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teacher avatar Carles S.T., Professional Trading Strategies

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Presentation & Definition of Swing Trading

    • 2. Configuration the Strategy "Blitzkrieg"

    • 3. Theory and Operation of the Strategy

    • 4. Money Management

    • 5. Swing Trading 25/07/19 Gbp/Jpy

    • 6. Swing Trading 15/08/19 Eur/Usd

    • 7. As average a operation.

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to configure my Swing Trading strategy for Forex, in reality this strategy can be used in any other product even if it is not Forex, but the best results are given in Forex. You will work on a 5-minute time scale, where you will learn to find points of purchase or sale.

In the videos you will find:

  • Presentation & Definition of Swing Trading. (Video Free)
  • Configuration of the "Blitzkrieg" strategy.
  • Theory and operation of the strategy.
  • Money management (very important for good results).
  • Applied Strategy.
  • How to average an operation. (How can we average operations to make them more profitable.)

**All classes are in Spanish, subtitled in English.

**The broker I work with is FXCM with the Trading Station platform.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carles S.T.

Professional Trading Strategies



Hello friends!! my name is Carles, looking for an order or a logic in the financial markets, it is not an easy task I can assure you, but here, I will try to explain a little of what I have learned in the last 11 years.
In my courses you will find information and videos for people who start in the world of trading, even how my Scalping strategy works for the Dax,  for people with a high or professional level, and still going through my Swing Trading strategy for Forex.

I think that in these videos you can save a lot of time from looking for the holy grail of the markets, which finally does not exist.

Now these are the courses you can find: 

