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4 Videos (1h 8m)
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About This Class


Level: Beginner to Advanced

Bass Scales 1 is essential to being a well rounded bass player. Especially when it comes to soloing. Bass Scales 1 shows you how everything works when your improvising. Bass Scales 1 extensively covers: Major/ minor/ minor 6/ Dom 7/ augmented/ half diminished/ full diminished/ Augmented/ Pentatonic Major/ Pentatonic minor/ Ionian/ Dorian/ Phrygian/ Lydian/ Mixolydian/ Aonian/ Locrian/ Whole tone scales / Blues scales/ plus alot more...






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Eric Petrei


In the 90's Eric Petrei studied at University of Miami School of Music. Majored in Studio Music and Jazz Performance Eric has also studied with amazing bass players including: Bill Dickens, Jaco Pastorius, Wally Voss (Yngwie Malmsteen) recorded and performed/toured with many bands & artists over the years. Eric also is an endorsement artist with Bag End Speakers and JBE Bass Pickups. Eric has been teaching all styles and techniques of bass guitar for over 25 years. videos are broken down into concentrated areas. Instead of having 1 or 2 videos that are 1 hour in length rushing through a bunch of techiques spending little time on each, our videos spend the entire 1 hour or more showing you exactly how to practice and master each technique. ie: soloing, slapping, walking. So you can really grasp the concept and Technique which becomes part of your skill as a bass player. videos also improve your Speed, Articulation and Dexterity. It is important when improving your skills to learn technique properly and build a solid foundation and technique so you don't pick up bad habits from the start. If you build a good foundation with technique and dexterity. you will get to the level of playing your striving for faster. As you know, there is no easy road to take. You have to put in the time and desire to get there. I know what it takes to get to this level. When I designed these videos, I wanted to take everything I've learned at University of Miami School of Music and put it into my videos to make it easier for bass players that really want to become great.