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teacher avatar Carles S.T., Professional Trading Strategies

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Presentation & Definition of Scalping

    • 2. Strategy Configuration

    • 3. Strategy Theoretical

    • 4. Money Management

    • 5. Automatic stop and profit configuration

    • 6. Scalping Day 01/07/2019

    • 7. Scalping Day 09/07/2019

    • 8. Scalping Day 17/07/19

    • 9. Scalping Day 09/10/2019

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About This Class

In this class I will explain how my Scalping strategy "Black Honey" works in the Dax index. The strategy is created to work on a time scale of 1 minute, everything goes very fast, but with work and patience you can get very good results.

In the videos you will find:

  • Presentation "Black Honey" and definition of Scalping. (Free Video)
  • Strategy Configuration.
  • Theory and operation of the Strategy.
  • Money Management very important in the (Scalping and Trading).
  • Application of the strategy in different market situations.

**All classes are in Spanish and subtitled in English.

**The broker I work with is FXCM with the Trading Station platform.

I hope they are of interest, and do not give up, work hard and the results will come.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carles S.T.

Professional Trading Strategies



Hello friends!! my name is Carles, looking for an order or a logic in the financial markets, it is not an easy task I can assure you, but here, I will try to explain a little of what I have learned in the last 11 years.
In my courses you will find information and videos for people who start in the world of trading, even how my Scalping strategy works for the Dax,  for people with a high or professional level, and still going through my Swing Trading strategy for Forex.

I think that in these videos you can save a lot of time from looking for the holy grail of the markets, which finally does not exist.

Now these are the courses you can find: 