**Learn Basics concepts of Trading I, II, III: 

** "Black Honey" Learn my Strategy ... See full profile

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1. Presentation & Definition of Swing Trading: Allah. And that's the classes ways Incontrera. Mr. They hear the sweet trading at forex and really that big before it's better. You know exactly what's going on theaters about it. Uh, that would be lovely to create. Stop getting together Glamorgan A couple. Okay, So demented and ah, look List of India said community in case a little angry busted government deploys Badia yet Ah, the Leveson Westra in the place of is my mother here when they said they thoroughly prostituted party allies Love is this benefit Money is simple I'm in this about it. Ah, come on. The last day here, sale daily something community does e aqui by Zeppelin Their little premier video was comical for Estes Trevecca I don't feel what I see on knows Complete gala in Segundo Video Here, here three here by the You come over here and in their fellow billionaires don't travel money management but it gets blue important They're and then their law Una no money management e berluti molester the hippos Africa from e Africa Andrea does the comparable doesn't anti The people will not be here Paradise boys No, uh no testament to our de los mercados come from Bali? Yes, Mullah. And it's the radio. Bama's explica locates. That's what really marry. He is impossibly Gallo. And the Web is a scalping trade that's going to come well, you know, building Incontrera and almost a year going to feel the swing trading Well, it if it being but in death Arcaro, KKK, Collado kill sweet. Really noting And I like American in this copy, which are more secondary figure is sculpting is tough in the same thing. They don't see you. Not about the principle. The ankle region, as captain with it. Them in there, Toto having more difficult. I think it was different in Canada who know the most resistant. I started to feel OK in in scalping. Uh, so much Roma Gabby Logan train trading, for example. No paraffin, no swelling. Defend the level of the other America. Lobero. Ah, is mood Thomas Gilson three twin trading Put it Our battle auras. Oh, the s not there are still oppose with you, But on a second day, postponing call from Fiona's when reading. But it is a spring training civility Who did the third parapet impractical and it'll was active from computers existed is therefore exact units, communities, Paktika I mean, the total is acting was told me that in graphical people it was kind of party. Is this wintry swing soup elaborating List Sophia Espanol, Ciriaco Mobile and feel Molly When funeral Manila can kill a graphical When I was a little movinto the comparable winter Esperanza his brother is possible More women toe on Mr. Father is the field who's coming into exact parity Okeanos, are you there? I feel open toe the comparable event on Mustafar So why would I take him? It was his taking block elicits bongo and graphical the thin Toby intimate. There's Bar Libera Terra will not begin Engineer full Um definitely extending policia eat animals Those lean years the color Amarilla knows the feeling. Callus tree calling breath You killed police Fiesta Peruvian Bala Sena's become also in a graphical 77 will not leave their full picking Yeah Maceda party remained in foreign. FEMA has much in Amarillo E Rocco que estan hablando who? Three calories Gandhian Dissent deal Second, I am not a rock sample stated have been there. Valley student ring dishonored us everything we've got. I'm in Technicolor. It scare you come your color. I don't begin your over. And Campbell, Adelphia Yesto come up with a window for the film blow Ah, kee Animus In a key swing a Kiyota argued thesis topic Kenya in Athol is Ah, breath you. Oh, I was sweet trading in a scholar's tempore Alice already assigned his case between Hamas and Hamas between separate with him which is this Cholestin paralysis. But it pulls in spring in think of new DOS and windows in order as India's and Mrs Bali. I can't refute what is still Steven wasn't personal Can blow swim training step with every theater Came was included on Olympia Flips over the poster Yes, Stalin and was in DeKalb Swing Lo swings, Kisses Thank Orlando In graphical the of you she can say killer can't be that this week's Carella is much commoner killing video Gotta come yokel in Latin Cynthia was indeed God knows we carve iwas crystal get it done are key Say they strawberry puesto esta If you can say give this Tepito I stepped on dog. I disagree out Uno dos, tres cuatro think or stays here the coach of what just wings and graphical there Tell me, they think Wait a minute. Does Mullah pero a geographical the area solo Zakaria country Akio Akio Akio drew a Kyoto. Kyoto Not it. Yeah. Recognized qualities in their call Islamic Horace Kaledin Portal Paraffin Sweet dreaming he goes I stepped on something rather most people's was There is nothing in Calgary entering the area, countering in graphical the thin, different immunities Well, it's moved, Thomas Act able. In the end, they control mass of camels Kaledin Burrell Mass Ah, Sim. There was much of my streams Cano in Rask Allah, the area Semana and a temporal must be massacre. The blood flow Starting Butcher Atractivo Bonus Kaledin portal. Hello, But there are many Call is last day here the acceptable spring training Because 90 minutes that they kill. If in your new nanny Hornickel outta simplemente that even the most couples Macoris, polders and brother either Salida, He's having equalised last Kaledin girl. Okay, no split that year. The horror Moneda on West Germany. They're better understood. Better feeling with you but a thimble. See? They never corrected Amazing body and take it. That's no no full funeral. When I skeleton parole, they must call the bluff. Okay, Mellon See was in. The rest of it comes from Economist that they hear swing trading up in the Rockies. But yes, there's a real focus has been our okay using very okay, one possibility Americanos wintry. But they don t imperator we want that came up