Meg Igarashi, CREATE & SHARE :)


Meg Igarashi, CREATE & SHARE :)

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7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. Setting Up Your Project

    • 3. 3. Premiere Settings

    • 4. 4. Importing Video

    • 5. 5. Editing Tips

    • 6. 6. Exporting Your Video

    • 7. 7. Thank You and Good Luck :)

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About This Class

Learn how to edit engaging videos in Adobe Premiere Pro from start to finish!


  • How to organize footage
  • How to import videos into Premiere Pro
  • Settings, workspaces, shortcuts
  • How to edit videos and make them interesting 
  • How to export

The video that was used in the lesson example:

My Youtube channel:


Meg is an aspiring filmmaker and a professional video editor living in Tokyo. She has edited TV and online commercials, a travel show, marketing videos, as well as videos for Youtubers and Youtube channels with over a million subscribers. She is self-taught and got her start by making videos for fun on her own Youtube.

Samples of work:

Thanks so much for checking out my class and I hope you found it helpful. :)

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Meg Igarashi



Meg is a filmmaker and a professional video editor living in Tokyo. She has edited TV and online commercials, a travel show, marketing videos, as well as videos for Youtubers and Youtube channels with over a million subscribers. She is self-taught and got her start by making videos for fun on her own Youtube channel. She wants to spread positivity through creativity. :)