**Learn Basics concepts of Trading I, II, III: 

** "Black Honey" Learn my Strategy ... See full profile

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1. Presentation & Definition of Scalping: mullah in this the stock class A was up in their amused that, uh, but as can be in a Zacks belly said Young, my black honey eyes routine is gonna start a here. Then we caught before they say behind e I bodies videos. Who knows the spigot? DeVos Almost every course you know, the most. Radios, the comma from tennis, the system they come also get out of the area. Money. Uh, news Father Linda. Fat Religion, profession book a lot ago. See, No service on a teen is like a party that only open up is not the here. Okay, Well, and would show up in a blender. Well, it it's been obvious they are doing there is he's been okay, as with them, which is those videos you see Politics Juvenile home on the within Quando was very days Begin just a Theus Allah In this day, video was really for year. Look, isla less camping. I love anything pasa got. They look a late innovating us pumping come is a key and it's the poor slob isn't going there. And the weapons scalping three that come. But it you accuse law the whole comment. Sala Borsa Jackie will be the Republican door if you, me and all of this town it's the people they open at him for K, for the stop talking, I think is sculpting in the three. Something is wrapping the Cooperativa in laws, medical finance favors the Muqata platform and then free and very factories Canister posted It was the time must come in the civil scan over Athens and graphical minuto addicts Second look beginning in the fifth year. So nobody feels Mutanabi this case airport on immune Utah's Orrin tills I went back in copy and yesterday Mama give you more time to get you think scalping around in their stuff in my coffee and fears polka Punic American allies camping balance between treating tambien cigarettes but is incontrovertible video in and with me it's all the people killed in forex uh, Siggy Moss You they want to put those important Keith has one of the most Democrats important part of sculpting. Is there nothing that they could tell you that the this unit Well, you it's the one thing that the little one e grand control, emotion and opinion is no matter the 50 you look at the pharmacy printed istan was locals on scenario Mr. Lotteries happening there, Boss. Voters bear CSKA path. The condolences on both units. Brandon scalping berman e increments in the mandate of American broker. Could've been Amita estate people. Their ability by much of rockets. Canada with a median antiscalping parlamento know something was too interesting. This castle gave I am owed are practical, but it so as I think scalping definitely don't look a thing about his commission s gonna that Molly is some get a factor. Importante cannistraro beneficios say say host a mantra like a machine gun is way According broke it. But she had almost If you're looking to get our trip, I think I mean, then you lost your, uh, American money. But I mean, one of those victories active als practical. I mean, the loony corporate robot body in the sculpting is a back strain. While this body I'm in, there'll only be eyes the people about Afghanistan. But Saladin has got a point off the compra or winter Clovis In graphical Dominador, The six people in agricultural production is in poker. Minutos Sorry, much caffeine is bitter Told Austin in Talladega, Alabama. We can all about it. You're seven up open offends Allah for solo. For a breed You haven't seen any more sordid driving? No, from Tennessee. He scalping millions. So the stoppin teller Absolute. I'm in the top Stop. They get plateau. You know I'm gonna parathion por que a media for Carvajal. Oh, no, no, no, no. This stuff I'm gonna see, really. I live in Contra Wanna Locadia and Catherine Cassidy broken, Then lose my recovers Molly Beto No, Seven of it, I feel is our well, it esto galleries, Windows videos, Bali. How could you go? I want us out. So prevalent us about him, particularly kissing for the tax train. That part of it is helping One up was was he come into port Cooperative Total unity term to stop it. But it will. Actually, the commission is because depended and broke it Balloon undated Raytheon partida years the owners, dealers like people must know breast is best oneto soup with a gonna offend the scalping una Pregunta kilo Yo mont under it is not, but I want that go. If a geek in Okinawa supposed taxes the motor factories couple in the carabiner, all they need is the people of Iraq even know it now this Kato. So I've been there at the Catalunya so toasty imported the Kathy on Capitol Bollocks here the Chicago. But it is impossible that look, if I had no ideology and you know, But it could have ended much of factories him with simply McKinnon Gettina tienda care in the product of a well, well, it's looking documentary in the terminal of the Savannah like Indicate the umbrella. No Life in the Solar Well, Bandera, independent of one another, La Sombra for cake anti that will in turn Abbott size arrest up to save me Bento. There's Millonarios in Una Compra. Very well. 10 grand. Yes, Person has not accomplished another. It's a simple Delaware, but not in the car was in the air e like can't either. The Hendrick Indra normal mental tackle. The up was no Andra Bandara Bismarck and then my leg. Really wacky. Stopping Islam is more popular than Telebras. Correct? Other. Yes. Come along, I hope. Another Rose Medical Scalia and Beth Daycare. Savit Loka. Hannah, you know you do get the DVDs problem that I think is more. One top weather is gonna too, but they have star loud rock and you knew can can be be them Everyone work Bit of Sikkim in Delhi, celebrate Ontario Your showcase pulled away important Lami whore. They hear about sculpting Mining Minister Viktor Meaning economic organ capital Thean Angus in you get those cameras in Afghanistan because the blood flow and drank earlier. But it is more yesterday for the whole life. A director. So, Mr Dick, it is called being perfectly there is happen there come from China. A key. Oh, just click up ways Mr Colson was going in. Given the has always been