in the South, was pregnant It was located on a You know what they had masks on minority veto in this mockumentary Everything go if you were a nice comfy but I don't have the A team is more Lotina's Katherine. I think it was local Your leader upon those persons of the fender. And is Mr they here? No kidding. Forgetting Gunner's Mate Motor sometimes will antenna price with others completely different This valley it's not difficult Week Low Severo No iota What persona in three D knows about it? Mass me minnows for them. But if I don't become us that job in trouble Scar Jo Jo I mean look again and knows. Oh, trust me, that completamente well mean loamy. Although there are many better tanto, it has invested heavily in North Korea, but it is much been talking. Has the pain he has been released Indicate the UK stores men. Did you just get a yank? A store was better. That has not been that has them. They don't control the most united student. There is one of the last versus massive deficit. Is there different? Didn't really see any visitors upended senior visitors. Open data has been attitudes and with feelings better than a man in a mask passing well, this between trading nursed an intentional malice copy valley sculpting. It's much intense, so they must call it the blood flow. Better would have if I mean, Elop was yesterday My swim training. They put a lot of God must is bluffer the No Tanganyika Mobile said, And, uh, Mr Monetary Director units that came out of, you know, seen play with this terrible, terrible thing as the compra window in the miracle in your restaurant. Mother, when I stopped the car, Clara moratorium was important. They called three there unistar Tahir ibn them in death. Let's take a swing. Trading same probably can't get active off 19. Mr is trained for this must be here about getting kids active often anti. Okay. Acciona is 46 born on him on while care Well active often. Anterior. Molly can Dallas County. You must own my people. Okay. The point is that people, they're in the house, they start spending the medicals, keep it from blowing us that the caress camping, violet, your beat us when our media it'll be That s TVs here yesterday, Mama tambien Intralot improbably that like a drama his I must call the bluff Almost pendant it everything that in there I must go to the blaster But I can blow Job is the It's the Corso the swing craving stopping tele But I Because I think it's time to get it completes a swing later that orders Oh, in gruesome part areas. Let's get the net. Wouldn't say Amy in Thomas Street Tobin it in Bali. Uh, when I said that he had a string in graphic owes the ideas, Put it there. That of Mrs RKC gum blocked work. 50 ballet lovers with the Andes. Come on, evil. A skeleton baron like a robot is the point. They maintain it in medical, do anything which would stop Dracula. Ah, hello. Gonna has condo. Coke is not. And India between where was America? We don't pogo equable has been the high standard like positive test. Cuando practicamente americano somewhere he a star practical in their laterally. Fellow. Okay, no binding won't eat you. He s paid as you spared as he's paid us still. So what? I'm in jail most probable is give a yes, our meat. It can be a composite units a year. That's but it is still there. Sealable this mantra in my film. And then when you come problems we know about the Antonio Armenia's I'll bring Phoebe. Why don't Gwanda gay in Fallujah in the nail estilo they swim thing? Yes, there's a is that celebrity pal definition the committee Finally Oh, about the kid was happening there. Come on, For God's laws Michalos you can for me sistema. 2. Configuration the Strategy "Blitzkrieg": Allah and its stock class. It loses buoyancy. Aracoma Kofi would add less data here. The street pretty but I afford X money by having because they think we know does e um Bevangelista here is based on the symbol. It is Manuel. There is West on Look Austerlitz videos, identity and a boys school was kind of e and instead video Ramos In Africa, I couldn't afford an assistant. Money and death almost port. It's not always a feeling located. Broke it, Bali told Augustine Aniston's Mr Parameters. We're going to see that. I don't say I can't but case when premier via mobile experience help on the other. And I was like a number of videos, like weather. I left when I was told us out of the thing. Go. But let's talk about that kid. I you come on. No bomb was found that those, you know? Okay, style theory. They take a lot. I talked with the family while it burial. Victor Eponymous money local. The speaker is still kicking it, you know, women. You know, that was like when we had in the color no matter video. I gave up when I was almost over the weather, but I can't go. Comes off here, but a burial efecto. Okay. Yeah, I think I like it. You know, I'm not a male. Media moving three, Angela, but it Come on, keep remedial. Go on. A media mogul must simply by their quick almost like a If he was OK. Not being a computer, but well, no. So the Quattro e laughing? Yeah. That any of your measurement of program, Alan? Well, it those fears by get very effective eponymous quarter or us if he must. Okay. Monday 11. Am Lucky. Yeah, I got together. Yeah. Key. Don't everything no matter very little, but I was been Do you know you arrested when I was? But then this be Afghanistan that no one color. Well, when there was never up by their, um, Lidiya pro media like Thomas palette. Linear given media by Hamas in Lidiya. You know I'm lucky. No, the Hamas theory. One billion effectively. Animals trained. Okay. Has he? We're You know, that I was lucky. Well, ticket here fear is stored. They will now around our what road us. It trained a minute. I trust Bahamas graphical. They think of, you know goes better is the US May media's less than it was up like us. I won't order what brought us. The other incognito is located a k or a kimbler. Is Thomas being down? Grafico, if in communal does better this does Maybe yes is commerce is to listen in Florida by this ? Yeah, she was from graphical. They went out of the car for