a lot of times. Put your hands down. Remember trying to punch down shorter and put this hands down That overhand You can do a quick look upstairs. So here, do this with your train. Part is back on board. So he's clenching. I'm moving my hand moving, going here. I'm punching out the way Yeah, way back and forth, All right, back forth. Learning how to take the punches Learning how to walk through the punches All right if they give you ruthlessly like they served back as you're coming with that head movement here, your weight You try to get into a corner in the middle of the ring, you circle around Good. You're gonna make sure that you know that when you're a shorter gonna be or you your I has to be higher to be able to get that this is because it all becomes about. This is a more so than a taller appointing color pointing knows his games. This is game right way. Don't know that this is game. Then we're just gonna get hit the whole time. So it sort of gives me enough room here to make my escape. I'm gonna try to move as much as I can write. A lot of times, what will happen is that they're gonna try to step in with a punch right there. Common Eight Now is my game. Because if they step in with a punch right there closing their own, this is what I do is like the earlier videos. I step in with my own punch with my footwork. So I'm here giving that space is punching here. That move. He's gonna punch back right now. I come in, I can clinch. I could do whatever I want to see what openings there again and again. It is completely fine. Just you got to make sure that you're always ready to get hit because they can't get past that rage. And if you're in the corner, a lot of it What not to do? Stay here literally like that. Not here. Not just like I moved here because right now, my backs against the rose. Not good if I'm using head movement, right? A lot. A big, big mistake is that people will use a head movement but staying here. Warner. So then that way the person Justin eventually keeping you in your even if he misses you, you're never gonna get out of there. You can use that walking, walking. So what? You mean with moving them as I'm going right, moving in. Including that. This is clinching it up with this rate. Alright? Or if they give me for this is because back then he steps into the punch bowl. Give me time to come in. I'm watching that stuff again. I'm fading as they come in and that we're able to close. This is I'm able to clinch. I'm able to get out of the pocket right out of the corner. Guys, stay tuned for the next video. So you guys 10. WALKING DOWN OPPONENT TOWARDS THE CORNER: one more step towards the corner towards the rules, and I keep doing that over and over. I could use some punches towards the body as well here, and I'm still doing those Welcome back in this video with Top Walker went down, especially when we're trying to get them against rules or 1/4. It's a lot of work. We wanna have that space, but you want to come in, right? You have a lot of work and a lot of head way. Just walk in this way in the face and then I want you to reach yet because he's a lot longer than what we're doing is using face in footwork. So I faith Yes, I think it doesn't matter. Actually, one broke lunch because it makes him over extent. And then I walk in a little bit more amusing for bending. If your senses cross, for example, right, this is his ranges, full racial end and just a little bit of my clothes in there so that it makes him from that punch quick. So when you do it is you stuck with your front foot here and bring it back up, you can do both nights and wants takes a little bit more effort. But I personally, like this come out because a lot of fast for me to stay a step and use that momentum to come back out, all right. Not committed to my whole body here, fighting a little similar expiring this, keeping that presence, walking somebody down. It's all about presence because they makes them step back eventually. Because I'm not doing any room that my whole body keeping those things, those picks eventually. So I'm here, here when he throws a punch, then it makes time for me. This stuff You notice that kind of knowledge? No, I don't. My attacks, naturally where they're gonna be doing is stepping back and usually with one of their own punches. Right now, for example, the checkbook with textbooks established and now he gets hit by not one more step towards the corner tours the rules. And I keep doing that over and over. I could use some punches towards the body as well here, and I'm still doing those things here years that still punching but eventually walking down , right, eventually walking down those faced with that work, especially with that right here by then. I'm just saying that range. Wanna have to miss it, miss. Then Major feel in danger. You want to bring them back in a lot of times, what happens is gonna end up shielding and they shoot the shield. That's a perfect time for me. Just this Start punching of that as much as I can. And every time you step back punches. I slept with him. Get guys gonna be ready to see that hit hit. You go through it. All right. Don't stay in that spot he's getting Hey, here, you stay here. Time that I hear a lot of happened that that is not good. You have to be able to change that mindset to either go in or out to make sure that you never state that this is where they just hit you. Those are the basics from how toe your morning. So again, it's just a lot of footwork had moved, especially so they over commit and they miss and painting, painting, doing some base in the body, making sure that every time you step back, you stop board. Don't give them No. This whole course we talk about, given the room weekend so they can step in and we can cut. This is But if you want to walk them down will be kind of the opposite. They both work and you should combine both of them. But in this case, you using your presence, you have really given them any room. If you if you want, you can also angle e this week that stuff this was in that way. He can only go that right now. Right? And then I got a corner. And then from there on my own, I got those basics off, walking someone down, say to the next video. 