the hospital sculpting has been through this year is different. Financiers better. You're really stop this enabled. Today we start last winter Holiday has this the people imperative. Ballet Estrosi Umbrella. There's they may pinto the least given Julia, you know we're gonna via And they stopped Clementine and I later we tell them and the is no in Cambodia and be a passport. Ah, but this council overcame the under your purse. Yeah, I think it was the mountain. In later years they move into their new windows in in the stores Momentos are releasing must carry this. Put it in writing books Most of us would into the beginning working? Yes, it was so much control. Really? They plan to control the way we, uh that was my covers. No police. Every possible our media poor competitiveness that the import into felafel teleconference mafia It's been the they I don't know, maybe a practicamente day. Yes, that not in that position is that there wasn't more cheesy nothing Start thinking covers a window on the Interior Ministry and has everything I think that that will raise the gap. Resulted affairs double union You stow Fattal No. Two in Israel Radio service conductivity in Bavaria He for this Harlequin get around via better Ah, today's Historia e dental restaurant was, uh nothing fell down her makeup help on it but it's still nothing falls down will never be happy That better is if you didn't they my leg Beto Cibona sucker down 12 deficit doesn't poco mas the capital. There's been the house. It is a much better understanding everything case Don't stop it. Really? You know BRC and the media care orifice sculpting time Beautifully appropriate mostly on ah grant in India. Antiscalping Costello has ability Better see controllers on polka more fulfilling up. Was this the case again? Korengal of Benefits years We understand, as I think, this copy Mellon. Communal sculpting, eyes, mathematical, they look, you know, people have been tired. It's over the top for control them off. Analitico figure in Flicka Ballet Having depend depend the radical people persona is correct. Been released then through this time out. What Started laughing it in the post In my work, Um, on the top us on control the Mohsen al E huh? It always doing pick up happening there. That Amy's mom. But you have If this is much larger, go They located una you know Bali up with the market. Um, I stumble graffito. Okay, there wasn't contrary moment off the 50 less Molly can know. CVS kicks STN pero esto the union up in They d ballet is controlled automatic or is a few minutes. But it Yeah, the one thing I mean is grafico them Not better Divided scalping escape for India. The If they really that different, Marilyn would Africa lacks a new mandatory. The Kia Kia, you know, string them but it always in the mood E and Principia boys. Yes, ties to Syria. A lot affinity on the scalping 70 point Mr 2. Strategy Configuration: well on this little room. Which is you, Eunice Tubos Obama's on apple in there. I don't confuse that El sistema Thank you. The broader Marlowe the were law Bala. Pero individual honest, undefeated. And then there are the replica theology, more windows. All those videos um even Afghanistan was knows Brahmos When I by that tsunami the mobile experience here on the other come off again. He knows being able of efecto the eighth Look on the Amazon. What show? Bala kill Eponymous amplitude Alenia Quattro Hemp Law I don't know Caymus. Uh, it is level on, but probably a key. How well you keep real efecto can be most think of genitals if he was OK. Yankee Don Imus Media I think William I was a kid and web um regarding the guru you Well, a little bit more, you know, Eponymous trained eye weather Barrios The memos will think Oh yeah, G and terrible Bahamas. You Well, when the does very effective available more thing Go Ok When a party bill system our computer moving I was starting out in the color even knows way Owner Media mogul simply Okay, you keep LeBron emos um single mother their hope Money, people Diarrhea does money. Yeah, esta MediaNews Makukula party Delta will become very for the Viktor if you must book it the house you want in effect, most of us think those This thing I was today is level um leaves around on the theme of post Well done before Really effective house wealthy becomes okay, But you're here They most especially that when the women money and my single theory a fear I'll go home. I was indigo Then we're going LaManna comes in a food ballet when I was there for him long simplemente by different t you What is it like? You get ice. All of them are upon an alto physical of our Gambhir Our visit about the victor I was thinking minutos Okay, you're lucky. Famous face Oh, get this single full from Yoon The Post Oh video The living talk finger windows Money Okay , we're the most practical You must come off love may be a more with young ruler Emir Media way blues I started when I was three. Mother uh well or better there when I was a lateral Finkel organize Bingo Let the Hamas for the victor, but uh, Victor Like Amby Amazon killed 50 new does money to get it out of the spirit. Let me if he was OK, you can buy them. Uh, ticketed esto. The thinking noodles thing. Minutos think we know toes continue photos, but basic amenities k established in graphical The only Noto before the familes. Last media's commerce is too greasy, Honest. A castle with a couple of almost four star star bullets I think we know does. Was interviewing you can think of in you toes. Yes, that get out. Animals in three minotaurs all theory west. It's commercials to recently in a graphical the killed revenue does don't have in this. Well, the delegates graphical esta media the king familial does is locus taffy and doing with Africa taking that we know does. But they come in their stock. Sandakan estas their key here soon they think of, you know, photos. Ah, for the Fecteau, you know. Yes, that's been I think we noticed it wasn't, Haven't. I have is well known solo graphical westerners that, um which have been doing for K and I was like, 15 on the justice system. Uh, Proxima B the most 3. Strategy Theoretical: alarm when I we don't tell Europe in the Mazar Come on, people are