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BOOST YOUR CREATIVITY Create your own 30 day art challenge

teacher avatar Magdalena Krysiak, Illustrator and designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a 30 day project?

    • 3. Class project

    • 4. Why you should create your own challenge

    • 5. When to create

    • 6. Instagram vs. Personal

    • 7. Managing goals and expectations

    • 8. Select your theme

    • 9. Choose your prompts

    • 10. Create your Instagram post in Canva

    • 11. Share

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to boost your creativity while building a habit of daily art making. You will get to know the benefits of creating your own 30 day project instras of following already existing challenge. I will walk you through building the challenge through sharing best practices on time management through setting goals and creating a post that is perfect for Instagram so you can share your project with others. By the end of this class you will have created a daily challenge that will help you boost your creativity in a way that is the best for you specially.

My mood board with references on Pinterest:

Activities and sports

Meet Your Teacher

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Magdalena Krysiak

Illustrator and designer


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1. Introduction: in this class, you'll learn how to boost your creativity well, building a daily creative habit. You will get dinner, the benefits of creating your own 30 day project as well as how to build it firm setting goals through creating in this room purse and sharing your charge to making your first work . By the end of this class, you'll have built your own personal challenge as well as learned would approach to take so you can benefit from it and the best way possible. Let's get grating. 2. What is a 30 day project?: 30 day our challenges usually circling around a lesson, prints that artists complete triggered months. 30 They aren't. Project focus is on building a creative habit. True daily practice. It can help artists improve aspects of their art drew more focus activity. It is often community best, but can also be personal. We will talk about which one works better and what situation later. 3. Class project: 40 class project. I would like you to grade your own personal list for D A challenge. You can sure the list of prompts just as points. Or you can create an image that would work on Instagram. It would be great if you shared your instagram handle so other students can follow your journey through the challenge. I would also love it if you short the first artwork that you made for the prompt lis. But if you prefer to make it just a private project, feel free to churches. Your prompt list. Burke took a boat. What goes you have for the project and sure you're inspiration Board. 4. Why you should create your own challenge: There are countless daily our challenges all over the Internet, from hugely popular once like in October to mourn issuance like the glory or even smaller ones. They are great if you are motivated by loads of people doing it. A swell. But although you can thank a lot from them on day can help in developing and art habit. They have been like personalization, and this glass is about that, making the talent work for year the best way possible. You're learning how to choose creative Khost strains that make your experience even more beneficial. So creating your own challenge well, help you improve even more, then just taking part in the baked challenge. Both have their benefits bad. It is great to try and create your own challenge. 5. When to create: When choosing to take part in a daily during challenge, it is important to take time into their account. First of all, you're probably shouldn't choose your business month to do it because, well, chances are you won't be able to complete it. Well, there is no shame in that by no means miss a few days or step it if you need to. But this But in this class, we're trying to push through to the end. So planning as a key component if you choose to create your project in private than I would say, stick to creating on the day that correspondence with the problem. That way you'll benefit more from the habit that is built over time. But if you decide to show your work on social media, it is often smart idea to create some work beforehand, so you don't have to stressed about not being able to take your photos before the sun goes down. Now some people claim that that's cheating, but don't worry about it. Maybe it won't help you in developing and daily art making habit as much us. If you were to create everything in the day, but you can still get a lot, not just followers, although that's most likely going to happen as well. So if you now you wouldn't be able to create a full peace on the day, feel free to grade some beforehand and even live in that there are a few approaches. You can create a whole bunch of finished artworks before you start posting them. Or you can start a day or two earlier so that you always have a spur day to complete your Peace Day. Beautiful behind. Then there is a perfectly great way that it's pretty popular, which includes sketching beforehand and then finishing the artwork on the day that correspondence with the problem, which is wonderful, especially for those who take a lot of time developing concepts. You can experiment with all of those techniques so that you end up with what works for you , and you don't have to stress about making time every single day but still have a perfectly nice feet of instant room 6. Instagram vs. Personal: posting your art and social media is great. For one, it helps you establish your order online. 30 day challenges are especially great for that because people like to see consistency and Abel cheery along the process, so you are more likely to complete the challenge first thing every day for a month. We'll help you gain following as well as push you to create as you have all of those people watching and waiting to see another piece for from you death being sent. Sharing art online, especially during a challenge of daily creativity, comes with this advantages. For one, it is more stressful than creating art just for yourself. You're less likely dio stop the challenge, but you're more likely to pressure yourself. Then, though, you have some work. No, should that you should be doing instead. So make sure to plan enough time, especially when you try and sure your art, because it takes time. Take next further does added them, come up with Hashtags, not to mention the amount of time you're going to spend a scrolling through other people's posts and engaging with them. So if you choose to make your challenge public, make sure you are aware of this additional time commitment and you're ready to take it now for making the challenge private. You can save quite a bit of time that you would be spending marketing your purse, but you also one gain benefits of it. But