11. BAG DRILL TO PRACTICE CLINCHING & ANGLING OUT OF THE CORNER: Alright, guys, in this really gonna be practicing how to clinch your opponent and then really, order is a repetition of clinching and turning the back looks something like this right now . We're gonna be doing our boxing weapons by shots are here. We'll go from here clinching Turn the back side waiting for the other side myself way pretending in the ropes now outside the rules and repeating that over and over again that when you get that muscle memory to be able to clean shop and then when you have that sparring session he had a real fight. You'll be able to do this in your time. So you know, it is always trying to keep a low for the back. And then when I can reach out with one arm, both arms doing what time they control the arms turning back for my morning and then put him in the rules were put him for every one. So right now, you still you still use and brought process, but yeah, stay closed. Can especially with long horns, right? If they packed up. Of course, close by is really good for you because they not use the long range. Weapons across you. Strong trip by shots. Double double with once upstairs as well. You can clay job here. When you question actually hear from decide you do you have to one side, the other side here, Having voted here, then all I do is destroyed here, and then I do I do this. I closed the door here. Cool. You do the other side. The phone went head on one side and on the other side, we'll see here to your point year. All I do is take a step here and now bringing back work. All right. Even the Boston, if you do in Boston and still kind of are here. You see, all the time you're appointing and put him wherever you want to put him in the world, and I just do it in the middle of the ring. Pushed Mom. Right? Control that this is all right, guys. That one really drilled. Practicing back social. Really original audio to bring power to get speed and your punches just fighting pocket. I got hoping. Doing videos you get for Yeah, I've been trying all of angel right now, And if you have any questions, feel free to message channels or right here on my website as well. Alright, guys, say to for the next one. 12. BAG WORK - BUILDING POWER IN THE POCKET!: Now you build that which I think this video is gonna be building power in the pocket. A lot of times we're gonna be sold work. We don't have a partner to build some power training. Right back to build that power were in the pocket. A lot of times we're gonna be doing is doing double lunches and then keeping themselves schools as I can to the bag. The whole Bunches will be body shots will be will be much upstairs. Well, so the 1st 1 they were going to be doing is double lunches with seen hand before up close like this That's enclosed. We're gonna be practice or bosses. And then all I do is too strong and fast with seen with some place this right to the body here, all the side of force one year Always punch against back to back. Going this way that when it goes back, you wanna punch against your whole Alright. It's going the other way when it comes back. Hit right now again. Just trying to build that power explosion getting those most twitch twitch really fast. Bomb bomb right now. What were you doing? One of the bottom one of the top saving double. Once the same hand. Look, something like this here, people always trying to clothe back next one will be trying. It's gonna be three punches, so it's gonna be warn. Sign down. Oh, and then other side back, different targets. So the body head back down to the body like this year. Now you build that which you killed, that upping down motion down a portion in different targets. I'm gonna be practicing work much is pretty much wanted something like this here. And keep your hands back up again every time trying to chance you notice each Will they do with right arm? Then two left that with the right on again body I'll talk. And then to the left, One body up top They went to number three, racial, one, body one All the time I switched my hands. It's gonna be one of the body one head back to the last one. Of course that I start my four punches my right hand. 1234 You're towards to Rohde as much as you can That what you have built that power when you're this close to tall are pointing to be able to read a lot of damage. Our guys hope because in doing videos, stay tuned for the next one. 13. 7 COUNTERS TO FIGHT A TALLER OPPONENT IN BOXING!: 1st 1 is having the body when they try to jog your face. Matri's squat down that where you miss that job next. One very similar. But I'm gonna angle my head to the side and land the job upstairs. Once they step in straight, crosses the body. When they're trying to straight across your face, make sure you lower the center of gravity and move your head to the side. Next one is gonna be the overhand, moving the head out of the way as well. But this time on upstairs, with a strong overhand break down the middle one day cross Perry's jack and stepped in with a powerful cross, make sure used to forward to cut this. If there lefty, you can use the Jap instead of the cross and angle to the outside of their body. Mike Tyson's body shot and upper upstairs is one of the fast moves that you can do when you're up close because you're using those short range weapons. We are your uppercuts and your hooks. Make sure you at an angle and make sure you stay nous and close so it makes it harder for your longer appoint to hit you. This rapid combination is super effective. To close the distance, you can go right under their jab, hit the body and then come upstairs, pop the head up a little bit and then clinch right away and you place you close the distance and you can unload with hooks and uppers. 