yours It's those but I throw the biggest movie That is it'll sistema But you keep on happening. There's like the area that the article coma from Fiona. Yes, this is because if you can key in their mask No, I stopped is in Trickle Media's objetivo. Mother still is located. Tornadoes. He didn't know the rapper Financial support. While this isn't the extremes, pours this love Maximus pillows medium or is there the entire year for him? Blah theater There the elements on Luna's member mechanical laws, Maximus pillows, Meaning more still breath here. The VMS Yeah, those people point case people point the audio people pointing someone out. Molly is the key. Brent, where star s when I read those cave in the lab, that extension of it, although still the are you by the difficult areas We went last time on a gate When it's about, I think I mean for Debian parquet and the idea was one of a kind and more women. Does this place Barrientos Carter's body Yahiko off because the, you know, top was went off? They don't want a while ago. Esto It's up that evil. I don't know whether with a lot of weapons, auto people, they don't feel half beyond the maximum mini malls. They're assistant. Their supporters is talk. Allow. This is my I was going to be there, but, uh, almost part of speak Arabic was Well, see if he can come in my key. Yeah. Uh, yeah. And seeing almost case Does those media's it? Unless they think, um, you know, North Carolina. Ah, cuantos intention. When a g broke up or anything, I lining Della Rocca Islam videos. I didn't think whatever way didn't them. In Maraba Golota Obama's host availability. You can talk to find out if you allow TSA. Ah LaRock was CMA's ethical behavior people someone feast us money where they could Yeah, the hemos get up, Thomas. But if we can take it more aumento go more Several stumbled dramas with very few things that go of Ambien your fish until I where they emasculate and continue to get bast, Understand? Three other Cuando BFs severe Barry was America Latin More cloud upon the protester Thomas Alex stay This time. Media must four days latin in fear against a cocky it benefits time. We Bigelow last There is maybe a scared animal skill to the Thomas cuticle most but are but yeah, but if you get you know, Jessica does we Collado the the the Open administered in Estefania against operate as though you know what practical intending to you. T c by the armory. Better see body was over that body sculpting Come also know better finish the book or the bluff or, um, you see and thin the baby that was much more years goes park it the choice of pork, A few cars Khaki brother Kimbrough, Loverde and B s opponents separates another last those media's but Siachen Camels Largo's knows the whole gamut case But I know it's a castle that in India season before Dorothy stop. There is nothing there Resistant talking. Okay, get very few side of any of this stuff. Ona you stayed in front of you Well, I was surrounded, Mother. So this part we continue our most Soviet money. We're gonna come about starboard doesn't. When I was a key system with, I feel support in the abajo compra sparking If it was not intentional, Fister But it was Karimov's compress until this final, as those media's say, crew thin or the favelas are food is just as those lucky and during this time was in sort of India. But I keep abysmal from brother ballot animals. Last Those media's gonna pass health level. They stop. There are four. If he had also with the most comparable geek you in Capasa stumbling todavia hockey. You know you're in trouble months See, we see more federal Arky Arky Arky they Well, Molly, scalping is broken it off with this serial abysmally Clarin are better feeling was Obama logica yellow Berries and lost big gift box. Then we will. There is a fool s e t s home So our Stanfa stayed the candle cracking for minutos. But if you see a port in theory Telemedia is locals Commendable, they last media's graphical don't mean a torpedo this plant, fellas, But I think Pluto's I keep the most competitive in With whom? Way? Skill, Amillia millions And what give in a way too much slumber in the attack with Cynthia? Keep us out of school. Police here say that Roomba, Molly Staples, unless maybe a Yaqui that's almost people's aqui comes now. Venta body Simply Aboriginal. Stop. You know what I mean? Take one models Car home does Was Sarah still remained a key and oversee most comparable esta media. Say what? Or for instance, those Bali theme I part of us always does. Does that yield breath? You? Binga? Was Carla Park their level well there before they can block and do nothing. Then fear waiting on the rocky in una tendencia. I just keep him hockey se Yeah. Ah, well, he and nothing. Carlos kill a bear. This cannonball in FEMA. Lazo Torres, those media's cocaine. Tendencia Batista Mr. Spook, this happened over handler. Best point about a law. Yes, the wound over him blow is turkey, but it it's just bulldoze, son, Bend us. Clara's Ficarra has been brief Yokai Ballet so gay over a compliment being studied. Well, Ben, you know he has no last time They were in a moment de la media. They can't Unidos por debajo care for those in the doubles can algunas Compass Cay Cumbria . He is money, Chiaki. Nobody. Exactly. And keep it off When I was on the whole Does Chiaki? Yes. He was a double standard istan istan in toast, Mother. The almost the heart of a kick is the our import. Reba, it was coming. So you could Okay, It's just in. The cloud is simply nine months. I keep him with you. Ah, which was a lot like number. If you have a Scacchi. Was the company forest a phone booth? Uh, yes. Infallible. Uh, most proxy. Most media Berries Come all Pedro and the FBI is defending. Disperse ways mass Collado. Okay, mystic. 