BEGIN With THIS COURSE - (You CAN End Diabetes Type ll With Food)

John McCauley, Former Type 2 Diabetic

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9 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • Objectives

    • Doctors Ending Type 2

    • Drugs

    • Your Project

    • More Proof

    • Information is Freedom

    • Keep Going


About This Class

This class offers proof that you can and type II diabetes just using food.I will offer my own experiences of being free of type ll for 35 years plus information from doctors ending type II in thousands of patients.

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Great course! I'm inspired to change my lifestyle. Thank you John.
All diabetics should take this.
John McCauley

Former Type 2 Diabetic





John McCauley

Former Type 2 Diabetic

Being Irish, I learned early all of the four essential food groups: alcohol, sugar, fat, and caffeine. We learned sayings like, friends don’t let friends exercise. I believed a balanced meal was a cookie in each hand. Maybe you grew up the same way. I was shocked when In my early 30s I was told I had diabetes. I had seen members of my family go blind, lose limbs and eventually die from it, so I said "I'm not going down that road."

I ended my type 2 diabetes with food. I've been free of this horrible disease for over 35 years and I want to help you do the same. You don't have to take my word for it because I'll show you doctors and scientists showing you can end type 2 diabetes by changing what you eat.

The problem is in the pudding but the proof is in this course.