"BAJA FISH TACOS" | Richard Soberanes | Skillshare
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About This Class

Hola mis amigos!!!, I am Richie,in my class you will be learning how to cook real mexican dishes, with recipe's handed down from my Beautiful" "NANA"" (grandmother). You will be learning how to properly combine ingredients to create authentic results. And most importantly how to properly time each item as you go. And last but not least how to make ""BROTH"" that can be used for every dish!! as your learn you will slowly develop your own way sprucing and producing you're own style of dish by keeping its authenticity.





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Richard Soberanes

""Real mexican dishes" My Nana's gift to the world

Hola mis amigos!! I am Richie!! on a mission to share with you the secrets of real scratch kitchen mexican cuisines....as a child i was always hovering around the kitchen watching my nana cook hoping to snag a tortilla while she was distracted!! and eventually she had me assisting in making tortillas, and when i was tall enough she would let me still the beans or flip the the chilles while they cooked in a pan. i would love to help you boost your popularity by teaching you the ways of the je...

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