14. FIGHT STUDY BOXING #1: Alright, guys, let's get started. So I'm here with my friend Miguel Stern with a fast cross. Missed it, using some jabs using some faints. Guys have noticed the faint that I use, so I know a little flurry got him with an overhand. I'll slow it down for you guys here. So right now I knew that one work. So I went down for the body fake upstairs, done for the body, same hand over hand and then stayed in close. When you staying close noise, guys, he starts missing a lot of the punches because I'm jamming him. So I'm not giving him that room that tall opponents want to be able to punch. So right now I'm dodging punches, jumping him up as a land. My punches. A quick upper hand uppercut there from my team made. That was pretty scary. I was really good from him. Just barely dodged it. Now going back towards the middle. Remember guys trying to use that double punch from the same side. I try to hear again, but was two off distance. See the head movement and the footwork helps your rot way by cutting the distance because it confusing confuses them. You're not just walking in your using head movement, using faints, using footwork, one in. And now that way you're able to cut that. This is a lot more effectively right now, using that head movement, trying to beat him in keeping that distance. Then landing those punches upstairs tryingto go downstairs now. So you want to go up and down, up and down, See what's open right now again. Just trying to be in doing a rush here. Does Russia is they work? Because I'm doing those things before my rushes doing those fakes before my rushes. So then they don't know exactly what is that that happened. So right there and get a little bit exchange of punches. You can move with a nice cross there. Didn't see that one coming really hurt again during my jobs here. Using my head movement, trying to come in, I put him here in the corner, work the corner, keep pressure on him, work the body a little bit. There he angles out, is really good for him. Still got him with a few punches as a C angled out. We're not trying to walk him down a little bit. Answer those punch, especially if I'm caused by So I not being here in the body. I fake it. I do that semi and I snapped his head up. So once you again. If something's working, you can fake it and then land in a different target right now. Again. Got him against the corner so I can work a little bit here. Sometimes I give them space so he throws a punch and I'm able to jump him one more time. I know he pushed me and he lost his footing. So that's why we laughed a little bit. But I was really good. Are good angle from from my teammate. It's a good body shot there from my teammate stars moving guys. So remember, somebody starts moving to bait. Your special is a tall opponent. Be careful because they can time you and these rushes. They work because I'm using the feigns. I'm using the fakes and then again, they don't know exactly when you're coming in. Don't just walk in because they'll just time you easily use faints, use fakes. I can just exchange your punches here, coming in closing that this and slightly with my footwork right there. We exchange some punches. He got hit with a jab. I got him with hook upstairs. Triple jump over here and then this is the end of the round. 15. FIGHT STUDY BOXING #2: Alright, guys, let's get started. I'm here with my friend Chris. So using some jabs, some head movement so faints from the outside. So I'm able to come in really fast with my punches, going for the body a little bit, trying to beat him in. They invade him and then try to counter. His attacks are right now. Now I put him in the ropes, give him some space. He's to 20. So I gotta be careful with his power. Start hitting the body in the face so that our body shot there to a liver and then that over hand to the face again. Going for that body, hitting the body a lot, doing my head movement. He caught me there with a punch again. He's heavies. All those punches really hurt. Start pushing him a little bit. This was towards the end of our training, so my hands are already tired. So you keep your hands up right now I have my hands a little bit low. There's a mistake from myself, but as much as you can try to keep your hands up, keep working on that body. Keep trying to beat him shield up for those strong punches. But if possible, not get hit by those punches because they're heavy charted to some head movement. There can just walking bag, beating him, trying to stay loose, trying to use my speed My head go for the body again. So I always work that body. Always work that body with those hooks. Do the over hands upstairs. Use your jabs from the outside. You just could use your crosses from the outside and a good punch from my friend Chris There. Right now you're exchanging a little bit of punches trying to get out of the corner. That way I'm not getting hit with those big punches going up high tryingto go up highs and I can go down low, get some punches upstairs on their elbows, are going up, and then you can man and attack download like a body shot right there. I'm with good overhand right down the middle and in a job just to push him off. So have you come out? Guys don't just come out without throwing a punch or to come out with some punches with them that where you have some defense always doing my faints or which is in my head movement. Blend them with your jab, jab, cross fast going back to the body. So again I go upstairs and then that way I'm able to distract them, his opposers going up. And then after that, I can ransom punches a little clinch here at the body. Keep him in the corner and that is the end of the round.