Kim Blow this That media okay. Half in a game. Money, You know, a lot more always. Pero the sultan's westernmost rienda a graphical. They think of your toes warm and a cold water or us. But Mr Lucas Trafindo esta media in Cuadrado's money means more stuff. Oh, and what about us? My late paternal love Amos. And think a minute. Tenemos una in the Harris Well mean, Boudreau My your K cualquiera draw and called ghetto topographical Molly Woman Day esta cinematography last Monday Molly Commerce Stan in Trenton minutos They don't know us. That's more than think community. But it we can't do that case The condom condom It'd what? Rousseff, Your, uh there's new canticle Simple. They need Ah, fire it. Five. It is not whipped. Fiverr com money must be some medical personnel for my medic. Westerlund. One drawer relay. Practically. I mallet better. Moscow region was a bit of that. Seven A favor? Pentagon E A program. A Loris. Molly is explica and kickinin affair. Esto or Finkel? The ladies. Or forgive Dolan. He's still a one off it, but they are not India. Local installers in limited Quattro He office, uh, isn't going to hope. Well, CEO digitize a forgive. They may push noise. Have anything about it. Um, is an option. But you see this program a Loreal affair was Victor Ah during the last, uh, Mr Video personally multiple in their drugs in the vehicle Qala Barometer story. What is the best way here with us? LA area yellow animals, but his mafias video. 3. Theory and Operation of the Strategy: uh, Mr Videos where I speak are let their year They come off from Fiona this year. It was just going to make a video. Are right here. Were split apart it, Erica. They come often una about a comical that controls the competitive in the in locust. Almost been lucky. Um, in Atlanta, your video may be they in the theaters. Kgo perform in the history of Tiba Ballet your butt from in there. Are you ready for some very important The car is mask and us cocaine in the anterior bdo value called on people point Simoneau. But it you go No, core the audio. Well, it okay your clothes was pre k the last media as the time they wanna order the time you told the court orders Well done to keep him on. Some people point, uh, people semanal. It's in quinto stuff. Another key. Yaqui and Contra. Most people point diario que state bar or solando. OK, you're so stop park for Kim, it was something for Matthew in there, so they I don't imagine that and ended on the sip with what are Iraq? Indeed up was minimal from Toronto's people point. I mean, you, brah Fierro with that supportive assistance? Yes, I was a whore. 19. See everybody Moneda Ballade bellows Medical Iraq years We explicar comes from Kenema homeowners is that But it uh, almost going day? Uh, animals was made. Yes. In order is a lawful, uh lama realize Show Molly Videos President Obama Too much hostile previa raise same bread on the brief. Your host on Thomas Keller Full cases Cuadra A normal venomous or not via vista? Yes. Then we walk. He said Well, when I put a therapy, how does your breath yourself but you? Well, there not anyone. Teoh When I was in both subways. Yes, but it was last minute. Yes. Women. Ah larocca Islam media Uh, you're ministate people. They d minus that allowed the little camo gear. They must come in Turkistan Cinemedia, moocher, moustoir vacay. Just as those party most being quite road us money and figure out whether or us for him life in your area and trendy Well, it you know that it's solo, but I could always get no order What we got He had a problem in this case. Molecular food. You go. I think you know those being Africa Their own Our modificados can. No. Till in Nagasaki. Where was more Emitters Cafe? Not full con esta scary movie. Me and Doc. Yeah, it's more Tomas. Worry about mercy. The theater. You know, Allah. There's no nothing of that. If you don't, they feel in love for 30 minutes. There you in graphical day. What's yours? God. Okay. He heard off. Kill Movimiento. Mr. This time media party. The most poor pushed, um, in extra This la vida upon ever in Quetta. Rodas was it's moved. Tomas Wabi windows. That and then they cooperate. FIA said the brief you, but it left. What is that without the head? Yes, Southern India. By that we're in whenever. If the numbers that stood in the most that's one doesn't get Molly, My son has the bowling Here. Um was one of the battle of the extreme. All the extra marine docks there. My company. Ah, no federal mammals Ficarra knows. See in breath. Hello, Adelphia. Getting Gamow Syria and Fiesta was his. Histon is the guesswork. Got it? Okay, last Those maybe understand Foreign female Arocha I can explain Dica. Nothing that feel. Fiesta Boston days guaranteed. Yes, That's Windows lucky. Well, it under star and medical. So what if indeed there was a bit of commerce? Yes, the funders. But I'm a lot of us in America, if you think is best. Well, it did I say it simply not. They felt another mass. Nothing done enormous that they felt that complete cut in Alberta. Throw the ball level says must still by the local sheriff. Logan Bosacki is deficit. And then they're lock or the Africa vato come always this aqui contrary. And if he was, I mean there was engine Rocky when he thought it was a most wanted. Very well, Marquis. Well, cause I wasn't Boco according to see the windows. Ah, yes, He siendo Akita No ago with us nose down in Jalalabad, I think money. Oh, I doesn't Fitness allowed other theater money. We are key problems. They think window notice. Lucky single Well, it see the animals that they stop? Yes, the rabbit and the raising and Proxima B year Money management. Not really the maximum for Viento Mark Stop money. This doesn't stop, brother. You know he went up on the Internet. But I feel people are here to any stuff on Iraqi stumbles. I most improbable. When it give us a brief, you suggest you know Sarandos rest up lucky and preferred is thus stars correct fairness. Thomas Standard A list of key Rocky. Well, it it opens up the key. A key because I am a fellow was I don't feel better. Feelings mass my name? I got this. The s