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3 Lessons (58m)
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About This Class

Level: Beginner

Back to Basics is perfect for bass players just starting out or bassists that want to refresh their skills and technique. "BACK TO BASICS" shows you how to master the basic skills of the bass guitar. This video gives you an excellent foundation of the Bass and helps you master the fretboard. Starting out with all the notes on the neck and going right into scales & arpeggios. In addition, Back to Basics shows you the right positions for the left and right hand so you develop a good foundation from the beginning. Back to Basics also shows you excercises that alternate the index & middle finger on the right hand to develop speed, accuracy, dexterity and will help you learn faster and easier in the future with an good solid foundation and technique of the bass guitar...

This video is for begging and intermediate students. Students just starting out might want to watch this video a few times. Practice this material slowly. It is better to get a solid technique down then to go for speed and rush through it. It will help you to learn bass guitar easier and faster.





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Eric Petrei


In the 90's Eric Petrei studied at University of Miami School of Music. Majored in Studio Music and Jazz Performance Eric has also studied with amazing bass players including: Bill Dickens, Jaco Pastorius, Wally Voss (Yngwie Malmsteen) recorded and performed/toured with many bands & artists over the years. Eric also is an endorsement artist with Bag End Speakers and JBE Bass Pickups. Eric has been teaching all styles and techniques of bass guitar for over 25 years.

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