4. Money Management: Well, uh, Mr Big Obama's on for card and it wasn't for money management. Uh, who Yugoslav better is we important? And? And their lawyer, he is not the last buses there is helping creating. I think we'll get in bed is gone. Ah, career like you just happened to be on. Does this bus is a breeding was copy into Louisiana You know, the last buses their the sculpting on a breathing in Canada Islamist kim monetary on money management Nicolas correct por eso investor video in the capital within here is a normal day. You know Baratheon is the ball sound for excess Really room in that old radio benefit your parody that they know or they will no esto significa significant compromises in action on part of the reason people come from benefit you think went up. Understand, Mr Perry? A maximum no police self. So pay the year, I think when the windows Mr Syria and they know Lamis more than Anthea Cologne is more than Bella Vita and you know pedophilia. But I think when the other is nobody, nobody must bear their mass death in when the rest Modric employs a radio, their own clothes si com promotion Active. It was coming or not. Katy Bar the Thean puntos. Like pedophilia. Maxima? No, they base over the bazaar. I think what beeps is the recommend a few honest, swollen toe para or pedophilia is the swing trading or trading in travel area. They know somewhere recommend Dallas, but I just can't team for a Super Bowl lightly. That it? Happy death, Mr Syria. In biblical Antalya, many Thomas is more Lamis. My part of you, that edibles comes a lovely benefits here. Well, it to Syria. Frodo. All of those scalping must the cup. Molly is total bigger. Arrested gigolo. In the beginning, there is no parathion tonguing thing that is maximally Burke. Really. We'll never said I was just on a sort of put him off. My body is just consider, and it's indifferent this point open or if impossible, Mama's Kathy and scalping Sorry, most improbable that blunder in the heart money begin. Salima and I have been a different this domestic king people today firing rod antennas otras. For the most part, it is to scale. Theater that is coming has been coming for Campbell. If you can say a key I doesn't brothers, the compa. It is a step. He there step by step until you know different. Very concerned people want us. CNN was in Durango. The person maximo the kids, the kids is a lot is it was about parliamentary party is too skilled tenderness in durability anus like being a like longer for us to stop using most teachers at one time The commitment of the latest smack in the middle in key Bill Clinton isn't not wanting more. About 10 toe. The Perfidia sunk in $2 a year maximum for a better for everyone when it was understood. Invented reporters in this vaccine based on fear, is the those who think that been very much with the CD Interferes. Tell us that we must be clear about this. We'll be in every treasure. Baratheon is that legal notice When I stopped them into this point us about abstinence have really does make you notice. Loaded the Treschow remember lama her off your para me like a swallow three months money. You're sort of buried in there Intervals locus The Baltimore robbery of solemn Negro Day The stays Kelowna, Stop and bend it. Rest point of the carried a maximum Because Erica elective Alinta they get the content of this area. Yes, there I am. Able started a fertilized nor amount in days You'll leave those there will depend. But I could anything when talking Antiscalping cc I think over time India in the building within You gotta say they look in January alone Tanto younger brother years ago benefits you see on my your mom goes four kilometer area Everything is bad but it is to simply CIA Correct. If you see something important to say a few areas moving your stop them maximally better here, Get Heston are Libyan Better? Joe? Come on Maximum me Maxima put a bit of young is there in the middle is here on this. Ah, better not a momentous Willis Here. Here is my love us so much important is no better than a master. Nobody in tow in Canada A bit of fear, but it is that they make it out of moon Plateau preventable. And what you see a maximum of three years ago And the police Don't leave me this. Yes. Don't marry feed. Oh, okay. See, most quintas Kenya. Uh, Pedro is important. There who start system in Quantum Brandon, nor a moment they since really, how many more Children they still have been together on and in a sort of Minister Capitalia getting the opinion team president, he said. Said Boneparth Viento inclusive for their body weight. But market is moving the caliphate and theater scene in our system. Monetary incorrecta No, even if yes, yes syllable has ordered Bali dental as well done there in the letter care Ah, for the fourth Viento Bombers Arias guard Ah Mu poco! There Mr Capital is important And maximum I was on pocket Thomas C pontificator no Molly. 5. Automatic stop and profit configuration: Well, im level and steady. The elders were split. Come on, Coke are automatic. Got stops. He You're pretty. Wasn't any 50 year mallet? Callable capital was no better feeling The scalping lacks for him. Yeah, I examine this and stop Europe video de benefiting. Get anything? Went on this camping a lot. We don't know, but it was hysterical or candle and they stop the bottomless tackle A candle. Brophy! Molly, we're gonna go, uh is my symbolist Yoneda, but yeah, you posted eerie. It was more difficult. Endo Kimbrel People event officio. I mean, the UK and Mercado buyable London. See? Almost I gave them all God, Adam Boco Massimo Salafia Mr What am I gonna tell us? Simply Candelo It stopped them in a 50 0 I feel most fro Ah, when is my Cindy in Berlin? Ah was explica 10 we stole dependent. Rogatica stays being on a year ago surveys. Oh, we thought Ah, perfect is they may keep was one of us was The answer is no, no deal until Exactamente Well, Escamillo, because we antenna Politburo. Domino's nearly until now on get started. He can't waste about myself days, Mr Indiana. Uh car visiting or critical Rocky Control. Oblique interest of fairness. They protect me now click even feel ruffian. But is that Wanda is Ah, stop feeling is Alicia stool brother Sister Informa's see told aloe Vera feeling together Still there were Gondo better from the sculpting. Nothing Deressa diabolically is the commentary on option Mr Lonely, go get a 1,000,000,000 sk Uh compress puts the basically got those with is for the oil in a more than the west. A cyborg 11 that either the rocket but our model futures Or is it? It's not finishing. This kid knows that if he could Thinner Uh oh, I see. Oppose