(BETA) Scribing: Easy Way To Make Your Ideas Understandable | Vera Alexeyeva | Skillshare

(BETA) Scribing: Easy Way To Make Your Ideas Understandable

Vera Alexeyeva, Left-handed calligrapher, letterer, decorator

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10 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Scribing_Intro

    • 2. What You Need To Start Scribing

    • 3. Scribing: How to Draw With Square

    • 4. How To Draw: Triangle

    • 5. How To Draw: Circle

    • 6. Structural Frameworks

    • 7. Basic Elements

    • 8. Your Visual Language

    • 9. Presentation Workflow

    • 10. Thank You


About This Class

Get rid of boring presentations

Show your ideas clearly

Explain complex concepts in munites

Be super-efficient presenting things to your customers, partners or colleagues 

Learn simple drawing techniques for non-artists :)


1. Scribing_Intro: everyone in the short class. I want to show you how easily you can draw well presented. A tedious. How do you straight complex concepts and untangle important meetings? Interpreting pills dawns of words in one. What is it so important? Because we are all visual features. So what is pictured is much more hard to misunderstand and much more easy to be captured with emotionally and grabbing creates a clear aboard the focus of your ideas. So in rows class and learn some tips and tricks, how described the next presentation in three distance enjoy. 2. What You Need To Start Scribing: it's crabbing is pretty low maintenance. Actually, all you need is some surface to draw on and some tools to do it. Depending on how big your auditory is, It can be a white board markers, Children chalk, piece of paper, off appropriate size and different kinds of Ben Spencer's or whatever you feel comfortable to draw with, of course, digital scan due to It's always good to make sure that your pen size gives you typically a line to be able to draw first without doubting visibility your picture. 3. Scribing: How to Draw With Square: You don't need to be an artist. You know how to draw When you scribe, you just need to learn some basic elements. And first of all, if you can draw these simple shapes such a square, try and go in a circle. You can draw anything. So let's warm up and see what we can do using. We have started this. Squares don't follow triangles and circles, and I'll be right back to you for the structural framework less. 4. How To Draw: Triangle: 5. How To Draw: Circle: 6. Structural Frameworks: 7. Basic Elements: 8. Your Visual Language: 9. Presentation Workflow: 10. Thank You: