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About This Class

Hey! This class is for anyone interested in getting started with wedding photography. In this course we will have homework to help you get your portfolio started!

I started as a wedding photography with very little photography knowledge, and learned a lot along the way. You can too!

Here is a guide to help with shooting in Manual Mode-

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Kate Mulli


Hello, I'm Kate.

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1. BECOME A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Hey, everyone, if you're here because you want to become a professional wedding photographer, you have come to the right place. I'm Kate, and I've been a professional wedding photographer for over five years now. I photograph my first wedding the same week I learned photography. I've shot weddings in the Virgin Islands, Australia and West Coast, the United States. We all have to start somewhere, either with prior photography knowledge or none at all. We'll have some homework to help you get started on creating a portfolio. In this course, we will go over equipment, inspiration and style, getting your portfolio built, looking your first weddings, setting up a photo schedule for the day, editing photos and getting the photos back to the client. If you don't have any experience in photography, I wrote a guy below to help get you started shooting and manual mode with your camera. Practice around the house and start taking photos of your friends or pets. Once you have some camera knowledge, head back over here. Let's get started on your career as a wedding. Petar for 2. EQUIPMENT: There are many options for choosing camera bodies and lens. Once you invest in a camera body and learn that camera, that will be your camera of choice for a while. So it's important to do your research. Before buying for the body, I would suggest getting a Nikon or Canon. They're very popular. And for good reason. These two cameras give you easy access to renting lenses, getting good lenses, secondhand and maybe borrowing from a friend. I've been lucky over the years to know other Nikon photographers, and we share lenses all the time. It's a really money saver. I highly recommend Canon or Nikon. I shoot with a Nikon D 7 50 It's a very good quality camera, and it's lightweight perfect for someone carrying a camera and lens up to eight hours at a time. Now for the lens first ones I love to use for Portrait's and shooting in general is the 50 millimeter 1.4. It can capture beautiful Boca and get that beautiful blur we strive for in a portrait photo . It's also great for capturing small group photos. This is the lens I use for 70% of my wedding day the next lenses, the 72 200 zoom. I used this lens mainly during the ceremony and reception. This is a case where we need a zoom lens. You're mostly standing off to the side and away from the action, so this lens helps you get good shots from a distance. Weddings are also fast pace to have the ability to zoom in to capture something is very handy, as opposed to trying to run up and catch the moment with your 50 millimeter, the next lenses, a fixed 24 millimeter or 35 millimeter, it's important to have a fixed wide angle lens to get the detail and most beauty out of a photo for big group shots or landscape shots. Those wide angle beat shots are shot with a 24 millimeter for most weddings. I'm juggling between my 50 and my 24. I whip out the 72 200 for ceremonies and receptions. Every once in a while, I will rent a macro lens or an 85 millimeter 1.4 to capture very detailed up close shots, which is a lot of fun 3. INSPIRATION: Pinterest is a great place to start for some wedding photography. Inspiration. There's so many different poses. You can look at specifics like bride and groom and go through and get some pose ideas. I like making a list of different poses in case I get stuck during a wedding. Or, um, maybe you're just feeling tired that day and you wanna look through different ideas? Um, for the bride and groom, um, June Bug is another great place for inspiration. I like looking at all the vendors near me. Um, it's just great to see what other photographers air doing with the space you're in. And, um, just different color ideas poses. Um, yeah, I can help a lot with looking through that before you go to shoot your own wedding. Um, there's also photo contests which are amazing to look through. There's photos from all over the world. Um, and if you want to check out my portfolio, it's kate Mallinger dot com. Um, this main photo was shot in ST Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and you can go through and look at my different pose ideas. Um, also that I shoot with a 50 millimeter a lot. Um, there's a lot of photos of just bride and groom in here or, um, Fiancee's. I like getting a lot of natural shots. Um, like people just laughing and enjoying themselves. 4. BUILD PORTFOLIO: Hey guys, so we're going to discuss how to get your portfolio going. It's hard to book your first wedding with zero experience, because brides choose you based on your portfolio and photos. Therefore, you need to get some content and therefore people willing to let you take photos of them. Luckily, many couples want engagement photos, especially if you're offering them for free. And if they really like the engagement photos, they might book you for their wedding. You can use Craigslist to reach out to people. Remember to be safe and choose to meet in a public space. I like talking to people over the phone before meeting. That way you can get an idea of location and choose the time that works for you both. You can also reach out to couples you know and ask if you would be able to take photos of them. It can seem daunting at first, but start with just three different poses. Trust me, they will be happy. They get high quality photos because I'm going to teach you how to pose and edit so they get something that can hang on their wall. They get free photo services and you gotta build a portfolio for your business. It's a win win. Now for your homework. Book a photo session with a couple, you know, or from Craigslist. For your very first shoot, make sure that your camera is set and raw mode and manual the first pose kissing with a beautiful landscape. For this photo, you want to use a wide angle lens. First, show the couple where to stand in the back up. Get shots to make sure you have your camera settings right. Once all the lighting is good, tell them to kiss on three. Then, once they're kissing, click away. Look down and check your camera. Make sure you got the shot before going to the next post for the second pose, holding hands and walking for this. Use your 50 millimeter. You can save your clients. Hey, in the next photo, I'll get you both toe walk from here to here and just laugh and talk with each other. Pretend like I'm not even here. Then back up. Snap away. You can give them instructions every once in a while while they're walking. People have a tendency to look at their feet so you can say, Hey, like, make sure you guys are looking up for talking and, um and then tell them to kiss and you can get a lot of natural shots this way. Um, proposed three. The person holding their partner. So for this, you'll use your 50 millimeters, so you don't even have to change your lens. Ask the person to hold their partner from behind and tell the person holding them that once you count down from three toe, whisper something funny and their partners here. Then tell them that once they are laughing toe, look back and smile and kiss them. Tell them to be themselves and have fun back up and take a photo to check lighting before you count down from three. Now ask them to go ahead. You're now ready to capture this fund moment. Just snap away. Once you have the photos, watch my video on editing and we can get them ready to send back to the client post your photos here or reach out to me for any advice. 5. BOOKING: some people photographed their first wedding through a family member or friends and continue to build their portfolio. Once you have your portfolio going, I recommend creating a site through Wicks, Squarespace or WordPress. Once you have a site, you get your portfolio out there. I have my side up on the knot dot com, which I'm able to be on for free. I'm not sure the current sign up, but there are deals and ways to get your name out there. I paid for the not and wedding where in the past, and I've booked about 20 weddings. Through that, your very first wedding. I recommend letting your clients know you are still learning. Honesty is important and they will appreciate it. It will also take a lot of pressure off of you and keep you calm. The calmer you are, the better your photos will be. You should offer your services for free, or at least discounted. The 1st 2 weddings I photographed were for free. I learned so much and the clients were very thankful. It built my confidence, and from there I booked weddings and was able to make the average income of a wedding photographer the rial. Learning with this job comes from doing. If you want even more experience, I recommend second shooting. You'll get a watch the process of your first photographer and see how they pose people. You can email different wedding photography places or photographers and ask if they need a second photographer. Once you have a client, the reaches out to you and is interested in your services. Send them your pricing details and ask them to set up a time to chat over the phone and go over details about what they're hoping for. This gives them a chance to tell you the wedding schedule on details about their wedding, and you could tell them about yourself, and it creates the first connection. 6. SETTING UP A SCHEDULE: every wedding is unique and the details are different. It's important to be prepared with a photo lists, you know where you're supposed to be and when. It's also important to get as many candidates as well as planned shots. After all, people are more likely to look back on a photo of a hug with their mother than a photo of their rings sitting on a flower. When discussing the day with your couple, asked them for a schedule of the wedding day and also any shots that are important to them . For you to capture, make notes and be organized below is an attached example of a photo list I've done for a wedding in the past. 7. PHOTO EDITING: light room and Photoshopped are great choices for editing. Light room is amazing because you can do bulk editing and get through weddings fast. I prefer using photo shop because I like the editing process. Another photo editing tool I really like is paint the moon. You can go to their website and by their actions, and it just makes editing a lot faster. And, um, I've been using it for years and I love the quality of the photos. All right, let's get started editing. I have the raw files on my desktop animal. Go ahead and click on them and they're gonna open into the raw editor, um, from my camera. So, Ron, images air just great, cause you can manipulate them a lot more with the colors and the exposure. This photo is ah, a bit overexposed was a cloudy day and the water was really bright. So I like taking the highlights down and bringing up the shadows. Um, this photo is pretty exposed. Well, um, it's just fun to play around with the different levels and see what you can do before you bring the photos into photo shop. So now we will open the images, and it brings them straight through and a photo shop. So I have the paint the moon actions downloaded into my photo shop. Um, and that is what I use a lot when I wanna make a photo look even more amazing. So here, right here is the actions, and I'm gonna go ahead and use the clean primer base. Takes a second to load. And as you can see, it just brightened everything up. Um, the whole photo looks more amazing. You can bring down the opacity if you don't want that much. All right, so let's go to the next photo. I'm gonna do the same action just so we can compare how it reacts on different photos. Um, so with the opacity doesn't change too much. I'm going to keep it 100. I like that. And just see what it's like when you turn it on and off. Um, I prefer it with the action. I'm gonna straighten this up a bit or not. Just said it the other way, but use the crop tool tow center your images, and when they look good to you, go ahead and check. Mark that and I will go ahead and save the image. Um, you're gonna want to get the client high rez file, so we'll save it as a J peg and change the name to beach. Um, save. And we'll want to change that to the largest file possible. And that is gonna be 12 megabytes. That is perfect. That means if they want to blow it bigger, um, and get hanging on their wall, it will be able to do that without getting pixelated. 8. PHOTOS TO THE CLIENTS: I tell the couple that it is about 3 to 5 weeks to get the wedding photos back to them. I always email a photo to a few days after the wedding so they could make a social media announcement. Their photos will either be delivered electronically via Dropbox or on USB in the mail. When I was living in the Virgin Islands, I mailed people their photos on a USB because my wife I wasn't good enough to upload photos to Dropbox. Some of your J pedophiles could be rather large, so about 25 megabytes, and that takes a long time to load, especially with bad WiFi. People also really love the touch of receiving a physical copy of their photos. It also helps for promoting your business. If you throw a few business cars in with the U. S. B. The business cards may make it into the hands of family or friends of your clients. So there you have it asked me any questions, and I'm happy to help you on your journey to making it as a professional wedding photographer