winner publicly on basically Barcelona with Maliki ifthis with this committed money . Okay, a small fast. They got on a comparable in our baseball It uh but this llama llama double click this icon for Mafia like click ah people The order than I can feel This part is the independent momento But feel responsible. Ah, it is Keep us out. It was big. Keep my mother breath years particularly funny. You were just resisting are available if you lay Bongo came back in the federal laws Ah seal upon emus are 20 vallee simply, uh, got over nothing Car Ramos You probably fit and feel simply that half hour there broke but it ah come you support It wasn't breath is my stretcher Eponymous key wrangle the those the federal laws? Um no. Almost wanna relocate half Yoon I must there a different CLK. Yeah, the fear of loss when opposite your yucky Ah, no I contra partida Gambino's the fiddle us. No, my mind. No. Well, it, uh if it's, you know, contra party that it is a much of a woman for the fin blow our history Bogalay stumbles. And in December, Norman and excellent for the skin glow Ah, this is most difficult. Move your bloomin then over 50 only with this Contra partida storck without fear Also arrested ideological brand name Lipitor lost videos. Okay, I posted your this the video and I was told to say they see a lot one of the big located just by living to factories The K Look it I movie look necesitamos policy based these days and I got a politically risky knows no sent Ella. Well, if you ever see your supporters by the referees probably half in Kabul. See organize in Nora's, um, the governor or malice. But no, I mean burger. Um, by Samels Key or the respondent Stop the balance. Some people. Is there the order? The hospital? Uh, no. They work. Um What settlement? They stop, It starts again. Isn't this Isis Islam? Part important day stop. This actually stopped. Car weighs about bingo. I've been to respond Montana. So you Cuando around? No Penafiel the comparable in the US stops in 20. We're yearly meeting at this point. Does calorie capital. Now let's talk about BJs. Be in those videos with more If you can't stop knowledge hunka c in person only. Go. Kava is in the locus open. It'll army Farber Harlow. But some days I mean they'll while they see your Children grow so similar. But keep in e Locarno possess prolific and limited airplane Angelo Angelo at me for our esto is important but not unethical. Stop dog rattle Pony In the stop Openly Indo limit this But it uh the trick is to look like the the computer not emasculating explain cannot escape will stop Comport are three years ago. Look, just because on this the k for him You have also been a feeling that this Quinta mallet. But what on top? I guess that I didn't know smelly fado and the fully developed was a story. Okay, Working story. I got our visit with application. Quit. Get hurt again? A None of us in the video being a with the US 6. Scalping Day 01/07/2019: Well, I wonder if there's a Yes, Thomas are you know they're Julio there has been living with it. Your time is Muslim last, but I think when they see their manana, uh, docks and locked up was given us without some important directly come into the pinto e. Uh, pheromones are the joke was C t graphical getting America much more severe. Mess squad I'm in distant Dorados e one Ah, total being you know, a couple for the start Immune the the interest in a starting with broom tiny theater last night with happiness they like. Okay, one out in practical in the courtroom area, their own land was topic a little which they and, uh, their mental of the next year seemed before that. Is that yes, Palamos a few memorable in glare Or let's see, momentum vocal ability level actually dinner moment. A condo. He is destined destined for this We're gonna love Thestrals Put level like the level Actually that stand back You know when I think of a weather orders therefore the handle video Your salon Historia Ah was one of the things that I hope to rocket We must keep was speaking today so we don't get there. Almost. When was the last so many quarterbacks either with opposite political parties standing under a kid? Sort of enter Molly coun uh, Mark Mother you ever see for the most terrorist as positive? Moreover, NGS anos sounds terrible, but get a break the glass. And that's the way I work, eh? Keep us, huh? See about it because they want to see that markets, you know, start alone. We have a really? Well, and I think that's easy, Makindo. But I hope Oh, there are water and was running ultra fister. Well, wait, don't part about Afghans Mass because he a key in sort of in Waco was focused. He event last winter. Quattro growing up was see, let's take a look whenever I undertook at last more than e politican Michel was there was a lot about what has been allowed to see. It was not that I keep, but if it was stuck around enough on a support it that I must see on to get drinking water will be end up money. It's been I wasn't ok. One of the women was looking investigates in the vista is But I'm not I wanna put only the embassy will be correct. He'd put up with it was going again and happy that I see. No, I feel I'm with overlapping that way. Work out this type of missile. Those stops somebody important this ever. Que que pasa? Was Fernando your basis of Iran in this town whenever When president over some would. The federal is the opposite unis. They went there. Love it. Yeah, that really seasick rou fan for the Buhari for the most other than a lot of girls, what I miss most Fela's way If Molly uh, that is promising pocket other seniors down upon the complaint. When does compress man's, uh, complicity? Nobody came in the bar. Kevin Young Focus, Order and Leader. If you have any lebuhraya in this area, you can say the host, Amanda G. Variables, got a post written because mass That's bull. But here are Salovaara, a stubble scar on a my media for, uh, see the recording window complicated on key. It wasn't combat was going by the Afghanis Cortez, Mass. But it started as a woman Well meant that no started to look on video the way a way out of a handle. Okay. Well, okay. One tumultuous stuff on upwards. For the credit for being the only there was the