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1. 1. Intro: Hey, guys, My name is Meg. And welcome to my first still share class in this class, I'm gonna be sharing my editing tips and also how to get started in Premiere. I've been a freelance video editor for a few years now and was editing in a company before that. I also make videos for fun on two. Now that you know a little bit about me, let's get started. 2. 2. Setting Up Your Project: So let's open up Premiere. I'm currently using Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. Before Premier, I was using Final Cut Pro and I first started out with I movie Oh Night, which is a free editing software that comes with Mac. Once premieres Loaded, you can now select New Project Right, A name for your project. I'm gonna edit a travel log for my South Africa trip and we'll write Simon's Town because that was the area was in so right. A name that relates to your project so you know what the video is about without having to click and look through it. Four. Location. I would say Make folders and your finder hard drive or SSD and make a footage folder for all your videos. Edit folder For all your editing piles like Premier Export folder or anything else you think you'll need, you can also make a new folder for each new project to make and put everything in there. That's probably best to do one working with a group of people so you can just share that holder. Other settings. Here you can just keep it. How it is impressed. Okay, 3. 3. Premiere Settings: Now you should have a premier project that looks something like this. If you're missing anything, you can goto windows and open the window you need. You can also move things around. You can also change your workspace, and you can also save your own custom work space. If you find a layout that you like the most, that's not in the options. Other settings I want you to check before editing is auto save. Go to Premier Pro Preferences Auto Safe because this could really save you. Career can crash sometimes and usually does pretty well with opening the file with almost everything saved. But I would still set your auto save for every 5 10 or 15 minutes. So when all bills, you will still have auto saved projects that will have your most recent edits. Audio hardware is where you can change between headphones and speakers. If you're having trouble hearing the audio, check these settings media cash. It could be revisit after you start editing a lot. If you feel like premier is being slow, tried cleaning your media cash, you can also go to Premier pro keyboard shortcuts to customize your keyboard. I haven't really changed much, but you totally can to make it easier for you 4. 4. Importing Video: Let's finally add your videos into premier. There's many ways you can do this. One way is to double click the project area and important. Another is command I and the other is the dragon Drop. I'm now just gonna make a folder for footage to keep all my videos inside. And now that you have imported all your videos into premier, let's add them into the timeline, which is the long section at the bottom. And remember, if you see something is missing, remember to check Windows to get back what you need. You can just drag one video into the timeline section and release and boom. You have now created a sequence, which is your edits in a timeline. You can create as many sequences in a project as you want, and you can add sequences within sequences. But we won't do that today. You can also create a new sequence by pressing file new and then sequence. But I like to make sequences by adding the videos the timeline because then it actually makes sequences with my video settings. If you want to check your sequence settings or change anything, go to sequence and then sequins settings, that is it for importing video 5. 5. Editing Tips: now we're at the fun part. My favorite part, the actual editing your videos air now in premiere and how I usually start is by looking through all the videos and creating in and out points. You can do this by pressing I eyes for in point where you wanted to start. O is for out point where you want the video to end. You can also use the buttons and press mark in and mark out. Once you have that selected, you can press period toe, add them into the timeline or also press insert. If you only want to use the video without sound or only want to use the audio, you can actually just drag that into the timeline as well. If you want to drag all your videos to the timeline and then check them there, you can do that as well, by just clicking and dragging them into the timeline. When I'm editing shortcuts that I often use R L to pass board que to cut the beginning and W to cut the ends of videos, see for cutting, which is the razor tool. I use this a lot while cutting and watching video commands need to go back command shift at the same time and then press see to go forward. B for selecting command, See for coughing command V for pasting. If you forget any shortcuts, you always have the toolbar where you can select what you want to use. Once I go through all the videos and select the parts I want to use, I go through it again. But before I do this, I usually try to find the music. So I know the tempo, mood and maybe start editing to the beat. When I go through the edit again, I start moving things around to make the edit more smooth and match more to tell the story better. I get bored easily, so when I'm editing videos, I try to edit them from a point work. I was the Watcher. I wouldn't get bored, and I really don't like scenes to drag. I also like to label my footage different colors. It could be by scenes or by types of shots. I've actually assigned shortcuts toe label colors because I use them quite a lot. I usually put all my musical one track, my sound effects and another TRACKMAN video sounded another track. Each track is one of these lines that have your audio. You can make the sound louder or quieter by moving the line in your way form, which is where you see the audio in your timeline, and you can also add it them. An audio clip mixer or audio track mixer. You can edit your audio volume by track or by clip. Make sure if there's talking bits, you lower the volume in your music so people can hear what you're saying and then make it louder again. When it's just music, make sure your audio doesn't peak. I usually try to make my ideas somewhere from minus 12 to minus six. If your audio meter is turning red or orange, it's a sign that it's too loud and you want to bring your audio volume down. Also, you can press option when you only want to select the video or audio and not both. It does come in handy. Sometimes the editing process usually takes a while. A tip to keep your video shorter is to put videos on top of videos. If you're just saying something to the camera but actually have shots off what you're talking about. Maybe have those shots on top of the videos of you talking. Don't just talk about something. Always try to show it. I also do color correction and color grading using Lumet Tree I don't usually edit color too much, especially for logs where I wanted to have a pretty natural look. But I do usually bump the contrast vibrance and make shadows. Highlights a bit darker and mid tones a bit higher. I want the video to be a little bit more colorful. Have a little bit more of a punch, but you can play around with symmetry and gave your video the look you want. You can also purchase some luds, find some free ones online or use the ones that come with premier. You can also add motion graphics that could be text or animation moving objects. You can do this in premier but age. We do all my motion graphics text subtitles in after effects, which is a whole another software that also comes with Adobe Creative Cloud. Finally, if you have a message for your video or want to give it a certain feeling, if it's happy you want to find happy feel good music. Maybe the color will be a bit warmer, find smiles and laughs in the video. Maybe you can have some sound of facts of people laughing. If you wanted to be more cool, you might have more of a blue look. This'll all helps create the vibe even more when the video, the message, the pacing, the music, the color all go together well, usually creates a pretty good looking video and a better story. I hope you find all this information helpful when you're editing your video. 6. 6. Exporting Your Video: Once you're done editing your video, let's export. You can select on your sequence and then go to file export media format. I usually go for H 0.264 It's not heavy, but still good quality. When I'm working on a bigger scale project, I might use quick time apple progress. But for my own videos, I just use HPE 0.264 with a high bit rate. Then I write the name and pick a location by clicking on the name coming. Have export video and audio selected. Make sure the size and frame rate is okay and I select use maximum render quality and then press export. If you are an editing machine, you can also press Q media encoder and that makes you still be able to use Premiere while exporting the video. 7. 7. Thank You and Good Luck :): Welcome to the end of the class. I hope you weren't some stuff they can take with you to start editing some awesome videos for your project. I want you to add a 32nd to 1 minute video about something you love. It could be a vlog about you talking about what you love cinematic shots showing what you love, anything you want. Make sure to add it to the projects here so I can watch and share my feedback. I've been editing videos for a while now, and looking back on my old videos, they kind of suck. So don't worry if it's not perfect, just out fun creating into your best. I wish you luck on your editing journey. And if you have any questions, please let me know when I'll be happy to answer them. Thank you guys so much for watching the class and sticking around. I have a YouTube channel if you want to check out more videos, and if this goes well, maybe I'll make another school share class. Have an amazing we keep doing. You buy