Thomas practicamente different America. Okay, Miss. Get in position. I want a lotus. Papa! Danto! Baki Zaki The opposition has stuff Ona Yaki had become not correct Fear give in on Monday But in the south we've been marking He had us Maybe. Uh huh Molly Rotondo Austin Because that mama Chicago's AKI Caye nose down locally, they find people in the media the young la que ce fear may be in the port of 14 female last those areas Aquino Sunday. Thank you, brother. He always most post Oh, it didn't amend it. Well, stop wasn't keep was stop and and gambles. I don't know was Well, today doesn't matter Nobody I said stop! Well, if you Carlos Que Finalmente will be okay, Jackie Robinson with the window Or seek a position doodle level of terror No person Ana. So the guy either of them in there Ramos for improving the window. The Hamas cape. Who? Her mother. They stop! He looked on the most, most of how minus. If you see a guy, Indian women keep my camp Iko base He was seeing a ghost. Thomas de Nuevo! Stop, Jackie. See a guy in the order of almost surrender? Yeah, Practical in the standoff. Tomasic. I'm overjoyed. Most customers. Yeah, in stone. Sober event Extreme A By the book it and many others have when you heat out. Maybe then them in their body he seeing we want a better view. Hockey, our key poetry in motion Didn't rather yucky with us. My bet. Yeah. Your thoughts will be so much better here. Four K four k on Christmas and Rocky. But I'm going. No, I keep my key and always always in trouble for this town was hissed us money. Ah kee was wasn't rather it and then they just get animals last. No, you're the Jackie money. Um see Service opposed. Sees obviously Galan Boco with the other last compra e one will stop us. Ficarra Skokie Then we ever were, he said was not media's LaRocca pasa. Glad I'm indifferent. FEMA You nos indica Uinta Molly. Morning. You've been uh huh. Guide on it. They're mostly joke a reason we must stop. But it, uh you go on all right. No stop. Most couples way happening days in the video Then you is a sangamo scare. Been demoted stuff on Iraqi Carlos. A key element. But what causes Yanis? You get the most breath you're seeing 100 yucky was the auto Portola Delinda Oh man, we were They went and stuff are We were the most the most on anything. Got stolen other men they must get if you value the most. And this stuff the stuff from Iraqi Kentucky Mass Spooner in Domus esta zona Jackie K tambien the most Sarandos Because if Yunus Molly ah Iniesta far My God, that was the door When you think of Windows, Molly Mass. Okay, um was without Rondo. Was Jackie my study Molly, but I really think went up. Alfindo must wardrobe Aafia. They think when the party in a storm of coloured covers in those What if unions gonna load us money? Where can a kid on back I end up with bobbles off standard stop and stuff. Lucky she got sick until you are kidding around. Yes, dear, I don't. Or this You know it is one tael opposition again. Ah, Obama's Sarandos 50 on his part. Aqui No Zaria Reportedly that event I see See my escape last millions, Mother, A key. If you see a guy end off by Rondo stops Jackie. What? I mean this you post Oh, stogie. This distance based on your No, this is a rather low key. You know, bones are in their belly. Pork, a pork efficacy in media Rocca Hockey? Yes. They stuck refundable and fema for a little bit of them. Mother, that's not money. He was lucky. A key one or the other that now it's in the compra Is Thomas Starkey money? Dicamba? When I was in the stock. Yes, but if your soldiers almost film in there or equal come was in this Stop the local camels. Most money get birth. Your guy a key? Nothing was another. Por que was in trouble. He was You understand? CSN Jeonbuk off? Yeah, if you go. That was a key Miss Thomas history here about under syllables. Common system Does Devinda yesterday. He is the key for awesome good food. Better according like the one I keep. A lot of people are given element there. Uh, security on before they support you? No, that inventory compra stuff on Jackie. Jackie was not in the well. It aqui esta extreme alive in this sort of umbrella is credible. Paramus New condo in troubles and stuff was comparable with reported on its own opportunity for a trillion yesterday. E you're crazier well wrestle. But it Corby's Ah, another Masaki in the bazaar, close the im of coral cover. Let's stop stuff on Iraqi, even medicine or theorize stop mass even if it's just yucky. Si, contine. Wando. Uh, condo is too. String is toe The key a key, isn't Guidry Seems bumbles. Very musky practical into Alfei Ah, la misma ari. This Syria mask lado. If there's no dando glamour, they put a blocky Latin envy Oppose gets indoor vista key Catriona compra he toe with almost any onus many faith your personal most think with the YouTube under Iraqis have gone poco fundo. Nobody ice claro like windows a mythical Boco. Houston. We let it out with Aleksei keep or I can blow causing with hollandaise Almost. They must look que pasa. Even most que aqui put Kendall Donald in. I love it, but it I start giving. I'm in the 2nd 1 being this holiday. You see you OK or not. So look one Dobie ice KK Cano Cano always. Claro que si system. It's gondola for Iraqi is not compact. Lana better. Yeah, they didn't. They said separate. Okay, Yeah. The video and the personal video was opened their money management, but, you know, a little bit of a compound Hollopeter condo way. I suppose Binga. 