combo, the commercial open, and they But there was a woman one awesome. Like the Mandela's know of a area either went up was Yeah, the hockey, you know? Oh, yeah, I'm going in. Well, it 7. Scalping Day 09/07/2019: Well, I want to be a serious stumbles on a you son last year. They think when they those South Africa Milito their backs even Corwin Mr Moment about it. E I keep doing them off meeting Was that year Indian doctor around revolt and stuff, but it the normal too. How difficult is what they told us to go every year. Okay, until that see a correlation, no less to do that, they actually stand for even the most. When it, uh the momentum was one of the moment does He was a key in the stuff owner with mercy. Um, the most when autumn is wasn't as a 3/4 government was resistant. And then the hairs and, uh, no, I'm going to see the kettlebell with other are yesterday an auditorium in that until the next correction. But living quarters bit of the home. And don't nothing was taken when no one of these Muslim lies. What? You didn't they see there? You know, when I was sitting with his parental was Jackie Appiah eso they've been arresting? Don't look over here when a filament is Batista's lentil and we were now Yeah, okay, stuff. You're not an empty, as was the day you can keep pontificating after I support that. But I wanna get this problem, This support there, maybe you. But it was only well, everyone. Rt Jackie was almost and there were windows. Ramos Si si. When I move in a were compatible Athens Mass called us. Uh, people point this person to get only with through on occasion people Media he confessed Last moderators We don't wait, I see. Ah, the most of the time which he stepped off. Well, it has been where the negativity must the people point tell aboard every portions Here on ladder Got happy that they just a friend Us Tower I which will likely that Toronto the members most are They contracted more in front of it, but we were lucky. Arrest Coimbra accepted other but actually reported the Either we are in the position is contest. Yeah, was taken. Whatever Have a don't they emotion with others or a teriyaki Gordon last merely as a full SSN intern. Chalobah trouble Mr Laws in the UK TeleFutura call in. Um no. There were no likey begin to go less last millions at this Mr. We have your thoughts machine they can OK, a lot of money. You spend the most solvency continued people. Esta aqui. What does that get us from us? Hastily. Yeah, my stuff. When are always more? Yes. One last memory media. The medic Carlo was just can't tell you. Um, begin taking the stuff for less time behind the sari with a compress. Bali. Um, you weigh on it even if he doesn't. Okay, when I win either rather feel the positive feelings are so don't make it. Dallas has There will be an important warning. The bus? You ask why? Because the drunk again I feel no mutual. I know ducks on it. Yeah, practicamente day waas physical errors. I go out of this. Oh, yes, has those. Thank you. But, um well, when they tell about okay Valley medo But I start for America. Europe together. This time I get home. I was tumble trip, um, animals. But there s closing almost chilled already. But it Ah, it was my Nana will see. So with videos for those 8. Scalping Day 17/07/19: but I wanted to the hours with Thomas on. If you see it there, the holier than was thinking where you're on it wasn't a city. Think with future Kik and Lax's thinking, don't bet it's tough in the resistencia seem longer. If you like the quad rotors not adjusting, I say about years. We ask you, thinking them not on bad luck. They don't know the woman to another one man. If you can take a peek, at least that's how you must be in death. Nemesio, you a move and then top money, even windows this time and under yourself? Yes, some of this I saw a star most when I go in for some You love your daughter Kikkan stuff. Come on. Japanese figured to get around wasn't really, And I can't say it was British than we have here. And they think equal, more Last media's produced. When I tell you what the position is, must the contra either moment of saying I just keep thinking that way? Money. Um, it's been almost medicines are under threat last year. You're respirable See knows that I don't know that I'll probably that by that one of the movement. You stated that I know. Here. Arsal Eltham mallet. If we can signal as those media's asshole this based on we have your hospital understand begun. Okay. Um, easy has become a key in getting my *** Manila The think of new toes You live everywhere. Startling moments club Marion on and so that it must care if they had a plan starting position. Keep myself by that. Do you ever see you can grant photos? Ramos, Molly When I read those particular it's called that look at the movie movie a host. You get more likely thinking the naval just the media's and millions of stars This trust Dennis Padilla moves have been telling now, even though most see history when God allowed even But that was easy in his mess, they will see just come back Maybe Eschen. Well, it even among Pelosi's agree came. You know that, Houston, Because if your lives poco si come here remotest thing that hit our said You're lucky Ever see nothing They but still many people, people, people, if intricate standing got it. It happens in Brooklier, etc. One of the mobile Gimbels and brother and I have a sort of enter, but it can take out. Yeah, fellow last was media's when FEMA you stumbled into live in the You know, this family get that was a lie. The Children dating Ah, this family Well, let the government pay. Wow, When the black is a very severe in a moment, we'll years he had been under the process. Does those okay The bus, huh? Eyes tell you when our love is more. Yeah, well, that, uh, wait. Most kids think they don't look over here on you Do it when I will ever do in their positions by his tears No Iraqi about a thin Belus vista Whose name is we See the moment door give us being gold and yellow The memos live in the area He still you can tell just us Bella's that key. Come on. My Children and very few. Ah ha. A stack of in our mandate was gonna put one. Thomas be okay, people, point by point, I said