there are many advantages of such a approach. It can be even more rewarding. Have you completed without help of community, you can develop your art in those thirds of crazy ways and not worry about it's going to fit your aesthetic. You can practice your strong will while being plus stressed about making everything insta perfect. But at the end of the day, bourbon bitters approaches are valid, and you can use both of them in different challenges. As you will notice, either of them tends to fit different challenges. So gain experiment. It is going to be a nice adventure for you to try all of this styles of sharing or nurturing 7. Managing goals and expectations: daily challenges are a great learning tool, but if you don't set any goals, you can easily find yourself disappointed with your progress. Upton Not really, because nothing happened, but because you don't know where to look. But setting expectations. Doesn't Onley help pinpoint? Would we learned it can actually help us learn by providing more focus environment? If you decide to throw people, then that is often too broad of a subject. It doesn't really tell you and the thing, so we need to break this down. We will learn to do that in the next lesson. For now, let's look on with else we should notice when establishing our goals. As mentioned earlier, Time plays a huge role in our practice, so something a timeframe, preferably assigned to certain our is a great idea. It can help if we decide that all of our pieces for the challenge will take. For example, an hour got away. We know what to expect, and we are more likely to stick to it. Girls should also focus on this specific skills, medium or subjects. You can choose either of those stain proof even faster. For example, in October, ISS focused specifically on improving drawing with ink, so it is a restriction of Meet him. It focuses in the medium, but the subjects change challenges such as Viguerie. Former may focuses more on this subject, so improve you improved your ability to draw certain subjects, but the medium can change. So when creating your challenge, don't try and improve on everything at once. It kind of defeats the purpose. You can set your goals in all sorts off areas, and they are a great tool for making the practice even more awarding. But be careful not to get to excite it and setting them stick to maximum of around four girls as that will help you focus, and you won't be filling all over the place with what you're trying to improve. Remember, you can always create in your challenge and create something new. When you decide to improve in indifference. Kill 8. Select your theme: the most important thing to consider when choosing your team as what do you want? Thing proof. 30 Day Challenge focuses on improvement and forgetting that at this point can make the process become less fruitful. So let's talk about your examples of things to improve and suit both teams for them. If your goal is simply to build a daily creative habit, it is a great idea, man. You're team based of things you love. You can make it your favorite food or simply portrait's. If that is something that drawing makes you bring joy. The point here is not to get overwhelmed by the subjects and create experience that you are going to look forward every day. Don't try and incorporate complicated subjects. It can get way too overwhelming, and you can always do that, went when you already established a habit. If your goal is to create lis stiff characters, then chances are drawing portraits. And um, let's isn't going to be much help. So how about drawing people doing sports? It may seem scary at first, but it will be a really rewarding. At the end of the month, I could give you examples for all sorts of goals. In fact, if you still struggle to find Team, that would be suitable to the thing you are trying to improve. Let me know. End of discussion. Top of the class. I'm sure we can figure it something out to cover. 9. Choose your prompts: choosing perms. Isn't it necessary? Just successfully complete 30 day project but can be a huge hub. It eliminates there. I don't know what the drove strangle Premier Li hurting your problems can consist. Oh, just one word such as door cloud or mouse, but can also be more elaborate if that's something that you find have full when you create your list It can be a great practice to create a board with reference pictures to inspire here, for example, I created one for myself a Pinterest. You can find it de linked to it in the project up ed courses of different sports and people doing them and can be a great help in practicing action poses. I would strongly recommend Pinterest for creating inspiration Bird as it IHS really easy to make And sure it would be helpful for your fellow students. Have you shirt your bird with us in the project section? 10. Create your Instagram post in Canva: If you decide to invite others to participate in your challenge on Instagram, it is important to create a little image that will help others understand the project more and sure would, their followers. So even more people can participate. We can simply created in Kanda, which is a free website that helps in creating fun and quake designs. I'll show you how to do that right in them. First thing we need to do is include they're hashtag we want people to use when they are assuring they work for the challenge. It is good practice to put that on the top of the image under the name of the challenge or just use is as the name tell me, write down all the problems we come up with. We should number the perms, so there is no confusion on Rich. Prom goes with Woods Day. Next step is to write your instagram handle so people know who came up with the challenge and can find your pro for profile with ease. Then comes decorating. You can use canvas, took illustrations or upload your own. There is no need to go crazy here, preferably at little design that has something to do if there team that you chose. But you can also, just at some more abstract little elements. It can also be helpful to add dates to your challenge if you want to make it based on Lee in certain timeframe. But you can also escaped that. If you prefer to leave it up to the participants, the 1st 1 creates more urgency on the 2nd 1 is more chilled, so it's up to you. Would you prefer? I'm not going to add that, but you can go ahead. No, that you're done. You can share your image to your instagram so people can join in. Also remember to shared and or perfect section. 11. Share: bring regulations. You know now how decreed your own 30 days our challenge. Please share your progress of creating it as a project and check projects of your fellow students for inspiration of the next daily project you can take Pardon? I hope you enjoyed this quest. And we'll have a great experience on your 30 day journey. If you would like to see more classes on similar topics that they're coming up. Very, very sin. Please consider following me. I hope you have a wonderful month full of creative experiences. See you, Sin.