4. Money Management: Well, uh, on this DVD, Obama's opening day Don't local of yours. And mine is when the last part is most important, This or past and important trading. Bali is seen on a hospital monitor area. Correct up was practical. And then nunc ELISA in Mali. Um, well cremated, ready and four ticks in through here. One of the last buses during a credit is like system or daddy on money management. Serena System Monetary a correct and new Calamos honoring both Esther is we both. And so in this video, Christina Element Mom was his best. The character is in Lahore. Not a moment they know. But I feel as they've also going for six this woman recommend our own benefit. You pelita No, no Or they will all of us. It's talking significa We'll have him blow with a simple lesson if you can get comparable to get active. He was coming from benefits Everything. When the windows Mr Perry a maximum Know what they said? Superior? I think one documentos It's the Syria Mr Syria. Rather there You know completely on Korcula Baratheon whose camels it is more benefits. You can use my idea, but it doesn't brother there. Another, ahem blow is a data there. Another's second promotion act people. It was come over. No, Katie, about this. The benefit here I think one does that better than a maximum number of breast surgery or peeps Historical in the few minutes within severe biography is the street trading or trading in drugeon its basic amend their lobbies. Mo que este was condo in Dublin benefit here, Molly, what is the Syria and radio OIOS is my ahora si pero tambien is mass local, probably to get with us about it. Well, yeah, Sopon Gama's when this came up my nose, then it when the well, the Buchanan toes the thing, Camille, that the meal, the theme meal or the media honest but an affair between dating you're going on a solo, but I feel that it must be for Central and Western Lanka. But it's not regular, depending other up persona. You know, quantum patina fists. Yeah, we had come poking about in Quintas Maskin, and this says, Well, 800 nothinto call Maxine. There is still a big, difficult climb, Molly Toronto Centre, making Inter stolen. This is gonna be Gothia. And you know Baratheon trunk in for them. It is maximally better here. It's don't depict, but it or K or keep our accomplice in Kenema happened then mean millions of dollars, you know, parathion. But then there the most pristine does the running. And what happened after his master knows him or from another like winter? No Tinian looking. I stopped you. I don't know a new birth in tow. See better the skin Technologies said. I'm with math. Facile regularity. That's just consider lettuce. OK, do not international, but I guess it Amazon brought Theo. They benefit Theo. Barely interest in Taos, isn't I think a pretender. They probably that is that other female. But I got an indoor. But if but I don't really important in a scalping, either. Portable Frank Fiona is like and did up there in a sweep. Trading is Mahar is interested in, you know, Molly European clientele. West is everyone there and call myself a stop. Was was England millions of generous in La Quinta Barkindo? The period some keen federal is the area Maxima. A little bit of we're kind of in a position to stop the barrier. No, with a sort of limited the piece of all of this sympathetically mosquito who stand alone. But I got here. No Gondo together over half in maximum rebuilding American policy. There isn't any was in attendance there. Put a compliment for the history while sister week Lana Well, there was a whole start. Muscle is top people. There was agreement on a lotta It's sort of bigger in the partners with years concept import Sunday you can never get out of class or less PICO in a proxy war post. Well, it Yes, Dr Unbeatable the Wallabies Morgan Love Osama Important is no bear Their mass they would you know both in talk and cartography in Mali, it's top secret image has got on those Bali when I was a federal Bali Beato journal of on going solo. Hold on top. I must feed a maximum years ago Miranda for the Rio Grande. Um what about the highest that this day will Ah, when Thomas pay Kenya mooch? Um I don't know. Number thin. This said is laconic Chaveleh capital Getting opinion money when lacking in a system No Got a master number three and we got a panacea. We general, we present their mother the moment a plus esto severe portent today 5. Swing Trading 25/07/19 Gbp/Jpy: Well, uh, Mr Videos where you actually gotta push come from? You know, instead of a video explica table called a system was in the graphical within communities there Money Ah, us terminal as they are in top. Yeah, we're told opposition The complainant stuff ona for Cape was telecommute Kamal's explicate money because it breath you many sort of in that room Balfa Communist compra better Australia Momenta say he didn't last The media's Alfa E is by Ramos Ankle Mercado Enter into a Venta Cola's media's Alfa Modificados Cara Rocca Before last, those media's contemporary for superior meant there was I start a year. It's a rather argument. Don't live with your mother. Yeah, okay, we have said, but I can't away ice s Kocaeli Stop! People Follow me. Follow your order if you want it. That okay theory behind O R s time we saw Dicamba resistant area. Then we will going. It's possibly Corica. See? Is possibly better. You know we have better. There s deposition called Butcher. We have another. The funeral of the largest mass last Does Positiveness case rather performing wacky stuff? Well, I don't know. Yes. So they make a lot of us Tom Tikolo. Eyes move faster than that. That CEO along with Slovakia Rodeo benefit. You better Vienna? Yeah, practicamente in a loading go about. It simply meant that benefits here yesterday. Get any A you know, party in tow. Castle will be sitting at Lucky. You know nothing about the rebels. Is our job for us better or the other option is Sarah got Angela pose with unistar stuff. Ona better job for the government. It zero it's around apostrophe honest. I mean, he could but if you're bashful getting over condos until Ocasio uh, get together. But Santa Clara convicted this over event. Was it wonder? Yeah, America does say he'd have a complete I'm in the year I was getting stuff owner for a blow . Is your star lengthened under from petty stuff on a pro tanto cargos que and Ethiopia CS Again. I was thinking that approach at maximum Personally, those laws benefits years. People are most people. This is your window. See him? Well, I guess you must must gallery window. She had a skate. Jordania, Stop! But if I get up for turkey and stuff are key, yucky. But if you're extinct in Dundalk era just on this time of the order. But it, uh, was in