I know. Um uh, about the keepers are that there was no way Young thing minutos overseas. They're completely when I go into a lot ago, but it was to get together stuff on Nike. They point a supplementary, took a preventable and will spend every day. We critical Mother? Yes. That is toe fun of it. Well, yeah. You got a minimal several in your belly the last quarter. Oh, no. One of my men were double, but affairs mass stuff like e t tell other. Yeah, we figured she maybe a is this tough amount. But the Iraqi army and I was talking. I almost media nobody at the Babel. Well done, doc way One of the other half Demon Denki Bank. Almost the top was get some last night. They may be a plague coming because they want us e went Agos the troubles, although not in India. Global diphtheria. Yes, it I'll see stuff better if you can take it on Overstock planners total working alone in the car he 9. Scalping Day 09/10/2019: Well, I don't know. Oh, yes, Tom was way of it. They do with it. Uh, Hardison, last death. Idiot was, uh, Eka moment was miss me or audio of it? Well, there are video. Well, it Ah, yes, just balancing out of this. Care on no solo. Say whether or better administer in estadio trabajar con honest Astra. The here wanted to Olivia. I mean, there's been Busta. Okay? And you know what I made the Empress practicamente IPOs cannot look as people there's gonna tow tilapia was gonna protect their indelible located in little India. You can take a key. Move, move, move! Hey, indicates a genethia or being didn't their practical stylized was kill Thousands moved to Omaha for about the last movie media Medical E one of the most honest Amazon graphical the lax and key. But your last time that I'm doing enough on our way. So been what is in the combat? Molly, I get a meeting with the time Bianca is there already? A positive spirit is moved from a hostal McComas bajo no, but almost like a museum in different ah even keep almost anything. No, but I feel what was our compatibles. Yeah. Okay. See, Theory stuff. Um, Bama Hospital Book. Oh, yeah. Let's see. Safe here is whenever men pushed back under the rock bottom Unidos going in your country, Correa was locking the gates time breath and operatic organist esta they here would illiterates the radio valleys which must rank kilo this practice. But you must stop. Um, nice tan rapido told O malley. Um, I mean, like a boost by eyes drop handle Minister strata here 48 days ago. Then you have 100 in order years k Emma's Bala TV That money him blow one level has three times been much of a lot of media money. I always put you bet I must see a key R and theta. I'm a recent Rangel, um, seeing those bombers on that if you go, the idea was where it was bad. When I'm in there, costars in in Ruffle And the Houston fears the supporters performance was not not then And we've got our theater on there. I fell Movie that Molly Ah, better one. There went topless and difficult that we don't understand. It can't get post tsa viviendo the moment of almost lucky. Yes, but It seems to me that, uh, a political within well, it one of whom when our customers are last year's the future eat political produces less, can't handle book when it's tough owner. No, but I think it will where I want that, um, the member from Pakistan's another Keep it up there. Do not stop politic a about that kind of stuff. And I keep better one where they must see a store Sick of us are gonna send a bomb Will go without Is that people say the organ DoCoMo's You know, if you can tell us like a static under and stuff on Aggie get started The Campbell I mean, they went by in this tough on Molly. The moment give myself welcome. Always I still people point getting it was like You wanna go must see tentacles That'll another word was coming out of the city and its history. Yeah, let's see. Still upon the moor soup a little slack out are they? Get him. Before that they've been they come on. They are most parable Scotland, but there was refused. But he starts. Jackie, that and Cynthia Kenyon. I'll start single Sister Molly, you know they've been Moses PRK. Kate. Okay, Stuff for now. Callus already passing. And that's only possible about up skirt steak. One of the more memos nine together can stuff in, and it's a lot of different Boco. But I must say, Aquino's our Then we will not come prow, get up on the commoners, Diego and I, uh, stuff in our area was one is told him with my lento Mustang Kilo, my left communed one way indicating the airport on the radio. Honest a party that has no meaning. Well, lucky a couple. The competent people, safe units by letting mobile were there like important all this sort of enter last media's I don't know Mullen contesting the most school spirit. All rest on so you can tell with contesting almost $1. But I could even go. Yeah, see welcome. Abandoned level was second on the federal level. Positiveness. If any animals were that's always there. Read you yellow in in black to come and do me, no doubt Ambien. Temporal lobe is Miles Lindo is. Will they'll shrink Maliki Car services must Linda Miles Lindo around for US allies. Dolphin allow another ***. The up was like to be there, You know, being a Wall Street. So the idea that they pose Come on, Lux. No, we're last Angelina and an estate in the money. The momento with Juan Aurelio the quirky. But I gave in to escape. Um, no tras being in a their standard. I'm forced Malikov anarchy with the most compatible, uh, Beto, clothed in a less epicurean toasted. This plate is McDermott, Orvieto. What Kandahar and I keep was ah, critical of benefit. Here is much trauma, Santa. And your argument, American bro. Relax. Valley E C. Killing Travel Falcon Eliza beginning in toes can be in Lome Cuando Wall Street. Roberto Osuna. Very American. Molly. He loses Britain. Which Amazon chose is tequila Stevo Ministry. A sovereign case. Um, was community here in the beginning, there was a loud deletion in our area Condo hockey, which he s been Okay, a single the this week to this that it's been ok. Keep with an over the top polycystic. Also be either on an island tip was one this saved practical. And I was condo over to me that there's a lot of medical care. Uh, welcome was into