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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (20m)



    • 4. C BASIC

    • 5. SIDE BASIC




    • 9. DROP STEP



    • 12. MOTOWN BASIC

    • 13. INSIDE TURN


    • 15. OUTSIDE TURN


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About This Class

This class will be bringing you tutorial videos in Bachata footwork. Everything will begin from the very basic. Every class session will be named by its move and count, it will make things easier to remember. Classes will be from the beginner level. You will be taught the fundamentals and how to execute the moves. This course will be covering the beginner level.

Meet Your Teacher

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Twins specialized in Footwork


We are Bachatwins! In this platform, we will be teaching you how to dance the Bachata. if you know nothing about it then this is your chance to learn and have fun. Bachata is a very playful dance. These courses will be from beginner level all the way to advance level. If you are interested in Bachata classes such as private sessions. Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] Let's have fun! 

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1. INTRODUCTION: What's up, guys? My name is Danny. I'm with decile stroke to New York and unknown and land deaf communities bus a twins been teaching now for about four years, now also been density for about six to seven years. It's been an amazing journey, being able to interact with different dances, different instructors as learning and teaching the fundamentals and the techniques always grown as a dancer. And this course will be covering the beginner level or batch data. So we'll be covering the basics, the techniques, the way how to apply that certain move. Everything will be divided by its count. Again, we'll be talking more about the class project and our conclusions. So I hope you guys enjoy all these videos. These classes is going to be very good for you. You're going to learn so much little things that you probably didn't know. And I hope you guys enjoy it. 2. BASIC IN PLACE : In this video, we're covering basic and place. So all we're doing here, we're staying in place, back place on 123123567. So we're basically marching in the same place. Okay. Think of it. If the precipitation. 3. TRADITIONAL BASIC: This video we're gonna be covering traditional basic on 41234567. So on 15 is the only cards that you go forward. The rest of you stay in place to do that one more time. 1234567. So this way, 123567. 4. C BASIC: So in this video we're going to be covering see basic. So all we're doing here, we're going forward. We're simultaneously looking towards, right? So it's going to be 123123. So here I'm basically looking at door another window. Ok. So this way, 1234567123467, tap, which is the precipitation precipitation. 5. SIDE BASIC: In this video we are going to be covering side BC. So we're going to our left on 123567 tab. So we're going down one to apply way onto so that we can be able to move on three. Then we tap on for same thing goes to this side, 567, tap, do it from the side. 123567. 6. SIDE BASIC CROSS BEHIND: And this video will cover inside basic cross behind for a story on one, cross behind three, and then five, cross behind. Seven, tap. So requesting behind on 26. Ok. So again it's 123567. So this way, here we go. 1235678. 7. SIDE BASIC CROSS INFRONT: And this video recovering side basic cross in front. So we're starting on 112. So here again, we're going on to and six were crossing in front this time. Now behind and front 356 serve. Tap one more time. 1234567. So this way, 1234567. 8. FRONT & BACK BASIC: And in this video we are going to be basic. So we're starting 123. Now we've gone back with our 567. So that one more time, 123567. So this way, 1235671234567. 9. DROP STEP: In this video, we're gonna be covering drugs. So we are starting to dropping on 48. So one more time. 123567 trap. So this way we go 12356. 10. BOX BASIC FRONT & BACK: In this video we are going to be covering, but basic Ford and black soldier story on one contour left. So a join of bucks, okay, 1234567 task. Now we're going to decide gamble. We're gone back this time, okay? So we're going on 1234567 steps together again, 1235671234567. This way, 1235612367. 11. DIAGNOAL HALF BASIC: And this video recovering the angle basic half. Okay? So we're going to start on one side. So it's 12123567. One more time. Here we go. 12345671234567 12. MOTOWN BASIC: In this video, we are going to be covering Motown basic. So what we're doing here, we're going from one to three. So we're going forward for, So again, for bad TOP, that back, forward, pass solid square again. If we go 1234567, tap until this way. Provide for, for back, back, back for tasks. 13. INSIDE TURN: In this video, we're going to be inside Basic turn left and right. So we're going on 123 basic to your tap. It's basically the same thing going forward and back that will go into the side depth one more time. This way. Here we go. 1234567. 14. FORWARD & BACK INSIDE TURN: In this video, we are going to be covering forward and basic terms. So we're storing on 123456. So we're storing one counterclockwise, going 123 and are going clockwise. 567, tough explained it this way. Here we go. 1234567, tap 15. OUTSIDE TURN: In this video, we're going to be covering outside terms. Outside meaning we're going this way instead of going inside, reborn out. Ok, so we're started on 123. So we go 123. And turning to our server, tap. This way. 123567. 16. CONCLUSION/ CLASS PROJECT: So guys, you're here with Danny again. I hope you guys enjoyed this class. It was so much fun teaching this course. Again, if you guys have any questions, please come below on the Discussion tab. Again, we're gonna be having other courses such as intermediate level. At that level, we're going to be covering the needs and the count, just like we did in this beginner level course. We're also going to have a class project for you guys. The class president didn't consist of view making one video with regards to two moves that you really enjoyed. The reason why is because we want to see where you guys are at and we can give you feedback. It could be the backspace, a could be the basic and place, could be left or right turn, whichever move was Moses appealing for you? You can upload this video and the Projects tab and our profile is going to really help us know where you're at and will help you. And so once we're done with this, we can definitely move on to the intermediate level. Take so much for taking this course, guys. And if you guys are interested in learning more about me and my twin brother parts at once, you can follow us on YouTube are all social media platform is linked to a profile page. And we'll see you in the network.