intimate. It was toe HR laws, calculus. Come on. CIA, maybe start with video. The money management, The rule opera filled up the state American Day in Castle. They came the trip. Was that maximum benefit? Um, in Catholic cigar, Viviendo is here for you to stop. Is this the American Navy thing? Where it was what I said they d think or trained according them in their darkest if it really was Santa Collado conflicto But you can always put no standard rapido kamali scalping in them In a key I keep a low practicamente they say Georgia's in drink lady was but they just on the court for I guess they don't spend the in depth better. And it's no momento is not animals in benefits years. But it must be That was the e you see. Viviendo hinder. Stop. Well, it Okay, get cloudy because I haven't started stuff videos e former speaker. So we you get Can I get a basic? He cares. Why am I giving the fierce 6. Swing Trading 15/08/19 Eur/Usd: allow Honorable Mr Video is normal video so very calm? Also better. Ah, gla started here Blitzkrieg. It has a number graphical they a lot. And I think you know your your stomach. You say they're hostile. That doesn't really you know, you are so last conserving. Do you know a lot money? Come in. Follow the leader. But yeah. Topographical beast. Okeke teniamos last those medias a la media triangular the Quatro, Rodas, Carcamo, Splichal And of course, Oh, uh, or in theme at this time was maybe yes money your stomach in America in una post If you owned a sovereign Our most llegado Ah, so Derventa better. You know we have now Kobe aqui a movie portable. Agreed I Medical San Traveler in especially Arango. Master Dana, most people point the area Me a demo principle of Romero Mallet. Been there, said or be in Estefano. Maggie, we in Estefan. I support Iraqi your city. But they are all you manana, my brother. Tentative video level. Paul Martin and personal The ample skit. Ah, Bajammal scare. There are three. Fabio, look again. Okay, man. Yes, Por que Demolish Television come in. Religious people, which is with this ballet. It was in travel. Mr. Putin talk on their on Putin today. So the company maximum data and we're not Indian. FIA, Clara and Mr Estrada here. Batista Ballet. She kill obesity. Stop was visibly and stuff. A key being recorded. Cocheton either This jockey for this jockey is the key. But it was a key stuff. If a second black, it has no Julia Stop letting go. Puesto trumpets, calculus the money management ballet the loading with post turkey and stuffing Maggie laws . Um, the key video. Ever see legal stuff? Ona eat Bama's Ferrando balls with Younis party Alice Thomas Ellis Stop money Well, that I was lucky when it stumbles in Milwaukee our Hassan Laskin 13 when they think about you have, you know Wall Street go on the Mohs sangria mental level. Actually, that medical owes you will be most with Cassie. Cassie can't hockey and tennis e que tribunal stop whole star Mustafa our own kr and I think that he and Obama is a part of it. Um you pretty bo CKs Indo Estefan Anarchy Your party keep was very MRC host on Pokemon. Stop Mr of our Being Secretary Ferrando Pacific Illness Batista's party Allies in Istanbul Stuff work better. You look a little look cakey. Copacetic. Lado is a conflicto They Cuando agreed on a prosecuting Bautista body. She can say starting in the year. Turkey We're lucky it's time. But I feel love your toe allows DS is yes. A little beer? Yeah, keep was common. Positive is part of America about a year Costello is stop Army Father Keesee. See Mr Fiona sacar viviendo equal until you are handled by the most Toronto mass party Fairness. He said money. I stuck a, uh, no self. The rest stop in rondo que pasa and community There are Yeah, Big mosque. A stop was in extreme of the survey of India. You Mr a swing by there, Mr Swing. Salvia completar. Yeah, perfect. But spend a little bit Are ya practicamente tingle cerrado? Uh, Hamas is setting the for fee in tow. The open If you were to stop manana. No, but I think you're a key last year if you get my nana But it Yeah, you know we have Brademas but it up me the depo Yeah, yeah. Ludovico See America past que finalmente a radio and stuff on up was Ramada. It's a fear Keep you know you're committing Lilia sitting the people per offender the positive If there others me up Cati Bo is the lucky Nobody gonna if in amended Brivio I caught up with him The stuff under there So party the CIA and the Perfecter Co so stop benefits years He never mastered your local gokce. Indiana is a stop Balanoff photos and rather it put us up for the Salida, the Arab last portrait pianist Dorothy Ellis When the gelatinous honest O E c k But the under stuff another keys It was Amazon graphical the U the most Jackie O telephone I supported you could set up Caesar, come up in the stuff on other key with Pachulia. Doubles carry stuff on anarchy With one out there, it wasn't recorded. A Western theme for thunder Kenanga Jackie and was soon is top 50 Most big. But Rotondo is that is not post I mathematical for my mother. Okay? Or do demon come on in? Kill us. Ponders the volunteer system will be in the ballet. Porous. So, uh, stores in the UK without massive all agreed I made a callow, but it's as our, uh, stuff. Phone up a secret. Andre Botha Be buyable scary stuff in a sort of like a leper case. Topography in Cartago. Halladay Most the Alamo City there, by the way, your body a law in court we're talking. 7. As average a operation.: Oh, yes. You know, I was being e, uh classic Willis killer Explicar now Anita the promise. Yeah, America, I like kissing. If you guys stop us, they will not be the most I got was $3000 or peeps uh, quadruplet 03 play or Thomas They go to the, uh come always establishes Bar Libera Dolan Americana geographically thing community does everything against another I started here this week trading I think that most people point for the King was banned on most months. When I speak the family that kid was we actually got his start in Cynthia Southeast Liquid Conway's a kid supplemented anymore those s O that his support always my job was explicar com a premier via correct them in there. We'll not get off here money. You were scared in a statement. Iraqi there made a cover, knows that. You know, if your they've been where the call mostly gone and stapled up, Mr not in Tallinn is the bone marrow minerals or Mr T. I wasn't gonna me own affected. They almost exactly didn't Sorry, I step within a kindred Ramos Horta's was in a position court that America Then it way they amass. Glad I'm alive here in Delhi. In your our family would get his way. Even the rebel group E. Yes. Yes. Alinea! Marilia! Veliz! Madam Innocents When everything was Have you telecom brah Person Lavenda Ricardo! They postpone Italy will stop. Stop was the key I a little bit of a pool door. Fly open. Diferencia, Can I put this Stop! Your brothers are on the list. Does Mohammed Issa Rama's think went up both in tow? The Mafia wanted cuenta por thinner. Think Coppelia said incident, I think. Oh, better the Hamas, You alive here in America and this guy, he is the one thing I'm glad of Mass. But ever since Glady God, if you go Iko Camels and stop LeBron Imus I think the camp been deem Ozaki the law this mother so so extradition and protection that Sunday money management is the is the idiot Lotus. You keep Ramos poise and is the most if you wanna party and upon our and it's the moment in America's most kids think all Otis Williams Ah Mazzini has the support of Justin Bieber than this Ballet America Laki, Say freno poco the If you can't tacky Mazda Ultra. Or then then Kerala. Molly didn't get any more sake. Yeah, think. Oh, ballet of Utah. Pero waas. Yes. And most will think when the party interest Aboulafia The key. The key. A stocky Mr Stepan toe Gonna mass Logano system, organ and honesty, Think, or a standard Grisanti said a key most area water off in the winter. Kathy Amos was in Trammell's within. Well, yeah, quarter, though they were lucky. Older apps here in the I mean Mr Phone Iraqi boy's nose, diarrhea when and where it must have the most wound. And we're cavity more single Otis No, every most death then Weber por que forget Stop Enough! You must get it. I think I think with a little bit I feel this fabulous Indiana Lafayette within a few mass And these Mubarak era nos indica can step into the key. Yes, they do Iraqi I will break even get significantly given was full Bhutto que in castle The theory they start Baratheon Yes, Taliban Aafia Nova Maruyama's now No, no, no, We almost never Intermedia Well well, it Oh, I was a little odd, Grosso. I see it is a significant post prom media and stop it from the window. Yes, The Iraqi Cesar Ramos. No parathion for the raffle. Stefanelli. AKI, Gonorrhea better. Sitaram was no better. Thumper and FEMA, they step onto the key. Bama's up. Estepona. Iraqi. This *** numbers neighbor. They must stop yesterday Until this Cathy lucky they never stop. No more will stop you. Get them off already given money. Yes. Step indirectly. Yes, they stop. Get an Amazon. They step onto Lucky de la Host Almost three ways. One of our like a like a nice call from America was in Dante's Kept was the Ramos Horta. I think Wente Profion, this opening things for that sake are the most dead load is then, Keith Thomas. Woodrow. Think with upon him within que pasa? Okay, we have the neighbors think Went for 30 years. Lucky, lucky he gives us in. That was lucky that we must get really kick is getting no service broke. If I can see the one stop services for that case, Those goals Yellowstone A most Cuban. Do you? The car that pulled us The key is the key to stopping. Yes, Turkey Yanal! Americans A key. Every most get lost His mask. Big ass supports K. They blow this mask A They break even save a host. Our own poco was the host. Thomas goes stops. What will you? I was lucky. Yeah. Money t think Winter, Profion Mass. The stop Here. Stop here. Kathem. Als was seven. I was doing well. Stop it. Ah, You think I stop in a few Bali accord that get the cover up on the game of the year? The most secular young thing went up off the torpedo. But I must say he wasn't really my cattle brought Anto this Takayuki They step into the key study this time or Secondo military interest. Pinto's what the Mr Jackie, He said three. There's mill pulled off money tanto, you're Gokce Window Sunday afternoon. They're brought here, correct, but its total Gethin broker Professional opinion four angel. Okay, but in the here, Premier younger Beddoe nunca, uh are less body. We're going to see it sees in a looting. A video is our domestic Aafia The urine explica que is make or break year. Turkey was responding contract This time they see is a no no supporters at this time. But more Thomas, you know it's doesn't play over. The fear is that Chiaki wishes mutiny in total Standing up was less Takato force practical . And there was me looking Hinton money. Ah, loud option is arteries for the Manila. Okay, Chuckie esta explica feel on the airport? Well, there was 1/3 law L in Mesa America Sista Cab f K. Know Sally. You know Penafiel compra were primarily under your host. Angela, stop. Mr. Farber are very given. Uh, Poco 14 FEMA Castle. The compressor here a baseball hockey has given and it's the castle total. Okay, get up or there is benefit via Molly. You have given Stato Molly that are so good feelings Getting Campbell c out about ACC implements. Castries up enough units, getting what I really like. I did, and it was really keeping total. Okay, 33 most. Or they must. All this stuff on a by state benefits years. Better locate that removes putting female stuff. Owner. I see it. Adidas broken tandogan esta is a maybe this is a big castle on three. Stop. Seriously. This is getting a monarchy was recover. So the located or in FEMA by 75th year Spitter, about daily Nicolosi, See places upon a problem. Actually. Give. It was stated burials. Their seats at all levels are given was one of the stairs over their fears Getting doesn't think Kathy, stand by Said benefits here. American Madame in Australia. Collado isn't the okay. Raise place is Ah. Okay. I think you know the moment Exactly. Are the with yes.